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NBGS has a series of videos and presentations which may be of interest to the public and to our membership. These include instructional videos, live-recorded  presentations and other videos of interest to genealogists.
Some videos are public-access, particularly those that introduce NBGS or focus on well-known resources.  Others are available only to NBGS members.
To view a video, just click on the appropriate links below.

2023 Spring Seminar: Navigating the Provincial Archives Website: This presentation is by Mary Ellen Badeau, an Archivist of Cartographic Records and Indigenous Research at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. She has worked for the Provincial Archives for 40 years and has been doing genealogical research for 47 years. She is a member of Saint John Branch and Capital Branch. 
Apr 2023

Applying for the UE Designation:  This presentation by Marlene Dance, Branch Genealogist for Chiliwack Branch of UELAC, takes us through the process of obtaining a UE designation, with emphasis on the type of proofs required.
Oct 2021

Navigating the Anglican Registers: This slideshow explores the various ways to search the registers and what sort of information is available. Also, a quick review on how this project came about, how the records were transcribed, some of the challenges faced along the way, plus some of the interesting bits of information discovered in the registers.
Sep 2021

Hybrid Meetings: Since Zoom has become such a valuable part of our NBGS meetings, here is a presentation on how to host a zoom meeting while at the same time hosting a local in-person meeting.  Brian Cassidy discusses tips about the equipment required and suggestions on how to use it can be found in this video and accompanying slide presentation. It even includes a real time lightning strike and power outage and how to recover from that or any other technical disruption during your meeting.
Sep 2021   

Bringing the Past into the Future:  This slideshow was prepared by Daphne Wetmore for the Heritage Fair held at Market Square, Saint John, NB, on 15 Feb 2020.  Intended as a beginner's guide, it provides some insight into resources available to researchers tracing New Brunswick roots.
Feb 2020  

Small Cemeteries of Saint John County:  This presentation was the culmination of a research project undertaken by Daphne Wetmore and other members of Saint John Branch.  It is a guide to the interactive maps found under cemetery records on our website and was presented at the NBGS Saint John Branch meeting in January 2019.
Jan 2019 

Adoption Presentation:  In November 2018 Dave Laskey made a presentation to Southeastern Branch about the evolution of adoption legislation in New Brunswick leading up to the unsealing of the previously-secret adoption records.  He then went on to describe his family's experience with the adoption system.
This presentation highlights how genealogical research techniques can be used to unravel recent family history.
Across The River:   Thousands of men and women who were born in the British North American Colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI served in the American Civil War and are now buried around the world.  Larry Burden, Vice President of the Maritime's only Civil War living history group, "Company I" of the 20th Maine Volunteers has been researching these men and women and locating their graves. For over 20 years, Company I has identified over 2000 individuals and located over 700 graves of Maritime Civil War veterans. In this presentation, Larry explains his methods of research and shares some interesting finds.
Due to the length of the presentation we have split it into 4 parts.  Click on the following links to access the various segments 
Great War Research:  The following videos are from a presentation by Roger Nason to the Capital Branch NBGS on Nov 4, 2017. The presentation title is "Genealogical Research and Tracing Great War Veterans; Experiences from Fredericton Junction and Grand Manan".

Roger illuminates how details can be drawn from military service records and other sources to track your ancestors before and after the war.

Video Archives:  Some non-current videos are available here. 

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