Queries posted in 2019

The following queries (Q5692 to Q5700) were posted on 18 November 2019.


Q19-5692 ARSENAULT: I was wondering if you could help with the death of Sigefroid (Sifroy) (Jeffrey) Basque and his wife Elizabeth Arseneau. Jeffrey was the son of Gustave Basque and Aubiline (Ozite) Bernard and was Born the 26 May 1898.

Elizabeth Arsenault was Born the 8 July 1882 and her parents where Anthyme Arseneau and Marie Adeline Losier. Elizabeth's marriage to Jeffery was the 7 Sept. 1919 in Tracadie NB. The last record I have of them is the 1921 Census and they were living in Saumerez Parish in the town of Trout Stream. The reason I am looking is that Jeffery is my Grandmother's brother.


Emmett Young



Q19-5693 BRUNDAGE:  Researching Sarah Smith, first wife of Loyalist John Brundage (c.1780-1829; a tailor, magistrate and landowner in Lancaster, now West Saint John). Sarah was last noted with John in a land sale to John Quinton, Guys Ward, Feb 25, 1797. Sarah's birth and death? Sarah's parents? John Brundage's parents?


Audrey Fox 



Q19-5694 COSTER: I am looking for the birth/baptism details for Frederick Coster Jr. born about 1827. He was the son of Canon Frederick Coster (Rector of Trinity Church Saint John.) I have some info about his qualifications as a lawyer and his aspirations when at school, when and with whom he emigrated, but nothing about his childhood or which schools attended or where they lived etc. Also I would like documentary evidence of his parents and their circumstances.


Peter McNab



Q19-5695 GREEN: My cousin and I are currently trying to locate the burial records for the Upper Parker Ridge Cemetery.  We have 2 Uncles that were buried there as infants.  They both have grave markers on them. Our concern is for the 2 graves beside them.  My very elderly Aunt has just recently told us that these unmarked graves are relatives as well Due to her lack of memory with their names we are at a loss as to who they are. They also were infants. Their graves have no markers on them.   We really have no one left that can help us with any more information. We are hoping to install grave markers with names on them if we can only determine the correct information. Preserving their place in our family.

Our Uncle graves are that of Everette and Calvin Green 0-0-46 and 0-0-47.  I live in British Columbia and find it difficult to find any more information as to where to search.  I am hoping that you may be able to offer me some suggestions.  I do not know what churches are in the area, United, Catholic.  If I had this information then I could possibly contact them directly. Any aid in this matter will be of great help. 


Debbie Pentland



Q19-5696 LINDSAY: I am a member from Massachusetts and have roots in New Brunswick.   I am trying to find record of my great grandfather's birth: Robert John Lindsay, supposedly 3/29/1839 in NB.   And info on his parents: John Lindsay b 1808+/- and Sarah Ann Gorham born 1810+/- Connecticut.   Can any one help with this?  


Theresa Martin



Q19-5697 McREA: I am researching my great-great grandfather, usually recorded as Neil McRea, though sometimes as Neal McRae or McCrea. According to the information I have, he was born in Maryaechie (Miramichi?)  New Brunswick in September 1834. The US census records suggest his father was born in New Brunswick and his mother in England. 

Neil’s brother, James, was born in New Brunswick in January 1849 Both brothers emigrated to the US - Neil to Maine before 1864 when he married Bridget Meehan in Bangor. James reports a variety of dates in different censuses, but likely emigrated in 1868 or later. James claimed the family was possibly once called McGraw and that they were Catholic. I would be grateful for any information about Neil and/or James.


Laura McRae



Q19-5698 MURL:  I am trying to find out the names of my, Great-Great-Grandfather, Thomas Murl (Muril, Meril, Murel). He was married to a Sarah Jane Chapple in the Westlyan Church, on April, 29, 1875. When he died in 1896, he was living in Tyne Valley, PEI. His Children were; Charles Murl, Pheobe Murl and Walter Murl.


Darren Leaman Gallant



Q19-5699 REID: The family is seeking information on Andrew Reid born in Albert County about 1856. He had married Annabel Sharp born in 1859 and were living in Hopewell Cape, NB. Together they had two children Elmo Reid (b1881) and LuLu Pye Reid (b1880). Annabel unfortunately died at a young age in 1887 and the children were raised by their grandparents Hull and Lucy Sharp. It is known that Andrew was a seaman and it is believed that Andrew was a Captain and was lost at sea in a shipwreck in the San Francisco area. Any information concerning Andrew’s parents, disappearance or his life experiences would be greatly appreciated by his family.


Wayne Reid



Q19-5700 STILWELL: I am the Stilwell genealogist for the Stilwell name across the world apart from USA. There is a very good Stilwell genealogist in Pennsylvania who covers the family name in USA. On both sides of the Atlantic there is a project going on to match the American Stilwells and the British Stilwells. All the American Stilwells can be traced back to one of two men who travelled to America before the war of independence. We would like to make contact with a Stilwell in New Brunswick as, we believe, they are descended from the American Stilwell line and travelled to Canada as they were Royalists and had to escape America in 1783. All other Canadian Stilwells can be traced to Britain (including a branch of my own personal family). As there seem to be a lot of Stilwells in St Johns I am sure that there will be one who is a member of your genealogical society, or someone who knows a Stilwell. We would be grateful if they could make contact with me and I will explain further the project that is going on.

