Queries posted in 2018

The following queries (Q5605 to Q5625) were posted on 23 November 2018.

Q18-5605 AITON: My ancestor Hugh Aiton immigrated to Hampton, New Brunswick in 1824, from Scotland. I am writing to ask if you have any record of his having received a land grant to begin farming in his first 10 years in New Brunswick. I am some distance from your province and appreciate any information you can provide.
Thomas G. Paterson 

Q18-5606 ASYLUM:  How do I access patient information?  My great grandmother may have resided in the Mental Asylum in Saint John starting in the 1890’s. Also, was there a mental health sanitarium/home at that time on the Acadian coast (Caraquet -Tracadie area).


Wayne R Mullin

Q18-5607 BAILEY: I am looking for a birth record or any other info on George Hamish BAILEY that would confirm his parents.
Born    – Approx. 1790 New Brunswick
Married – To Ann SHARP, September 11, 1820 in Kingston Parish, Kings County, N.B.
Died – May 25, 1866 in Ingersoll, Ontario
    I have the marriage record which is witnessed by William BAILEY which might be his father. I have found a record of his death but no parents’ names. Also contacted the Methodist Church in Kingston County N.B.  They told me there was a fire which may have destroyed the records.   George and Ann had 6 children – Oliver, Elizabeth, Daniel, William, George and Mary.
Bev Bailey

Q18-5608 BERRY: Looking for someone who knows a lot about the Turtle Creek area?  Solomon Berry m/Hannah Steeves, M 2 Mary Jane Jonah. Would like information on his proper ties to the Church he built there. Photos of both him and his family. It is believed he dwelt in the big white house there and ran a store.
Wendy Whelen

Q18-5609 BOONE: I’m looking FOR A GREAT GRANDFATHER FATHER CONNECTION. Alexander Boone B. April 1, 1812 D. Nov 22. 1898 buried in The Broad Road Cemetery in Geary Sunbury Co. NB and married Ann Mead 1815-1898 on Feb 29, 1837 in Burton NB. I’m looking for Alexander father Will Boone 1766-1849 and his mother Ann Hayward 1765-1845 they married November 29, 1787 in the Anglican Church in Maugeville NB. I just need a connection from Alex to William?
Richard Nickless

Q18-5610 BOOTH: I'm looking for a divorce record for Ella Gertrude Tait Booth and Harry Douglas Booth. I think it was sometime between 1927 and 1940. If this record is on line please let me know where, if not can someone research this for me at the Archives?
William Trueman

Q18-5611 CASEY:  Looking for information on James Casey, he was my 5 times great grandfather. I believe, he is buried in the Milltown Catholic Cemetery with only a birth date of 1836, so hard to trace him in Ireland as there are some 7000 records for "James Casey".
We have family records indicating "Ireland" on his son's birth certificate and his marriage certificate however no mention of which region. I'd love to know. Can you give me some suggestions for when I'm in the area where I might find records or archives?
Cheri Breau

Q18-5612 DEVARENNES: I have some info. His grandmothers name is Delia Christie (full given name Delima Mary Dite Delia) born May 4, 1910 in Bathurst. His grandfathers name is Joseph Edouard DeVarennes born September 8, 1908 in Port Elgin. Delia's father's name was Joseph Christie and her mothers name Rose Godin. We are more interested in Delia's story, because his whole life she has been a mystery, and I haven't had a hard time tracing the DeVarennes name. As for the adoption records being sealed, is there still any way to know if she has an adoption record? Even if we can't access the specific details just knowing that she was actually adopted would be a great start.
Amanda Hughes

Q18-5613 DICK: Is there a book or other information on “Alexander Dick & Agnes (Towers) Dick immigrated to Canada from Stirlingshire, Scotland in 1826.” Would they be considered “First Families”? I would also like to know where they were buried and when.
Barbara Flood

Q18-5614 FALLIS: I was a member a while ago and had let it laps. Then recently, I was talking to someone about my gg Grandfather who was a constable in Saint John in the mid 1800's. His name was William Fallis, he was the Sexton at old Trinity Church for many years. He passed away in 1875, two years before the Great Fire. I thought I had exhausted all records, when this person said "If he was a constable, there maybe some civil records that have survived." My question is; is there any Civil Records, that might contain my William Fallis?
Jeremy M. Fallis


Q18-5615 FERGUSON: Looking to confirm whether Maggie Ferguson was an Asylum patient in the 1882-91 range.
Wayne Mullin

Q18-5616 FERGUSON: Seeking info on family of John “Jack” Peter Ferguson, who married Annie Morrell. I Would like to make contact with direct descendants.
Wendy Whelen

Q18-5617 GENEALOGY HELP: In April, 2019, my husband and I will be coming to NB to do a little research. I have a small business, Fun Stuff for Genealogists, Inc., and will be attending the New England Historic & Genealogical Society's conference as a vendor. I have NB and Maine roots and have been researching heavily in these areas for many, many years and need to dig deeper and see some of the small towns which I have learned about. I am a former member of yours (it has been a few years ago) and a former president of the South Bend Area Genealogical Society at South Bend, Indiana. I was born and raised in Michigan. My father's roots are Canadian. I was at the NB archives in Fredericton but it has been many years and I have learned so much more. I wanted to let you know that I have had 30 years of genealogy research experience so I am ready for some serious digging.  Is it possible to have someone help with research when we arrive and stay in Fredericton? We will be there 5 nights. If a real person is not available, perhaps there is someone who I might communicate with by email? 
Bev Trew Palmer

Q18-5618 GOULETTE:  I am searching for information on the Louis Goulette (circa 1883) and/or Marie Ida Haché (circa 1889) families.  They were both born in NB and married between 1910-1920.  I would like to travel to NB to conduct my research; any suggestions where to start? I do not have a county or city of origin.
Jen Bowman

Q18-5619 GRAHAM: I am writing because I need help in finding some living members of a family to bring the remains of two people that died thirty years ago.  They have been cremated and their ashes need to be brought back to Saint John, New Brunswick to be laid to rest.  I am not part of the family. Very complex story.  Please, if there is someone doing family research and are still living, please contact me.
The two people are:
Donald Bosence Graham - Born Oct 1, 1906 in Saint John, New Brunswick,
died May 7, 1989 in Stratford, Ontario
Ethel Winnifred Louise (Logan) Graham - Born Feb 21, 1914 in Saint John,
New Brunswick died May 17, 1988 in Stratford, Ontario.
Warren G. Schmidt

