Queries posted in 2016 and before

The following queries (Q5444 to Q5467) appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of Generations and were posted to this website, somewhat belatedly, on 1 February 2017.


Q16-5444 ANDERSON: Zilpha Anderson born 15 Aug. 1823 Miramichi Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada. Have not found any information to confirm this.   Mother’s maiden name may be Pottle. Any help/ direction is appreciated.
Sheila Gallagher

Q16-5445 BOWEN: John Thomas Bowen was born 23 Nov 1825 at St. John N.B. to James Bowen (of Vermont) and Sarah Vlhaman Bowen (of N.B.). I would be interested in a birth record that could shed any additional information on James & Sarah. They married 25 Oct 1825.  James Bowen was the owner of the Vessel ARIADNE.  NB census 1851 says Sarah was a widow at age 50.


Nick Bowen

Q16-5446 BROWN: Great Grandmother Margerate May Brown or Mary Brown gave birth to Walter Ernest Johnson April 11 1888.  I have traced him but cannot find her! She was Micmaq, and rumoured from Barnettville or Eel Ground, NB. If you have someone who will do this I will absolutely compensate! She needs to be found.

Swan Moore

Q16-5447 COFLIN: I am trying to locate information about my great-grandfather Samuel W. Coflin 1843-1905, born in St. John, New Brunswick. He was prominent in the Cincinnati area from 1866 until his death. He was president of Covington, KY city council and operated a boatyard involved in building several well-known riverboats.  All information I have prior to that period comes from the articles listed below.  Oral history says he abandoned an apprenticeship in Canada with 3 years to go.  I have searched all records I can find online & found nothing.  Every form I have found which should have parents’ names are blank.  He did not exist until he married in 1866.  I suspect he changed his name, maybe birth date. 
Don Baker


Q16-5448 DAY: I've been trying to draw this part of my family Tree. Their death certificates copies show they died in New Brunswick.

Mrs Violet DAY (maiden name CHILD) died on December 6th, 1927 in district of Victoria, in the city of Andover, buried on December 8th, but where? She was born in London, U.K (1878)

Her husband James Olve DAY died on January 24th, 193 1in Dalhousie and buried on January 25th, 1931, but where? He was born in Frederick town (1867).
James Olve DAY married twice. First with Alice JAMES and after in U.K with Violet, my direct relative.


Olivier Thomas

Q16-5449 FALLIS/FOLLIS: I've been doing my genealogy and we have some Fallis/Follis from the 1851 NB census. I would like to ask someone as to how I would go about locating a burial site. His name was George Follis, and he died in 1857 in Charlotte, he would of been about 74 years old and on the 1851 census he was listed as Parish Pauper or that is what we think it says. His son George, and his family moved over to Portland, ME and they appear in the 1860 U.S. census.
Any help with this matter is greatly appreciated.
Jeremy M. Fallis

Q16-5450 FRITCH: George Fritch's wife Mary has always eluded a surname even though there has been lots of digging. Recently I found a suggestion that that surname might be Gibson. Since they were married in 1797, it is slightly before any major record-keeping.
    They were loyalists- Since Mary was born May 26, 1780, she was probably a small child when the fleet came up to Parrtown. George came with his father John as a teenager in the spring fleet.
I have found a John Gibson-farmer- of Clover Hill that might fit as her father. 
The Fritches had land grants in the Norton, Kings area.
Any information you might add is greatly appreciated.


Tim Moore

Q16-5451 GILLIS: I'm looking for the wedding of James Gillis and Edith Leclerc (or Leclair). They had a daughter born on 02-16-1935 in Eel Crossing River. Do you have her baptism?
André Hébert

Q16-5452 GREY: I am trying to locate when my Great, Great grandfather William Grey, married to Jane Grey arrived in Canada and if possible, from where? I have tried the passenger lists but cannot find anything. I traced my father’s line to William Grey on the 1851 census. Can you help?


Joseph Gray

Q16-5453 LENEHAN: We are wondering if you would be able to help with some research, we are undertaking into the life of a Canadian aircraft pilot who lost his life during WW2 when the Hawker Hunter I fighter he was flying crashed near the village of Pelton, County Durham, England.
The information we have so far is as follows:
 Name: John Douglas Lenehan. Royal Canadian Air Force.
No. & Rank: R.73266 Sgt. Pilot.
Age:    26 years.
Death: 5th December, 1941.
Location of Death: Pelton, Chester-le-Street, County Durham.
Location of Grave: Hylton Cemetery, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear.
Parents: John R. Lenehan and Anne Lenehan.
Home Location: Woodstock, New Brunswick Canada.
Any information would be most welcome and if possible we would like to be able to make contact with any living relatives.
Alex Thompson.
Website Administrator.
Chester-le-Street Heritage Group.
Registered Charity No: 1120080.
Website: www.chesterlestreetheritage.org

Q16-5454 LINGLEY: I am searching for the family of Sara Jane Lingley (1816-1859). She is my wife's 2d great grandmother, married to George Drew of Machias, Maine, USA. Family lore has it she was born in England and arrived with her family in New Brunswick when a young girl. Her father, John, reputedly was a head gardener for King George III and, again reputedly, immigrated to New Brunswick after receiving a 1,000 acres land grant on the Saint John River from the king. According to Sara Jane Lingley's son's memoirs, he died in New Brunswick at the ripe age of 83. Also, according to these memoirs, John Lingley had 3 sons all of whom served in the Royal Navy. Is there anyway you may be able to shed light on this?


Jan S. Breemer

Q16-5455 LOVE: Good afternoon, I am looking for information on William Love and his wife Anne Porter of Magundy, NB, both buried in Magundy Cemetery. I know basic information; however, I am looking. For more information about the church he helped build in Magundy, the barn (if it's still around) where the church services were held prior to church construction, and where they are both from. There is going to be a Love family reunion in the Summer of 2017. Is there already genealogical information for the Love family? I am unable to be in NB as I live in Alberta, thank you so much for your help. 


Laura Love

Q16-5456 MacKINZE: I am looking for any information regarding a Pamela Frazer MacKenzie (alternate spelling McKenzie) born approximately 1856 in St John NB - father's name William.
The MacKenzies emigrated to the US approx 1866 and Pamela married Enos (alternate spelling Eneas) Gray. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Leah Gray Patton

Q16-5457 McALISTER: We are the great great grand-daughters of Donald. We live in Alaska but are a day's drive away from Campbellton, NB. I was wondering if there are any descendants in the area?
We are from Juneau Alaska. Our grandmother married James Kerr McAlister in Skagway AK around 1917/1918.
James K was one of 6 McAlister boys from Vancouver -the son of Peter, grandson of Donald.



Q16-5458 McDONALD: My great great grandfather, James McDonald, died in New Brunswick (Shediac) circa 1875.  He last appeared on the 1871 census.  His wife Fanny (Kenny) McDonald died sometime after 1901 and last appeared in the 1901 census as living in Moncton. I can find no mention of their passing in any source and am wondering if there were special arrangements for indigent persons or if certificates of death were not issued in all cases. Any help you can give me in this matter would be greatly appreciated. 


Chris Blamberg

Q16-5459 McMULKIN:  I am seeking information about my McMulkin / Keenan ancestors who had been settled in Sunbury, NB in the early 1800’s.  My first know ancestor is Edward McMulkin and to the best of our knowledge, he married Bridget Keenan.  Their son John Edward McMulkin move and settled in Lewis Country of New York where he raised a family that included my grandmother Violetta McMulkin.  If you can provide any details of Edward and Bridget’s birth and death dates and or their parents’ names and places of birth, that would be most helpful to my family as we build our family tree.


John Carey

Q16-5460 MUNCEY: Looking for information on the Samuel Muncey family who lived in St. Stephen, New Brunswick in the 1860s.Samuel Muncy born 1809 in Maine died 1881 in Minnesota wife was Permilia Lambert from Lambert lake Maine.
Russ Zellma

Q16-5461 NESBITT: My wife Deborah is trying to trace an ancestor from UK who settled in St John, New Brunswick in the late 19th or early 20th Century. 
Her Christian name was Alma and she married a Charles Nesbitt. 
Any information you could provide would be most appreciated.
Nigel Greenberg

Q16-5462 POLLY: Looking for information for relatives or a NB connection to Caleb Polly. He was born in NB and moved to PEI. In the 1881 PEI   census he was listed at age 60. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Mike Gaudet

Q16-5463 QUINN: I live in Quincy, Massachusetts and am researching my family tree. I have a great grandfather who was supposedly married in New Brunswick.
    Legend has him arriving in New Brunswick from Ireland, marrying and having 3 children in NB before sailing in a small boat to the Magdalene Islands.
    I have documented everything in the Islands (more children etc.) and I also have exact birth dates for the NB children from records up there. (1845, 1847, 1849)
    There is no mention of where in NB.  He supposedly married Hanna Grant.  I am trying to find the marriage record to see if it tells me where in Ireland he came from. And maybe it will show his parents names.
    I have not been able to find his arrival in NB. I do have a possibility of a John Quinn (13) arriving in 1833 (Microfilm F9798). Based on the 1861 Quebec census, a John Quinn was 39 yrs. which would have a birth year of 1822. My grandmother, Katherine Caroline Quinn, was born in 1860 in the Islands.


Carolyn Marks


Q16-5464 RATIGAN: I belong to a Genealogy Forum called "rootschat" and there has been an inquiry about Canadian WW2 RCAF, buried in the Leicestershire, (Ibstock Cemetery) There are two, one being John Edward Ratigan of McAdam, New Brunswick. I did research him and found his birth certificate, but I was hoping to find a photo or newspaper reports to add to this inquiry. Any help that you could provide would be wonderful to add to his commemoration.

