Queries posted in 2017

The following queries (Q5529 to Q5539) were posted to this website on 10 October 2017.

Q17-5529 ANDREWS: I am attempting to trace my family connection to captain and Mrs F G.Andrews. He was the Captain of the sailing ship Timandra. In 1860.
  My mother had a small sewing box complete with several carved ivory items inside for thread, needles etc.  the card with it says it was given to Mrs. F.G. Andrews during her visit to Burma in 1860.  Her husband was F.G.Andrews, Capt of the sailing ship Tamanda.  They would probably be connected to me through John Main, his daughter Isabel Renwick or her husband William Johnston Smith who are all from Rexton according to my information.   The Andrews were residents of St. Andrews By the Sea according to the card accompanying the box.   Information linking the Main/Smith families to the Andrews would be much appreciated.
Jean Salls

Q17-5530 DEAN: I am a descendant of Peter Dean 1800-1890 and his wife Bridget (Caulfield). Peter first settled in Wards Creek Kings County and moved to Saint John in about 1877. He died at his son Thomas's home in 1890.  Bridget died on Brussels Street in Saint John in 1879. (I have also seen her name as Elizabeth - so her headstone could say Elizabeth instead of Bridget) I’m looking for their graves. I believe they are buried in St John. I gave you the Brussel street address as perhaps they attended the RC church in that neighbourhood and would be buried near by. I have other details of their life if needed.

Colleen Murphy-Beresh

Q17-5531 IRVING: I am researching my family history but, like many people I have hit a road block. I'm stuck on my 4th great grandparents (George Irving and Agnes Irving (MCWhirr) who came over from Dumfriesshire Scotland in the early 1800's. They landed in Musquash St John; family legend goes that George was one of the lucky ones who were granted land by King George. I have more information on them after they arrived than before they left their home in the UK. I was told by a nice lady who was working one of the tents at the Moncton Highland Games this weekend that you may be able to help me. If you think you may be able to, I would be happy to send along more information about them and their children (they had 8 children in total. Two of the boys would become a ship's captain and a master mariner, a third son became a reverend in the Baltimore Baptist Church in Albert County NB) I would love to be abe to find a death certificate for George and Agnes so that I can finally get their parents names but any kind of help would be very much appreciated, no matter how insignificant it may seem.
Carrie Silliker

Q17-5532 KING: Joseph Frederick King was born in St John, New Brunswick on 10 October, 1877 to parents John Valentine King and Levinia Elizabeth Lair King. 
Josephs siblings were Hannah King, William Henry King, Bessie M. King, Elizabeth King, Mary Alice King, Sanford Emery King, and Emma May King.
Joseph moved to Bath, Maine, USA and was married in 1906 to Elizabeth Coffren. They had three sons, Truman King, Frederick King, and Robert William King. Joseph died in Bath, Maine 15 July, 1949.The descendants of Joseph Frederick King are interested in learning more about the family history and identifying any relatives and descendants of Joseph King and his siblings that live in the New Brunswick area. 
David King.

Q17-5533 LONDON:  My name is Dave and this a follow up to a previous query.  Apparently, there are no birth nor baptism records for my Great Grandfather Frank Harrison.  I gave found out that the 1881 census had him living with Catharine LONDON and her 2 children Sarah a servant and Alice.  Catharine was a Charwoman.  The 1871 census also had him living with those same 3 but he was listed as 3 months old.  I've found the 1861 census where Catharine was married to William London.  In not sure if Dr Dalton London Professor Emeritus is still living but I'd like to get in touch if he is.  Williams father is either John or Ralph London Loyalists who came to Canada in 1783!!  Any help would be appreciated.

Dave Harrison

Q17-5534 McINTYNE: My father always told me I had matis blood. I am curious about that and my family history there. My father was born Nov 17 /1957. Placid McIntyr, Grandmother Rosanna Martin Mcintyre Dob July 16/1916.And she married Placide Mcintyre in Baie St Anne in Jan 22/1935. Great grand-mother Mary Jane martin was married to Alex Martin.
Carl McIntyre

Q17-5535 MURRAY: I am trying to figure out how to get a birth record from Murray Corner in Westmorland.  I am looking for the birth of Mary Louise Murray.  She was the 10th child (or the 6th daughter) of James Murray and Mary Cartman Dobson, born on 15 August 1858 at Murray Road, Westmoreland.  James and Mary Cartman Murray are both buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Murray Corner.  Mary Louisa immigrated to the United States about 1879.
   The 1861 and 1871 censuses of Canada have her family living in Botsford (although the 1861 census has her last name spelled as Murry).  I then have located her in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census in San Diego California living with her older sister (Melissa) and older brother (David).  She then married Walter Eugene Williams.
   I have already done the web search on your website and on the New Brunswick website.  Can you help me locate a birth record for Mary Louisa please?
Rosalie Griffin

Q17-5536 PRICE: I am searching for a picture of my g-grandmother, Elizabeth Price. 
Elizabeth, b. abt. 1859 in Tabusintac, dau. of James Richard Price and Maria Robertson.  She married William Stewart in 1878 in Newcastle, and resided there until her death in 1894, age 36.  Elizabeth and William were parents of seven children, three of which died young in Newcastle and the remaining four moved to Maine.  Three of Elizabeth's siblings also lived in Newcastle, Phoebe Ann Price, m. Andrew Mather, Henry James Price, m. Emma Jane Sobey, and Louise Price, m. Peter Aharan. 
Gail Strang Stewart