Q18-5620 HAINES: Seeking info on the Business side of Wm. Haines. Who I believe in 1861 was a manufacturer & Dealer in Boots and shoes and a former Shipbuilder. At Lewisville. Was it this fellow who had the Tannery in Lewisville c 1861? Does anyone know who he employed also did his account books survive?
Wendy Whelen


Q18-5621 HAY: I am seeking help in finding the marriage record for my grandmother, Jessie Elizabeth Hay (born 2/11/1900 in Harvey, New Brunswick) to a man whose last name was Clark. We believe his first name was Earl, but are not positive. At the time she married my grandfather, her name was Jessie E. Clark. Her first husband, "Clark", died suddenly from influenza. Jessie and "Clark" were married between 1920 and 1924. We recall they were married in McAdam, New Brunswick, or possibly Tweedside. Jessie was raised Presbyterian, but told us she was a Baptist for a time, so we believe "Clark" may have been a Baptist. Jessie's parents’ names were Wesley Hay and Agnes Moffit Wood.
Nancy Bradley

Q18-5622 HOGAN: I am looking for information on my g-g-grandfather James Hogan.  The only information that I have is that he and Catherine Graham were married Aug 26, 1819.  He was from the parish of Maugerville in Sunbury County and she from St. Mary's parish in York. Witnesses were Edmund Hogan and Mary Hogan (not sure of any connection). Lore has it that they met on the trans Atlantic crossing.  She is purported to be Scottish and he Irish.  They later moved to Ontario. Is someone able to do some additional digging on information on these two?  Siblings?  Housing locations?  Arrival dates in NB?  Birth locations?  Early 1800 census data?
Greg Hogan

Q18-5623 JONES: Seeking info on the Tannery Business aspect Oliver Jones life c 1855 – c 1875. He built a factory for Tanning Hides. In 1861 it had 14 Employees. Does anyone have the names of these 14 Employees? Later known as “Moncton Leather Co”. Was on Tannery Street. The area was then known as “Tannery Town”.
Wendy Whelen

Q18-5624 KETCHUM: I am interested in knowing more about Frank E. Ketchum.  All that I know is that he was from New Brunswick and that as a young man he was recruited by the Western Union Telegraph Expedition, 1865-1867 (also called the Russo-American Telegraph Expedition or the Buckley Telegraph Expedition) to go to Alaska to help the effort to extend telegraph lines across the Bering Strait to Siberia, thereby connecting North America and Asia and Europe. His name is mentioned frequently throughout the expedition's surviving documents, but I can't find any biographical information. I don't know if his title as "Captain" was military or if it was specific to the expedition. I also have one source indicating that he died in Alaska near the end of the expedition.
Chris Allan

Q18-5625 LEWIS: I am compiling a family tree for my wife who is a descendant of the Lewis family, which descends from Wales and France. In endeavoring to connect her Lewis line with that of a friend who also has a Lewis line of similar origin I’ve come to an impasse at William Lewis who is listed on your site of New Brunswick historical surnames. Born in or near 1811 and married to Mathilda Christie. They had at least two children, Thomas and Robert.
Jeffrey J. Thomas



The following queries (Q5581 to Q5604) were posted on 2 August 2018.  A correction to Q5370 and an answer to Q5531 were posted at the same time.


Q18-5581 BARBOUR:  This maybe a bit of a long shot but I am trying to track down the author of a small book on the Barbour Families of Lochwinnoch. I note you have the book referenced. I have a copy of the book and would love to track down the author as I suspect they will be a cousin of mine. The copy of the book I have refers to a Bert Barbour as the author and I note in your reference it is N A Barbour. The book was published in 1991 and is a Directory of Barbour families in the Parish and village of Lochwinnoch c1680's to 1855.


Ian & Alison Barbour



Q18-5582 BOUCHER:  I am looking for a genealogy contact for my paternal family in Kent county.  My father was born in Rogersville- his name was Emile Boucher born 1908, his father and mother were Calixte Boucher and Mathilde Chiasson (from Nova Scotia).  They left Rogersville for the province of Quebec.

The Chiasson family is easily tracked (except for the reason Mathilde’s father Placide left. Margaree and ended up In Rogersville. The Boucher branch is a little more clouded.  I know we are descendants of the Boucher family in Kamouraska/Riviere Ouelle/Chateau Richer area but them the onion becomes more layered. I would appreciate if you could identify someone in Boutouche who can identify some bread crumbs.  I know the center for Acadian history is next door and I have had overt the years some conversations with Steven White.  I find it difficult to talk to a guru when I can’t even walk.


Marc-Andre Boucher



Q18-5583 CONNORS: I am looking to research more information on my grandmother's side of my mother's family. My Grandmother's Mom in particular, I believe she may have been Irish as her name was Mary Ann Connors, from Millerton New Brunswick and Mother's name was Mary Jane Connors. Is there an area I can search Irish names and perhaps families that came to NB from Ireland?




Q8-5584 DAVIS: I am hoping to learn what I can about the Davis family. Specifically, Clarissa Davis, daughter of Benjamin Davis who born in Salisbury, Mass. She married Abraham Peterson, a Swedish immigrant, possibly in Doaktown, and I am hoping a record of their marriage exists. I understand the date of the marriage is known, but I am looking for anything that may shed light on Abraham's parentage or place of birth within Sweden. And also anything about the Davis family in general would be great, I don't know anything about that family.


Mellanie McCreary



Q18-5585 DICKINSON: Trying to locate any living relatives of Ilber M. Dickinson 1897-1988? Porten settlement, father John (1849), mother Mary (1851) and brothers Stuart (1886) & Frank (1889).  He had a son Ralph with no children, last lived in Kingston, Ontario.   Can you help??


