The following queries (Q5734 to Q5754) were posted on 11 November 2020.


Q20-5734 ALEXANDER: Veterans Affairs Canada is looking for a photo

Private Charles Alexander

DOD: April 9, 1917

Service Number: 444952

Age: 29

Force: Army

Unit: Canadian Infantry (New Brunswick Regiment)

Division: 26th Bn.

Born: May 15, 1887, Newcastle, New Brunswick

Enlistment: June 15, 1915, Sussex, New Brunswick

Spouse of Mary Jane Alexander of Newcastle, New Brunswick.

Attestation papers

Trade: labourer


Mother pre-deceased him. Step-father James Paul, St. John, NB.  Son Peter Alexander.

Sailed on Oct 30, 1915. Arrived in England SS Corsician Nov 9, 1915. April 15, 1916 transferred to 26th Battalion France.


Priscilla Giroux

Program Officer, Commemoration

Veterans Affairs Canada / Government of Canada

 / Tel. 902-394-2632


Q20-5735 ALWARD: I have been look for proof of lineage connecting Anne Alward d/o Oswald Alward & Mary ??? (Bergman) 1st wife of Oswald. I have all the connections from Anne to my husband and everything from Oswald back, plus gave Dominion copies of the archives first families and such but they will not except these as proof, they say I need a family bible or a birth certificate. 

Can you help me, I would like to get my father-in-law his EU status for his birthday this December, he will be 86 and it would be nice for him to have something to talk about in the nursing home. We are in Ontario.


Mary Melvin


Q20-5736 ARBOUR: Just wondering if ANYONE has information to these two "Arbour"s (I here suspect are actually Arbo/Arbeaus). Looking for other official or familial references. The petition mentions the three KNOWN Arbos/Arbeaus of the period John, his brother Joseph and Joseph's wife Amy.

M. Sean Chapman


Q5737-2020 BOYCE: I am interested in researching my grandmother's family genealogy, her name was Elizabeth Boyce and she was born on March 4th 1904 and died on November 23rd 1973. I am very interested in trying to find out more information about her parents, grand parents and great great grand parents.

Elizabeth Boyce's parents were (father) John Wesley Boyce born 1876 in Harcourt (Kent) county NB. and died in 1954. Elizabeth Boyce's mother's name was Susan Selena (nee Donald) Boyce and was born in 1879 and died 1954      


Janice Ballance


Q20-5738 CAMERON: Veterans Affairs Canada is looking for a photo of Private James Cameron and information on his life before and during his enlistment in the First World War.  I searched your site under Restigouche branch, he was born in New Mills, NB. 


Private James Cameron

DOD: April 9, 1917

Service Number: 709705

Age: 24

Force: Army

Unit: 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (Quebec Regiment)

Born: February 5, 1893

Attestation papers

Born New Mills, NB, Feb 5, 1893

Father Joseph Cameron. Active Militia before enlisting. Mother was dead at time of enlistment.

Trade: labourer

Enlisted November 11, 1915, Sussex, NB. Departed Halifax June 28, 1916 SS Olympic.  Arrived July 5, 1916, Liverpool. In the field, France Nov 29, 1916.

Foster mother Mrs. Isabelle Gournaville Issac, Bonaventure County, QC


Priscilla Giroux

Program Officer, Commemoration

Veterans Affairs Canada / Government of Canada

Tel. 902-394-2632


Q20-5739 ESTEY: My ancestor Mary Elizabeth Estey born September 6th 1800 and died March 8th, 1864 and was married to the Reverend Samuel Hartt (a prominent Baptist minister). They're both buried in the Lower Waterville UNited Baptist Cemetery. I have a family history book that states she was taken care of by her Aunt Ruth Estey Everett and Mary was the granddaughter of John and Molly Hartt Estey who resided in Kingsclear in York County. Her parents are a complete mystery. Do you have any source that states Mary was raised by her aunt Ruth and she was related to John and Molly? I can't find anything in the Provincial Archives or Probates that connects Mary to any of her relatives besides her husband and children. Any help would be appreciated. 


