Table of Contents - 1979
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Page Title Author/Contributor
  1979 Winter, Issue 3, Vol 1-3  
1 Genealogical Materials Available  Powell, Annabelle
5 Cemetery, Cardigan, York Co.  Pugh, Margaret J.
9 Cemetery, North Cardigan, York Co.  Pugh, Margaret J.
12 Cemetery, Bloomfield Ridge, York Co.  Saunders, Betty
18 Cemetery, Nashwaak Bridge Community, York Co.  Saunders, Betty
22 Notes on Peter Day  Wright, Donald P.
24 The Sharp Family  Johnson, Daniel F.
26 Problems Were Plentiful in Maugerville/Sheffield  Campbell, Eugene
39 Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada  MacLean, Don W.
41 Census, Westmorland Co., 1803 (part 3)  Sewell, Elizabeth
  1979 Fall, Issue 2, Vol 1-2  
1 State of Accounts of Lumber Purchased by Gilfred Studholme, Esqr. Johnson, Daniel F.
11 An Account of the Hewitt Family  Wright, Donald P.
12 Cemetery, Victoria Corner, Carleton Co.  Hayward, George H.
20 Westmorland County Census Record 1803 (part 2)  Sewell, Elizabeth
32 Cemetery, Penniac United Church, York Co.  Saunders, Betty
39 Cemetery, Boiestown Old, North. Co. Saunders, Betty
  1979 Summer, Issue 1, Vol 1-1  
7 Scottish Material  MacKinnon, Bill
9 Restoration of the Westmorland Road Cemetery  Somerville, Graeme F.
11 Canadian Immigrations from the Isle of Arran, Scotland Cook, George
13 The Old Parish of Wakefield  Burnett, Fred C.
27 Cemetery, The Old Magundy Churchyard  Rees, Marilyn N.
30 Westmorland County Census Record 1803 (part 1)  Sewell, Elizabeth