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12 June 2019 - 6:00 p.m.
Saint John Branch field trip
Mount Hope Farm at 690 Nerepis Road, Grand Bay-Westfield
This year’s field trip will take us to Mount Hope Farm at 690 Nerepis Road, Grand Bay-Westfield.
Mount Hope Farm ​This Loyalist house, believed to be built in 1786, was the original home  of Colonel Henry Nase and family.  Nase descendants  have occupied this site for more than 200 years. 
Mount Hope Cemetery This non-denominational burial ground, situated at the top of a hill overlooking the historic Mount Hope Farm property, was developed by Loyalists for early residents in the area.    Elizabeth Nase, daughter of Colonel Henry Nase, was the first to be buried in the cemetery, in 1791.  Her headstone, the oldest in Kings County, is positioned to look directly over the Nase family homestead, known as Mount Hope Farm.  Later Nase burials are positioned in the same manner. 
Nase Cemetery
An example of a rural New Brunswick family burial ground, it overlooks the St John River in a picturesque location.  Colonel Henry Nase (1753-1836) was the first United Empire Loyalist to settle in the area in 1783 and 7th generation descendants still reside in the community. Colonel Nase and his wife, Jane Quinton (1767-1852), are buried in the small cemetery along with 18 other members of the family.
Directions Trip will likely take 30 minutes from the western outskirts of Saint John.
Take  HWY-1 West toward Fredericton / St Stephen                       9.1 km
At exit 114, turn right for HWY-7 towardGrand Bay-Westfield    25.0 km
At exit 71, turn right toward Welsford                                            0.4 km
Turn right, and then immediately turn right onto HWY-177           1.8 km
Arrive at HWY-177 / Nerepis Rd
690 Nerepis Road, Grand Bay-Westfield,