Cindy Gast



Q18-5586 FRENCH: My 2-great-grandfather, Charles Edward FRENCH, aka Edward Charles FRENCH, married Elizabeth BATEMAN in 1840. He is in the 1861 census with his wife and 7 children; his occupation was keeper of the marine hospital. In 1864 Elizabeth arrived in Boston, MA, USA with three sons.  I am trying to find out what happened to Charles/Edward and the other children, who would have been 3, 15, 17 and 19 when Elizabeth emigrated. Is there anyone who can help me with this research?  I live in the U.S. and can’t afford a trip to N.B. In the near future, so any help would be much appreciated.


Janet Gladden



Q18-5587 GAUNCE:  I am a distant relative of Jeremiah Gaunce 1751-1824. I live in England and my dad was Lionel Gaunce. Are there still Gaunce's living in Riley Brook as I am considering a trip there soon. What information do you have on us that I could have as I am starting my family tree. I would be most grateful for your help.


Paul Gaunce



Q18-5588 GODDARD: I am searching for proof that Giles Brown Goddard (brown is his middle name) who died in Suffolk, Kings, New Brunswick 1849 is the same Giles Goddard born to Giles Goddard and Catherine Brown in 1771 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.  I noted that there was an 1848 census in Canada where he may have listed his place of origin as the United States.  I cannot find this census online.  Would you by chance have this record or any other record that would prove he is the same man?  I am happy to pay for the time and trouble to secure this proof.  Thank you. I am working with Lavonne Siegfried Anderson, whom I believe is a member or was at one time.  This is her ancestor.


k Denese Wilson



Q18-5589 JEWETT: Trying to establish my ancestral line from Ontario to New England through the Planter Families of New Brunswick. My ancestor Charles Fred Jewett b. 1810 in Lindsay Ontario and his wife Catherine Mathews parents are both said to have come from New Brunswick. Any light you can shed on the Family Mystery would be greatly appreciated.


Charles A. Jewett



Q18-5590 LACOMBE:  I'm searching for the Lacombe families of New Brunswick - St. Hilaire, Clair, Baker Brook, Madawaska.  There was Regis Lacombe, his son Horace Lacombe and his wife Caroline Thibodeau.  One of the children of Horace Lacombe and Caroline Thibodeau was Elodie, my paternal grandmother.  My father was Paul Émile Côté.


Chantal Coté



Q18-5591 LONG:  I am seeking information on the following Long family members; Thomas that married Elizabeth Foster 1831, Robert Long who married Martha Snider 1848, Margaret Long who married Luster Snider 1848. Is in possible that you might have a family file on them?


Alice Fookes-Radcliff



Q18-5592 MacDONALD:  I am completely stuck and not sure if you can help or direct me to someone who may be able to. I have been researching my heritage and my maternal grandfather was Scott MacDonald from Parkers Ridge NB. His father was Alexander MacDonald also from Parkers Ridge. Alexander’s parents were John McDonald and Ellen Spencer. John's parents were Alexander McDonald and Jennet Catherine Young both who as per the 1851 NB census came to Canada in 1833. Alexander is seen in the NB census until 1871 when his wife (then listed as Catherine McDonald) is listed as a widow. What I am trying to find is Alexander's death record and where he may be buried? I also cannot find any information on John's death or where he is buried? I know he married Ellen Spencer and had two sons, John and Alexander and that she remarried David Alexander Smith and had several more children.


Tina Brewer 



Q18-5593 McGRATH: I am looking for anyone that may have information on the descendants of George McGrath (McGraw) of Tracadie NB, (Northumberland County)?


Paul McGraw



Q18-5594 McNAIR:  I would like to know about him James Joseph McNair he travelled to Missouri to marry To Elizabeth Glasgow (born in Kentucky) in Pettis co., Missouri.  all we know over fifty years whereabout him after his wife died in Missouri and left perhaps only child name Elizabeth McNair born in Pettis co, Missouri. lived with boarder. then she married to Elywn Price. As far we know he born in New Brunswick 1814-ish. When does he married first wife? had children?   Who are his parents? what country Scotland?  wonder what he travelled to Missouri?  where did he go after his wife died? I am from Colorado, deaf old lady, enjoy research family history and tree.  pretty much from both of my parents all of my ancestry being 1600's and 1700s


Karen smith perez



Q18-5595 MUSTER ROLLS: I appeal to anyone knowing the location of Muster Rolls for the 84th Regiment, 2nd Battalion for the period 1 Jan 1779 to 24 June 1782. - (British, Loyalist).  It is extremely important to locate these Musters. Many of the usual and most likely repositories have been checked with negative results. Copies of the documents cannot, as yet, be found! The 2nd Battalion served during the Revolutionary War, (1775-1783), at various locations in Atlantic Canada, and during 1779-1782 five Companies served in NY and "the Carolinas" - Charleston, Wilmington, Monck's Corner, Eutaw Springs, etc. These five Companies were attached to other larger British Regiments or Units. I would greatly appreciate if you would review your records, sources and Contacts, (Historians/ Researchers/ Records Custodians, etc.). The finder of the missing Musters will certainly be "Mentioned in Dispatches" and will be a friend of mine forever! I will most willingly reciprocate data which I have accumulated regarding the 84th and Loyalist Settlers over the past 20 years.

There are many names, but some of the soldier's surnames of primary interest to me personally are: BLISS, CLARK, CONNOR, CONOLLY, CRAIG, GOSS, LEIGHTON, MacDONALD, MacLEOD, SMITH, & SUTHERLAND.

I earnestly appeal to you or anyone knowledgeable on the subject, to contact me if they have any clues or key information that will lead to positive results being achieved.


Calvin Lee CRAIG



Q18-5596 NEVERS:  I am researching my 2nd Great Grandmother and the 1851 Canadian Census lists her as "Native American" - if she is an Indian how can I find out what tribe? Elizabeth Jane Nevers b. 1830 St. Johns, New Brunswick.  Thank you for any help you can provide.


Elizabeth Ward



Q18-5597 PANGBORN: I am looking for info on my husband’s great grandmother Susan T. Pangborn b.26 Nov.1842 in Saint John, NB and died 19July1901 in Saint John. Susan married Stephen Sears from Boston, Mass in Providence RI on 6Jul1864. The 1891 Census lists her as a widow with her sons Warren H. b.9Apr1878 and Frederick L. Sears b12Mar1880.  Also listed is her 65yo sister Sarah A. Whelpey. The East Boston 2Jun1870 Census lists Sears, Stephen age 54yo and Sears, Susan age 30yo and her sister Whelpley, Margaret A as 15yo.I would appreciate any info about Susan’s parents and siblings.