Debbie Breeze

(contact editor)
Q16-5465 VAUGHAN: I am a descendent of a Marlin VAUGH(A)N born about 1803 in Vermont.  Through a y chromosome test it appears our line descends from John VAUGHAN, many of whose descendants were Loyalists.  I notice many VAUGHANS in your surname listings but could not find anything further about VAUGHAN or VAUGHN families in New Brunswick. Would appreciate any information.


Randall Vaughn

Q16-5466 WALL:  I'm looking for assistance in finding the parentage of Maurice Wall.  I cannot find birth records for him, but census information indicates his date of birth was June 10, 1841 in New Brunswick.
I have been working on this for a number of years, and not found anything yet.  Any help is appreciated. 


Virginia Ridley

Q16-5467 PHOTO STUDIO: I am trying to date a photo to determine who the people are.  The photo frame is from Macdonald & Palmer, Sussex, N.B. I googled them but nothing came up.  Are you able to provide me with any information on them?
What years they were in business during?
    I had family living in Plum wee sweep, N.B. for a period of time during the 1940's, returning to Ontario in the late 1940's but the photo appears to have been from a time period earlier than that. Thank you,
Amanda McCabe

Q16-5426 FILLMORE: Answer: I read in the most recent edition (Fall 2016) of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society's "GENERATIONS” your inquiry about the FILLMORE name.  I am the great-great-great-granddaughter of Michael Butler and Sarah Fillmore.  According to information recorded by my father, Frederick Butler, Michael and a brother left Tipperary, Ireland approximately 1820-22.  Apparently, the brother came as far as Newfoundland while Michael lived first at Fort Lawrence and later at Sackville, NB.  He then got a grant of land at Malden on the Immigrant Road (Westmoreland county).  He married Mary Sarah Fillmore approximately 1822.  My father told me that according to family "lore" Sarah was "Holland Dutch" and came from the Mohawk Valley in New York State.  Whether this is fact or fiction, I don't know.
I had no information on Sarah's ancestors until I read the info in your query; however, your query provided me with the names of Michael Butler's parents, which we did not have - we are not even certain if he actually came from Tipperary.  I wonder if you have other information on Michael's ancestors, and where they lived in Ireland. I have a Descendancy Chart on Michael Butler's family and if you would like to have it, I will email it to you.


Rachel Butler 




The following queries (Q5419 to Q5443) were posted to this website on 31 October 2016.


Q16-5419 BELDING: I am trying to finding birth, baptism or marriage information for my great grandmother Mabel Ann BELDING.  She was born October 14, 1867 in St. John.  I believe her parents may have been William Henry BELDING and Eliza Ann MURRAY who lived in the Queens Ward in 1871. According to the 1871 and 1881 Canada Census they had two daughters Fannie M. and Nella M.  I have researched both of these girls and have ruled them out as my great grandmother.

     Mabel married my great grandfather William John RAWLINSON around 1885..  Mabel was confined to a wheel chair in adulthood.  Maybe this could be a clue?


Gary Kmosko




Q16-5420 BLACK: I have been doing some family research on an ancestor whom I was told was buried in the cemetery which is located very close to the Dorchester Penitentiary.  I have been unable to find proof of his burial in Dorchester and wondered if you would be able to confirm where he is buried or if you could direct me elsewhere to find this out.  His name was William Black and he was born in Paisley, Scotland in 1727 and emigrated to Nova Scotia in 1775 with his family.   Later in life he purchased a large estate in Dorchester where he eventually died in 1820.  Any information you can give me about his burial would be very much appreciated and I will look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.      


Judi MacDonald



Q16-5421 BLACK: I am looking for information on the following person who might have arrived in St John, New Brunswick, and then went to Maine.

     Mary A Black, b. Ireland, c. 1831 daughter of Isabelle McCurdy, b. Ireland, c. 1814 Cornelius [Neal] McCurdy, b. Ireland, c. 181.


Patty Dimetres



Q16-5422 BLAINE: Have been hoping to locate the following and also obituary of Arbuthnot Blaine, if at all possible.   Have been able to research his descendants but have been unable to locate immigration (1842) when arrived at appx age 13 with parents from County Donegal.  Have reached a dead end and am trying to match him to the USA Arbuthnot Blaine who were in the US Congress.


Valerie Brideau



Q16-5423 CALLAGHAN: I have been doing research on my grandmother's line of descent.  She was a Callaghan by birth.  I have recently been in touch with Mr. Don Kellaway whose wife descends from the same Callaghan line.  He told me he found information from your Historical Society that a John Callaghan born 1812 in Cork, Ireland (my great great grandfather) and his wife Mary Anne Kieff Callaghan and their son Jeremiah Callaghan immigrated to St. John's in New Brunswick around 1835.  Around 1837, they moved to Belleville where the rest of their children were born including my great grandfather Michael Callaghan.

      I have been unsuccessful in finding this immigration information and would appreciate any assistance you could give me on how I would be able to obtain these records on line.


Judith Sullivan



Q16-5424 DOUCET: Christina Doucet was born in Tracadie, NB in about 1824.  The birth year is calculated from her death certificate, which states her age as 66 at the time of her death in May 1890 - in Coldbrook, St John Co, NB.  I also found the register in which her death is recorded. Her obituary identifies her as the widow of Archie Taylor. No one in the family has any further information about Christina. None of the documentation found includes any information whatsoever about her parent’s names, siblings or relations. 

     There was some question as to which Tracadie (NB, NS, or PEI) was Christina's birthplace.  Her death certificate states NB, but her son's states NS.  I have confirmed that it was not NS.  

     I also checked your site for Christina Doucet, but there's no Christina listed.  One Doucet researcher suggested I search for Scholastique Doucet as Scholastique is the equivalent of Christina.  I have never heard of this, but did search for a Scholastique with no success.  I checked all the Maries for a Marie Christine, etc.

   Did any of the Doucets on the list come from Tracadie?

   I am contacting you in hopes of your providing information or suggestions/advice on how to proceed with my research.


Kathleen Taylor Scott



Q16-5425 DUPLESSIS: Sarah Ann Duplessis b. 6 Aug 1832 Miramichi, Northumberland, N.B., christened 5 Sept 1838 St. Dunstans, Fredericton, NB

     Father William (Guillaume) Henry Duplessis b. 21 Sept 1808 in Oromocto River, Sunbury, N.B., Christened 8 aug 1813 St. Basile Madawaska, N.B.

     Mother Eliza Louise McIntire b. ca 1811-N.B. Looking for parents’ names, when & where born and more information on Sarah Ann Duplessis.


Mrs Mary Lou Drew

(contact editor)


Q16-5426 FILLMORE: I am the Arizona state Historian for the Mayflower Society and am helping an applicant prove his link to pilgrim Francis Cooke through some MA planter families in Westmorland Co. He has a copy of "Arrivals 99" by the St. John Branch of the NBGS, rev. 2000. Page 283 does show a woman we believe to be Gen. 6 descendant Tabitha French marrying Jonathan Ward, then having a daughter Hannah who married Reuben Fillmore, but with no places and dates for Tabitha & Hannah. Our bigger problem is that someone published a history of the Fillmore family in 1984 ("So Soon Forgotten: Three Thousand Fillmores) and it does pick up the trail with Reuben and his wife Hannah, but calls her the _granddaughter_ of Jonathan Ward (via his first wife). Are there any members who specialize in the Wards, Fillmores, and/or Butlers (the next generation being Mary Sarah Fillmore, who married Michael Butler of Ireland, son of John Butler and Mary Tobin) and are actively researching original records in Westmorland County?


Maura Mackowski



Q16-5427 HANFORD: I'm trying to find the birthplace of my grandmother's paternal progenitor Henry James Hanford born circa 1821. Henry James Hanford was the son of Captain Isaac Charles Hanford and Margaret Hanford (Pye).

      Captain Isaac Charles Hanford is said to have died at sea in August 1822. His mother Margaret Hanford née Pye died at Carlton-house, St. John, New Brunswick on January 1st 1839 or 1840, according to an article in the Liverpool Mercury, 3 April 1840:

      I'm not exactly sure whether "On the 1st of January last" means i.e., 1839 or 1840.

    On his Death Notice, Henry James Hanford listed his place of birth as "America". Presumably he meant British North America.

      I would love to be able to say, with certainty, that Henry James Hanford was born in St. John, New Brunswick.

     I'm also interested in a maritime vessel the "John Campbell" as this was a vessel I know Henry James Hanford had a connection with.


Drummond Corrie



Q16-5428 HUDSON: I am researching the family lines of Hudson, Graham, McDonald, and Stewart and understand they all lived, married, and died in the Rexton and Richibucto area. If you can recommend contacts or resources, I would be very grateful.


Charlotte Gorley



Q16-5429 KING: I am looking for anyone who may be working on the King line.  Samuel King b.  1813, his wife Amanda King B. 1813 in Charlotte county NB Canada. Some of their children are Eliza King b 1838, Charles King b 1840 and Henry King born 1841.  Information from the 1851 census of Canada East, Canada West, NB and NS. 


Ginger Smith



Q16-5430 KING: We are searching for information about our grandfather Joseph Frederick King.  We believe he was born in 1877 to John and Elizabeth (white) king.

He came to the US. at about the age of 13 with a man that bought horses in Canada and he never returned to Canada. 

He settled in Bath Maine where he died in 1949.  Thank you for any help you can give us.


Dave King Sr



Q16-5431 LENEHAN: We are wondering if you would be able to help with some research, we are undertaking into the life of a Canadian aircraft pilot who lost his life during WW2 when the Hawker Hunter I fighter he was flying crashed near the village of Pelton, County Durham, England.