Suffice to say that there is no money involved and we are currently just trying to gather some genealogical information between the original Stilwells in Surrey, England and one of the two American Stilwell families.


Martin Stilwell




The following queries (Q5679 to Q5691) were posted on 4 August 2019.


Q19-5679 APPLEBY:  My great grandfather was Charles James Appleby born 1840 and died 1933 in Lynn Mass. The random notes that I have says that he was born in Saint John, New Brunswick and came to Lynn mass with his wife Katherine B. Foster. I am told they were not married. He owned a lot of land in Lynnfield Mass as well as a mineral spring. I am told my great grandmother was half Indian so I am working on trying to find more info on her as well. She was born 1869 and died 1937. She was from Montreal. I do not know who to contact to get birth records I only know that my great grandfather had to have been somewhat successful to come here and own land. He had three children Charles Harry Appleby, Frances Catherine Appleby and Charles Irving Appleby. I do not know if Katherine foster was their birth mother or not. If you could give me any advice, I would be grateful.  


Barbara Koen 



Q19-5680 BENSON: The Sands of Time publication is supposed to have record of several of my family’s marriages in Grand Manan New Brunswick Canada but I cant seem to find that publication? Do you have it? Our family supposedly went back and forth across the border from Maine to New Brunswick.  I am hoping to find record of two marriages.

   Prescilla Benson b. abt 1787 d. 16 June 1870 USA daughter of Caleb Benson b. 1755 d. 1826 (was buried Grand Manan Island Charlotte NB CA in an old field at Seal Cove) and Ruth Bridgham or Wareham b about 1758 d. 1858.

   Priscilla Married Samuel Cate(s) prior to 1807 possibly in the town of Charlotte where her father was buried? Samuel b. abt 1781 Machias Maine d. 12 October 1838 Cutler Maine was the son of Robert Cate(s) and Mary Holmes. The second marriage I am trying to find is that of Samuel and Prescillas' son Arnold Cates and Sarah Small prior to 1840.


Kimberley Lambert 



Q19-5681 BRIGGS: I seek to know about ancestors of Abiel BRIGGS [b. Kingston RI, USA, 1860; d. Jacksonville NB, 23 Oct 1844] Married Elisabeth Chase [ b. 24 May 1771 Newport RI, d. Jacksonville NB, 24 June 1855]. A child of theirs (I believe) was my great great grandfather Elijah BRIGGS [ b. 28 Nov 1807 at Queens Co. NB, d. 18 May 1890 buried at Lindsay, NB] . I have seen information on-line from a Mr. Harry MacDonald that seems to clarify some confusion about two or more men named Abiel Briggs around that time, but I am interested in learning more please.


Alexander Briggs



Q19-5682 CAMPBELLTON: My Great Great Great grandfather Jeremiah Campbellton (maybe spelled Ceaubellton) was born Aug 15,1839 New Brunswick, Canada and died Dec 23,1950 Houlton, Maine USA. He is buried in Saint Marys Cemetery, Houlton, Maine USA. He was kidnapped by Micmac Indians when he was 7 years old and his parents were killed.  If you have any information on him, I would appreciate it thank you.


Sarah Calvert



Q19-5683 FRAZIER: I am seeking information on John Harry Frazier born 12 August 1843 in New Brunswick. His parents were John and Jane Frazier, both born in Scotland. Hoping to get information on their immigration or landing in New Brunswick from Scotland. The records I have say that in 1846 John Harry Frazier went to Calais in Maine. 


Angela Ellis



Q19-5684 EGAN: I am seeking a connection in the Green Point area NB (as the name was in the 1800's) My mother who is still living said her moms name was Margaret Egan an only child of Thomas Egan and Mary Ann Hughes. Margaret was married in 1915 at the age of 30 so born in 1885.  My mom said her grandparents had a halfway house (an inn) while Margaret was growing up and that is where my grandfather met my grandmother (Margaret). My mom said Thomas came from Ireland. I don't know if I have the right Thomas but on the census from 1861 there is a child Thomas and the fathers name is Thomas in Gloucester county. There were a lot of children. They were Catholic and I believe Thomas and Mary Ann are buried at Green Point in a Catholic cemetery. Are there any Egans still in that area and I am wondering if anyone can relate to this story? I am curious to see if Thomas came from Ireland during famine times. Mom said he came from county Cork.

Gisele Peacock



Q19-5685 GREENSLADE: I am researching the following Greenslade family for my uncle, please direct me how I might access your information on the family or how I may purchase information.  I have already accumulated the information from the Provincial Archives.