Amy Brooks


Q20-5740 HAMILTON: I am searching John Hamilton b: 1811 Ireland and wife Christiana b: 1815 IrelandThey died in Carlton Co. NB in 1889.  I believe they came NB in 1837 and bought a farm. Do you know anything about them or any one who is also searching this family?  


Barbara Richards


Q20-5741 HARTT: I've searched and searched, but I can't find anything that proves my ancestor Thomas E. Hartt (born August 22, 1823 and died March 2, 1885, married to Mary Jane True ) was the son of Reverend Samuel Hartt Jr. and Mary Estey Hartt. I did find a NB census from 1851 that lists Samuel and Mary's other children, but Thomas was already married and had his own separate household when the census was taken, so he wasn't listed under his father's household.  If anyone can help me prove Thomas was Samuel and Mary's son, I would be so grateful. 


Amy Brooks


Q20-5742-HOWELL: Bass River, Kent County, New Brunswick. The church burnt years ago, thus no records.

Brothers and sisters of Asa Howell are: William, John, Joseph, James, George, Annanias, Annie & Mary.

Asa Howell m Eliza (McDougall) Campbell – lived in Bass River, Kent Co, NB. She had Campbell children (Husband died) previous to marrying Asa Howell.

Children of Asa & Eliza Howell:

1.Mildred Matilda Howell d 1969  m Ezekiel Nickerson d 1963

2.Isaac Wilson Howell b 1887-1950 m Grace Annabella McKnight 1871-1979 (Petitcodiac, NB)

3.Charles Nickerson Howell d 1975 m Gladys Seymore d 1986 (Havelock/Cornhill, NB)


Sharon Connors


Q20-5743 KIERSTEAD: I was looking for - The Descendants of William Robert Kierstead and
Susanna Milton". I am looking to do an United Empire Loyalist application based on Isaiah Kierstead, but I cannot seem to find an online document to tie Isaiah to his son Gilbert Lester Kierstead. I have tied all other links together with documents online from Gilbert Lester through Christopher Wilson to William Robert to Roy Edward to my mother Constance Allison to me. Any assistance in clearing up this final
hurdle would be much appreciated.

Gordon Miller


Q20-5744 LANGILLE:   I am researching information for Roma Langille murder/suicide in
Baywaters, near Grand Bay 1967.   Jean Vair was my grandmother.  She passed away a few years ago in Sudbury, Ontario.  She did have two children with Arthur Langille.  Twins.  They are still living so I hesitate to post their names.  They were adopted out when Arthur died.  Not sure when though.  One of the twins found Jean many years ago and that is how I came to find this part of my family tree. Jean had a child in 1942.  A girl named Roma.  She died August 1976.  When she died she went by the name of Roma Silver.  She was involved in a murder suicide in Bayswater, New Brunswick.  Maurice Hoar was the gentleman that died along with her.  I only have a newspaper clipping on the incident and know no further details than this. I am wondering if Arthur Langille was the father of Roma.  It makes sense since they married the same year. Jean was 19 and Arthur was 64.  I would love to find out more about Roma.  I wonder if she had children?  My cousins would be older I believe but not by much.  I am 38.  I do know that Roma lived in Saint John in her her teen years.  I am not sure who raised her but she did know who her mother was.


Valerie Henley-Newell


Q20-5745 LIND: I as a swede trying to find a longlost relative who was living in NB for some time be a member to get some info or advice. I am looking for GUSTAV LIND b. 1893 in Sweden and His wife Teatsie FENERTY b. 1899 in Halifax. They married 1919 iin St John then I just know that Teatsie lived in Montreal 1940 and remarried and died in 1964 in Montreal. Someone has told me they got two Children: Stewart or Stuart b. 1925-1930 and Marian a Little younger. I assume they were born in NB. They were not born in Montreal.