Diana Fowler



Q18-5598 PARSON:  I am doing research of my family heritage. I am trying to find more info on my great-grandparents. I am searching for Anthony Parson's family. Anthony Parson was born around 12-10-1837 in New Brunswick Canada. He died around 4-29-1903 in Patten Penobscot Maine USA. He married Mary Elizabeth (Hatt) and had a son named Obder Parson. I am trying to find more info on Anthony's parent, who they were (probably came from Scotland), when they were born and any other info you may possess.


Vicki Stewart



Q18-5599 PERKINS: George Perkins, born abt. 1835-1838, believed to be son of Eliakim Sherlock Perkins & Eleanor (Jones) Perkins, appears in the 1861 census of Greenwich, Kings County with a wife named Ann, aged 20.  In the 1871 census of Greenwich, his wife is named Sophia A., & is now 29.  According to a marriage record (1899) for Sherlock’s son, Samuel A., his mother’s maiden name was Sewell.  According to the marriage record for Sherlock’s daughter, Edith Alma, (1901), her mother’s maiden name was Small.  Cannot find a marriage record for George himself circa 1860 in Kings County records, nor in “Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers,” but he may have married Ann &/or Sophia in another county.  Cannot find George’s marriage on the PANB Federated Search either. Was George’s wife either Ann Sophia or Sophia Ann and was her surname Sewell or a Small?  Or did George marry twice?   Is his wife Sophia the one who is shown as the “wife of George Perkins” who died Feb. 3, 1881 and was buried in the Adams Family Cemetery, Evandale, Greenwich Parish, Kings County?  Who were the parents of George’s wife (wives?).  Need date & place of birth of George Perkins’ wife or wives, & date(s) & place(s) of George’s marriage(s).


Carol Norman



Q18-5600 ROSS:  My husband Brian Titus was born on Grand Manan in 1948. My grandmother was a Ross and I am working on tracing her Ross line.  Growing up I heard stories from her about our family coming from Canada and heard stories about how they settled Ross Island.  I feel I am related to Thomas Ross who drowned at sea 1804 and William Ross who was buried on Ross Island 1828.  Any information on either of these two men or family members would be so appreciated.  Or how I may obtain information would be appreciated.


Joan Titus



Q18-5601 SCOTT: My Great-great grandfather is Richard S. Scott 1855-1917. Supposed to be born to Aaron Scott (immigrated from Ireland) and Sarah Steeves (born in NB). I know from his death notice, that he was to have lived in Hammondvale, Kings County his whole life. He was married to Elizabeth A Brown Dec 24, 1880. My genealogy search is stalled here and I cannot obtain anything about Richard or Aaron Scott.


Tamarah Rundle



Q18-5602 WELSH PEOPLE: For Easter 2019, we are embarking on a project to celebrate the departure of 160 Welsh people from Cardigan on April 11 1819 and settled in New Brunswick province, many in and around what became Cardigan township. We willing 18 months planning it - a truly Welsh celebration of song / music / dance / religious services / an exhibition / tours around the are for any visitors / a website with which descendants can contact .... lots of ideas.  Can you advice us in any way - from your own records, from history societies / local libraries / schools. We really want your communities to share in person or in spirit with our celebrations. 


Kathleen Martin 



Q18-5603 WHITE: I'm researching an ancestor name Jacob White. I'd like to know if you could help me find more information on him and his origins. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Here's what I know:

He was born in abt 1816

He married an Esther Dixon in about 1858.

They had at least 5 children: Fredrick, Jane "Jenny," Henry, Edmond "Edward," and Robert.

They lived in Sussex, NB - I've located their 1861, 1871, 1881, and 1891 census records.

He died on 30 Aug 1896 in Apohaqui, NB - I've located a few death notices as well as his death record. He's buried at Church of the Ascension Cemetery in Apohaqui.

His wife, Esther was born in 1828 (possibly Ireland) and died in 1906 in Kings County, NB.

Records for Jacob indicate a wide variety of origins, from France, USA, Germany, Ireland, and Holland. I believe the origin of his family was France. One census record had "Leblanc" written underneath the White surname that was listed for the family.


 Robert Fontana



Q18-5604 British Home Children: Thousands of British Home Children came to New Brunswick by ship through Halifax in the 19th century.  This migration started in November 1871 when the SS Nestorian arrived with 36 children in the charge of Miss Maria Rye, followed by 100 girls and 100 boys on the SS Caspian in July 1872.  Unfortunately, ships' manifests are not available for Halifax before 1881, and so secondary sources, such as Dr. Edwin Clay's Inspections Reports have to be relied upon.  The record of these children in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island do not appear to be complete.  For example, I have about 86/200 records for those who apparently arrived on the SS Caspian.

   Niagara-on-the-Lake is where Miss Rye had her Home for distribution of children in Ontario and environs - hence our interest.  I am the VP of our local 125-year-old historical society and museum, and have recently compiled on one spreadsheet about 5,500 children brought out from Britain from 1868 to 1898, administered through the Home here in NOTL.  Library and Archives Canada has asked me to publish the material asap on our Museum's website, so that they can establish a link to it.  Although other organizations also brought children to New Brunswick - hence the "thousands" referred to above - Miss Rye was the pioneer in this work.
   We are trying to establish whether any records exist in St. John or environs (by far the largest of the home bases for these children) and whether any researcher has done work on compilation of BHCs to St. John and New Brunswick which might be available for study.  Of course, at this stage we are only interested in personal details (child name, age, place sent to, name of host, address, etc.) and not a general history, which we already have.  If you have any suggestions for furtherance of this research for New Brunswick, I would be most interested and would consider a visit this summer.  I can provide what I have for NB, NS and PEI already - on an Excel spreadsheet - at the appropriate time.
   If this topic is not well covered by the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, perhaps you could offer some suggestions as to where I should go next. I would appreciate anything you or your readership could suggest in regard to this work.