William Greenslade

b 16 March 1793, Selworthy, Somerset, England

d aft 1861, Springfield, Kings, New Brunswick

Married 9 June 1818, Exford, Somerset, England

Ann Veysey

b 3 June 1786, Exford, Somerset, England

d 30 December 1859, Springfield, New Brunswick

Children - 

Charlotte Ann, born 24 March 1818, Exford, Somerset, England

Francis William, born 23 June 1822, Exford, Somerset, England

Andino, born 1827, Exford, Somerset, England, described as eccentric in death notice in newspaper :)


Gay Young



Q19-5686 LOGAN: I am seeking information on the father of William Logan, b. 1799 and d. 10 Dec 1878 in St. John.  New Brunswick stated to keep track of births in 1800.  I was hoping to find a late registration of his birth, but nothing yet.  William married Martha Flewelling/Flewwelling on 21 Aug 1823 in Kings Co, Westfield.  There are several assumptions that say Robert Logan is William's father.  However, I have found nothing to prove that Robert, is, in fact, William's father


Audrey Logan Harris



Q19-5687 MATTHEWS: I'm looking for information about Clarissa Matthews born 1823 in New Brunswick, Canada and died July 10, 1922. Married William Baxter on May 25, 1847. She is my great great great grandmother. Resided in Pickering, Ontario in 1852 and Middlesex County in 1971. Any information you have would be welcome. 


Cindi Harris 



Q19-5688 MERLIN: I looking for information on the marriage of Charles Merlin and Eliza Jane Smith the Daughter of Robert Smith and Sarah Taylor both from Ireland.


Bill Merlin



Q19-5689 MORTON: I am looking for help to find the mother of Agnes Hutchinson Morton. She came to NB with her father William Hutchinson 1745-1826 who was a UEL. Agnes 1771-1839 I am hoping a family member in NB documented her mothers name Miss Butler is what I have been told

Agnes married George Morton on July 7 1789

had the following children:  

Samuel 1790

Elkanah 1806

George Agustus 1802

Horatio 1798

Roland Alexander and Alexander Roland 1809

John 1813

Sarah 1792  

They are interred in the Penobsquis Pioneer cemetery NB





Q19-5690 NEELY:  I'm hoping that I may be able to find some information about my husband's family.  I checked your resources for the family name but I didn't see the name listed at all.  This is what we have discovered so far.

      James Edward Neely   - Father was Dickson Neely may have immigrated from Ireland in 1826??  1857–1916

Birth Sept 20 1857 St John, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Death Dec 10 1916 Grand Valley, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada

     Birth of Son John James Neely Sep 1889 St John, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and Died 1928.


Lindsay Neely



Q19-5691 SPRAGUE: I am working on a Mayflower Application and I thought I had a direct line established until I came to Emma Sprague that married Daniel Bunnell.  Others (more than one) that indicated Emma Sprague was the daughter of William Sprague and Elizabeth Patten.  Daughter of Emma Sprague and Daniel Bunnell was my ggg(?) grandmother. Emma Bunnell was but maybe I don't have the lineage correct.

This is what I have:


Emma Sprague

DOB:  1780 in Cherryfield, Washington Co, Maine.

DOD:  1864 Kings County, New Brunswick

DOM:  June 12, 1800 Sussex, N.B.

Daniel Bunnell.

DOB  1772 Newton Fairfield, Conn

Married:  New Brunswick

Death:  Jan 16, 1841 Sussex, Kings County, Canada


Alleged daughter of above:

Emma Bunnell

DOB:  Sussex, Kings, NB

DOD:  1878 Hampton Kings NB

Marr:  May 26, 1831 SussexVale, Kings, NB to Daniel Brown Goddard my gggrandfather. 


If I could access some of the entries in the Family Surnames, this would help me greatly.  Yes, I have read the spelling of Sprague does vary.  My disconnect seems to be Emma Sprague and who are her verifiable parents. 


Lavonne Anderson




The following queries (Q5653 to Q5678) were posted on 7 May 2019.


Q19-5653 ANDERSON: I am looking to see if you have ANY records of birth for a Mary Anderson  d/o James Anderson and Marry Murray ( oak point / burnt church ) in 1808 or any record of a marriage of John Cassidy ( from Pictou, Nova Scotia)  to Mary Anderson in New Brunswick around 1825. Perhaps Tabusintac/Alnwick/Burnt Church/Chatham





Q19-5654 BLACK: I am trying to locate any information regarding Mary A Black born 1831 in Rathli Co Antrim, Ireland.  Parents Corelius Black and Isabel McCurdy. When did she immigrate? Are these correct names of parents? I believe she left St John and went to Maine before 1854 to marry Timothy Fahy.


Patty Fay Dimetres



Q19-5655 CATES: I am looking for a Marriage announcement Published in the Sands of Time Publication regarding a Marriage between Arnold Cates (b. Sept 1816) and Sarah Small (b. circa 1820) that took place circa 1839. According to the ASGS their Marriage was published in the Sands of Time, Grand Manan Genealogical Society Publication, Grand Harbor New Brunswick vol. 1 page 102. They referred me over to you as they do not have the first 4 editions that they believe the Marriage announcement was published. Thank you so much I hope to hear from you soon. According to my records we have Cates family members who moved to New Brunswick from Maine.


Kimberley Lambert


Q19-5656 DICKERSON: I'm trying to find out information about one of my husband's ancestors named Tartallus Dickerson (born around 1820 in Moore's Mills, New Brunswick) who was married to Rebecca Caroline Spaulding. I'm not able to find out any information about his birth, death or who his parents were. 