Ann-Marie Resman


Q20-5746 McCAUSTLIN: I recently found out through DNA testing, that my biological father was from St. John, New Brunswick. His name was Edward Leo McCaustlin [1902-1969] and he seems to have lived all his life in St. John except for when he served in the Carlton and York regiment of the Canadian Army in the Second World War.  For a while he was stationed in England, where I was born in 1943. I believe that after he came home from the war, he lost a leg, whether it was through an accident or through an illness I do not know. He died in 1969 in D.V.A. Lancaster Hospital in West St. John where he had been for 1 year, 3 months and 25 days. I have been able to find his birth, marriage and death certificates and also where he is buried, and I have sent off for his army service records, but because of Covid there is no telling when I will receive them. Through I was also lucky enough to get in touch with, and visit [before Covid], a niece of his in BC.

I am planning a trip to New Brunswick soon, probably in 2021, and want to arm myself with as much information about him as I can before I get there so that I can visit some of the places where he lived and worked. So, I was wondering if any members could offer me advice on where to go and what to look for in my search once I get to New Brunswick.


Malcolm McBain


Q20-5747 NAKAYAMA: I am trying to locate some information on a New Brunswick resident Chunin Hideyoshi Nakayama. Nakayama is the family name. My understanding is that he passed away some time in 1999. 

I am hoping to discover the burial location of my martial arts instructor's Teacher, he started training with this man from the age of 6 and was essentially like a father to him, and it would mean a lot to him to be able to go and pay his respects. I'm hoping that someone from your organization might be able to help me.


Dan Deschambault


Q20-5748 OSBORNE: My great-great grandfather James Osborne (1852-1923) settled in Ferrybanks, which was near Sand Brook and Wirral.  According to Harlan Nason, this area "was settled about 1870 by several families who left Saint John to escape flu epidemics that had caused much sickness in that city" (Harlan Nason, Back Creek and South Branch Settlements (Wirral, N.B., 2000), p. 42).  Nason states that this settlement was named after the Baptist minister who led the group.  It burned in 1903.  James Osborne moved to nearby Wirral and is buried in its United Baptist Church Cemetary. When I last visited some years ago, relatives were still living on the family property in Wirral. It would be good to know if anyone has more information about this initial settlement of Ferrybanks, or about the antecedents of this James Osborne.


Thomas M. Osborne Jr.


Q20-5748A PRICE: Looking for the parents of William Thomas Price of England 1799-1884 Canterbury, NB. Married Lydia Wott Grant 1824 Northampton, Carleton, NB.


Barry Price


Q20-5749 QUIGLEY: I am Dennis Murphy of Alabama, USA. I am researching the Quigley side of my family.

In his book, OLD NORTH ESK on the Miramichi, W D Hamilton mentions that my John Murphy married a Mary Quigley from the Newcastle Parish.

His book (I have the first edition only) states that church records say the Mary was from the Newcastle Parish. As his book was focused on Old North Esk on the Miramitchi, he did not go into detail.

In our family oral history, there is a story of a letter Mary Quigley Murphy wrote to a grandchild in Pennsylvania, USA.  In that letter she wrote that her brothers had sent for her in an arranged marriage with John Murphy of North Esk. After she arrived, she found out that John was 13 years her senior, an old man as she put it. Mary was in her early 20's, John was about 36. Mary also said that he brothers came over in the company of the Murphy brothers.

Oral family history places them in County Wexford, as relayed to me by my grandfather James Stanley Murphy Sr. James Stanley is a grandson John Murphy.

I have found only one Mary Quigley in County Wexford who was baptized 24 JUN 1810 in Wexford. There is only one Quigley family in County Wexford at that time.

She arrived in New Brunswick about 1832/3 and was married in a Catholic ceremony in 1833.

The Murphy & Quigley brothers, if they came together, would have arrived about 1817 according to legal documents available. I would like to know more about the Quigley's of Newcastle in that era


Dennis Murphy


 Q20-5750 RASLEY: I am looking for a long-lost ancestor from Sweden and it would of great help if I could get the Death of his mother-in-law. Her name was MARY RASLEY (married FENERTY) she was born 5th of AUGUST 1870 or 1869 in Halifax. She died in St John as she lived with the other daughter after she was a widow in 1908. She was alive in census 1921 so her Death date must be after 1921.