Q17-5537 STEEVES: I was hoping maybe someone could help me. I'm looking for information on my old home located on 804 Hillsborough Road in Riverview. I was told it was built in 1875 and was an old Steeves home.  I'm looking for as much info as I can get.  Who were these families? We’re their deaths? Births? Strange events?
Natalie DesRoches

Q17-5538 TAYLOR: I seek a copy of an obituary, burial record, or any confirmation, that information I have, with regard to my great-geat grandfather, Samuel Taylor born in Durham County, Yorkshire, England 1747. Came to Canada in 1776, aboard the Ship ALBION. He settled in Sackville, New Brunswick. Believe he was a teacher, and first Taylor to settle in Sackville. Married a Lydia Ballou in 1798 in Sackville.  Samuel Taylor died November 28, 1825. He was buied in Westcock cemetery Westmorland County. Samuel Taylor`s Wife, Lydia Ballou born 1776 in Sackville N.B. died 1850.   I would like copy of any confirmation, that person buried in Westcock cemetery is that of my great,great,Grandfather Samuel Taylor. 
Lawrence E. Taylor

Q17-5539 WASSON:  I need a source for information about my 4th g-grandmother, MARY WASSON, daughter of John Wasson and Hannah Estey. Specifically, I am looking for documentation that would link Mary to her parents.
BIRTH 7 JAN 1791 • Sheffield, New Brunswick, Canada
DEATH 11 SEP 1871 • Daywood, Sydenham, New Brunswick, Canada
 I have searched numerous Internet sources and have come up dry on each.
Donna StClair



The following queries (Q5505 to Q5528) were posted to this website on 31 August 2017.

Q17-550 BANCROFT: I am looking for any information on my 3X Great Grandfather, Samuel Bancroft, along with his wife Margaret Samuel. He was a Baptist Minister in Saint John and died there in 1876.
Barbara Musgrave


Q17-5505 BANCROFT: Answer: PANB web-site has a Rev Samuel Bancroft (Baptist Minister) listed in 1867-68 Hutchison Directory as being in Butternut Ridge, Kings County on Canaan Road.

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

PANB also has a land petition dated 1814 for land in Carleton County and a land grant dated 1816 for Wakefield, York County (it is now Carleton County) for a Samuel Bancroft (http://archives.gnb.ca/Search/RS686/Details.aspx?culture=en-CA&Key=8560). I think the petition and the grant are for the same land. There were two other Bancrofts in these transactions as well as several Paysons including Jonathan Payson who was the father of Sophia Payson who was my 3 x gr grandmother married to Edward Snow. Edward and two of his brothers and the Paysons lived in Granville Ferry, Annapolis County, N.S. (across the Annapolis River from Annapolis Royal). In 1814 they petitioned for land in Wakefield Parish in then York County, now Carleton County, N.B. and moved there in 1815. It would appear that the Samuel Bancroft in the land petition and the grant was also from Nova Scotia. You can get copies of the original land petition and land grant from PANB for a fee.

Another 3 x gr grandmother of mine was Matilda Bancroft ( b 1791 in Windsor, N.S. and d 1870 in Salmon River, Yarmouth County, N.S.) She was the daughter of Samuel Bancroft (1770-1826) and Phoebe Durkee (1771-1856) in Yarmouth, N.S., married in 1786 in Yarmouth. I believe that this Samuel Bancroft was also a Baptist Minister. He may well have had a son Samuel who could be yours (the time frame appears correct), but I have no info other than circumstantial that it could be.

    The Archives at Acadia University are the depository for Baptist records and may have some info about your Rev Samuel Bancroft.

    The wife of Samuel Bancroft -Phoebe Durkee was descended from Pilgrim Francis Cooke. I can't yet prove the link to me as I have a brick wall between Matilda Bancroft, her husband Rufus Kinney and their daughter Mary DeWolfe Kinney. I think the links from Matilda back to Francis Cooke are well established. In the event you find a link between your Samuel Bancroft and my Samuel Bancroft, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.


John Noble UE


Q17-5506 CONNOLLY: I am looking for information on an Ancestry born, married and had passed in New Brunswick. His name is Leo Augustine Connolly. Born in 1885 in Bathurst, New Brunswick, I am looking for a birth certificate, he was married around 1913 in New Brunswick. I don't know where. He passed away on 1950.
Justin Swift


Q17-5506 CONNOLLY: Answer: I found a baptism record in Bathurst NB (bapt 26 Jul 1885 - born 24 June 1885) with his marriage info added to that record (m. Lillian O’Leary 22 Jan 1913 in Chipman). The birth of several of his children are recorded at the Provincial Archives of NB - Vital statistics from government records. There is a Ferguson family tree on ancestry.com with the children of Edward and Ann Connolly. That tree has Leo's place of death as Minto, NB


Richard MacDougall

Q17-5507 CONNORS: I am looking to research more information on my grandmother's side of my mother's family. My Grandmother's Mom in particular, I believe she may have been Irish as her name was Mary Ann Connors, from Millerton New Brunswick and Mother's name was Mary Jane Connors. Is there an area I can search Irish names and perhaps families that came to NB from Ireland?
Melissa Labrador