Stefanie Dickerson



Q19-5657 DOWNEY: I am trying to work out a family mystery and track down information for an ancestor: James Downey, born 21 August 1859 in St. Johns NB to John or James Downey and Margaret O’Brien or O’Brion.  He was married in Oct 1885 (Married Catholic in St. Jean L'Assomption Acadie (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) supposedly taken from the Drouin Collection. We are experiencing some issues, as half of the online family trees report this couple being married in NB and the other half reporting a marriage in Maine, USA.  I used several of the online databases to including the NB Provincial Archives but cannot find any records for St. Johns. 


Howard Roberts



Q19-5658 GORHAM: Looking for St. John River Valley genealogists and Gorham family contacts. Around 1995 my uncle, Gary Gorham, traveled from Minnesota to New Brunswick and met with Dorie Gorham and others “to graft the Minnesota Gorhams back onto the tree”.  His visit culminated with some of our subtree being included in Dorie’s book “Loyalist Gorhams of the St. John River Valley 1783 – 1994”.  I’m specifically looking for birth/death/marriage records for

Daniel Gorham (son of Jonathan Gorham).  (b) 1789/99 according to JHMF 1: page 570 (d) 5 Mar 1875 Oak Point Kings NB Canada (m) 13 Jan 1822 to Deborah A Belyea, Kings NB Canada

   Charles Gorham (son of Daniel Gorham) born 1831, died 23 Nov, 1900 New Brunswick and married Deborah Stevens. 

    Fred Daniel Gorham (son of Charles Gorham).  I see Fred Daniel in the Canada 1871 and 1881 census records.  Fred Daniel Gorham next shows up in the US 1895 census married, living in Cloquet MN, and with a two-year-old daughter. 


Thomas G Clifford



Q19-5659 GRAHAM: Seeking any additional family information on the following couple united in marriage on Feb 4, 1817 at Parish of St. Mary, County of York, NB, Graham, Oliver C.  b. @ 1778 in NB, Stone, Mary. Looking for baptism/birth info, parent’s names, other children they may have?


Jennifer Kent-Bryant



Q19-5660 GRAHAM: I am trying to find information on how I can purchase a family history book. In particular, I'm looking for Patrick & Gilbert Graham and descendants, 1813-1997 written by Ruth Cleghorn Ker. It outlines the descendants of the Irish immigrants Patrick and Gilbert Graham, mostly around York County, NB. Please let me know if you know of how to get a copy of this book or any advice on how to acquire family history books!


Leah Graham



Q19-5661 HAY: I am doing a book on Ernest Hemingway, and apparently, he and Canadian engineer Lieutenant B.M. Hay took a trip together in a Vauxhall when they were both recuperating from WW 1 wounds in Italy (to visit with two nurses who were working in the field hospital in Treviso.) In his letters, Hemingway spells the name 'Hey' and says that he was an engineer and a Canadian and a good fellow. Burpee Macleod Hay's relatives may not know this connection as his name was spelled incorrectly in Hemingway's letter to his parents, but it's an interesting bit of history. Perhaps some Burpee or MacLeod cousins or family from Woodstock, New Brunswick, would like to know this story about the connection and friendship between their relative and one of the most famous authors in the world. His Attestation Paper says that he had 8 years experience as an engineer, he was born April 17, 1891, and died in Berlin in 1928 where he had been conducting business for several years.


Kate Pocock



Q19-5662 HOARE: I've been doing family research for years and have just stumbled upon a reference to the book below. My grandfather, Henry Hoare was born in Halifax, and my great grandmother was Florence Trider. Is it at all possible to get a copy of the book by William?


CALL NUMBER: CS90 .H63 1985 AUTHOR: Hoar, William Stewart, 1913-Branches of a family tree: the Hoar ancestry / William S. TITLE: Hoar; with art by Martha Henricksen and maps by Diana McPhail. PUBLISHED: Vancouver, Canada: Tangled Roots, c1985. DESCRIPTION: v, 52 p.: ill.; 23 cm. SUBJECT: Hoar family. SUBJECT: New Brunswick--Genealogy. SUBJECT: Nova Scotia--Genealogy. SUBJECT: Canada--Genealogy.  SUBJECT: New England--Genealogy. ISBN NUMBER: $5.00 (pbk) LCCN NUMBER: 85-241387


Jill Orr 



Q19-5663 HOPKINS: I am looking for info on the famous Mammy Hopkins; AKA Elizabeth Beard Jasper Woodward Hopkins. I already have a copy of her memorial. I would like info on her after the war of 1812. Her husband Jermiah Woodward and her Woodward and Hopkins sons settled around Bath/Beechwood area in Carleton Co. after the war.


Laurie Tompkins



Q19-5664 LOON BAY: My gr grandfather was born in Loon Bay, Charlotte, New Brunswick. I can not find information about any kind of town, village, settlement other than a lodge and the multitude of Loons that live there. He was born in 1855. Can you point me in the right direction?


Vikki Sorel



Q19-5665 McEACHERN: I am looking any information on Hugh McEachern, born in Nova Scotia in or around 1816.  He married Barbara Atkinson in 1838 in Kent County, New Brunswick.  They had seven children, Ann, Mary Jane, George, John, Alexander, Allan, and Hugh.  They lived in and about the Kouchibouquac area in New Brunswick until he immigrated with his son, Allan, to Greenville, Maine, USA in 1894.  He died there in 1896.I would particularly like to know specifically where Hugh (1816-1896) was born, the names, birthdates and places of birth of his parents. 