Ann-Marie Resman


Q20-5751 WALKER: David Walker was born in Molus River, Kent, NB around 1860. I believe the civil parish was Weldford. His wife was Mary McCarthy nee McDougall. I believe they were Presbyterians. David's father John died after 1860 but before 1891. David Walker died after 1911 while his wife died on 5 April 1940 in Molus River. His mother was Elizabeth to husband John. The goal of my research is to find a place of birth overseas for John Walker.


Michael Brophy                                      


Q20-5752 WILSON: My grandmother was born in St Stephen, in 1872. I would love to obtain a copy of her birth certificate.
She was a fascinating woman – she married the son of one of the founders of the Prudential Insurance Company, Edgar Percy Ward.  After Edgar died at age of 44 she took her daughter, my Mother, to France, Switzerland and Italy where she lived as a single and well-off woman between the great wars. She died in 1948 and is buried in the in Rome, Italy. I would be most fascinated to obtain a copy of her birth certificate.  Unfortunately, birth certificates are not available online prior to 1892. The only details I have are Laura Edith Wilson, Born 1872.
Charles Darwall


Q20-5753 WORRALL:   I am currently researching my family tree and have hit a huge brick wall in regards to the family of my great great grandmother, Mary Jane Worrall.  I am looking for any information on a merchant who I believe was George Worrall and lived in St John in the early 1800’s up to about 1840.  His wife’s name was Elizabeth but I do not know her maiden name.  They have for sure two children, George born in 1821 (was a merchant in his own right in St John on Duke Street and died in 1872) and Mary Jane born in 1824 in St John, Mary Jane married my Great great grandfather, Arthur Daniel on August 7, 1849 in St John. Arthur is the younger brother of Thomas W. Daniel who managed a major store in St John, Daniel & Boyd. Arthur was a mill owner and his mill was Kirk and Daniel set in Portland beside St John.  However, I am stumped on the Worrall side of the family.  All efforts to locate or even find information on this line has hit a dead end.  Can you provide any information on obtaining perhaps marriage, birth or death records for the Worralls.  I have searched all on line database for New Brunswick but they do not go far enough back and are to no effect.  Dates I have are as follows:

  • Mary Jane Worrall - Born 1824 in St John (Can I get a certificate for this?)  Died 1894 (obtained the burial certificate, no parent names)

  • George Worrall Jr. - Born 1821 (Can I get a certificate??)  Died 1872 (Can I get a certificate for this??)

  • Elizabeth ??? married name Worrall - I found she was born in Nova Scotia in 1792 but have no name to search Death 1874 St John (Can I get a burial or death certificate?? So far no luck)

  • George Worrall Sr - Complete mystery.  I do know he was merchant and believe he had ships that sailed out of St John in the 1830’s but can find nothing else


Barbara Musgrave


Q20-5754 UNMARKED GRAVE PROGRAM: My name is Paul Gallinger, I have been tasked to search for the names and locations of all eligible Canadian and Allied Veterans who have died five or more years ago, and lie in unmarked graves. In March of 2019, the Indigenous Veterans Initiative was launched in an effort to commemorate and honour the memory of over 18,000 Indigenous Veterans, many of whom are thought to lie in unmarked graves.

   In June 1996 the Last Post Fund (LPF) created the Unmarked Grave Program whose objective is to provide a permanent military marker for eligible Veterans who lie in unmarked graves.

  This program is available to veterans whose grave has not had a permanent headstone or foot marker for five years or more, and who have not previously received funeral and burial funding from the LPF or Veterans Affairs Canada


Indigenous Veterans

   The LPF introduced the Indigenous Veterans Initiative which has two components:

  To provide grave markers to Indigenous Veterans deceased for five years and lying in unmarked graves,

   To add traditional names of Indigenous Veterans to existing military grave markers.

    Both of these initiatives’ components require research and community support from members of Indigenous communities throughout Canada.


Paul Gallinger



The following queries (Q5721 to Q5733) were posted on 19 August 2020.