David Hemmings


Correction to Query #5370


Q18-5370 MALCOLM: Looking for information on the ancestors of Robert Malkson/Malcolm who is in the 1851 census in St. David Parish in

Charlotte County. It is believed that his father was also a Robert Malcolm and his mother was Jane Parker. According to "Pikes Notes” they arrived in New Brunswick about 1786-88 but Robert died shortly after their arrival. Jane then married William Vance. I am trying to find out where Robert and Jane came from and who is his father. I suspect he may be the son of William and Elizabeth Malcolm of Georgetown/Phippsburg, ME. I am hoping to be able to verify this hunch. Diane Malcolm    jdmalcolm@wildblue. I would like this posting to be changed to the following. Looking for information on the ancestors of a Capt. Malcolm and wife Jane. According to "Pikes Notes" they arrived in New Brunswick about 1786-87.  Capt. Malcolm died shortly after arrival leaving wife, Jane and son Robert.  Jane married William Vance in 1800.  Robert took the surname Malkson/Malkason after 1817 but before 1821.  He married Susan Ann Buzzell.  They had several children including, William Vance,

Melinda, Jane Parker, Rufus, Robert, Lydia, and Rebecca.  Land records indicate a possible, George, and Daniel also.  William married

Marjorie Ragen and their family moved to Topsfield, ME about 1848.  Rufus married 1st, Belinda Woodcock, 2nd Phoebe Schools and moved to Waite, ME. Robert and wife Sarah Coulter remained in St. David, NB.


Diane Malcolm 



Answer to Queries

Several Queries are answered by members who send the information on to the person who posted the query. I cannot list them all, some are very long.


Q17-5531 Irving: This was in the “Report on Obituaries” given at the Baptist Convention held in Fredericton in August of 1878 so I believe his year of death would be 1878 as such reports were apparently given at each annual convention.

   Please note that it is not an error; the article refers to him as “Irvine”, not “Irving”.  It is only because you mention the Baltimore Baptist Church that I am assuming it is the same one.  I also found him and his family in the 1871 census which you can see on the following two websites:

http://data2.collectionscanada.ca/1871/pdf/4396319_00356.pdf - James and his wife, Eliza, at the bottom of page 15

http://data2.collectionscanada.ca/1871/pdf/4396319_00357.pdf - the names of their 9 children (at that time; may have had more later) at the top of page 16

And, yes, the name was written “Irving” in the census.


Bonny Pond




The following queries (Q5558 to Q5580) were posted on 18 April 2018.  Answers to Q5505 and Q5506 were posted at the same time.


Q18-5558 BELL: Looking for info on Catherine Bell 1824-1846, 1st wife of: Aaron Hovey 1815-1885 of Ludlow, NB. Married: Dec 1, 1842 in Blissfield, NB by “Squire” Doak, of Doaktown, NB. They had 2 Children: Charles Alfred Hovey 1843-1908, Catherine Grace Hovey 1845-1924.  Aaron is buried in United Baptist Church Cemetery, Ludlow, NB and Catherine is buried in Old Burying Ground, Boiestown, NB. Looking for parents, where she came from and any other information you may know.


Robert L MacQuarrie



Q18-5559 BOYER: My husband's great grandmother Frances Amelia Boyer, born Nov. 22, 1847 and died Sept.  1915, came from a small town outside of Woodstock. We believe she lived in Florenceville until she married a Kimball from Maine and moved to Bridgewater, ME.  Apparently, she ran a Millinery shop in NB somewhere. We are looking for any information on her ancestors or descendants. 


Jennifer Sylvester



Q18-5560 COLSON: Ebenezer Colson (58 years old), Issac Colson (22 years old) and Ebenezer Colson, Jr. (30 years old), are all listed as members of 1811 Campobello Militia per the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.  Were they native to Campobello or did they migrate from Maine? Searching for other records of these Colsons.


Elaine Fernald



Q18-5561 DAY: I'm hoping you can help.  I am looking for information on Louisa (Lois) Leighton, who married John Day and then Henry Whittier in Maine.  They came to New Brunswick approximately 1815 with her son John Francis Day and their children Merrill, Henry, Elizabeth and Louisa.  I need to confirm the connection between the Maine John Day and Louisa Leighton. I have the records from Merrill Whittier, but cannot locate the death of Louisa or Henry Whittier.

   John Day and Lois Leighton had a son, John Francis Day who married Anna McCloskey and they had a son John Henry Day who married Jane Phair. I have those records as well.  John Henry Day and Jane Phair were my great grandparents.


Arlene Pretty 



Q18-5562 DEAN: I am doing an application for Daughters of the American Revolution on a Dean descendant. John Dean is listed, and the following Deans are listed next to John Dean: Gideon, Samuel, Henry. I know John Dean was a loyalist, Samuel married a Mabee whose father also was a loyalist. Gideon served in the Revolution from Rhode Island. Gideon Dean Sr moved to Deer Island right after the was with Henry and Samuel Dean. Gideon Dean Sr married a Mary Vickey.  Gideon Dean Jr married a McDonald and the first 3? of their children were born either in Eastport or Deer Island. I am looking for an Abigail Dean born 1823/1824, her obit says Eastport, but may be Deer Island. Parents are not listed on the obit. She moved to Maine and married Daniel Bugbee in Eastport. They made their home in Robbinson, Maine. Also living in Robbinson were Gideon Dean, Jr, and family. She may be the daughter of Henry or Samuel, not Gideon.


Nancy Legerski



Q18-5563 DOUGLAS: I'm looking for information on William Douglas, born around 1800 in Appleby, England.  His parents may have been John and Annis Douglas.  He moved to New Brunswick with his parents in 1809 when he was nine years old.  He married Isabella McFarland in New Brunswick when he was 24, which would have been around 1824.  By 1851 he and Isabella were living in Cayuga, Haldimand County in Canada West (present-day Ontario).


Debbie McCarthy 



Q18-5564 HOLDING: My grandmother was Jean Main Holding and her father was Charles Christopher Holding who left the family and returned to England shortly after my mothers’ birth in 1895.  My mother had a brother, Harry Renrick Holding born in 1894.  Jean was a teacher in a boys school and my mother, Ethel Marguerite Holding lived with a man named "uncle Hazen" while growing up.  I don't know his relationship to Jeans family. I believe his home was in St John, N.B.  Marguerite eventually graduated from Stanstead and later from Columbia University in New York.