Evelyn McEachern Wilson-Martin



Q19-5666 McFARLAND: I am researching my 3rd great-grandparents, William McFarland/McFarlane and Catharine Murray. William is son of Andrew McFarlane and Catherine Murrey and came with his family from Ireland in 1832 or 1833. Catherine is daughter of Charles and Jane Murray. They came from Ireland around 1825. They were in St John when some sons were born – Andrew (1845) and Charles (1843), then Alma in Albert.  1851 census has them in Albert/Harvey, which is likely where the other children were born – Irving Armour (1851) , John (1855) and Margaret (1850). I believe William’s father was brother to Andrew and King McFarlane, but haven’t been able to find proof.


Mary Purchase



Q19-5667 O’LEARY: Searching for information on the O’Leary family. We have the following Dennis O’Leary born around 1821 in Ireland his wife Mary born around 1831 also in Ireland. their children - John O’Leary born around 1862, Michael O’Leary, Timothy A. O’Leary, Catherine O’Leary born around 1867, and Ellen O’Leary according to Ancestry.com all children are born in New Brunswick. 


Wanda Mckane



Q19-5668 OSBORNE: I am looking for information on my grandfather and his twin sister. Their names are George Elmer Osborne (and later MacLeod) and "Edna J". They were born on August 14, 1917 in Saint John to Elmer Christie Osborne and Jennie Mae Hatfield. Through my own research and what little my family was willing to share with me, the twins were sent to an orphanage. George was later adopted by farmers Hector MacLeod and Margaret Morrison of Framboise, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It is unknown what happened to his sister. George eventually joined the military (Cape Breton Highlanders), fought in WW2, and married twice; the latter to my grandmother (and his cousin) Helen Ruth Osborne of Saint John. My family insists that they were not cousins, but the evidence points there.

  The 1921 Canada census has them both living at home. The family broke apart after that, with another sibling (Margaret Della) evidently moving to Massachusetts to live with her aunt. I am mostly interested in what became of this "Edna J" Osborne.


Jeff MacLeod



Q19-5669 PACK: Dennis Springer one of my ancestors, married Abigail Pack around 1700 in Rahway New Jersey. I have learned that the Pack family, were loyalists.  I would like to connect with members of the Pack family in NB to see if we can share notes on our common ancestors’ families. 


Ray Springer 



Q19-5670 SCOTT: Do you have any information about Percy James Scott born in New Brunswick. He was married with Mildred Jamison from the United States. He was the father of Clarence Elgy Scott and he died on 22 June 1944 in Holland. I searching information about him for faces to graves. Clarence Elgy Scott buried in Groesbeek at the Canadian War Cemetery. Please take a look at facestograves.nl.


Gijs Krist



Q19-5671 SMITH: In a prior iteration of the Marco Polo archive several descendants were mentioned including Dorothy Hazel Gilbert Barwell of Sheffield. The archive is now missing Dorothy Barwell and her mother father and sisters. When I was a toddler the anchor of the Marco Polo was found off the coast of Cavendish PEI and was given to the people of New Brunswick, my grandmother Dorothy Barwell was asked to receive the anchor at the NB Museum and she was kind enough to bring me to that event.  I may have been five or six years

old at that time.  I know that there are more descendants of James Smith still alive.  I definitely would very much like any information about my past family including James Smith, Jimmy Tommy, Harry Lebaron, the Gilberts in Sheffield, William Norris Venning, Maria Hennigar etc.  Peter McDougald was a Loyalist in Saint John briefly and was given various land grants in 1783-1784, he was a soldier in the American Revolution he came from Massachusetts and Virginia and traveled through New York state, and also fought with Laura Secord in Brantford Ontario. I am the great great great great grandson of James Smith owner and builder of the Marco Polo at Marsh Creek in Saint John


Peter McDougald



Q19-5672 SMITH:  Researching Sarah Smith, first wife of Loyalist John Brundage (c.1780-1829; a tailor, magistrate and landowner in Lancaster, now West Saint John). Sarah was last noted with John in a land sale to John Quinton, Guys Ward, Feb 25, 1797. Sarah’s birth and death? Sarah’s parents? John Brundage’s parents?


Audrey Fox 



Q19-5673 SMITH: Henry Havelock Smith was born 16 December 1857 Dalhousie, New Brunswick. I am building a family tree on my mothers’ side and I need to know his parent's detail. I'm hopeful that you can assist me even if only directing me where I should go.


Wayne Robson



Q19-5674 STEEVES: I am looking to find out all grandchildren of Oressa Mae Steeves and Joseph Johnson. I am in touch with descendants of Susan Hattie Johnson and Clinton Johnson (children of Oressa and Joseph) but would appreciate other leads. I also have a death record for grandson Donald (son of Ira Johnson) in California. Any others of the grandchildren who resided in California are of particular interest.

Julie Mitchell


Q19-5675 STRONG: I would like to see if you could find information on my Grandmother.  Looking for birth records. I do have a record showing she crossed the border from Canada into Maine to August 17, 1917. Her Name:  Beatrice Strong (I think) McIntyre or MacIntyre. Her birthdate - October 2, 1898. Her death certificate says Birthplace Canterbury, New Brunswick. Father Samuel McIntyre (MacIntyre), Mother Mary Shannon.