Q20-5721 BROWN: Joseph Alex Brown born July 14, 1842 in New Brunswick and died June 19, 1900 in Cedaro, NE. Was married March 21, 1861 in Jones, IA to Martha Ellen Porter. She was born March 29, 1842 in Licking, OH and died Sept 28, 1912. Look for information on Joseph Brown.


Bryan Matheson

(contact editor)


Q20-5722 BRAZIER: I am trying to locate this man mentioned in the newspaper article and get a Last Post marker if there is a bare plot.  SURREY MIRROR UTD COUNTY POST, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1917 ... things that have confidence will equal even this. CANADIAN SOLDIER MARRIED. The marriage took place at St. Matthew's 1 Church, Redhill, on October 27th, of 1 Pte. Ira Chesley Brazier, the Canadians. I to Miss Elsie Florence Wood, of Red hi 11. The ...

Published: Friday 09 November 1917
Newspaper: Surrey Mirror
County: Surrey, England
Type: Article | Words: 2610 | Page: 5 | Tags: none


He and his wife had many children according to Ancestry, all Moncton. Where is his grave?


Allan Miller


Q20-5723 BROWN: I am searching for information about Joseph & his parents. Joseph Alec Brown (b) July 14, 1842 NB, (d) June 19, 1900 NE, USA. Buried in Reading, Berks co. PA, wife Martha Ellen Porter (1842-1912). His parents Alexander Brown (1814-?), Angeline (1820-?). Martha Parents. Joseph Porter (1812-1885), Sarah Bebout (1816-1860).


Bryan Matheson

(contact editor)


Q20-5724 BURKE: I understand that there was a Martin Burke that landed in Saint John from Ireland in 1831 but I cannot find any info on him.  Do you have any suggestions or information on him?  Our Martin Burke got married in Windsor, NS in 1838.  Says he is Irish may be from Cork.


Faye Calder



Q20-5725 COFFEY: I am researching a family named Coffey which immigrated from Galway, Ireland in 1847. They arrived in May 1847 on the barque Amazon, but the father died at Partridge Island in July.  Four young children were placed in the destitute orphan asylum, probably in June/July 1847, spent a few weeks in the almshouse (for illness) in October, then were sent back to the orphan asylum in November 1847. The older sister, Bridget was 15 at the time and was (apparently) not permitted to take the younger children with her, but in November 1847 succeeded in taking them out of the orphan asylum to Boston.

     Do you know of any genealogical sources showing the names and death dates (or burial records) of the immigrants who died in connection with the mass migration of 1847? (The family's mother, also named Bridget, is ASSUMED to have died while crossing from Liverpool, but no deaths were reported on the barque Amazon and she does not show up as a Partridge Island casualty).

    Additionally, do you know of any registers of children who were sent to the destitute orphan asylum?

    My only current sources are an index to the immigrant hospital which shows the 4 children entering and then returning to the orphan asylum, plus a notation that John Coffey, age 40, died at Partridge Island in July 1847. The 15-year-old Bridget was reported to have "returned from Boston" to take the children out of the orphan asylum and take them to Boston.

     Admittedly, these people stayed in Saint John for a short period of time and left few legal actions behind before they relocated to Boston, MA, so it is probable that they left no other genealogical tracks.


Franklin O. Sorenson



Q20-5726 DOHERTY: Who are the parents of George Doherty may be. If the censuses are correct George was born c1824 in NB, married Maria Anne Winters, daughter of Nathaniel Winters who he & Maria were living with in 1851 in Dumfries Parish (now Canterbury Parish). The Provincial Returns of Death for George is March 24, 1908 in Benton, York County, NB at age 90 and noting he was born at Skiff Lake, York County, NB.


Lawrence Derrick


Q20-5727 FINLEY: I am interested on finding information on Dennis Finley (or his relations) who was granted land at Westfield NB, in the early 1800s (ca 1812). I have seen several references on-line that note the New Brunswick Genealogical Society has a copy of Finley, Alden G., Finley-Taylor Ancestors and Relations, A Genealogical Reference (Second Edition - Privately Published Nov 1986 in its holdings.  Is this document available for viewing or borrowing by NBGS members?