Q17-5508 DURAND: I am researching the 18th century American artist, John Durand. 
   In 1768, Durand travelled to New Haven, CT, and spent the summer there in the home of Captain Abiathar Camp, Sr. He advertised in newspapers that, while there, he was accepting commissions to paint portraits. At least 2 of them survived John and Mary Lothrop and are in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.
   Under the assumption that Durand also painted portraits of his hosts (or landlords), I am looking for paintings of the Camp family. They were loyalists, and after our Revolution, moved to Queens County in New Brunswick. 
    I am writing to ask if you have ever seen any portraits similar in style to the Lothrops. The paintings should be 25 by 30 inches and signed on the backs of the canvas.
Elana Messner

Q17-5509 DRAKE: I am looking for birth records for Peter DRAKE born in 1801 or 1802 in Saint John. Married to Sarah J. (unknown year).  His son John G. DRAKE was born in July 1842 also in Saint John.
John Drake

Q17-5510 EXELL: I am looking for the passage to Canada from England of Walter Exell. He married Eliza Thomas on June 11th 1894. It says on this certificate he is 29 years old.
   I have found a Walter Exell, born in Dursley U.K. In 1867, mothers name Ann (which ties in with the marriage certificate in Canada) and also a passage to Canada on 13th March 1890 with the correct age of the Walter Exell born in Dursley U.K. However, the age is about 3 years out to the Walter Exell that marries Eliza Thomas in 1894.   Also, when Walter and Eliza have children, their son (my great grand dad) Walter Harry/Harry Walter spells his surname Axtell on any documents I've found and that's how the name continues to be used by our family. Would they have done that, just changed the spelling of their name?  My grand dad Walter James Axtell returned to Canada to visit his Sister Mary Thompkins in 1980 in Saint John, New Brunswick. He hadn't been back home to Canada for 30+ years since he left for war. He settled in England after the war. When he returned in that visit to Saint John the local paper ran a story on him and his sister being reunited. I cannot find a trace of that but I'd really love to and also get the photo in the article. Can you offer me any advice that might help my search for it please?
Michelle Cain

Q17-5511 GIBBS: I am looking for a British Home Child. Daisy is my 1st cousin 2x removed. She came to New Brunswick in 1901 with the Bristol Emigration Society. In August 18 1902 Daisy Gibbs is 11 years old and Staying with a Mrs. Trott, Welsford, Queens New Brunswick.
Wayne Gibbs

Q17-5512 GIBB: I'm researching my family history and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I am looking for info on my great-great-great-great grandfather William Gibb who drowned at Miramichi 22nd May 1840 aged 57. That information is on a memorial in Troon, Scotland. It was erected by his son Willim.
David Berry

Q17-5513 HOGAN: Requesting any arrival information on Walsingham Hogan. 1851 Census of Canada, New Brunswick, Kings County, Greenwich indicates Irish origin, age 45 and arrival in June 1816, inferring his arrival in Canada at Approx. 10 years of age.
Thomas V Hogan

Q17-5514 LORDLY:  My Grandfather is Kenneth Lyman Ayling Lordly and he was born in Saint John, NB in 1897.
   My Great-Grandfather is Oliver Ayling Lordly and he was born in 1862 in England.
    I understand Oliver parents are Alfred Lordly and Maria Ann Dodge.  I am guessing that Oliver was adopted by Alfred and Maria?? I am trying to find the connection.  Could Oliver’s last name be Ayling??
    I am aware that Alfred Lordly is the son of Joseph and Susannah Fillis.
Cheryl Winter

Q17-5515 MASON: I am wanting to find out if the Court papers on Patrick Mason who was in the 36th Regiment in Fredericton in June 1840 are still available.  Patrick Arthur Mason born about 1819 in Cashel/Cahir in Ireland, the son of John Mason and Johanna Quigley. He had about five siblings. Two of his brothers being John Mason jnr. and Oliver Mason who had migrated with their parents John Mason senior and Johanna Quigley arriving in Sydney Australia on 20th December, 1839 on the ship China.  Patrick Mason had already left home by this time as he had joined the 36th Regiment which sailed to Fredericton, New Brunswick arriving in about January 1839. 25 June 1840 he was arrested in Fredericton, New Brunswick, for being AWOL for 2 days and 3 nights. He was Court Martialed on 25 June, 1840 and was sent to Portsmouth, England.  He was then sent to Van Diemens Land (New Zealand) on the ship Asia leaving from Portsmouth England on 12 April 1841.   May I ask if you could assist me with any information or assist me in finding his court Marshall Papers if they still exist.
Robyn Mason

Q17-5516 McDONALD: I am looking for information on Piper Alexander McDonald of the 42nd Royal Highlanders, born on Islay and who settled on the Nashwaak sometime around 1784.
   I know him and his son or him and his father are McDonald Snr and Jnr, but know nothing else. So can't identify him on Muster rolls
Alistair Duthie

Q17-5517 MURPHY:  Request information on James MURPHY (b. ca. 1815) and wife Agnes BRYDON (also likely b. ca. 1815).   Both likely born in Nova Scotia but married at Woodstock Parish September 21, 1836 by the Reverend Samuel D. Lee Street. Both listed as being “of this parish”. Witnesses to the marriage were Anthony BLACKIE and Ralph D. BEARDSLEY. Anthony BLACKIE was born at Pictou, NS mother was Jane BRYDEN. I have NO documentation for James MURPHY or Agnes BRYDON in NB or NS beyond the 1836 Woodstock wedding entry.  Couple had two sons, both likely born in Woodstock: John B. MURPHY (ca. 1838) and my GG Grandfather Jeremiah MURPHY (1840-1922)
Lyle Swart

