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This page brings all our genealogical resources together.  You may access the various resources by clicking on an item in the left-hand menu column or by clicking below.
NBGS members have submited descendant reports, in “register” format, for two or three generations of any New Brunswick family.  Electronic versions are now available as PDF files.
NBGS and the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick are scanning and transcribing 755 registers of various types from Anglican churches in the province. 
Just recently started, this section contains cemetery transcriptions provided to us by members.  More such submissions would be very welcome.
Several NBGS members contributed to the cemetery records available on the Provincial Archives website. Click here.
Courtesy of Charlotte Branch, this section contains a database of Charlotte County obituaries and an index of interments in the county.
This part of our website contains family histories submitted by NBGS members.  Generally not in register format, they provide lots of detail of interest to researchers.
This guide was prepared to assist the family historian identify and locate genealogical data in the files, books, manuscripts, records and resources found in the collections at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.
The tables of contents for every issue of our quarterly magazine are available to all.  Members have access to electronic versions of all issues.
George Hayward's published genealogical books, numbering more than 20, contain census, marriage and cemetery records, and family histories.
Here you will find a listing of the many books in the collections of NBGS and its branches.  Many of the books are on permanent loan to libraries around the province.
There are lots of resources available to genealogical researchers on the Internet.  Here we provide links to some of those resources.
This section provides transcriptions of early marriage records from a small group of counties in New Brunswick.
A project to index obituaries throughout the province has been going on for several years.  The database contains well over 50,000 entries, from 1895 to today.
User-submitted queries (and some answers) dating back to 2016 are shown here.
Members typically supply the names of the ancestral lines they're researching.  Here we provide a way to contact those members.
Various presentations and seminars on topics of interest to genealogists have been recorded and are presented here.
Some facts that might be helpful to researchers are shown here.