Dee Lake



Q19-5676 VAUGHAN: I'm researching my gggg uncle Daniel Vaughan. I am trying to find out if Daniel was a Kings Orange Ranger, or just how he came about getting a land grant in Quaco/ St. Martin's NB - generally reserved for those who provided some type of service to the King's Navy/military during wartime.


James Vaughan



Q19-5677 WIGMORE: I’m trying to obtain birth and death documentation for William Alfred Wigmore, born 1841, in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada and death 1877, in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.


Bruce Plummer



Q19-5678 DORCHESTER NEWSPAPER: I am trying to find the source of a newspaper story from Dorchester, NB, on May 29, 1919, on the funeral of Gunner John F. Hickman, who was killed in the Kinmel Camp riot in Wales in March of the same year. I have seen the story about the funeral online, but there is no mention of what newspaper it came from. Is there anyone who could help me find the source?


David Fuller




The following queries (Q5626 to Q5596) were posted on 15 February 2019.


Q19-5626 MARTIN: I have been researching my 4th great uncle Alexander Martin (1802-Aug 30, 1874) who was a merchant on Prince William Street in the mid 1800s. In the 1871 census it shows him living with an Elizabeth Martin born in New Brunswick in 1836. In 1874 when Alexander died there is no mention of her in his will. She may have died or married. How can I find out what happened to her? Also the census does not show an address only the dwelling house inhabited as 310. Alexander Martin came from Dunning in Scotland around 1840. I have researched the inquiry related to the dispute about his will.


Adam Spence



Q19-5627 McFARLANE:  I am looking for information on Ann McFarlane Black. She was born around 1783 in County Tyrone, Ireland. She emigrated to New Brunswick around 1824 with her husband James Black and their three children, Armour, Andrew and Elizabeth. They settled in Londonderry, New Brunswick. They were Anglican. They had two more daughters in NB, Mary and Matilda. She passed in 1860. I am curious if this Ann McFarlane was of any relation to the other McFarlane/McFarland families who also settled at Londonderry. I have not been able to uncover any birth records for Ann or marriage records for her and James. I am looking for where she was born in County Tyrone and the identity of her birth family. She was around 3 years older than King McFarlane, who settled at Londonderry and also had a son named Armour. Perhaps Ann was a sister to King? Has anyone familiar with these McFarlane genealogies in Londonderry, NB, come across an Ann in your research?


Amanda Dobbelsteyn



Q19-5628 McINTYRE: I have been working on my Family Tree through Ancestry for about 8 years. I am having a hard time finding information on my grandmother. I do find in ancestry a Border Crossing from Canada to Maine - August 17, 1917.  However, I cannot seem to find any birth information. I was hoping that you could help me find information. Her name was Beatrice McIntyre Birthdate October 2, 1897. I THINK her birth place was Canterbury, New Brunswick Died March 1964 in Maine.

Her Parents names: Father - Samuel McIntyre    Mother - Mary Ann Shannon I BELIEVE her parents were from Ireland


Denise Lake



Q19-5629 McNICKLE:  I am looking for information on Elizabeth McNickle. She was born around 1818 in either New Brunswick or Ireland (date not exact). She lived in the Parish of Upham, Kings County in 1842. She married Armour Black the same year. I believe they lived in Londonderry/ Lisson Settlement/ Markhamville area. She often went by Liza or Eliza. She died in 1893. I am looking for information on her parents and/or the location of her birth. Or even other McNickle/McNichol(l) families who lived in the area (or surrounding communities) at the time.


Amanda Dobbelsteyn



Q19-5630 McSWAIN: I am trying to understand/transcribe the birthplace of John McSwain, b. abt 1827, as recorded in his 1876 Hillsburg (Bear River), Digby County Nova Scotia marriage record. Where is /was Gimlow Point, NB?


Natalie Horton



Q19-5631 MERRITT: Seeking info on the family of Caleb Merritt b C 1812 NB and his wife Harriet b c 1821 NB. They had at least 5 children. Caleb was the s/o John and Abigail Merritt. What was Harriet’s Maiden name and what was Caleb’s Mother’s Maiden name?


Wendy Whelen



Q19-5632 MILLER: I am the great grandson of Marion Miller whose mother was Mary Jane Mac Donald Miller. She was born around 1910 and married a fellow named Ervin in 1927 in the Queens County in New Brunswick. I’m just looking for more info on my ancestry. I have three MacDonald files each a different family - Ben McDonald family of Sheffield, Sunbury County; Donald MacDonald family of Canaan Forks and Cambridge in Queens County; and Alexander MacDonald family of Wickham, Queens County. Marion Miller, Mary Jane MacDonald Miller, and an Ervin married to a Miller are not found in these three McDonald/MacDonald family histories as I have researched them. There are no Ervin - Miller marriages to be found in PANB vital statistics.

I could find nothing helpful in the databases of rootsweb.ancestry.com [1], PANB vital statistics from newspapers, Telegraph Journal provincial obituaries, the Federated Database Search, or PANB cemetery records. While these searches are less than exhaustive, there are the major databases used by me in everyday searches.