Scott Finley


Q20-5728 FORCE: Do you have any Force, Demiller and Brentin/Bunting. Philip Force came to Saint John in 1808 from Sussex Parish, Kings Co. with wife and Children. Daughter Rhoda married William DeMilles Jan 26, 1828 at Saint John. Both where of Hampton.  Daughter Elizabeth married Roland Brenten/Bunting Feb 8, 1816 in Saint John. They were all large land owners in the area.


Mrs Mary Lou Force Drew

(contact editor)


Q20-5729 GERRARD: I have a photograph of my father (Colin Gerrard, now deceased) with a fellow airman, both in RAF uniform taken at Moncton NB by Earl R Wilcox, probably in 1942-43. I know he trained at Grosse Ile (I also have a photograph of No 9 Initial Training Wing, by Thos F Holte). 

    I understand that photographic studios often keep records and hoped that the archives of this studio may still exist. Do you have any information or suggestions to help direct my search for further details of who his colleague may be, and what occasion the photograph captured please?


I'm in Bedfordshire in the UK, so a very long- distance research project.


Kath Gerrard


Q20-5730 McFARLANE: I have Walter MCFARLANE in my ancestry tree marrying first, Jean RISK and second, Patience MACRAE (1761-1843) in 1795. Patience MACRAE, b. 1761 in North Carolina; d. 1843 probably Elmsville, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada. Married Walter MCFARLANE in 1795, per declaration on petition for survivor’s benefit of Revolutionary War soldier. Walter was a member of the 74th Regiment of Foot. Patience and Walter had six children together

Unfortunately, provenance is in short supply. Hope this helps.


Gerry Goss


Q20-5731 McIVER:  I wonder if someone could quickly look to see if my great grandfather is listed in your database of obituaries. He was born in Scotland in 1824, joined the Royal Navy and then the Coast Guard and eventually retired to Arthuret parish near Carlisle, England. The Arthuret church burial list includes his wife, a son and his wife and one child. The church registration of deaths lists these individuals as well as John McIver, my great-grandfather, but he is listed as having died in "Springfield NB" on 11 Dec 1900. He is listed in the 1891 census for Arthuret parish, and I know his wife died in 1898, but I don't know when or why he might have travelled to Canada. I searched New Brunswick vital statistics and, but no sign of him, even with trying common variations: McIvor, MacIver, and MacIvor. This is my only possible family history connection to New Brunswick all the others were prairie homesteaders. I am hoping someone in your organization would be willing to conduct this one search of your obit database and let me know what they find, if anything. If this request is contrary to NBGS policies or practices, I understand and thank you for taking the time to read this! Stay well.


Don Wright


Q20-5732 THORNTON: Trying to locate data on Cynthis Sears, maiden name Thornton. Married to Jerimiah Sears (born 1785, died, 1869 Sackville, NB) Cynthia supposedly born in Buctouche, Kent NB, 11 Sep 1788; died in Sackville, NB, 1 Dec 1865. Can't verify source for Cynthia Sears, birth or death.  Appreciate any assistance.


Bruce Plummer


Q20-5733 WALSH: I am looking for information regarding James Walsh/Welsh 1758-1812.  He is  in one of the first families mention in FIRST FAMILIES OF NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY.  I live in Repentigny near Montreal, Quebec.  Thank you for your time and wonderful job for people like me that enjoy doing family trees for family and friends.  I am 74 years old and this is my pass time.


Karen Lorraine Nielsen





I am seeking to purchase the above out of print book from a NBGS member or would ask for a look up if a member can do that.  I would prefer to purchase. 


Lavonne Anderson



Answer to Queries


Q20-5704 O'REGAN and his family.

   You can find Daniel Francis O'Regan's headstone on  Daniel is buried in the Riverside Catholic Cemetery, Riverside-Albert, Albert County, New Brunswick.  The inscription on the headstone reads:"In Memory of Daniel F O Regan died March 30, 1884 age 68 years a native of Kinsale Ireland".  