Q17-5518 O’BRIEN: I am looking for information for the birth of Jeremiah O'Brien. The information that I have from family hand written notes and from his obituary and headstone is that he was born 14 Aug 1837 (I have also seen this year as 1836). He was born to Jeremiah O'Brien and Julia O'Carroll (or Julia O. Carroll) in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. The family notes say that this family lived in New Brunswick until Jeremiah was 6 or 7 years old and then returned to Ireland. I have no information on the reason for returning or if any family members stayed.
Debbie Graybill

Q17-5519 OUELLET: I am trying to do a family genealogy on my father’s side leading to some metis status for myself and three children. My grandfather was Adelard Ouellet and grandmother was Celestina Gauvin. My father is Joseph Alfred Norman Ouellette who was born and raised in Moncton NB.  If you could help me with information or contact leads it would be greatly appreciated.
Bob Ouellette

Q17-5520 PEARSON:  I am a descendant of Solomon Pearson and his second wife, Mary Harris. I am searching for parents of both wives, and dates for his first wife, Eunice Hunt. He married her 7 Feb. 1833. He married Mary 6 June 1843. When did Eunice die? And when did Mary die? Mary was born in Ireland but do not know anything more about her. Her daughter, Elizabeth Pearson, is my great grandmother.
Gretchen Rohland

Q17-5521 PEDOLIN: In my search for information on the Pedolin family on the Internet I ended up on your site. On your site the names of John Pedolin and his son Peter are mentioned. I'm looking for more information on this Canadian branch of the Pedolin family that settled in New Brunswick. I've done genealogical research with regard to this family, before they seemingly (partially) left the Netherlands for America.
Jeffrey P. Lieuwen

Q17-5522 ROGERS: I'm doing some research on a relative John Rogers who was born in Salisbury New Brunswick. I've already contacted the Aroostook County Genealogical Society and they gave me the following information.
   John Rogers was born in Salisbury New Brunswick to Lemuel Rogers and Jamina Taylor on the 19th of July 1853.  I believe he also married Elizabeth Mills in Salisbury as she was born there on September 18th 1857 the daughter of Jeremiah Mills.  John and Elizabeth do eventually move to Caribou ME, I guess sometime around 1880. They had 2 kids in Salisbury, Estella/Lorena and Hughy. And 3 more in Caribou. His father Lemuel was born in PEI and lived in Salisbury.
    If you could help me learn a bit more about Lemuel Rogers and Jamina Taylor. And also Elizabeth Mills' family.
Sawyer Rogers

Q17-5523 SAVOY: Clement Savoy (Savoie) b 8 Feb1830 Bouctouche NB, d 11Sep 1907 Bouctouche and Elizabeth Hubbard b 8 Mar 1837 Ireland, d 7 Apr 1909 Gardner, Worcester, Mass. were married in Sarnia, ON, Our Lady of Mercy RC Ch. on 28 Sept1857 as per their records. Sophia was born in 1858 in Sarnia Ontario Lambton Co. I am looking for more information on Sophia.
Richard Prout

Q17-5524 TAYLOR: I am enquiring about my 5 times great grandfather Samuel Taylor who came over from England on the ship the Albion in 1776 he might also be known as Michael Taylor he was one of the fist Taylor's to land in Sackville New Brunswick and was married to Lydia Ballou, I did find his headstone in the Westcock Cemetery just outside of Sackville New Brunswick but that is all the info I have on him. My maiden name was Taylor my mother's name was Doris Taylor and my grandmother's name was Viola (Stone) (Taylor) Smith her husband was Lewis Carvil Taylor b. Nov 12 1873 died Oct 21 1950 they are both buried in Oxford nova Scotia Lewis's father's name was Jacob Samuel TAYLOR (1848-1911) married to Lucy Nancy Waugh(1845-1895) Jacob's Father was George Taylor (1811-1878)  I would like to find more about Samuel if you can help it would be much appreciated I feel like I have come to a dead end.
Susan Cole

Q17-5525 WILLIS:  I am researching my family tree and trying to find any information I can about my paternal grandfather Ernest Archibald WILLIS.  He married Ola Webber and lived at 96 Coronation Drive, Westmorland, Moncton NB at the time of his death 30 October 1961.  He may have owned a donut shop at one point and did own Real Estate Company (Ernie Willis Realty) at the time of his death, according to the death certificate that I have.  I believe Ernest is buried in Moncton and is also of the belief that his wife Ola is in a local nursing home.  Any help with my research that you can offer would be much appreciated
Robert Willis

Q17-5526 WORRALL: I am looking for any information on the “Worrall” (or Worrell) Family. My Great Great Grandmother was Mary Jane Worrall Born 1824 in St John. She married Arthur Daniel in St John in 1849 and she died there in 1894. I am looking for information on her father George, A merchant, who I know almost nothing about. As well her mother Elizabeth, of whom all we know, is her first name.
Barbara Musgrave 


Q17-5527 YOUNGCLAUS: I am looking for records for my Great Grandfather, Walter Youngclaus. His daughter Dorothy’s birth certificate indicates Walter was born in New Brunswick, Canada. He was married to Nelle Bryan and was a minister in the United States.
Kevin Strange

Q17-5528 WEST INDIA COMPANY: Looking for information on this company. My great great Grandfather Captain James Baker sailed for them out of St. John in the 1840’s.
Barbara Musgrave 





The following queries (Q5486 to Q5504) were posted to this website on 29 April 2017.