The information we have so far is as follows:

Name: John Douglas Lenehan. Royal Canadian Air Force.

No. & Rank: R.73266 Sgt. Pilot.

Age:    26 years.

Death: 5th December, 1941.

Location of Death: Pelton, Chester-le-Street, County Durham.

Location of Grave: Hylton Cemetery, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear.

Parents: John R. Lenehan and Anne Lenehan.

Home Location: Woodstock, New Brunswick Canada.

      Any information would be most welcome and if possible we would like to be able to make contact with any living relatives.


Alex Thompson



Q16-5432 McDONALD: I am looking for any information on James McDonald (or MacDonald), living in Shediac in 1882.  His wife was Fanny, children were James, Eliza, William, Mary, Peter, and George.  Any information on births, marriages or deaths of any of the above would be appreciated.  


Chris Blamberg



Q16-5433 McCAFFREY: I am following a "cell" of Jas/James McCaffrey and his two sons John and William James McCaffrey.  I believe that Jas/James McCaffrey was married to Catherine Mullaly on August 7, 1867 witnessed by Mary Ann McCaffrey.  of Jas/James, John was the first born, with William James as the second and then two daughters-- Florence and Katherine. 

      William James McCaffrey was born in 1870, and I am trying to find out if I am accurate with his parents being Jas and Catherine Mullaly.  The census from 1891 demonstrates this, however I want to get more information if it is available.  I believe I found the line of his brother John (son John Nairn McCaffrey), and his death record indicates his father was James McCaffrey and Kathy Mullaly. 

      I found a "cell" also in the JJ Cooke Ships Passengers from Londonderry to St. John in 1849.  This cell has John McCaffrey, his wife and thier sons James, Denis, John, Mary Anne, and Margaret.  As Jas/James McCaffrey on this list is 8 years old, his date does match the James McCaffrey born in 1841, father of William.  Also, the Mary Anne McCaffrey from this manifest may be the same sister that was witness to James' wedding to Catherine Mulllaly in 1867.

    What I am trying to connect, is the line of Jas/James McCaffrey and his son William James McCaffrey with a birth record from 1870.  Also, I would like to know if there is anyplace to check to see if John McCaffrey in 1849 manifest could be the same family that will settle here, as his children Mary Anne and James appear in the later records (assuming it is not the other McCaffrey lines). 


Matthew Larcinese



Q16-5434 McFARLANE: Murray McFarlane - born Aug. 22, 1882 in Dover, New Brunswick - Died Nov. 13, 1945 in Nova Scotia - He was the only child I could find

     Martha McFarlane - born 1854 in New Brunswick - died 1947 in Nova Scotia - This was Murray's mother

     I need information regarding Martha's husband (who passed away sometime before 1900), the name is either James or Robert McFarlane. Also, any information on Murray and Martha, and if Murray had any siblings.


Jeff MacFarlane



Q16-5435 McPHEE: I'm searching for information on Donald Arthur McPhee (or MacPhee) who married an Elizabeth Dowcet (I've tried variations of Doucet / Doucette, etc).

    He was born abt. 1840. The records and census forms I have seen list various birth places for him, NS, NB, and PEI have all been recorded at various times. I believe he passed between 1901 and 1911 as he appears on census data in 1901, but not 1911.Elizabeth was born in, I believe, 1854 in Albert county New Brunswick. I believe she passed in 1918 in Nova Scotia.

    They spent a good chunk of their lives, and had their children in Nova Scotia (Springhill/Amherst area)

    I am looking for the exact birth place for them both, as well as their parent’s names. I'm really hoping to find a copy of their marriage record, which should list their parent’s names and places of birth.


James Legere



Q16-5436 PEARSON: In his 1971 book the Parkins of New Brunswick, on pages 71-72, Leon Parkin Steeves refers to the 1861 census as showing Solomon Mann PEARSON with his wife Eliza PARKIN PEARSON and children, Gabriella age 19, Sarah 15, Horace 7, Laura 3, Mary Elizabeth 2. I cannot find this family in the 1861 census. Can anyone help please?


Jane Fraser



Q16-5437 QUINN: I am curious to learn more about my father's family heritage dating back to the 1780's when I believe the Ellegood family (grandmother) arrived in Canada from Virginia and early 1800's when the Quinn family (Francis) arrives at Bocabec, Canada.  

     My father is Reg Quinn who was born in 1921, his father was Harry who was born in 1889, and his father was Francis II who I believe as born in 1846.  All were born in NB.  

     My grandmother was Amelia Elllegood born in 1890 according to burial stone in Lowell, MA.  
    Please advise best way to research both Quinn and Ellegood family history.  I am connecting with some of the Quinn side (9 siblings in the 1st and 2nd generations so various cousins to find.  I'm looking for places they lived, what they may have done, interesting facts, cemeteries, etc.  


John C. Quinn



Q16-5438 REID: I am hoping someone can assist me in finding a birth certificate for my grandfather, George Harvey Reid. He was born in New Brunswick on February 9 1876. We think his dad's name was James Reid and his Mother was Cecelia Reed. He died on October 23 1942. I would appreciate any  help I can get, thank you. 


Janet Fair



Q16-5439 SHEARER: My name is Ray Allen. I am a member of the Cairns Family History Society, North Queensland, Australia. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to find a location shown on the 1864 Street Directory for your area. The road was called Shore Road n [near?] Simonds. This may have been an actual named road during that period, or a generic name for the coastal road?

    Also, could someone please give me some guidance on where I might be able to locate birth records for the period c1860 to c1866 for the Saint John area; if they exist? I cannot find any records showing a particular religion; so, I don’t know what church records to pursue.

    The person shown in the directory, Andrew Shearer, left Pennsylvania about 1860 with his wife, Isabella, and new born child Elizabeth.

    The death records for three other children –William and Thomas [possibly twins] and Charles Shearer - state that they were born in Saint John. I believe the family returned to Philadelphia around c1867.

     If this family travelled by land, what do you think would have been the likely route followed during this period? If they travelled by sea, can you suggest any shipping records for Philadelphia/New York to Saint John?


Ray Allen



Q16-5440 STORM: Researching a John Storm, who was a shipbuilder in Saint John from 1847-58.  I do not have very much on this Storm family, but it is written that a Samuel Storm came to Saint John around 1783. He was said to have been born in New York in 1770 and his family were Loyalists.

    Samuel Storm was born in New York in 1770. He married a Frances Hilyard in Saint John and died in Saint John on 15th December 1850. Samuel was a blacksmith and may have carried on a merchant business with a brother and a person named Poole, trading to the West Indies?

    John Storm was born in 1816. In 1838 he was a caulker and in 1847 he built his first ship, the SEA at Straight Shore, Portland, Saint John, NB. He died 17th April 1858 and is buried in Fernhill Cemetery, Saint John."

    I have looked on the NB Vital Statistics sit and cannot find the birth of John Storm or the deaths of either Samuel or John Storm.  Can anyone help re John and Samuel Storm?


Elizabeth Crouch



Q16-5441 TAYLOR: Family stories state the Taylor family's origin lies in the Black Hills of Scotland, where they belonged to the Cameron clan.  The Taylors then lived in Ireland for some unknown period of time.  The date of the family's emigration from Ireland to Canada is unknown. However, Archie and Christina had a son circa 1848, so that is the latest date the Taylors emigrated to Canada. I have not found any info about Archie's death.  I do not know where Archie was born, where the family lived, nor when and where Archie died.

      When searching your site for Archie, it pointed to a Donald Taylor.  When I searched for William Taylor, it also pointed to - among others - a Donald Taylor.  While I have never heard of a Donald Taylor in the family, Donald is a common name within the past two generations of our Taylor family, often as a middle name. William is also a common name in the family.  My father was William Donald.  Would it be possible to obtain the information you have on file for Donald Taylor and family?  (Past two generations are William and Mary's children and grandchildren.  My grandfather was one of their children and my father one of their grandchildren.)

      Archie and Christina's son William was born circa 1848 (calculated from death cert.) and died in Coldbrook, St John Co., NB, in 1893.  William was a farmer, but did not own land. William married Mary Kelly in June 1878 at Immaculate Conception Church, St John Co.  Both William and Mary were from Portland.  William and Mary had several children before William died.

      I don't know if Archie and Christina had any children other than William.  I have found references to an Adele Taylor as godmother to one of William's children, but I haven't been able to locate an Adele Taylor either - or at least one I can connect back to this family.  

      William died of consumption, from which he suffered for over a year before his death.  William died 3 years after his mother's death.  With both his parents dead and no siblings, there was little support for Mary Kelly Taylor during William's illness and after his death.  Mary placed some of children in the orphanage prior to their father's death. They remained in the orphanage until Mary could take care of them.   


Kathleen Taylor Scott



Q16-5442 WATERBURY:  I have John Cable WATERBURY being born Dec 24 1790 in St John, with a father David & mother Jane.  He married Rachel WILLIAMS (B May 1794) on Oct 11 1813 having 8 children then Abigail Mary McMACKIN 1 son John Thomas (my relation).  He died Feb. 9 1837 in St John & buried in the Loyalist Cemetery.  I'd like to confirm this & obtain source information if not too expensive.


RACHEL WILLIAMS, I have no parents for her or the names & birth dates of the 8 children she bore


JOHN THOMAS WATERBURY. I have him being born in 1837 to John Cable & Abigail Mary.  His father died when he was an infant & his mother when he was 11.  What I'd like to know about him is what happened to him from 11 till when he left Canada to immigrate to New Zealand (c. 1860's) I have confirmation that he left NZ to come to Australia in 1868. Any help on this family would be great.


