Project Status
as of 31 March 2020
This report is based on the processing status log - an internal system-generated tracking mechanism.  The processing status log is updated automatically as registers are being transcribed.
The records have been scanned for some errors and anomalies. If problems were found "issues" were created for the records.  An issue was also created if a record was flagged by the transcriber or proof reader as needing review.
Number of Registers Ready for Assignment 381  
Number of Spreadsheets Ready for Assignment 492 (some registers have multiple spreadsheets)
Number of Spreadsheets Completed 411  
Number of Records Processed 233,368  
Records with proofing done   203,342 (87.1%)
Total Number of Issues in the Records  2,604  
Open Issues in the Records 779 (29.9%)
Names in name index  567,356  
Last Extraction Date  31-Mar-20