Q17-5486 BAMFORD: Understand that Louise Bamford of Doaktown, NB authored a book about her ancestors based on her research. I would like to buy a copy of the book but need the title.


Bob Gulvin 




Q17-5487 BREMNER: I looking for any Bremner family members still living in NB who might have a connection to a James C F Bremner 1777 - 1825? Originally born in Banff, Scotland he emigrated to Saint John/Fredericton some time before 1808, in which year he was married to an Elizabeth Younghusband (daughter of George Younghusband, a loyalist and original grantee of Saint John. James C F Bremner was part-owner in the first steamboat to operate on the Saint John river up to Fredericton in 1816 and was also Saint John's Postmaster and Coroner.

I am wishing to exchange information if a link exists and possibly find photographs of James C F Bremner.


Clive D Bremner   



Q17-5488 HACHEY: I was wondering if you could help me find info on one of my ancestors, Michael Hachey.  From what I have been told by family, he was one of the first 22 families to arrive in Acadia in and around 1650 from France. Any help would be appreciated.  I'm living in Ontario but most of my Hachey family are still in the Saint John areas.  


Joann Hachey-Laflamme  



Q17-5489 HARRISON: I've been trying to locate birth records for my Great Grandfather Francis Harrison to no avail!  He was supposedly born in St. John NB 1871/72 to Mary London.  He later immigrated to Boston, married and died here in 1922.  The only record I can find him on is and not totally sure it's him but the 1881 NB Census show's a Frank Harrison aged 10 as a boarder living with Catharine London aged 48, Sarah London 28 and Alice London aged 18.  I at first thought he may have been a British Home Child but as i've found out that is not the case.  Would you have any suggestions of where to search for him?


Dave Harrison



Q17-5490 JAMIESON: I've been searching for over 20 years for a picture of my great-grandmother (Clara Elizabeth "Bessie" Jamieson) She gave my grandmother up at birth in Saint John, NB in 1917.
(The father was Dr. Hugh Alan Farris, from White's Cove, NB.) Bessie was born in Dalhousie to James Jamieson and Matilda McLean. She became a nurse, graduating from a nursing school in Saint John.
She married a pharmacist, Walter Gordon Belyea in 1920 and had a son, Ralph soon afterwards.  (She may have started going by Clara at this point.) Contact has been made with the Belyea family over the years, only to continually be turned away.  Even with a birth certificate they refused to admit my grandmother's relationship to them. (My grandmother passed away in 1999.)


Beth Hatfield



Q17-5491 JOHNSTON: I'm 72 years old and have only recently discovered that I was adopted, a very long story. After exhaustive research I have learnt that my great, great grandfather was a Robert James Johnston, of New Brunswick Canada. According to official records he emigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1880, the records show no actual date or vessel name. They do show a James Diamond as the Nominee, not sure what that means. Records show he married a Martha Hughes of Chiltern England. I would be most grateful if you could provide any further detail as to this person. I would also be interested in knowing of current direct family members, subject of course to your privacy laws.


Bill Gregory



Q17-5492 KELLY: My Great Grandfather, Walter Michael Kelly, immigrated to North America in the mid-1800's.  Earliest reference to him is in the Kent County Census of 1861 in which he is shown as a resident of Weldford (Richibucto area).

1) One of his daughters lists "Morilac River, NB" as her birthplace on her Bangor, ME wedding certificate.  Does anyone know where her birthplace is located or its modern name?  Folks in Richibucto I've spoken with do not recognize the location name.  We were in Richibucto less than 10 years ago and found several Walter Kelly references in church records which have been very helpful.

2) Was it common for Irish immigrants to sail directly to Richibucto?  That is, might Walter have sailed to St John's for example and then made his way to Richibucto overland or along the coast?  Is there any best place to find ship passenger manifests?


Jim Kelley



Q17-5493 LeBOUTHILLIER: My mother was a Le Bouthillier from Gaspé. Her origins are apparently linked to Joseph Le Bouthillier from Caraquet (1715-1761). It was easy to figure out this link with Joseph Le Bouthillier since it is well documented. However, I am trying to go back to the European origins of Joseph Le Bouthillier and this is more difficult. Do you have any information or is there a site that I should visit to figure this out.


Diane Fleury,



Q17-5494 MacLELLAN: Seeking Information on James MACLELLAN who worked in the Engineers Shop of the North British American Manufacturing Company, Ballast Wharf – St John, New Brunswick in August 1866 two weeks after leaving Glasgow.  Born 24 Feb 1839 in Glasgow, married Margaret GIBSON on 25 Dec 1862.  Son John born Leicester UK 21 Dec 1863. James deserted his family and provided no support, writing only 4 letters to his wife the last on 23 Dec 1869.  He may also have worked in New York. Margaret and John emigrated to Australia in 1882. We are seeking information on his life including his date of death and place of internment.


Sue Maclellan



Q17-5495 MARTIN: I am searching for the birth and/or marriage record of Fern Martin who was 21 years old in Oct 1959 so she was born around 1938 or 1937. She was born in New Brunswick – that’s all I know. I would appreciate any information you have about her and her family.


Karen Gray 



Q17-5496 MATRILINEAL: I have been doing some research on my family tree (matrilineal), in the hopes I may find some information regarding any Indigenous ancestors. This was something that was gently discussed in the generations before me, but no one really has an answer for me who is still alive. My family names include Nevers, Belyea, Hayward, Rideout, Wasson, and Barton, (etc.), and they mostly resided in Sunbury, Kings, and Carlton counties. 