Desley Hamilton



Q16-5443 WILSON: I am looking for any information to confirm that my Grandmothers' Paternal Grandfather was one of the first families in Sackville, NB. Perhaps you can help?


His name was: "John Haper Wilson".  My grandmother told me that he was married to Lydia Bannister. They had a son named: Lester Victor Wilson, who was the town Blacksmith in Sussex, NB and was my Great Grandfather. He was married to Maude Blanche Nickerson.


Shawna Bell




The following queries (Q5392 to Q5418) appeared in the fall 2016 issue of Generations.


Q16-539 BARTER: I'm researching my two-times great grandfather, Thomas F. (or G.) Barter. Thomas Barter says in US Census records that he was born in Saint John, NB, on March 19, 1843.He also indicates in US Census records that he came to the US in 1848. He may have lived in New York state, and did live in Louisiana and Mississippi, where he married Christian McMillan (Reynolds?), and they had two sons - Duncan (1879) and Daniel (1882 - my great grandfather.) Thomas died in Mississippi on March 17, 1915.


James Barter, 



Q16-5393 BELYEA: I am seeking documentation connecting my grandfather Eldon LeClair BELYEA to his father James Alexander Belyea. Eldon Born Jan 28, 1882 died Feb 12, 1951. James A born about 1845 in NB, died in Boston MA Feb 14, 1918, buried in Bangor, ME. James A's wife was Sarah Cecilia Watson. Both men ere always Canadian citizens as far as I know even though Eldon was born in Bangor, ME.


Ellen Osborn



Q16-5394 BOWEN: I am looking for any information on a James BOWEN (thought to be born in Vermont around 1800) and Sarah UHLMAN (thought to be born in NB around the same time). They may have had ten children between 1823 and 1844, in St. John, NB. We had solid evidence of three of these children: John Thomas BOWEN (b. 23 Nov 1825, St John, NB), William BOWEN (b. 26 Nov 1837, St John, NB) and Charles Frederick BOWEN (b. about 1839, St. John, N.B.). These three sons all were in the Boston area by 1850.


Nick Bowen



Q16-5395 BRENNAN: Herbert John Brennan was born on 4 February 1876 in Blackville. His social security application listed his father as John Brennan. So, I'm assuming that Herbert was born out of wedlock. Upon further review of Catherine's life, it appears that she married a James Carroll in 1877, while John married an Annie Agnes Murdock in 1887.


When I was looking through census records, it appears that Herbert lived with his father in Blackville, as no matches were associated with Catherine. Herbert's surnames in the census records are never "Brennan," however, but always a different name. For Herbert's first marriage, he didn't list his parents' names.


Are there any custody papers associated with the guardianship of Herbert, and is there an obituary for John Brennan, who died in Blackville on 28 February 1922? I found his death certificate, but maybe an obituary might be able to tie in him with Herbert.


Matt Herzog



Q16-5396 BRUCE: My name is Cheryl Clarke and I live in Lancashire, England. I am helping a friend to research his family tree and we are trying to trace relatives who travelled to NB in the early 1950's. We know some of the family moved back to the UK but can't find some of the siblings so we are wondering if they stayed in Canada.


Please could you advise where I may find marriage / birth or death records for 1950 onwards? I have been searching the internet but can't seem to find anything for this time frame.


The family we are looking for is the Bruce family and they moved to Canada from Barrow-In Furness, England. There were 4 children (Doris Edwina, John Geoffrey, Edward and Anne Y) and their mother Emily. Emily and John Geoffrey both died in the UK but we are searching for the other siblings and for Doris Edwina in particular.


Cheryl Clarke



Q16-5397 COCHRAN: We have recently learnt through family documents that our 3-x great grandfather Denis Cochran came to Miramichi in the 1820's. He was married to Isabella and they had two or three children, who may have been born in Miramichi. Isabella went back to Ireland; we think after the fire and then returned a year later. On the return journey it is rumoured that she may have died.

Denis, we believed applied for a land grant of 200 acres but after the loss of his wife he left and came to New Zealand (circ 1830).

Where would you suggest we try and find any information of Denis and Isabella's time in NB?


Carolyn & David Denton



Q16-5398 DEMPSTER: I am looking to discover my roots in NB. My grandfather was a Mr. John Carson Dempster who married one Mary Deroche (maybe DeRoehs) on November 13, 1937.


Philip Wilkin




Q16-5399 GIBSON: I am looking for information on John Gibson, b. 1850 in NB. He married Catherine Cain, daughter of Dennis and Catherine Cain, in 1879. They had three children - Anne, Thomas, and John Frederick. They left Canada in the 1880s and lived and died in Montana. I've found John and Catherine in the 1881 census. He said in Montana census records that his parents were both born in Ireland, but I don't know who they were. Any information that could be found on John would be fantastic.


Brandt Gibson




Q16-5400 HAYES: I am trying to find out information about my maternal great-grandfather, Thomas Hayes. I know little of him, and as he died while my grandmother was still an infant there is no oral history. My grandmother was born in 1889 in Winn, ME and her mother, who had been widowed, remarried there in 1892. What I know of him comes from my grandmother's marriage's license and the U.S. 1870 census. He was 18 in 1870 and lived in Old Town, ME. He was born in Saint John, NB in 1852. He died circa 1890. I don't know if he kept in touch with relatives in NB, although a cousin told me that one of his sons used to visit there.


Charles Bihun



Q16-5401 KIDDER: Looking for any information on Calvin KIDDER, b1765 NH, who arrived in St. Stephen ~1784. He didn't marry until 1798 and married Miss or Mrs. Mercy GREENLAW. They had a child in Jan. 1799, but Calvin was killed in a boating accident one week later.


Their son, Joseph "Calvin" KIDDER, only known as Calvin, grew up in St. Stephen. His mother remarried to Ambrose BATES and had more children. Calvin (1799-1891) and his mother moved over to Calais ~1830. Calvin married Mary WILKINS from Amity, ME. They lived in Calais and had 6, surviving children. Looking for all descendants of this couple.


Only 3 of their sons lived long enough to provide grandchildren, John lived in Calais, then Joseph and J. Calvin, lived in Princeton, ME. One daughter died young; the other daughter married but had no children.


Betty Fredericks



Q16-5402 LEWIS: Thomas LEWIS Born about 1740 in Dutchess County, NY; married at least twice: first time to Rachel (Van Benschoten?) and the second time to Esther Lilly. Second marriage said to have occurred in NB. First wife was said to have travelled with him when they were relocated from New York to NB in 1783/4.


Thomas' son, also Thomas LEWIS, married a woman named (Elizabeth?) SECORD, who is said to have been the daughter of Elias SECORD. I am aware that her father may have been a Loyalist too.


Michael Lewis



Q16-5403  MacKINTOSH: Seeking information about the parents and siblings of Capt. Donald Bain Mackintosh (1840-1910). Parents, Alexander McIntosh/Mackintosh and Marjory/Margary McDonald, arrived in NB from Scotland in 1836 per 1851 census. The ship may have been the Royal Adelaide sailing out of Greenock, Scotland and arriving in Saint John, NB in October 1836. Alexander and Marjory married 1 Jan 1839, witnessed by Donald McDonald and Donald Hossack. Children were Donald 1840, Elizabeth 1842, Janet 1847, Susan 1849, Margary/Marjory 1851 and Maggie (Margaret?) 1854.

Alexander died about 1856. Marjory may have died around 1868, possibly in Eastport, ME.


Donald received his Master's Certificate from the British Board of Trade in Liverpool, England in 1865. He also held a 1st Class Certificate from the American Shipmaster's Assoc., obtained in 1863.

Donald married Amelia Clark, daughter of Daniel Wetmore Clark in 1870. Daniel Clark was a ship owner and wharf builder in Saint John. Children were Ella Marjory 1872, Daniel Thomas Alexander 1873, and Willeam Aeneas 1875 who died young in 1878 and is buried in the Clark area of the Greenwood Cemetery in Saint John, NB.


Maggie is believed to have moved to Massachusetts and married Martin G. Wright. We have no information on any other siblings of Capt. Mackintosh.


Donald B. Mackintosh



Q16-5404 MATTHEWS: I am in search of the early life of my relatives, before they moved to Upper Canada know the Long Point Settlement Area? The Revolutionary War U.S. was a factor of the people arriving to NB.

1. Did James Matthews marry Margaret Force (Philip Force's daughter) in NB?

2. Did James Matthews & Margaret give birth to children in NB? (Living or Deceased-Buried)

3. When did each INDIVIDUAL come to an area or/to any area you would be able to find?

4. Did they come by boat and or land? Was there a manifest or list of name per ship? The James & Margaret Matthews are my 4th great grandparents. Philip Force my 5th great grandfather.


Barbara A. Seitz



Q16-5405 MALLORY: Requesting assistance verifying birth/marriage/death (with name of parents) for the following: Harriet Mallory b. 21 Feb 1831, Wakefield Parish, Carleton, NB, married 28 Jan 1852 Thomas Endicott (Everitt/Everett) in Wakefield, Carleton NB. She died 25 Aug 1904 Jacksontown, NB. 

Parents: Jane Snow b. 4 Sep 1801, Granville, N S 

William N. Mallory b. 11 Jul 1795, Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Married: 12 Nov 1818, Wakefield Parish, Carleton, NB.

Am searching for documentation of Harriet's birth with her parents’ name on birth/christening certificate. This documentation will verify that Harriet is the daughter of the above, and information will be sent with my paperwork for consideration of the Mayflower Society.


Kathleen Fisher



Q16-5406 MARSHALL: Catherine Marshall, born 1826 in Annapolis Royal, parents Levi and Catherine (White) Marshall; she married James P. Pierce, born 1826 in NB.

