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George Hayward published more than 20 books containing census, marriage and cemetery records, and family histories. He also contributed several articles to genealogical journals, spoke at a number of genealogical meetings and conferences, and taught a non-credit course at the University of New Brunswick on compiling and publishing a family history.  The following material is made available to family historians courtesy of the author.  It is his wish that researchers everywhere have access to the fruits of his many years of research.  NBGS acknowledges George Hayward's great contributions to New Brunswick genealogy and extends a sincere thank-you for his generosity.

Master Index
Each of the publications listed below contains an index; we combined them into a master index, which shows information under the following headings:
SURNAME, GIVEN NAMES                        DOCUMENT                    PAGE(S)
"DOCUMENT" shows the abbreviated titles of the publications shown below.
The master index contains over 102,000 entries, split into alphabetical sections.
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SMITH - Descendants of Daniel Smith, Loyalist, and his wife Ruth Fitch
LOVELY - Descendants of Benjamin & Sarah Lovely
PHILLIPS - Descendants of Matthew Phillips of New York
DRAKE - Francis Drake, Loyalist
HATFIELDS - Hatfields of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, 1783-2016
HAYWARDS - Haywards of Sunbury & Carleton Counties, NB
HOLMES - Henry (Burnham) Holmes & his Burnham and O'Brien Ancestors
QUEENS - History of Queens Co., N.B. by E. Stone Wiggins, LL.D.
KINNEY - Israel Kinney, his Children and their Families by E.W. Bell
BUBAR - Joseph and Joan (Codner) Bubar and Some of Their Descendants, 1645-1998
BELYEA - Descendants of Louis (Boulier) Belyea and Antje Konninck
NO CAR CEMS - Northern Carleton County Cemeteries Vol. 1
CLINCH - Peter & Lucretia (Handy) Clinch and Some of their Descendants
PIONEER - Pioneer Families of Carleton County
SHAWS - Shaws of New Brunswick and Maine With Roots in Massachusetts and England 1518-2004
ORSER - The Descendants of Stephen and Lydia (McGee) Orser
TAPLEYS - Tapleys of Sunbury County, New Brunswick
CONNOLLYS - The Connollys of Carleton County, N.B.
NEVERS - The Nevers Family - Revised 2006
BOONE - William and Ann (Hayward) Boone and Some of their Descendants 1766-1999
HALLETT - William and Elizabeth (Fones) Hallett and Some of their Descendants 1616-1994
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