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  • Accuracy - The Family Profiles contained in this section are, at best, tertiary sources and should be used as a finding aid only.  We cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information and users should view everything with skepticism. 
  • Age - This information has not been updated since 2006.  Much of the material is significantly older than that.

USING THE SURNAME INDEXES:  The Surname Indexes show the names of each person mentioned in the various profiles.  In the following example, George Abbott is the subject of a Family Profile, while Frances Abbott is mentioned in the Family Profile for Samuel Abbott.
         Abbott, David  See ABBOTT, Samuel
         Abbott, Elizabeth  See ABBOTT, Samuel
         Abbott, Frances  See ABBOTT, Samuel
         ABBOTT, George
         Abbott, George See ABBOTT, George
         Abbott, George See ABBOTT, Samuel
         Abbott, George Thomas  See ABBOTT, George
SEARCH STRATEGY:  Locate your research target in the Surname Indexes and then look at the Family Profiles in which that person is mentioned.

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ABOUT THE COLLECTION: This collection was prepared in 2006 to assist family historians identify and locate genealogical data in the resources at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB). The Family Profile contains a description of the record source or sources to help the researcher locate the material at PANB. The data in each Family Profile is only for the first family of that surname to arrive in New Brunswick. Acadians, Pre-Loyalists and Loyalists, who arrived in the province with older children who immediately married and began having children, may have two generations of their family described.


More details are available in Background to the collection.

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