The parents of James P. were William and Mary M. Pierce, residence in 1852 Kent, Carleton,.NB. In 1864, Minotte n, Albert, Carleton, St. John.

James and Catherine moved to the US with their son William C. Pierce, born Aug 7, 1866, in Annapolis (among other children).

William Cromwell Pierce is my great grandfather. Looking for information on this family


Pierce W. Hance



Q16-5407 McCORMICK: Looking for genealogy search prior to Bernard McCormick born 1863 Married Christena born 1871 son of Hugh McCormick (1835) and Elizabeth Brophy (1836) who are my great-great grandparents. Wondering if you can you assist with earlier ancestry or any information on my family. Appreciate any leads or information that can be provided


Cathie Dempsey



Q16-5408 McKIM: I have found that my family lived in Johnville NB in the latter half of the 1800's. Our family name is McKim (McKimm). My ancestor Bridget McKimm (1866 - 1941 and wife of Daniel McKimm) is buried in Johnville Cemetery New Section. In August 2015 I submitted a photo request to have this grave photographed, but to this date I have not had a response. I am hoping that you may know of someone who could take this photograph for me.


Keith Rice



Q16-5409 McKNIGHT: I'm looking for some information on my great-grandmother using the following information: McKnight – Harris: Mary Agnes McKnight married Irvine (also spelled Irvin, Ervin, Ervine,) George Harris of Boom Road, NB on 5 Jul 1902. I am interested in the names of her siblings and parents. Her info is: Birthdate: 28 Feb 1885, Death date: 12 Jul 1962, Buried: Boom Road Pentecostal Cemetery.


Todd Horton



Q16-5410 McLEAN/THOMPSON: Looking for the families of my great(x3)-grandparents John McLean and Esther Thompson of Bathurst, NB. John McLean was born about 1823 in PEI and married Esther Thompson about 1844 probably in NB. Esther Thompson was born about 1819 in Bathurst.

In 1851, John & Esther McLean were living in Colborne, Restigouche County, NB. There were other Thompsons living near them in the census: Stephen Thompson/Ann Druggan, Laurance Thompson/Mary Gullette, Oliver Thompson and James Thompson/Helen Smith. I’ve assumed that Esther is related to these Thompsons, but I have not discovered how. The Thompsons are listed as Irish but all born in NB and John McLean Scottish but born in Canada.


In the 1861 Census, John & Hester McLean were in Bathurst, Gloucester, NB with children Margaret, John, Allen, William and Alexander.


In the 1881 Census, John & Esther were living in Bathurst with children Allen, William, Alex, Teresa and a second son also by the name of John. John McLean was a carpenter/shipwright.


I descend from daughter Margaret McLean who married James Strachan in Bathurst on 29 Dec 1864. They later moved to the US in the early 1880s, first to Wisconsin and eventually to Los Angeles. James was also a shipwright/carpenter.


Matthew Bowdish



Q16-5411 MILLER: I am doing some research for a friend and so far I have traced her family to John Miller b. 1755 in New York, USA and d. 12 March 1819 in Cumberland Bay NB. He married Hannah Allen (1756-1820) and had children Martha, Lydia, Hannah, Conrad and Sarah. I am trying to find the relatives from the U.S. as well as any documents of when he arrived and where he might have lived in New York.


Cindy Timmons



Q16-5412 NEVERS: My family is submitting Mayflower descendant information, and have been told that Lucy Nevers 1766, daughter of Samuel Nevers and Anna Burrill, was no longer accepted without more proof. Are there any birth records of the family born in Maugerville, NB. I have found a will of Samuel Nevers, (listing his daughters names, along with wife Anna) and that may be enough. But I am checking to find any information linking Lucy Nevers to the Mayflower families.


Bonnie Bartlett



Q16-5413 O’BRIEN: I am looking for any information on Mary Anna O’Brien. A Captain O'Brien was known to travel from Saint John, NB to Minudie. Perhaps there is a connection.


1871 Census, Minudie-River Hebert NS: Phillipe LeBlanc stonecutter 30 yrs) Anna 28, Irish b. NB, children Mary Lavina LeBlanc and James Albert LeBlanc.


1881 Census Moncton Parish district #30: Phillipe LeBlanc h 42 b. NS Anna F 39 b. NB Vina 13 b. NB James 11 b. NB

Mrs. Philip White was buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, June 14, 1889. The son, James Albert LeBlanc of Moncton, used the surname of White.


1891 Census Moncton parish 263-1: Philip White 46 b. NS Vina 39 b. NB Vina 7/12 b. NB James M 21 b. NB

We know that Phillipe LeBlanc married twice, first to Mary Anna O'Brien and next to Josephine Gauvin likely in 1889.


Betsy W Innes



Q16-5414 POKEMOUCHE NB: I am working on my family genealogy and I have hit a bit of a roadblock. Do you know where I would be able to locate birth/family information for families living in Pokemouche during the late 1800's? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Heather Reed



Q16-5415 STUART: Looking for relatives of Charles STUART (1806 Scotland - 1878 GlenelgChatham-Lower Napan area, Northumberland) and Helen/Ellen LOGGIE (1820 probably Loggieville, Northumberland - 1881 Chatham) (m. 1837 St. Andrew's Church, Chatham) who might be able to provide information on this couple, especially the STUART Scottish connection. Their married children were: Margaret (1839-1881) m. James Morrison; Mary or May (1840-1868) m. James Bremner; Elizabeth Bremner Stuart (1848-1915) m. William G. Dickson; and Charles Jr. (1852-1944) m. Mary Anna Walton. Would love to connect with living relatives in NB, Maine or elsewhere.


Susan Cox



Q16-5416 STRACHAN: Looking for information on the parentage of my great(x2)-grandfather James Strachan. James was born about 1842-1845 in Bathurst, NB. James’ mother may have been Jane Strachan listed as a widow in the 1861 Census in Bathurst, NB. Jane may have been born in 1783 in Scotland. I would love information on parents, vital dates, emigration dates, etc.


James married Margaret McLean on 29 Dec 1864 in Bathurst. They later moved to the US in the 1880s, first to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and eventually to Los Angeles, California. James died in Los Angeles in 1917. He was a shipwright/carpenter and he and Margaret ran a boarding house.


Matthew Bowdish



Q16-5417 WILCOX: My great grandfather was Charles Verner Wilcox, who began Wilcox´s clothing store, which is now the Mercantile Building at the corner of Prince William and King Street, Saint John, NB. He was a Sea Captain at an early age, and I was told by my Grandmother, Mary Kathleen Wilcox, that there were five previous generations of sea captains.


Charles Verner Wilcox was born in Nova Scotia, and his mother was Sarah Peach.


There is confusion on Charles Verner Wilcox´s wife - Margaret Connelly and Margaret O´ Neil. I am not sure if one died, and he married again. Just not able to find enough records.


Another interesting part of my history is my grandmother; Mary Kathleen Wilkins was married to someone, and then had it annulled. She had a son; Charles Donald Wilcox (my father), and remarried to John Burton Wilkins, which shows as a record, I believe in 1947. I cannot find who she was previously married to.


On my mother´s side - Violet Mae Shaw, and her father was Harold Shaw, and mother was Myrtle Melvin. Apparently, George Bernard Shaw (the poet) is related, and at one time was in contact with Harold.


John Wilcox



Q16-5418 Free Will Baptist Church Records I am wondering if you can tell me where I might find information about the Minister of the Free Will Baptist Church in Saint John in 1892? I am trying to sort out a marriage certificate with the Minister’s name stated as J. Wesley Clarke. I want to know whether he was located in Saint John or in Lepreau, Charlotte County.


Heather Brenneman





The following queries (Q5347 to Q5391) appeared in the spring 2016 issue of Generations.


Q16-5347 BROWN: Looking for information on the parents of Abraham Brown who arrived with his family in Maugerville NB in 1787 (aged 17 according to a Land Petition.)

Abraham married Ruth Estey (d/o Zebulon Estey) in 1793. Rev. Clarke performed the ceremony in Maugerville (Clarke's records were lost in a fire.) His stone in the Andover/Perth cemetery says he was b. 1770 and d. 1853.


His son was named Jonathan - perhaps he was named after Abraham's father? The Estey and Brown families lived in Exeter Co. in the Massachusetts Bay colony and also Westchester NY which had to be evacuated when the Revolutionary War ended.


The N.B. Land Petition records include a land petition for Zebulon Estey and Abraham Brown. This Abraham Brown could be Abraham's father but we could not find if he was granted any land for his service.


Robert Brown, 



Q16-5348 BUSTARD: Looking for birth certificates for Susan Bustard (ca. 1858 NB) and Mary Bustard (b. 29 June 1860 NB according to her death certificate form Amsterdam NY). Susan and Mary are the daughters of John Bustard and Margaret (O'Hara) Bustard.


Cheryl Harding



Q16-5349 BUSTARD/O'HARA: Looking for the marriage banns/certificate for John Bustard and Margaret O'Hara some time before 1858. 


Cheryl Harding, 



Q16-5350 CAISSY/CAISSE: Looking for information on Caissy/Caisse (and possibly Sasey/Sacy/Sacey) migrations from New Brunswick to the Boston area,1800 to 1855. Trying to determine if the Sasey family was an offshoot of the Caisse name, possibly from the name Kuessy.


Jim Wilman



Q16-5351 CAMERON: Looking for information on Peter Cameron immigrated 1783 lived in Queensbury Canada in 1851 Census. Listed as Irish & wife as British American. His father may have died at sea & judging by arrival date, they may have been loyalists.





