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Campaign Update
The very first Daniel F. Johnson Scholarship in History at UNBSJ will be awarded in the fall of 2015. It will be in the amount of $800 and has arrived a full year earlier than expected. This is because of the exceptional earnings on the Fund in 2014 by the Greater Saint John Community Foundation.
The University will make the selection of the successful student who, upon completion of the academic year in the spring of 2016 will have the award credited to her, or his, account with the University. The Province of New Brunswick has a policy whereby scholarships and bursaries are enhanced by 50% so the actual amount will be $1,200.
As of May 12, 2015 the amount raised to date is $35,635.  We are getting closer to the target of $50.000!
Campaign Information 
Almost a decade has passed since the untimely death of our friend and colleague, Dan Johnson. During that time various steps have been explored by the Saint John Branch of NBGS to memorialize his life and his contributions to history and genealogy in New Brunswick, finally settling on the objective of endowing two scholarships in history at the Saint John Campus of the University of New Brunswick.
The Branch is fortunate to have three eminent persons serving as Patrons of the Campaign and their support is appreciated.
David A. Ganong, O.C., BBA, MBA, is well known as the president of Ganong Brothers, Ltd. Mr. Ganong has also served in many non-profit functions Chair of the UNB Board of Governors and chair of the NB Business Council. For this, and his outstanding business and community contributions he was granted an honorary degree from UNB in May 2012.
Marion Beyea was the Director of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick from 1978 until her recent retirement.  She has served as founding president of the Canadian Council of Archives, president of the Association of Canadian Archivists, and New Brunswick’s representative on the Historical Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. Currently she is Chair of the Committee on Best Practices and Standards of the International Council of Archives.
Dr. Gregory Marquis, BA, MA, PhD, is professor of history at the Saint John campus of UNB. He taught at several Canadian universities before moving to UNBSJ in 1999 to teach Canadian and criminal justice history.  Professor Marquis is on the editorial board of Acadiensis and the Social History of Alcohol and Drugs. He has also been active with several community organizations.
The endorsement of this campaign by these three eminent persons is appreciated.
The Fund
The intent of the Campaign is to provide two $800 scholarships each year to third or fourth year students in a bachelor’s programme or candidates in the master’s programme in the Department of History at UNBSJ. Only the income from the fund can be used to provide scholarships, the capital cannot be touched. Selection of the recipients will be handled by the University
Funding the scholarships in perpetuity will require a capital sum of about $50,000. To raise this amount the Branch is calling for support from all the members of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society as well as all the users of Dan’s Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers.
All donations, regardless of size, are welcome - every dollar raised will put us closer to our goal.  However, it is hoped that each donor will commit or pledge an amount yearly for four years.   
The Campaign
The fund-raising commenced in 2012 and continues for the subsequent four years. Donors will be given a receipt which, in Canada, will be deductible from taxable income.
All donations received are turned over to the Greater Saint John Community Foundation and administered by that organization. The Foundation was established over 35 years ago as a way for people to fund certain worthy causes. The Foundation currently administers 13 different scholarship and bursary funds and has over $9 million of assets under administration.
The roles of the Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society are (1) to raise the capital sum and (2) to monitor the number and amounts of each scholarship. The capital sum can never revert to the Branch.
As of mid-January 2015 the Campaign has already raised over $27,000, putting us more than halfway to our goal.
The PANB Web Site
Following Dan’s death through the co-operation of Dan’s mother, Fay Johnson and Dan’s sister Celia and brother Mark, and with the assistance of the Friends of the Archives, as well as Marion Beyea, all of Dan’s Vital Stats were made available, free, on-line from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. It is an unique resource and to Dan we owe a debt of gratitude for devoting twenty years (1985 - 2005) of his life to producing this outstanding historical and genealogical resource.
In addition to Vital Stats Dan also produced a vast quantity of genealogical and historic materials, which are listed in the bibliography below.
Dan Johnson’s Biography
Daniel Fred Johnson was born on August 25, 1953 in Fort Fairfield, Maine, the youngest child of Fay (Tregunno) and Verdell C. Johnson. He grew up in Perth-Andover and graduated from Southern Victoria High School in 1971. He obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick in 1975 and settled into employment in the commercial and insurance fields.
Danny's early attentiveness to family stories and his own love of telling stories presaged his later passion for history and genealogy. His first employment in the field was as manager of a project sponsored by the Victoria County Historical Society collecting stories of the county for their annual publication, the Tobiquer. He stayed with the project long past its formal termination and between 1979 and 1990 edited the stories and saw to their publication. The undertaking fostered his interest in history, genealogy and publishing. 
Danny's work on his own family history and the knowledge and skills he gained as he did his research led to a broader involvement in genealogy and he began to assist with the searches of others. He taught one of the first organized courses in genealogy in Saint John in 1979. Along with a number of his students from that course, and others, Danny was instrumental in founding the New Brunswick Genealogy Society. He served as president of the Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society and as vice-president of the provincial body. He was also one of the first people to obtain certification through the Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes. He remained supportive of the Institute's goal of achieving high standards of professionalism in genealogy. 
A frequent presenter at genealogical workshops and conferences, he also transcribed cemetery records, provided a genealogical research service for those who could not get to New Brunswick sources and advised and helped genealogists from across Canada and around the world, always generously, finding satisfaction in their successes. Danny was quick to embrace the computer as a tool for genealogy. He quietly and competently became one of the pre-eminent leaders in New Brunswick genealogy as genealogy became his passion and his full time occupation. 
Danny was interested also in the history of New Brunswick, particularly of Kings and Queens Counties, Saint John, the Loyalists, pre-Loyalist settlement and the military settlements of his native Victoria County. He was author of a number of articles and books on subjects ranging from specific families, to Jack the Ripper, to compilations of sources and records that would assist genealogists, such as World War l - Canadians at War: Victoria and Carleton Counties.
In 1995, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to local history and genealogy, Danny was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the American Association for State and Local History. 
Danny died February 22, 2005.
Daniel F Johnson Bibliography
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