My question is if there were interracial marriages happening, how would they have been documented? Where do I look for more information? Was interracial marriage between the Maliseet and Europeans common? Is there someone who may know more I could reach out to?


Erin Clarke



Q17-5497 McEVOY: Looking for information on the date of birth or parents of my great great grandfather Dennis McEvoy.  Died in Newcastle 2 February 1901.  He was married to Anne Wheeler and is buried in the St. Mary's old cemetery.  Also, looking for any notation on his tombstone.


Elizabeth Ruderman



Q17-5498 McKENNEY: I recently came across my grandfather’s immigration records, and would like to know if you have any pictures or information on the family he worked for when he came to Canada. My grandfather was William McKenney. The juvenille record for Immigration Canada lists his work/ home as the Stephenson farm in Maugerville, assigned there as part of   Cossar agency.   He arrived in Canada from Scotland in January 1927. on the Transylvania.  I am unaware of how he eventually ended up in Hamilton Ontario, where he married my grandmother in 1932. He lived in the Hamilton area for most of his life.  My grandfather was orphaned just before his first birthday. He had three sisters and a brother. His brother went to a work home, his sisters went to Quarriers, and he was placed with an aunt.  He found out when emigrating that his name was McKenney, and that he was orphaned when obtaining his birth certificate.  


Andrea McKenney-Baillie   



Q17-5499 ROBINSON: Looking for information on Joseph Dennis Robinson who migrated to Tasmania on the William Jardine 11 around the 1850s?  Also, Mary Ann Crine/Crien who was also on the same ship. They met on board and were married in Hobartin 1874.


David Robinson 



Q17-5500 SMITH: I am attempting to determine if George Henry SMITH is the son of Henry SMITH.  I have the following information that I believe is accurate:  Henry SMITH was born in Scotland and lived in the Shetland Islands before arriving in Canada prior to `1881 where he lived in Lancaster, Saint John, New Brunswick.  The census record of 1881 is partially missing and a more specific location cannot be determined. He had a son George SMITH. George Henry Smith of Saint John, N.B. worked in Westmoreland County where he became entangled in the equipment of the mill where he worked and was killed instantly on February 14, 1887.  His remains were shipped back to Saint John where his funeral took place at the home of his late father, Henry SMITH at Pleasant Point, Saint John, New Brunswick.  He was my great grandfather. My search suggests that Pleasant Point was adjoining or part of Lancaster prior to it becoming West Saint John. I would very much like to establish a family relationship between these SMITHS.  Can a connection be established between Lancaster and Pleasant Point that increases the likelihood of the residence being one and the same for both men?   





Q17-5501 SHAW: Looked in your surname list for Shaw, did not see anything related. Looking for Captain Edward James Shaw and wife Hannah DeWolfe. Believe he lived in Cornwallis? He was lost at sea around 1878 along with brother H H Shaw and three sons, among12 crew. Believe ship was the Easton. Hannah came from Liverpool England. They had six or seven children, three surviving father. Believe family left for US around 1881. One big problem is identifying names of three sons on ship with Edward. As well more info on family as a whole while living in NB. Edward was one of 12 siblings. Supposedly, family came to NB in 1600's from US as part of the "planters" from Rhode Island. Any help would be appreciated


Art Shaw



Q17-5502 WHALEN: I am trying to find out information about my family. My 2nd uncle was Paul Shape who did a lot of work with the society. I am trying to find out about my mothers’ side of the family. Ancestry.ca is no help. My grandfather Edward Douglas Whalen (1922-1991) my great great grandfater was Peter Whalen (1882-1949 -born in St. Ignace, NB) and I was able to find a marriage certificate of Peter and wife that states his fathers name was Edward J. Whalen and the certificate states he was born in Ireland, but i cannot find any records about him. Ancestry.ca has contradicting details saying that Peter's father was Edward McGrath Whelan born in NS. 


Craig Stevens 



Q17-5503 WHEATON: I am looking for information on my ancestor Eleazor Hibbard Wheaton and his descendants.  He was the son of William Wheaton and Hannah Hilton Hibbard.  Eleazor married Adelia Ring.




Q17-5504 WILLIS: I am searching for any information regarding my paternal Grandfather Ernest Archibald WILLIS.  I believe he was married and living in Moncton, New Brunswick and may be buried there. 


Robert Willis




The following queries (Q5468 to Q5485) were posted to this website on 31 January 2017.


Q17-5468 BROWN: I am trying to find information on James Brown born in 1772. James married Lydia Chase in 1805 and lived in the area of Wichham, Queens County. Cannot find any information on where James was born or his parents.
Daryl Sargent

Q17-5469 COGGER: I am looking to find where my great-great-great grandfather Michael Cogger may be buried in NB Canada. He immigrated to Canada in 1847 from County Mayo, Ireland along with his wife Hanora McHale and son Patrick.