Q16-5352 CAMPBELL: Searching for parents of and other information about Cathern Ellen Campbell from Upper Blackville area married William Allen Harris (c. 1841 - 1922) Doaktown, NB.


Bert Harris



Q16-5353 CHURCHILL/GRANT/FOX: Looking for information - especially a death record - on Mary Jane Churchill born 1827 in Washburn. She married John Grant 21 Oct 1852 in Fredericton, NB and Sam Fox 28 Dec 1859 in Woodstock, NB.


Dave Percifield



Q16-5354 CLARKE: Looking for any info and pictures of the Old Carleton Burial Ground, Saint John West. My 7th great grandfather, a Revolutionary War British officer, William Clarke was buried there in 1804. Looking for more information on him. Also interested in land grants maps for Carleton (Saint John) ca. 1783.


Stenner Mason



Q16-5355 DAVIDSON: Looking for information on my ancestor, George Davidson, who married Margaret Harris. They were married in 1847 and my great grandfather, Harris Davidson, was born in 1862 in Bathurst, Gloucester County.

Looking to see if they are connected to William Davidson and Sarah Nevers. I found a George Davidson born in 1814 and another one born in 1819 in Oak Point, and it looks like they are both born to the same parents, James Davidson and Gertrude Savoie. Also looking for the parents of James.


Cheryl Cavanaugh 



Q16-5356 DICKINSON: Looking for birth, christening, marriage, death, burial information for the following: 1. William Dickinson (Woodstock 1805 - after 1871 Canterbury?) Rosanah Dow (Jefferson, ME 1808 - c.1852 Canterbury), son 2. Edward L Dickinson (Woodstock or Canterbury 1840 - after 1911 Canterbury or Woodstock), 3. grandaughter Angeline Dickinson (Canterbury 1868, 1931, Canterbury, Marne Cemetery), 4. great-grandaughter Martha L. Oliver (Canterbury 1889-1973 North Bay).

Are there Anglican parish record available in either Canterbury or Dumfries Parish, York Co. or possible in Woodstock that may have this information?


Marcus Millet



Q16-5357 FAIRLAMB: I am researching my ancestor, Samuel Fairlamb. He was part of the first group of Loyalist settlers in Beaver Harbour, NB, in the Spring of 1783. Looking for information on him and his family.


Mary (Fairlamb) Grunden



Q16-5358 FISH: Looking for parents and place of birth of John Fish (1794-1877) - born ___ buried Mount Chase Cemetery, Mount Chase, Penobscot, ME married into loyalist family, Elizabeth Pratt (1798-1876) born St. George, Charlotte County, NB. Elizabeth daughter of John Pratt. (1763-1848) (New Jersey Volunteers drummer). A John Fish testifies for Samuel Tarbell at Loyalist Commission 01/20/1788. A John Fish identifies positions of Samuel Tarbell to local authorities. A John Fish is foreman on Samuel Tarbell's farm, 1777. A John Fish is at Bunker Hill, A John Fish tavern keeper Bloomingboro ME 1781. Are these all the same John Fish or connected somehow?


John & Elizabeth had eight children all born at NB. Family with exception of David (1816) and John (1819) removed to Mount Chase ME about 1835.


Donald Fish, 



Q16-5359 FOSDICK: Looking for locations that may contain marriage and birth/baptism records in Kings and St John Counties of NB. My search is for the time period of 1783 to 1799 and the Nathanial & Rachel (Morrell) Fosdick family. I need primary sources for this information, which excludes books on family histories.


Lawrence Hoyt 



Q16-5360 GERRY: George Elbridge Gerry immigrated to Canada in/around 1828. According to his gravestone, he was related to Elbridge Gerry - Vice President under James Madison.

George Elbridge Gerry was born 1806 in Baltimore/ Norfolk, Virginia, and died January 21, 1880 in Andover, NB, buried at United Baptist Church Cemetery in Andover. He married Phoebe Sloat on January 03, 1835 in Carleton County, NB, daughter of Abraham Sloat and unknown. Looking for information on his parents and any other information that would establish his lineage.


Janis Carpenter




Q16-5361 GIBBS: Researching the Gibbs family of mine that supposedly was in New Brunswick in the 1760s. My ancestor Jesse Gibbs was supposedly born in 1760s NB, but don't know the town or county.


Freeman Bartek



Q16-5362 HALL: Cornelius Hall was born in New Brunswick 1804. My great-grandmother Hester Hall was his daughter or granddaughter. Looking for information on any UEL connection he may have. He was married to Jane Webb Brown daughter of William Chandler Brown.


Wendy Clapp 



Q16-5363 HANSON: Looking for information on my great grandmother Nettie M. Hanson I believe was born in Charlotte or Carleton County 1875 but I have been unable to find and information on her birth or her coming to the United States. Her parents were Elias Hanson and Lydia Johnson. Siblings: Albert Edward (born May 9 1878), John Joseph (b. May 24 1880) and Catherine Amelise (b. Dec 18,1884). I was hoping you would be able to tell me where to find information or anything that could help me in my research.


Megan Piorek



Q16-5364 JONES: I am looking for birth record of Sara Ann Jones, I have listed 4 May 1826 in Moncton, She was the daughter of Henry Jones who was born Sept 1800 also in Moncton. Henry came to the USA in abt 1832, the rest I have.


BabRhetta Maxwell



Q16-5365 KENYON: Stephen Andrew KENYON, age 18, drowned Jan 1972 at Burton Landing, per article in January 25 1972 of the Oromocto Monitor. He was stepson of WO MacDonald and lived at with mother and two half sisters at married quarters in CFB Oromocto. Looking for information on his burial place, probably in Fredericton.


Heather Ford 



Q16-5366 KIRKPATRICK/PATTERSON: I am trying to find the name of the ship my GGrandmother arrived on into St. John in 1831 from Donegal Ireland. Her married name was Kirkpatrick, maiden name Patterson. I did find where she arrived in 1831 with her 6 sons, but not the name of the ship. She settled in the Patterson settlement of New Brunswick along with 3 of her brothers who had come earlier.


Dell Finerty



Q16-5367 LEGGETT: I am researching the life and work of the New Brunswick poet William Martin Leggett, who came to New South Wales in 1848. After his death (1878) his sons described him as "Captain" and "Army Captain". I cannot find any record of him holding an officer’s commission in England or here, and I am wondering if he may have served as an officer with the New Brunswick militia pre-1845. Looking for any information on his earlier life including any military service in NB.


Chris Vening



Q16-5368 MacDONALD/HUDSON: I am searching for information on Sarah JANE McDonald born June 23 1853 in South Branch, NB & died Dec. 17 1895 in South Branch, NB. Her parents were probably Charles McDonald (1822-1895) and Ellen Dunn (1830-1898). I think she had 9 siblings. Looking for verification of Sarah Jane's parents.


Charlotte Gorley



Q16-5369 MADDEN/McALLISTER: Looking for information on Anna Madden who is said to be born in Ireland in 1827, her parents are said to be born in Ireland. Looking for birth date, date of arrival, which ship she came to NB on, and her connection to my John S. Madden ancestor. She married a twin named Duncan McAllister, born in 1825, in Hammond, Kings County, their daughter Sarah (b. 1852) was a servant on my John S. Madden (1832-1912) Great Grandfathers farm Madden Flats in 1860, (it was called Seeley Mills and today it's known as Waterford) while his wife Bridget (nee Gallagher 1838-1912) had her first daughter in 1860. Ann McAllister died in 1900- 1910 in Liberty, Iowa. I haven't been able to find a birth certificate, or a ship's list, on this Mystery lady. I do have the ship list when my GGrandfather was 10 and landed @ the Portland Ward in Saint John NB, in 1843 from County Galway, there were 3 boys and one only girl. Also, the family can be found in the 1852 NB Census (Studholm parish.)


P. Madden, 




Q16-5370 MALCOLM: Looking for information on the ancestors of a Capt. Malcolm and wife Jane. According to "Pikes Notes" they arrived in New Brunswick about 1786-87.  Capt. Malcolm died shortly after arrival leaving wife, Jane and son Robert.  Jane married William Vance in 1800.  Robert took the surname Malkson/Malkason after 1817 but before 1821.  He married Susan Ann Buzzell.  They had several children including, William Vance, Melinda, Jane Parker, Rufus, Robert, Lydia, and Rebecca.  Land records indicate a possible, George, and Daniel also.  William married Marjorie Ragen and their family moved to Topsfield, ME about 1848. Rufus married 1st, Belinda Woodcock, 2nd Phoebe Schools and moved to Waite, ME.  Robert and wife Sarah Coulter remained in St. David, NB.

Diane Malcolm, 




Q16-5371 McALLISTER/ WORTMAN/ WORKMAN: Looking for information on my 2nd great grandparents, Daniel and Ann McAllister. I am their 2nd great granddaughter twice, once thru their son James and once thru Deborah their daughter. I'm wondering if Ann Wortman is related to George Wortman and who she is descended from?


Shawn McAllister Landreth



Q16-5372 McLEAN: Researching William McLean (1817 - 1901) and Margaret Campbell (1819 - 1888) and their children and adopted grandson of Chatham NB: Jane (1844 - 1890), Margaret (1846 - 1943), William (Jr.) (1849 -), Elizabeth (1851-1894), Mary (1853 - 1940), Agnes (1855-1929), Archibald (1877 - 1932), John (1859 -), Annie (1863 - 1944), Francis (Frank) Albert (1872 -) adopted grandson.

Particularly looking for information on

1. William McLean (Jr.) who disappeared sometime after the 1871 census.

2. John McLean who disappeared after the 1871 census

3. Adopted grandson Francis (Frank) Albert McLean. Need his actual parents and death information. He emigrated to Rumford ME about 1902.