Harry MacDonald



Q19-5633 MORIN: My mother's family is French Canadian from Ottawa. I am looking for information about my Grandfathers ancestors. My Grandfather's (Lucien Philias Joseph Morin 18 December 1920 – 4 July 1989). We believe that his Grandmother (Marie Zélie Gagnon birth date 6 December 1850) was indigenous because of family stories and the fact that we can not find any information about her. Pierre Morin dit Boucher is our ancestor who brought the name Morin to Canada from France in 1636. We believe that there may be other people in the family who were Metis or Indigenous, such as Marie Victoire

PELLETIER Marie Madelein Martin and Froicoise Chiasson.

My name: Chantal Muriel Musgrove born; May 27th 1982 

My Mother: Carole Gabrielle Morin born; Nov 18th 1954

I noticed by looking online that another Morin Man (also related to Pierre Morin dit Boucher) was married to a "Zoe Gagnon" born in Cacouna Quebec, they were married in 1850.


Chantal Musgrove



Q19-5634 MORRELL: Seeking information on family of Jacob Valentine Morrell 1847-1919 and his wife Catherine Jack 1850-1930. Any photos of children or homestead/Farmstead. Also, information on Spouses of their 10 Children.


Wendy Whelen



Q19-5635 MORRELL: Seeking info on the family of Oliver Morrell bc 1870 d. aft 1906 and his wife, Georgia (Morrell) Kelly. She was a widow when she married Oliver. Georgia was the daughter of John & Julietta Morrell. Were there any children? Also interested in more info on Georgia’s Parents. Her 1st husband’s last name was Kelly. Anyone know his first name?


Wendy Whelen



Q19-5636 MURPHY: I am interested in finding out more of who James Murphy's parents were. I assume they came from Ireland to Maine or New Brunswick. I do know my 3x gr. Grandmother Lucy Ann Murphy who married William Dixon lived in Andover later Grand Falls, Victoria County, NB. Lucy ann murphy's maiden name was Couillard.  The family apparently donated the building for the church. Her father, David Wellington Murphy is one of the sons of James Murphy. Hope this helps. I am also interested in finding out more of my great grandmothers’ family (her mother is Elizabeth McLeod 1869-1889). There is a possible of a Hugh McLeod born in Nova Scotia.


Sarah Phoebe Worfolk



Q19-5637 O’REE: I am looking for information on my great great great grandfather Henry Paris O'Ree, born 1805, died May 1884, in Sussex Vale, Kings Co., New Brunswick.


Michelle O'Ree 



Q19-5638 PENGILLY: Seeking info on Family of Herbert Pengilly, who married Agnes Sarah Ferguson. I Believe they left the Moncton area for Boston, Mass. Would like contact with their off spring or general info and photos.


Wendy Whelen



Q19-5639 PLUME: Seeking all info on family of Charles Spurgeon Morrell b. 1893 and his wife Ida B Plume b. c 1900. Names of their children, photos of them and their homestead.


Wendy Whelen



Q19-5640 PROSSER: I am looking for birth parents of Benjamin Prosser, 1812–1848, BIRTH 1812 • Brighton Parish, Canada. DEATH BET. 1848–1902 • New Brunswick, Canada. He Married Elisabeth "Betsy" "Lydia" Shaw, 1812–1851, BIRTH 1812 • Wakefield, York, NB, Canada. DEATH 1851 • Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada. and had a child named Edward William Prosser. Any help would be appreciated.


Kip Johnson



Q19-5641 RILEIGH – Angus Sidney Rileigh was my 2nd great uncle, born March 24, 1849 and died about 1884. Angus’ parents were Charles Edward Rileigh and Lavenia London of Westfield, Kings County NB.  He married Althea Smith, daughter of Warren G and Nancy Smith of Blissville, in 1876 and they had 3 children. From information in the Canada Archives publication of Post Offices and Postmasters, he was station master/post master at Hoyt Station Sunbury NB CA., appointed 4/1/1878. The office is listed as closed 2/22/1884 but gives no date of vacancy or cause of vacancy for Angus.  The office reopened 9/1/1884 with Abner Mersereau in the post master position. Family stories have Angus dying in Texas in 1884 but I have not been able to find any type of record to verify this. My question is does anyone have any insight into why he might have been there and what he might have been doing there. The best suggestion I’ve heard is that maybe this has to do with the railroad.


Marjorie MacKellar Golub



Q19-5642 SAVOIE: I am helping with memorial cards for Canadian Fallen soldier's graves in Groesbeek cemetery.  I am trying to locate a photo of the following Soldier from New Brunswick. Oxiard Savoie who died during WW2 in Germany 5 Mar 1945. Oxiard was the son of Germain and Rosa Langteique Savoie of Saint Anselme New Brunswick, born 13 Feb 1921. Charles Otto Donahue- born 4 Dec 1911 New Castle New Brunswick parents George Patrick and Mary Alice Katherine Baisley Donahue Died 4 Mar 1945 Germany. Malcolm Arthur Ross Born 25 Feb 1922 St John New Brunswick parents Harry Isaac and Elizabeth (Missing Maiden Name) Ross Died 6 Mar 1945 Germany. Any pictures or biographical information would be greatly appreciated.  I have most of their statistical information.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Tina Hansen 



Q19-5643 SCOFIELD: I am seeking information on the parents of Stephen Scofield born around 1799 likely in Kings County New Brunswick. Stephen had a son named David Scofield born around 1832. David married Priscilla Frazee. Stephen's wife's name was Mary. 