    At some point, mother or Jean was given a sewing box that, according to a card enclosed, said it was presented to Mrs. F.G. Andrews during a trip to Burma when she accompanied her husband who was the Captain of the sailing ship Tamandra in 1866.  The card says the Andrews were from St Andrews By the Sea.

    I don't recall hearing much about the Andrews while growing up and have not been successful in finding any information on the internet.  My only living relatives are cousins, Hudson Vipond of Montreal and his sister Susan and another cousin living in Vancouver who knows nothing about the family connection to the Andrews.

    Any information would be sincerely appreciated because the box and its many ivory sewing implements should be in a museum near the Andrews home or with any surviving family members.


Jean Salls




Q18-5565 HOYT: I am a descendant of the Simon HOYT line. I am looking for more information on the Hoyt family of NB, particularly our connection to the town of Hoyt. I am having a difficult time to get an in depth history on the town or which William HOYT it was named for.


Shelly Hoyt Bridger



Q18-5566 FOX: I am looking for the death information related to: Samuel Fox - born 1822 Southampton, York, NB and lived in that area until his death. He married Mary Jane Grant  28 Dec 1859 in Woodstock, Carleton, NB.


Dave Percifield



Q18-5567 LAVIGNE: I am looking for the wedding of Joseph Lavigne and Margaret or Marguerite Thibodeau wedding was July 22 1866 in Bathurst. Parents of Margaret would be Prospere Thibodeau and Lucie or Luce Lavigne

I am looking for parents of Joseph Lavigne


Ginette Racette 



Q18-5568 LAWFORD:  Looking for information on family of John and Catherine (Graham) Lawford.  They show up in 1871 census in Fredericton, and we have documentation of land owned in St. Stephens in 1854 and other mention of having lived in Henrys Settlement.  We know they left Fredericton for USA in 1871 but don't know where they came from or when the family arrived in Canada.  Info on Grahams may also help. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Jack & Mary Ann Lawford



Q18-5569 LEVINGE:  I am looking for a picture of this man William Augustus Levinge born Oct 10 1846 Birmingham and died July 11 1925 from pneumonia at 185 Dominion st Moncton he was a school teacher here in Moncton I am trying to get a phone and what school he taught in anything about his life.


Chris Hart



Q18-5570 LEWISVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH: Would like to make contact with anyone with a long history of this church. Was there ever a published history of this church? Does anyone have photos or a list of past ministers?


Wendy Whelen



Q18-5571 MCDERMOTT: My ggg/m Ann McDermott age 16yrs from Leitrim Ireland arrived on vessel Triumph (though I never have found a passenger list for this ship) and was admitted to St John Almshouse 5/12/1847 discharged 20/12/1847.Patient number 30943

My question is what happened to these Irish girls after arrival??? Were there agencies to arrange employment or people just waiting to get servants, I cannot find any list on this matter.

I do know she married Sergeant Thomas Bishop in 1852 in Montreal and eventually came to Western Australia in 1863 after his retirement from the army.


Gloria Bell



Q18-5572 MORRELL: Seeking info on Daisy P Morrell, who was living in St. John, NB in 1908. Who were her parents? Anyone have a photo of her? Would like to know more about her and what became of her.


Wendy Whelen



Q18-5573 NASON: My name is Philip Nason, I am 77 retired in central California, USA. I was born & raised in the State of Maine. Recently I discovered that Mr Harold E Nason of Beaverfall, New Brunswick died. He was reportedly a great expert on the genealogy of The NASON family of Maine and New Brunswick. I am e-mailing to ask; does anyone know if he willed his genealogical papers about the Nason family?  If so to what location?  I am especially interested in the first 4 generations of the Nasons, especially the first to North America---Richard Nason of Kittery Maine.


Philip Nason



Q18-5574 NORTHCOTT: I am an American from Washington State.  My father's family lived in Bathurst, NB.  I am coming for a visit to this area in May, 2018 and I was hoping to visit with some of our relatives.  I've looked around on the genealogy sites a little bit but haven't found any success.  Is there someone who might be interested in taking what information I can provide and giving me a little help?  I would sure appreciate anyone who might have time to help me a bit, as I haven't been able to find anything on my own.


Lauralee Northcott



Q18-5575 SHEDIAC OLD METHODIST OR BAPTIST CEMETERY: Visited this cemetery in 2014 and noticed the old church was no longer there. Was informed the dental or medical building is actually the old church. Would anyone have photos of the old church or a history on it? The cemetery is beside “frenchys” in Shediac. At 149 Hanington Rd. Even and address for the medical building would be helpful. 


Wendy Whelen



Q18-5576 SPENCE/MCELMON: Seeking info on family of Robert Spence and Abby McElmon. Married Dec 5, 1870 West. Co, NB Both were from Moncton Parish at time of marriage. Where did they go? Did they have any Children? Who were their parents?


Wendy Whelen



Q18-5577 SUTHERLAND:  I'm a descendant of Catherine Sutherland, born 1826 in New Brunswick.  Married Fredrick VanPatten, Feb. 12, 1846 Dane Co. Wisconsin. Her name was noted on her daughter's death cert. as Katerin Saterland.  I've searched New Brunswick Sutherland families but haven't found any record of her.


Scott Hedberg



Q18-5578 TAYLOR: I seek the birthplace of my great,great,Grandfather, SAMUEL TAYLOR. He was born in Durham County, Yorkshire U.K. Understand the year was 1747 (I believe).

   I require the place he was born in. A community, a town, a village, or parish. (I suspect HOUGHTON Le SPRING). I do not know who his parents were. I do not know his religious denomination. I know he emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada in mid 1760`s. He settled in SACKVILLE, Westmoreland County, New Brunswick, Canada. Believe he was a teacher. Samuel Taylor, married a Lydia Ballou in 1798, had three children.