Glenn McLain 



Q16-5373 McCULLOUGH/STORER: My 2nd great grandmother Ann (McCullough) Storer and her family were from Saint John. I can't find a record of them except in the 1861 Canadian census. All her children were born there (possibly 10) of which only 4 survived and emigrated to the U.S. (Maine, the birthplace of her husband, Aaron Storer). According to the census, she was native to Saint John and a Baptist. Her name may have been McCully, McCauley, McCullum, MacCullough, McCullo. Her parent’s names may have been James and Gurce.


Holly Holman 



Q16-5374 MORRIS: Looking for information on my Gr-Grandfather Thomas Jarvis Morris' (ca. 1830 -) family. He and wife Mary Ann Kirkland (ca. 1840 - 1922) had several children including the 3 oldest Francis Elizabeth (ca. 1862 -), Leavina Jane (ca. 1875 - 1912), and Ella Nora (ca. 1877 - 1948), plus younger children Alice Mae, Isabella Clarissa, Minnie Dora, James Henry, Lillie Maude. They settled for many years in Carleton County in the Woodstock area. I have found baptism records for the younger children in a minister/parish book that was microfilmed. I am trying to find records on the 3 oldest children who may have been born in Chatham. Looking to find school records that may list these children. The school records would need to be anytime between 1870 and 1896. The family may have been members of St Paul's Church in Chatham as the father's death and youngest daughter's death were recorded by the Minister of that church. The family emigrated to Lynn, Mass. area between 1895 and 1920's.


Debra Morris



Q16-5375 MULLIN: Looking for information on David W. Mullin, born in the Sheffield area, Sunbury Co., NB in March of 1834 - married Letitia (nee Niles) daughter of Samuel Niles and Eunice Bell. David and Letitia's son, Sidney is my gr-great grandfather. I would like to know if it is possible to find out who David's parents were (their names and dates of birth if possible), if David had any siblings and if David's parents were also born in NB.


Jillian Nason



Q16-5376 MURPHY/QUIGLEY: Looking for information on John Murphy (ca 1796 - 1857) & Mary Quigley (- 1896) of North West Branch, Miramichi, and their parents/families. In their marriage record, Mary was of Newcastle Parish. In a published letter from a granddaughter of John and Mary, Mary tells her granddaughter that at first she was shocked by age of the man her brothers had brought her over from Ireland to marry. In another separate statement it mentions the Murphy brothers came over in company with some Quigley brothers. The Murphy's arrived c1817. In W. D. Hamilton in his book, Old North Esk., the earliest Quigley was named Richard and already married to Mary McInnis. Any information is appreciated.


Dennis Murphy



Q16-5377 NELSON/BOND: David Nelson (1806-1881) married Sarah Bond (1819-1896) in Restigouche on 05 May 1835. They raised their family at The Kempt Road. David and Sarah are buried in the Broadlands Kempt Road Cemetery. Looking for help to determine their origins, and any information about their ancestors, siblings and descendants. Photos of this family would also be appreciated.


Sandra Tramer



Q16-5378 NICHOLAS DENYS (village)/SIROIS: I’m trying to gather information about a small town in New Brunswick named Nicholas Denys. It is in the Beresford area, I believe. During the 60’s, there was a priest named Yvon Sirois I believe. He worked intimately with the community, helping it through a difficult time, when the government was trying to eradicate the area.

If anyone in NBGS has information about this time, this place, or the people involved, I would be very grateful. If there are any suggestions as to where I should search, I will receive them gladly. 


Holly Deveaux, 

(contact editor)


Q16-5379 NICHOLLS/FOSTER: My grandmother, Ada Nicholls, born in Aston, Warwickshire. England, came to Gaspe with my grandfather Jeremy Sinnett, at end of the First World War.

She had a brother, Albert Alfred Nicholls (aged 26), who arrived in Halifax in 1924 on the SS Minnedosa, with his wife Elsie Foster & daughter Beatrice Ada Nicholls (aged 2). Albert Nichol died in a car accident, Oct. 12,1932. He is buried in McLeods Siding Cemetery.

I am looking for what happened to his wife & daughter after his death. I believe they lived in Campbellton.

The information that I have on his arrival, death & place of death was received from PANB; including a newspaper clipping from The Dalhousie News (dated Oct 19, 1932) about his accident.


Diane Sinnett



Q16-5380 O'NEILL: Looking for information on the Arthur J. O' Neill and Beatrice Cloe (nee McLeod) family of Fredericton. They had a daughter Pauline Nora who was my grandmother. According to Arthur's marriage record, his parents were George and Emily (Steward) O' Neill. 


Karen Boyle



Q16-5381 PAYNE: Looking to connect with anyone researching John Baptist Payne (1769 Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland - 1852 Sunbury County, Fredericton, York Co., New Brunswick). He was my 4x great-grandfather.


Wendy Brewer



Q16-5382 PERKINS: Looking for the parents of John Buckley Perkins who settled amongst the (Azariah and sons) Perkins farms in Springfield Parish, Kings, NB. John was born abt 1787 and died Nov. 1 1876, buried at the Lyon Cemetery, Gagetown, Queens, NB. He married Sarah Lyon in 1810. I believe he is the brother of Sarah Ann Perkins who married Alexander Clark in 1814 in Kingston, NB. But neither John nor Sarah Perkins appear to have any records showing their parents names. I thought maybe Azariah Perkins (loyalist), but neither John nor Sarah are mentioned in his will (1825) while the rest of his children are. I looked at some of the Buckley family but don't see a connection, at least not yet. I've heard claims of a possible DNA connection to Isaac Perkins (loyalist) but even so, hard documentation is still missing to back it.


Dan Clark    



Q16-5383 SANDERSON: Looking for local information on George Sanderson who immigrated to Canada between 1873-5 from Scotland. He married Elizabeth Matthews (from Nfld.) in Montreal. He was employed in several capacities with the Bank of Nova Scotia in NB (in Moncton, Saint John, and Woodstock) between 1880-1890 and it is any local information on himself and family which would be of great interest. Four children were born in NB during this period, Beatrice, Kathleen, Stanley and Bessie. Another daughter, Lilias was born in Montreal, previous to NB residence. During his residence in NB, George was very involved in breeding Skye Terriers. My research is based upon positioning George in the history of the foundation of purebred dogs in the region which is my area of focus.


Valerie Brideau, 



Q16-5384 SMITH: I am searching for the parents of Aaron Smith, born circa 1793 on Grand Manan when it was a US possession.

He married in Douglas Parish, York, NB, ca. 1829, Mary ___ (maiden name unknown), a woman of Welsh birth. It was actually probably Cardigan Settlement, as that is where he got a 300-acre land grant from the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Land Co.

Looking for information on his parent’s names, his date of birth; his wife's full name and their marriage date. Also, if you have records showing where the Smith family came from, perhaps Massachusetts or Rhode Island, I'd be interested in that also.


Merrylyn Sawyer 



Q16-5385 SMITH: Looking for information on a Smith family of Miramichi or Fredericton. I don't know if these people were from the US and migrated to Canada after or during the American Revolution or how they got to New Brunswick.

Milford M. Smith was born 3 Sept. 1875 at Dorn Ridge, York, NB, the son of Benjamin and Jemima Smith. Milford and his wife, Temperance Morehouse, moved to Presque Isle, Maine shortly after their marriage on 21 March 1901 Temperance was from Douglas, in York.

Benjamin was the son of Aaron and Annie Maria Smith. I assume all of Dorn Ridge, but I do not know for sure. Aaron may have been born in Massachusetts or elsewhere in colonial America. 


Merrylyn Sawyer



Q16-5386 STEWART/ABERNETHY: John Stewart, born in 1810 or 1811, married Margaret Abernethy on Aug. 25, 1835, in St. Mary's Parish, York County. Subsequent census records show John is 7 years older than Margaret. They moved to Hodgdon, Aroostook County, Maine around 1849. Looking for confirmation that Margaret Abernethy Stewart is the daughter of William V. Abernethy and Mary Young. Some records show this, but her name and birth date never show up in the list of the children. Looking for information on where her father, William Abernethy, 42nd Regiment soldier, was buried or when he died? He died in Taymouth, NB. Also, would like to resolve another discrepancy about the Abernethy family, William and Mary married in 1810, but their first daughter's (Jane or Jennie Abernethy) birth date is always listed as 1807/1808?


Tracy Stewart



Q16-5387 SWIM: Do you have any information on anyone who is researching the Swim family in the Fredericton area.


Cecil Swimm



Q16-5388 TRITES/WILBUR: Looking for any information in reference to an ancestor of mine. Her name was Rebecca Ann (Wilbur) Trites, born abt. 1798, Hopewell, Westmorland, NB Canada. Her father may have been David Wilbur of New Horton, NB.


Joe Mozzone 



Q16-5389 WHEATON: I am in search of an ancestor James Wheaton, an UEL, that seems to have disappeared after he sold his 100-acre parcel of land that was granted to him in Prince William, York County NB, 1785, and sold in 1798. Death records reveal nothing in any province.

Could you help with how to research into these possibilities?

1) He may have returned to New York. Looking for a Ship's log/passenger list for that same year of 1798.

2) He may have been incarcerated/hospitalized and perished.


Frances Scott/Wheaton



Q16-5390 WHITE: I've been trying to research the father of one of my ancestors, Robert White, with little success. I have found a Robert White, came over on the Perseus in 1834, and lived in Fredericton, York, New Brunswick, Canada in 1861 with his wife, Sarah J, two boys, Charles and Robert, and one daughter, Charlotte. Robert is recorded as age 34 which doesn't really echo the passenger record on the Perseus. I have not been able to find any other records. 1861 census says Robert is a shoemaker. He may be the Robert in the 1902 death records for Kingston, at age 78. There are no other names tied in to assist me in confirming.