Ann Kremer 



Q19-5644 SHAW: My great-great-grandfather Lewis Shaw was born in New Brunswick Canada in 1855. He married Pheby (or Phahy) Gilbert (or Gilbart). The issue I am having is that either he or his parents changed their name when they moved to Maine.  I have been told that Shaw was part of the name but no one knows if it was the first, middle, or last part.  Once relative thought it may have been Leshawbe or just Shawbe.


Jason Bragdon



Q19-5645 SHOWERY: I am doing some family research and want to learn more about George Arthur Showery. Born: about 1851 (said to be 34yo at marriage in 1885) in St. Johns, New Brunswick, British America (given on marriage certificate).  Father: George Showery (Blacksmith). Mother: Mary M. Lyons.

I have managed to find the following information online, but am not certain it is the same George Arthur Showery that I am researching: On 31 May, 1876 a George Showery married Sarah Lawrence in New Brunswick, Canada. In 1877 George A Showery from St Johns, New Brunswick (complexion dark, handwritten 'Negro') enlisted United States Naval Enlistment. Age 22. Birth Year estimated 1855. Marks: "large scar to left of mouth". 


John Ogden.



Q19-5646 SPENCE: Seeking info on the family of Robert Spence. Who married Abby McElmon on Dec 5 1870 West Co. NB? Both from Moncton Par. at time of marriage. Seeking any info on off springs for this couple. Parent’s name for both, birth and death.


Wendy Whelen



Q19-5647 STEVENS: I am the great grandson of John Golding Stevens, who emigrated from Saint John to Australia in the 1800’s. I live in Brisbane, Queensland. 

I am planning a visit to Saint John in 2019 and wondered if there are any opportunities to research the Stevens family history in the city or to meet with other members of the Stevens family.


Marcus Stevens



Q19-5648 THIBODEAU: I am asking for help in finding birth / baptismal information of my great grandfather. Name - Joseph Anthony Thibodeau b. 1846. I believe his parents are Gregoire Thibodeau and Elisabeth Isabelle Robichaud but, I can't find proof. Here is the earliest census I have on Joseph and his wife Judith Blanchard. 


Janet Heishman



Q19-5649 TURNER: I am Looking for any information on William Poole Turner. Who is parents were if he was married and if he had children? Is William buried in NB and if so where? Are his parents also there? What I do know is that he was a commander in the British Army and stationed @ Fredericton. He and his family left the America during the revolutionary War and was granted land in NB. They were Loyalist. He is in my Family ancestry linage.

My Father was Richard Paul Turner - Mpls. MN.  His Father was John Paul Turner - Mpls,MN. His father was Melcom E Turner -Mpls.MN. And his father was Edward W Turner- Mpls, MN. Edward W. Turner was the grand son of William Poole Turner.  I have Written documents to verify this and our family’s history in New Brunswick, Ca.


Jennifer Turner Brand



Q19-5650 WILSON: I am researching my 3rd great grandparents – Hugh Hamilton Wilson (1828 to June 29, 1874) and Mary McLaughlin (1828 to 10 February, 1884).  They came to the Kent County area (Rexton, Kingston, Richibucto) from Ireland, in the late 1840’s to 1851, as their eldest daughter was born in Kingston in 1851.   They had 5 daughters, Mary Jane 1851, Margaret Ann 1852, Sarah Elizabeth 1854, Catherine Cassandra 1857, and Wilhelmina 1860.  Hugh was a doctor/coroner, and I have first found mention of him in the area in 1853.  He had a sister Catherine who married George McAuley in 1855.  I am hoping to find a bit more info on when he arrived in the area, anything related to his medical practice, as well as any information about his family.  I have searched the NB Provincial Archives, the census’, and the Canadian Archives, and have found information validating that he was a doctor and a coroner.  However, I have not been able to find any “local” information. 


Jennetta Foley



Q19-5651 WILSON:  I am looking for a birth or baptismal record for my grandmother Lillian May Wilson b. 1887 0r 1888 in St. John New Brunswick, Canada. I can't seem to find one anywhere. Any help or direction for further searches would be very much appreciated.


Laurel siviglia.



Q19-5652 WISHART: I am researching the Wishart family, which was for several generations’ resident in and around Tabusinac, starting probably in the 1780s. I have established that William Wishart was born in 1786 in NB, the son of William Wishart and Charlotte Taylor, who must have married in about 1785. Despite a multitude of census reports referring to the descendants as "Scotch", I have so far failed to establish the link to Wisharts in Scotland. I would be very grateful if anyone could assist me in establishing this link.


Andrew Fraser



Q19-A-Birthday Notice in Newspaper

EVELYNE DAY: Turning 104 on Friday at her home in Brantford’s Riverview Terrance. She was a native of Gardner’s Creek, New Brunswick. She moved to Brantford Ontario in 2008 to be near her daughter Linda Catt and her husband Gerald. (article in Brant News, Brantford, Ontario Thursday April 2, 2015.)


Wendy Whelen