    Henry born 1799, died 1822, another son, Samuel born 1802, died 1875, A daughter Elizabeth Eliza, born1825, died 1871. Elizabeth married an Edwin McCallum, born 1809, died 1879.  Samuel Taylor died November 28,1825, in Sackville, N.B. at age 78.  Samuel Taylor was buried in Westcock cemetery, Westmorland County, New Brunswick. I must mention, a possible connection.  A MICHAEL TAYLOR born 1720 (I believe) in Durham County, Yorkshire U.K. He was from HOUGHTON LE SPRING, also emigrated to Canada in 1764, with wife Ann Dobson and two sons. George aged 24, and Michael aged 25.  They sailed on ship ALBION from HULL Yorkshire. landed in Cumberland (now Amherst, Nova Scotia)

    I do not know where Michael Taylor and family resided in Canada, Michael Taylor died in 1799 at 79 years of age. Now the part of this story that makes me contemplate Michael Taylor was ALSO BURIED in Westcock cemetery, Westmoreland County New Brunswick.  Is it possible that there may have been a mistake in records? With difference in ages. MICHAEL was 27 years OLDER than Samuel. Could Samuel have been one of Michael`s sons? I was not successful in obtaining an Obituary or burial record for Samuel Taylor. I have been trying for months to find information on Samuel Taylor, however, have traced my great, great, Grandmother Lydia Ballou back to 1500`s (her parents were from USA.)

     I have a record that shows my great Grandfather George Taylor born 1811 died 1878. I realize that Samuel Taylor an Michael Taylor could be from different families in Durham County Yorkshire, U.K.


Lawrence (Larry) Taylor



Q18-5579 WILSON: I have been researching my 3rd great grandparents, Hugh Hamilton Wilson (born abt 1828, came from Newtown-Limavady, Ireland, approximately 1851, died June 29 1874) and Mary McLaughlin (born abt 1828, came from Newtown-Limavady approx. 1851, died 1884).  They lived in Richibucto, and Hugh was a doctor.  They had 5 daughters.

    I have been trying to find any further information about Hugh and Mary’s life pre-Canada, but have found absolutely nothing.  I can’t find their entrance into Canada either, and they seem to just magically appear in the area, with no history.  According to the 1861 and 1871 census’, their oldest daughter, Mary Jane Wilson, was born in 1850/1851 in Kingston.  However, I can’t verify this either.   I have found information that puts Hugh in the Richibucto area as of 1853 (The New Brunswick Temperance Almanac – an advertisement in a local paper, as well as through the British North American Legislative Database).

    According to a document I read (his sister’s marriage announcement in a local paper), his parents were named John Wilson and Mary Gavin/Given – both deceased at the time of the marriage in November 1855.  No further information has been found on the parents (other than a “possible” 1841 census entry in Newtown-Limavady relating to his mother).  I have no information on who Mary McLaughlin’s parents were. I live in British Columbia, and have been doing all of my research online. Do you know of anywhere specific that I could be searching, whether online or via mail?  I have wondered about where he obtained his medical education, as well as possibly trying to look into his medical licensing.  Would there be local information hidden somewhere about this family – such as through a genealogical society for Kent/Richibucto?  Given he was a doctor/physical/coroner/justice of the peace, I would have hoped that there was more information available online. 


Jennetta Foley 



Q18-5580 BOOK INFORMATION: I am looking for a book titled, Saint John County Marriages Vol. J 1880-1887 Vol. K 1887 compiled by Dorothy Wiggs December 2001. A person I was chatting with said she got a copy at a book sale your Saint John branch had. This book has some of my ancestor’s marriage records. 


Jennifer Dow





The following queries (Q5540 to Q5557) were posted to this website on 8 February 2018.


Q18-5540 ANDERSON: I live in Connecticut, but my great-grandmother came from Moncton/Coverdale, New Brunswick. I am trying to find more information about her family, but am having a hard time finding resources and am hoping you can help point me in the right direction.  Her maiden name was Grace Anderson and she was born in May 1896 to William and Martha Anderson. I can find them on a few census records and found William's death record. They were originally in Albert County and in later years moved into Moncton, which is Westmorland County.   I spent a lot of time with her when I was a child and she mentioned that there had been a fire and her original birth certificate was lost. Was there a fire that destroyed records in Albert County and that's why I'm having a hard time finding information from 1850-1920?


Amanda Keenan



Q18-5541 DICKINSON: I am a member of the Victorian Genealogical Society in Australia. I have traced a person I am seeking who was Frank DICKINSON of the 2nd Royal Canadian Regiment A company who I am given to believe may have came from Fredericton (based upon his army unit location).  Turning to the reason now for this email.  At the end of May 2017, a Boer War memorial was unveiled in Canberra by the Governor General. It featured four mounted troopers.  What stood out was one trooper amid the display of Victoria Cross recipients.  He was James ROGERS - an Australian Light Horse solder seconded to the South African Constabulary. Originally only military were entitled to be awarded the VC but there have been changes to that. He received that honour in rescuing Frank DICKINSON and two others under fire. DICKINSON I now find was actually a Canadian. So essentially a Victoria Cross was awarded to a 'policeman' for saving the life of another 'policeman'.  I am much aware of the military role style of the South African Constabulary and their role at the time. I do fully appreciate you may not be able to assist me directly.  I would like to find some more about DICKINSON before my article about these two men gets published in the International Police Association magazine. Ultimately it would be great to link up the grand daughter of James ROGERS with the descendants of Frank DICKINSON


Alan Hall



Q18-5542 DOYLE: Thomas and Catherine Doyle Magee who came to NB throw St John on  Lady Bagot on 17th of July 1847...on to Fredericton 1851 to 1901...John 18th July 1842 and mine James 6 January 1844. They were all born in Ireland...married in Adamstown Co Wexford 23 Rd October 1841...and babtised in Adamtown James and Mary Olive Landry Magee took in bothers who when to Normal School...lived on Queen St and have the address around legislative building. Not a rish   person...Robert a Paul @ Renee Menard M a Frank@ Lucie Leger M a James @ Marie Olive Landry M a Thomas @ Cathrine Doyle M....R It is Ireland that ins written in.


Robert Magee



Q18-5543 GREEN: I'm researching my family tree.  We have come to a dead end with: Daniel Green 1775-1852 born in New York, and died in New York.  His wife is from New Brunswick and they lived their together for many years, as several of their children are born there.  Daniel served in the British Navy and was a loyalist, we believe.  Abagail Baxter was from a prominent New Brunswick family.  He father was a loyalist, possibly a senator and or a military colonel.  Mr. Baxter was said to have received a large land grant in New Brunswick.  I have photos of Abagail Baxter Green and her live-in nurse.  