I would appreciate any assistance you can provide me. I have already been trying to utilize the http://archives.gnb.ca/ Irish databases.


Victoria Vassar  



Q16-5391 WIDBUR: Looking for information on J. Harry Widbur's ancestry. My mother's name is Elaine Robinson, she is the middle child of Gordon Leslie Widbur (d.19 May 1981) and Thelma Grace Widbur (née Munson d.07 Dec 2007). Gordon's father was J. Harry Widbur. Harry's grandmother was Hannah Matilda Marsters of King's or Hants Co. NS. She had several children: Harry's mother (name not given), Agnes, Carrie, Cassie, Shubael Dimock Marsters (named for his gr-grand father), Ella, Harvey, Amy Ellise, Charles Munroe and William Osborne. Carrie married Alex Watson and lived in Boston; Agnes married Thomas McNeil. J. Harry thought that Noah Webb was his gr-gr-gr-grandfather. Mom would like to know who she is, as this written history of J. Harry's is not consistent with what she was told. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Tania G. Robinson






The following queries were posted to this website on 31 March 2016.


Q16-E ALLEN: In 1861 Census, Westmorland, Botsford; lived my husbands’ ancestors (ALLEN [Benjamin 1835-1823] They had started maybe in the States then Botsford, down to Illinois and back to Botsford) George Allen was bn 1827-1912 mar 2x and had way too many children. But back to the question on page 1 of Botsford census George is listed in middle above his wife Ellis (Alice), he is age 34, race "native". 

Also, in family search when you check print out it lists Georg Allen as 46 bn abt 1815 Race-Native film #C-1006. So, my question is - Is native as it shows on the 1861 Census mean Native as in Race or Native as in living in Botsford? Wouldn't "Indian" have been used back in 1861?

In my mil immediate family on the Allen side there were many children, half were white and the other half were definitely Native in color.


Elizabeth Andrews



Q16-D HAYES: I am trying to find out information about my maternal great-grandfather, Thomas Hayes.  I know little of him, and as he died while my grandmother was still an infant there is no oral history.  My grandmother was born in 1889 in Winn, Maine and her mother, who had been widowed, remarried there in 1892.    What I know of him comes from my grandmother's marriage's license and the U.S. 1870 census.  He was 18 in 1870 and lived in Old Town, Maine.  He was born in Saint John, NB in 1852.  He died circa 1890.  I don't know if he kept in touch with relatives in New Brunswick, although a cousin told me that one of his sons used to visit there. 


Charles Bihun,



Q16-C KIDDER: Looking for any information on Calvin KIDDER, b1765 NH, who arrived in St. Stephen ~1784. He didn't marry until 1798 and married Miss or Mrs. Mercy GREENLAW. They had a child in Jan. 1799, but Calvin was killed in a boating accident one week later.


Their son, Joseph "Calvin" KIDDER, only known as Calvin, grew up in St. Stephen. His mother remarried to Ambrose BATES and had more children. Calvin (1799-1891) and his mother moved over to Calais ~1830. Calvin married Mary WILKINS from Amity, ME. They lived in Calais and had 6, surviving children.  Looking for all descendants of this couple.


Only 3 of their sons lived long enough to provide grandchildren, John lived in Calais, then Joseph and J. Calvin, lived in Princeton, ME. One daughter died young; the other daughter married but had no children.


Betty Fredericks



Q16-B MALLORY: Requesting assistance verifying birth/marriage/death (with name of parents) for the following: 


Harriet Mallory b. 21 Feb 1831, Wakefield Parish, Carleton, New Brunswick, married 28 Jan 1852 Thomas Endicott (Everitt/Everett) in Wakefield, Carleton NB. She died 25 Aug 1904 Jacksontown, NB

Parents: Jane Snow b. 4 Sep 1801, Granville, Nova Scotia

William N. Mallory b.  11 Jul 1795, Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Married:  12 Nov 1818, Wakefield Parish, Carleton, New Brunswick


Am searching for documentation of Harriet's birth with her parent’s names on birth/christening certificate.  This documentation will verify that Harriet is the daughter of the above, and information will be sent with my paperwork for consideration of the Mayflower Society. 


Kathleen Fisher



Q16-A MARSHALL: Catherine Marshall, born 1826 in Annapolis Royal, parents Levi and Catherine (White) Marshall; she married James P. Pierce, born 1826 in New Brunswick.

The parents of James P. were William and Mary M. Pierce, residence in 1852 Kent, Carleton, NB.  In 1864, Minotte n, Albert, Carleton, St. John.
James and Catherine moved to the US with their son William C. Pierce, born Aug 7, 1866, in Annapolis (among other children).  William Cromwell Pierce is my great grandfather. Looking for information on this family.


Pierce W. Hance


The following Queries were posted on the Saint John Branch page prior to 2016
Q-pre16-A-GRIFFIN:  I am researching my Griffen Family with about 300 years of Canadian roots in the NB area. My father, William A Griffin was born in Saint John NB on April 1st, 1925 (I think at St. Johns Hospital) and passed away on 10/15/2010. His father was William T Griffin (DOB abt. 1903) and mother was Bertha May Thompson (DOB abt. 1902) from the Saint John, NB area. Anything regarding my grandparents on would be appreciated. Please provide any links to documents and sources - if any.
Scott C Griffin - scgriff@hotmail.com
Q-pre16-B-MARTIN: I am seeking to find when an Alexander Martin arrived in Saint John, NB. He is reported at the time of his death in 1874 to have been a resident of Saint John for 32 years and is recorded in the 1851 census as living there until his death. How would I find out when he arrived in Canada from I believe Scotland where he was born? He owned a successful confectionery business in Saint John for over 20 years.
Adam Spence - adamspence@sympatico.ca
Q-pre16-C-STARKEY: Anna Maria Alcock married William Starkey.  They were from Roscarbery, Co. Cork, Ireland and had several children. Their oldest daughter, Ann Limrick Starkey, married John Connor in 1844 in Saint John, had one child there, John Starkey Connor in 1846. I would like to find out what became of Wm and Anna Maria's other children as well as Anna Maria.  I think Wm Starkey died in 1855 or 1856 in Saint John. Ann Limrick Starkey Connor died in 1851 in Illinois.  (There is another unrelated Starkey family from Queens Co.)  Willing to pay for research help.
Mark O'Connor - points@maui.net
Q-pre16-D-BRIGHT/HAMILTON: I am in the UK trying to locate long-lost relatives of my Mother’s that moved to Saint John about 100 years ago. The family name is Bright and there are many existing descendants but I have failed so far to trace any. Through the internet I have found 3 marriages from the 1940s and 1950s. My mother's Uncle Tom, Albert Thomas Bright, originally emigrated. We have photos when he was in the Saint John Fusiliers during WW1. A couple of his 6 children visited the family in the UK in the 40s. Agnes Rose Bright married Nelson George Hamilton in 1953.  Their son, Norman, has put some tree info on Ancestry but I have been unable to contact him. Are there were any amateur genealogists in Saint John that could maybe help me. Any help would be very appreciated as I and a couple of cousins will be visiting Canada in June 2015 and plan on coming to Saint John. It would be great if we had someone to visit.
Phil Smart - phil.smart@philipsmart.co.uk
Q-pre16-E-FOWLER: Josiah Peters Fowler b. Jan.18, 1809 New Brunswick d. Oct.6, 1873 Ontario (From: A Loyalist's Legacy The Family of Robert Land). Married Nov.20 1834 at Ancaster, Ont. Abigail Land. So at age 25 was in Ontario. Birth in New Brunswick is consistent in Canadian Census's as also is his religion Wesleyan Methodist.  Seeking to know who his parents and family are and where they came from in New Brunswick. Also if they are UELs?
 Ruth Denham - brdenham@shaw.ca
My Parents are Marie Annette Hickey (Carrier) Born Dec 20th 1945 in Lorne New Brunswick; Married May 4th, 1963 in Lorne New Brunswick Joseph James Hickey Born January 30th,1935
My Moms parents were Florence Carrier (Lavigne) Born May 22nd 1921 Married April 19th 1937 Nashs Creek, New Brunswick Joseph James Carrier Born October 30th,1910
My Dads Parents were Marie Lina Carrier Born December 13th, 1905 Married 1922 Joseph Hickey
Kathy Gregoire - kgregoire79@hotmail.com
Q-pre16-G-CHURCH ON CHARLOTTE STREET: I am looking for information on the Baptist church 162 Charlotte Street Saint John NB. Can anyone tell me the full name of the church, who owned it, the pastors and was there any sudden deaths in this church. Thank you.
Chris Hart - christineholly@hotmail.com
Q-pre16-H-WALKER: I am researching the family tree and have discovered quite a few members of the Walker family worked at the sugar refinery. I heard there used to be a sugar cub magazine? I would like to know how to get a hold of copies of this.  Are any employee records still available? I am trying to track retirement dates.      
Also, my great grandfather (William walker) was supposed to have been a mailman. He went to Campbellton first in 1906 when he immigrated but within 10 years they were living in Saint John.
Also, any other pertinent information you might have would be appreciated!
Margaret Walker - margaret_r_walker@yahoo.ca
Q-pre16-I-GRAVE PHOTO HELP: I am seeking some assistance to obtain a couple of obituaries and grave photos from your area and wonder if there are any members of your group willing to help out?  I would be more than pleased to reciprocate with assistance here in Victoria, BC.
Ed Paquette - rcnsailortoo@hotmail.com