First Common Council of Saint John, NB
The first members of Common Council of Canada’s first city, who were appointed on May 18, 1785 were:
Gabreil G.Ludlow, Esq. Mayor
Ward Chipman Recorder
George Leonard Alderman
William Pagan Alderman
Stephen Hoyt Alderman
John Holland, Esq. Alderman
John Colvill Gentleman assistants
Munsen Jarvis Gentleman assistants
Richard Seaman Gentleman assistants
Fitch Rogers Gentleman assistants
John Ness Gentleman assistants
Adino Paddock Gentleman assistants
Booths Crannell, Esq. Clerk
George Leonard, Esq. Chamberlain
William Sanford Oliver, Esq. Sheriff
John Hazen, Esq. Coroner
Ebenezer Hollis, Esq. High Constable
Lodnick Sypher Constable
James Brimingham Constable
Phillip Henriques Constable
James McNeel Constable
Information provided by Eric Teed (1926-2010), who served as mayor of Saint John from 1960-1964, and as a member of Common Council from 2001-2004.
updated Jan 2022