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As a service to those who wish to exchange family history data with other researchers, the Saint John Branch publishes queries free of charge in the branch newsletter. The newsletter is published 10 times each year and has a circulation of approximately 175 copies.
NOTE:  When submitting queries please observe the guidelines set out here.
 I am researching my Griffen Family with about 300 years of Canadian roots in the NB area. My father, William A Griffin was born in Saint John NB on April 1st, 1925 (I think at St. Johns Hospital) and passed away on 10/15/2010. His father was William T Griffin (DOB abt. 1903) and mother was Bertha May Thompson (DOB abt. 1902) from the Saint John, NB area. Anything regarding my grandparents on would be appreciated. Please provide any links to documents and sources - if any.
Scott C Griffin -
I am seeking to find when an Alexander Martin arrived in Saint John, NB. He is reported at the time of his death in 1874 to have been a resident of Saint John for 32 years and is recorded in the 1851 census as living there until his death. How would I find out when he arrived in Canada from I believe Scotland where he was born? He owned a successful confectionery business in Saint John for over 20 years.
Anna Maria Alcock married William Starkey.  They were from Roscarbery, Co. Cork, Ireland and had several children. Their oldest daughter, Ann Limrick Starkey, married John Connor in 1844 in Saint John, had one child there, John Starkey Connor in 1846. I would like to find out what became of Wm and Anna Maria's other children as well as Anna Maria.  I think Wm Starkey died in 1855 or 1856 in Saint John. Ann Limrick Starkey Connor died in 1851 in Illinois.  (There is another unrelated Starkey family from Queens Co.)  Willing to pay for research help.
Mark O'Connor -
I am in the UK trying to locate long-lost relatives of my Mother’s that moved to Saint John about 100 years ago. The family name is Bright and there are many existing descendants but I have failed so far to trace any. Through the internet I have found 3 marriages from the 1940s and 1950s. My mother's Uncle Tom, Albert Thomas Bright, originally emigrated. We have photos when he was in the Saint John Fusiliers during WW1. A couple of his 6 children visited the family in the UK in the 40s. Agnes Rose Bright married Nelson George Hamilton in 1953.  Their son, Norman, has put some tree info on Ancestry but I have been unable to contact him. Are there were any amateur genealogists in Saint John that could maybe help me. Any help would be very appreciated as I and a couple of cousins will be visiting Canada in June 2015 and plan on coming to Saint John. It would be great if we had someone to visit.
Josiah Peters Fowler b. Jan.18, 1809 New Brunswick d. Oct.6, 1873 Ontario (From: A Loyalist's Legacy The Family of Robert Land). Married Nov.20 1834 at Ancaster, Ont. Abigail Land. So at age 25 was in Ontario. Birth in New Brunswick is consistent in Canadian Census's as also is his religion Wesleyan Methodist.  Seeking to know who his parents and family are and where they came from in New Brunswick. Also if they are UELs?
 Ruth Denham - 
My Parents are Marie Annette Hickey(Carrier) Born Dec 20th 1945 in Lorne New Brunswick;  Married May 4th, 1963 in Lorne New Brunswick Joseph James Hickey Born January 30th,1935
My Moms parents were Florence Carrier (Lavigne) Born May 22nd 1921  Married April 19th 1937 Nashs Creek, New Brunswick  Joseph James Carrier Born October 30th,1910
My Dads Parents were Marie Lina Carrier Born December 13th, 1905  Married 1922 Joseph Hickey
Kathy Gregoire -
I am looking for information on the Baptist church 162 Charlotte Street Saint John NB. Can anyone tell me the full name of the church, who owned it, the pastors and was there any sudden deaths in this church. Thank you.
I am researching the family tree and have discovered quite a few members of the Walker family worked at the sugar refinery. I heard there used to be a sugar cub magazine ? I would like to know how to get a hold of copies of this.  Are any employee records still available? I am trying to track retirement dates.       
Also my great grandfather (William walker) was supposed to have been a mailman . He went to Campbellton first in 1906 when he immigrated but within 10 years they were living in Saint John.
Also any other pertinent information you might have would be appreciated!
Margaret Walker -
I am seeking some assistance to obtain a couple of obituaries and grave photos from your area and wonder if there are any members of your group willing to help out?  I would be more than pleased to reciprocate with assistance here in Victoria, BC.