Q17-5470 DONOVAN: I’m doing the family tree of James DONOVAN, born on October 7 or 14, 1847 in Ireland, son of Michael DONOVAN and Elle BUTLER.  He married Mary Margaret McCormack on September 13, 1882 at Renous Bridge, NB. I think he died on March 14th, 1923 at St-Bridget Parish, Renous Bridge, NB. The couple had 10 children.
    One of them is Melvin DONOVAN, born on September 26, 1898, at Renous River, NB. He seemed to be married to Ethyl McNeil, daughter of Robert McNeil and Frances Hackett. The problem is that I can’t find their Marriage registration. The couple seemed to have 6 children. Again, I have problems finding their Birth registration. I was able to identify the children by their Marriage registration.
    I’m a member of Ancestry.ca and I searched of the National Archives of New Brunswick, but no trace of Melvin DONOVAN. Even on your site when I look up the DONOVAN under the section of Family surnames, there is no Melvin DONOVAN. I don’t understand, because each Marriage registration of every children, the place of birth for each of the children is Renous, Northumberland.
    I’m just wandering why I cannot find anything for this generation. As the church burn and the registration book has been lost.
Canada Suzanne Chalifoux


Q17-5471 ENGLISH: I have a fair amount of information about my great grandfather, James English, when he lived in San Francisco, California from approximately 1880 to his death in 1912 at age 68.
   His death certificate says he was born in St. Johns New Brunswick. I know he had a sister named Margaret who was born in 1837 who was also born in St. Johns.
   He was married in1875 to Jennie McNamee who was also from Canada.
   I am not sure how they traveled to San Francisco or any information about their lives before arriving here in California.
   I am looking for direction or information on his early history, their marriage date and location, etc.

Gene Gallagher   


Q17-5472 FARRELL:  Looking for any information on Mary Farrell born PEI married to Thomas Rice living in Salisbury then Hillsbourgh, Albert county between 1861 and 1891. There children were Thomas, Mary Ann, Lawrence, Catherine and Margret. Any information, even a minor detail would be appreciated.
Barry Farrell

Q17-5473 FERGUSON: I am seeking information on the Ferguson Family. I am specifically interested in Jennie Ferguson (my 2nd g-grandmother) born in the area near Weldford or Richibucto, Kent, NB likely about 1858, records place her birth between 1856 and 1864.
     Jennie's marriage record in 1882 to William John Haines (born Richibucto, son of John Haines and Alice Edith Childs) in Chelsea, Massachusetts, names her parents as Elizabeth and John William Ferguson
Birth: 1785 in Dumfries-shire, Scotland, Baptism: 21 Aug 1786 in Applegarth, Dumfries-shire, Scotland
Death: 19 Apr 1844 in Galloway, Kent County, New Brunswick. 

Married: Elizabeth "Betsy" Potts (may have first married a Graham as a John Graham is listed as her child in a census). Marriage: Dec 1830 in Chatham, Northumberland, New Brunswick.
      I believe Jennie was born out of wedlock. Elizabeth Ferguson is named in her father's will and is likely Jennie's mother.   Elizabeth later married James Childs, son of Joseph Childs and Jannet Dunn (who are also the grandparents of Jennie's husband John William Haines).  Elizabeth and James had sons James and William.  Elizabeth died in 1913; James remarried Elizabeth Mitchell and had four children: Janet Bertha, William, Sarah Jean and Hattie.
      Jennie named her first son John Galatis Haines (there is no name Galatis in the Haines line), thus I believe it could be name on her side of the family.  All records list Jennie's maiden name as Ferguson, except one daughter's death certificate names her as Jennie Garfield (maybe a clue or maybe an error by the informant). 
       I am hoping to find a primary source that names Jennie's parents. Anything on the Ferguson, Potts, Childs or Graham family would be appreciated.
       My blog post offers further detail: https://passagetothepast.wordpress.com/2016/06/30/a-potential-breakthrough-jennie-ferguson/

Linda Hall Little

Q17-5474 JAMIESON: I've been searching for over 20 years for a picture of my great-grandmother Clara Elizabeth “Bessie” Jamieson. She gave my grandmother up at birth in Saint John, NB in 1917. (The father was Dr. Hugh Alan Farris, from White's Cove, NB.)


Bessie was born in Dalhousie to James Jamieson and Matilda McLean. She became a nurse, graduating from a nursing school in Saint John. She married a pharmacist, Walter Gordon Belyea in 1920 and had a son, Ralph soon afterwards.  (She may have started going by Clara at this point.) Contact has been made with the Belyea family over the years, only to continually be turned away.  Even with a birth certificate they refused to admit my grandmother's relationship to them.  (My grandmother passed away in 1999.)

Beth Hatfield Barton

Q17-5475 KING:  I am wanting to get the history of my grandfather Edward Dennis King born Dec 8, 1892 in New Brunswick, his mother's name was Messaline King. Any info would be greatly appreciated, there are native relatives in our family and I would like to trace his ancestors to verify. I am told our family name was once Roy and changed to King, my ancestors may have tried to hide the fact of being native.

Dan O'Connell

Q17-5476 LAVOIE:  I am trying to search my paternal side. I had chatted with my Bio mom and she said she thinks the guy she dated was Claude Lavoie, Claude could very well be Jean-Claude as most french names are like that. His family came from New Brunswick. He was said to be french. Though she said she can’t be sure. I would like to be able to post some questions under the name Lavoie for those interested in family tree’s to be able to consider this. I have tested with family tree DNA, Ancestry and 23&Me. though this is proving to be a challenge it is said that none of my paternal relations have tested DNA with those companies or they would have come up! I get 2nd to distant cousins so far with many french names. My mother was born in 1940 or 1941 Nova Scotia.
 John Mac