Stephanie Miller



Q18-5544 JOHNSTON:  I am trying to do some family history. I am looking for a birth record for Harry L Johnston born in 1878 in New Brunswick.  I would also like to try and locate immigration papers for harry he married in 1898 in Maine and was found on a 1910 Maine census in Somerset, Maine.


Nicole Johnston



Q18-5545 LAWFORD: Looking for any info on Lawford’s in Fredericton, or Cardigan. Known is 2 x Grandfather John Lawford in Fredericton census 1871 w/wife Catherine (Graham?), Also maybe William Lawford & wife Hannah (Morgan) buried in Old Fredericton Cemetery 1850. Would love to know of John’s siblings and where they came from when they came to Canada.


Mary Ann Lawford



Q18-5546 LOUNSBURY: I have been searching everywhere for a birth record or baptism record for my grandfather, Fred B Lounsbury who was born in Salisbury, Westmorland New Brunswick in 1880. Fred's parents were James and Ellen Lounsbury. I have a copy of the 1881 census which shows him and his family (spelled Lounsberry in the census). I contacted a person in New Brunswick that thought the local historical society might have a church record but could find nothing. I have also read that the Baptist Church did not typically keep records of birth (baptisms), marriage or deaths (burials) in that era. Any ideas how I might prove Fred Lounsbury's birth?


Alan Francis



Q18-5547 MAILLET: I see in many genealogies on line that Simon Maillet was born on 20 December 1798 in Richibucto Village.  I can’t seem to find the actual document where this information comes from.  Can anyone direct me as to where I can find the primary document with this information? Also, I am in need of his marriage record to Maruerite Hebert.


Donna Frisoli



Q18-5548 MALONSON: I am writing because my paternal Grandmother, Mathilda Malonson (quite possible Mary Mathilda) was born, 10 October 1888 to parents Philip Malonson (b. 1864) and Mary Collet (b. 1871) either in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick.  My late father has one record showing she was born in Amherst, NS, though when I was a boy, that she (Mathilda Malonson) was born in Nova Scotia, but not sure where AND, not really sure if it was Nova Scotia, at all, as someone recently wrote to tell me her name is really Mary Mathilda Malonson, from New Brunswick.

  I have been looking at 1871, 1891 census records, but the clues are misleading.  For example, I found a Philip and Marie at 54 years of age, but that would invalidate the birth dates I believe are correct.

    If you have any information, I would be most appreciative.  Any birth records, even better.  I do not know if they immigrated from France or were born there.


Robert Cassidy



Q18-5549 McDONALD: I am trying to find any relatives of Paul McDonald (1805) married to Araabella  Hifford McDonald. I am especially interested in a Charles Fraser McDonald or Fraser Charles from 1815. He married Mary Ann Pauley. Paul & Araabella were married in 1835 approx.

  I know Mary Ann Pauley’s mother is Charlotte Hifford Pauley (Micheal Pauley husband). Charlotte & Arabella are sisters I believe.


Ruth MacDonald Schmidt



Q18-5550 NASON:  My name is Philip Nason, I am 77 retired on SS on central California, USA.  I am a direct descendent of Richard Nason 1606-1693-and have information that Harold E Nason of New Brumswick is a expert on the Nason family

  I would like to establish contact to exchange information I might have about the first Nason to arrive in America.


Philip Nason  



Q18-5551 TURNER: Thomas TURNER emigrated from Milton Ernest, near Bedford, Bedfordshire, in 1831 to St. Andrews, becoming a successful merchant. Bedfordshire Historical Records Society is preparing to publish the transcripts of a substantial correspondence from the 1830s-1840s from his family to Thomas at St. Andrews. He lost his goods, and then his wife, in successive shipwrecks, and the letters, as well as including local village news, provide a lot of information about his preparations to emigrate, shipping of goods, etc. We would be happy to e-mail you a copy of the transcripts if any of your members would find them of interest. In return, we wondered if you held any information on Thomas Turner and/or his sons. I look forward to hearing from you.


Bob Ricketts, on behalf of Bedfordshire Historical Records Society.



Q18-5552 VLIELAND: When visiting St Johns this month it reminded me of one of my ancestors George Heath Vlieland. He was a custom officer from England (although his father was Dutch) and he was buried in St John New Brunswick in 1872. He was a member of the free Masons Lodge





Q18-5553 WALKER:  I am looking for a Marriage record for a James Walker to a Sarah Brownlee. Married the 15th of April 1822 at St Andrews Church, St John, New Brunswick. James was a Scot serving in the British army, Sarah was Irish. They are my 3rd Great Grandparents and I am contacting you from England.


John Allison  



Q18-5554 WILCOX: Hello, I am trying to track a friend's ancestors from New Brunswick.   Their marriage record (from Boston, MA) indicates that the groom, Herbert J. Wilcox (born in about 1853 in St. John NB) was the son of John & Jane Wilcox and the bride, Anna J. Smith (born in Bathurst in about 1853) was the daughter of John & Elizabeth Smith.   I believe I have exhausted on-line resources at this point. Is there a government department or other local resource that might be able to help get more information on these families? 


Maureen Wlodarczyk



Q18-5555 WRIGHT: My great, great, great grandfather was named William John Wright born in 1823 in Cork, Ireland and died in Lepreau 1895. He was married to a woman named Isabella (maiden name unknown) born in 1825 in Ireland, died June 18, 1876 and buried in Lepreau Cemetery. We have seen her grave stone, but not her husband's.

   William and Isabella had a son John Albert Wright born Sept 6, 1844 in Maces Bay, died May 1, 1906. John married Catherine (Cassie) Elizabeth Paul. (These are my great, great grandparents.)

   My uncle and I are looking for any information about these four individuals--William and Isabella and John and Cassie.


Michael Patrick Lapointe



Q18-5556 ST. DAVID PARISH: I am wondering if you have a list of loyalists in St. David Parish?  In the past I have referred to the Forest of Trees website, but was recently alerted to the possibility of information written by Bill Garcelon and Shirley O'Neil.  How do I access their information on loyalists?


Diane Malcolm



Q18-5557 BOOK THE PLANTERS: Is Esther Wright's book "The Planters" still available? If so, how much would a soft cover book cost?


Dorothy Bell