Q17-5477 MASKELL: I am searching for the parents of my 2x great-grandfather, Roland Maskell, who was born in Kent, Carlton County, New Brunswick in 1856. In 2 census documents, he lists that his father was born in Scotland. He also identifies his "race or tribe" as "Scotch" and had a brother named Frederick. The only individual of approximately the right age to be their father with that surname is a Joshua Maskill, but he and his father were both born in New Brunswick. I am a member of ancestry.com and have exhausted every database that I have been able to find. Is there anyone who can shed any light on this?
Dianna Wuagneux

Q17-5478 MAXWELL: My Grandfather was William Henry Maxwell, I have a picture of Henry Maxwell of New Brunswick.  He was in the lumber business. I believe my great? Grandfather left New Brunswick on a ship and ended up in San Francisco, where my Grandfather was born in 1897 (within a year or two). His birth certificate was burned 1906 earthquake.  If you have any more information, I'd appreciate it.   I think there is a house that he built there called Maxwell house.
Margaret Maxwell Harris 


Q17-5479 OLSVOLD: My grandmother, Anna Eugenia Olsvold born 1893 arrived Quebec, Que from Liverpool, UK in Aug 1912 and lived the better part of 1913 in St. Andrew's, NB. What she did in St. Andrew's is not known. Anybody living in NB who can shed light on the lady's stay in St. Andrew’s?  
Svein Cheweraal Flagtvedt

Q17-5480 PASCHAL:  I am looking for information about Bridget Paschal (Paskel) - born about 1801 - probably in Ireland. She married John Walsh Oct 21 1820 at Fredericton, NB. They had a son, John Walsh, baptized Sep 14 1828 at Fredericton.  Both the marriage and the baptism were in the Catholic Church.    The 1851 census for Blackville, Northumberland, NB shows John and Bridget Walsh, and 3 children, the eldest being John (b. abt 1829) and shows that they arrived in the colony in 1818.  I believe there were other Paschal families in the area of Petersville and also in Saint John. I am trying to find out if she is related to any other Paschals in New Brunswick or where she came from in Ireland.
Donna Griffin-Smith  

Q17-5481 PELLETIER:   I am trying to find anything on Thomas Martin and his wife Flevis Caouette or George Pelletier and Adele Jandreau.  I have searched your website and several New Brunswick sites plus and haven't found anything.  Any help would be appreciated.  I know that George Pelletier's son was Arthur and was born 24 March 1920.  
Thank you in advance for your help.
Peggy Duncan

Q17-5482 QUIRK: I am commencing to research my Father’s family. I went to genealogy office at Pier 21 in Halifax and was advised that I should contact the Sussex New Brunswick genealogy office to find further information. The information I have is the marriage information from Ancestry, Acadia, Canada, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection) 1757-1946, of James Quirk to Abbigal Geraon.
Event Information: 1832-1837
Religion: Catholic City: St. Jean Bureau de Sante Place or Church name: St. Jean Bureau de Sante Province: Acadie (Nova Scotia & New Brunswick). I also have the 1861 census of Canada stating James Quirk was born in 1796 and Abitha Quirk was born in 1801. Home in 1861 was Sussex New
    I would greatly appreciate assistance in finding out more information about my family. I was told at Pier 21 that Abitha and her children were listed as native.
Clare Ann Quirk

Q17-5483 CALGARY HIGHLAND REGIMENT: My name is Niko Van Kerckhoven and I am a member of the Heemkring (local History Society) 'De Kaeck' of Wommelgem, near Antwerp, Belgium.
       We would very much like to write an article about them, so I asked the CWGC if they could find a list of names of the soldiers initially buried at Wommelgem, and they sent it to me. See enclosed list.

born - Saint John, NB


born - Victoria County, NB

Two of the soldiers from the Calgary Highland Regiment are from the New Brunswick area. They were killed during the crossing of the Albert Canal near the locks at Wijnegem, only a short distance from here. They were initially buried at Wommelgem, Belgium and are now buried at Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian Cemetery, the Netherlands. The people of Wommelgem flowered their graves and there was a short ceremony on November 11, 1944.
     I was wondering if your society can help me a little further in my research, I am especially interested in a picture of the soldiers and some small background information about them.
Niko Van Kerckhoven

Q17-5484 CUSTOMS PAPERS: Col. Jos. Wanton Jr. was the largest and most powerful Loyalist merchant in Rhode Island and the son of Joseph Wanton Sr., 36th Colonial Governor of Rhode Island.  However, no trace has been found of his logs, records or correspondence. It is possible that his brother William, who was for many years the Collector of Customs in Saint John, may have kept them after Joseph Jr. died in 1782, as they were in business together.  Does anybody know if such papers exist and where they might be found? 
Peter Fay

Q7-5485 PHOTOS: Came across a number of photos from what appears to be around 1947 to 1950. The images include the picture of a grocery store "D.A. Alward Groceries and Meats", Two cemetery plots one being Alward and the other McPhee. One image has the picture of an older gent, perhaps Abner Alward next to the gravestone of his wife Annie. The correlation is Annie was sister to a Georgia McPhee who was married to a John Foster of Lancaster, Massachusetts. John had a son John (Jr) that was good friends with my Dad (Innes Donald Campbell) who went on frequent hunting trips to Moncton in the mid to late 40's. My grandmother's maiden name was Foster making them all related in one way or another. The hunting trips included John Foster and his first cousins Howard and Harold Foster and my Dad Innes Donald Campbell Jr. Any threads of information would be appreciated. I could send the photos to you if interested with the detail I have at this time.


Don Campbell