Daniel's death was reported in the Saint John Daily Telegraph on April 5, 1884 as follows:

   "d. Hopewell Hill (Albert Co.) 30th ult., Daniel Francis O'Regan, a native of Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland, age 68 years".

   You can find Robert Emmett O'Regan's headstone on  Robert is also buried in the Riverside Catholic Cemetery.  The inscription on the headstone reads:

   In Memory of Robert E. Emmett son of Daniel and Mary O'Regan Sept. 23, 1849-May 16, 1852

   Mary O'Regan is buried in Hopewell Hill Protestant Cemetery.  The inscription on the headstone reads:

   Mary O'Regan d. 29 Dec 1892 Age 70Y 7M, wife of Daniel F. O'Regan (from Cemeteries of Albert County New Brunswick by David F. Christopher 1988)

   Daniel and Mary's weddng is not found in the "Marriage Register 1846-1887 Albert County NB" (1984 by Ken Kanner and V. "Bing" Geldart).  Their marriage is not found in the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick-Vital Statistics from Government Records (RS141).  

   You would not need a licence to run for the provincial legislature.  A liquor licence may have been required, also a licence to run a hotel, but I do not know where you could find these.  As for his occupation as a mariner, you learned the trade by being on the boat.  The O'Regans are also found in the 1851 Albert County Census for Hopewell. 



Daniel is 34 of Irish descent, a tailor and he arrived in NB in 1836

Mary is 28 and was born in NB

Robert is 1 year old

Mary is 3 years old

Thomas Mullen is 10 and is a lodger, born in NB.      


I trust this information will be of some use to you.


Brian Dixson



The following queries (Q5709 to Q5720) were posted on 17 April 2020.


Q20-5709 BRADFORD: I am William John Bradford's granddaughter (descended from the Mayflower's William Bradford), and I'm currently applying for a Mayflower Society membership. I'm trying to track down information about my ancestry on my father's side and I hope you can help. The person assisting me with the Mayflower application mentioned there is a .pdf Family Histories document held by the Charlotte County branch of NBGS that lists 'Bradford ancestry' (I'm hopeful this has been digitalized). There might be more information the NBGS has about the Bradford family too, which I would appreciate as well. I am a member of NBGS, looked up the general surname index on the name Bradford and requested details but haven't yet heard anything back, so I thought I'd check here too.
Sheree Bradford-Lea

Q20-5710 CHINNICK: I am inquiring about the name Chinnick at any time or anywhere in the province.  Our records only state they were born in New Brunswick and later moved to Chatham Ontario before 1850. William Chinnick was thought to have been a ship worker having come from Devon England in the 1830s or 40'. Any indication would be greatly appreciated as well I am willing to pay any fees needed to acquired photo copies of documents thank you for your time
Sally O'Rourke

Q20-5711 DICKERSON: I'm trying to find out information about one of my husband's ancestors named Tartallus Dickerson (born around 1820 in Moore's Mills, New Brunswick) who was married to Rebecca Caroline Spaulding. I'm not able to find out any information about his birth, death or who his parents were.
Stefanie Dickerson

Q20-5712 HOLMES: Looking for a death record for Rhoda Currie/Curry Holmes who died Dec 28 1928. Most likely died in Kent Parish, Carleton Co, NB. Buried I believe in Holmesville.
She was married to Daniel Holmes. I am trying to find out who her parents were.
Nancy Doherty-Perry

Q20-5713 HOLMES: I'm searching for a list of the relatives born before and after Lillian (often spelled Lilian) Hannah Holmes.  She was born in 1901 and passed in 1986.  She married James David Giberson in 1922.  They had one daughter, Doris Hannah, born in 1923.  I believe Lillian was from Westmoreland County. The book A Homestead on the Old Post Road: a story of the Daniel and Charlotte (Hoyt) Holmes family compiled and written by Peggy Vasseur, (who, I believe, is the president of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society) is not readily available for borrowing.  I've tried to borrow the book from the Moncton Public Library through the Interlibrary Loan service, but to no avail.  I've read a description of the book and it suggests that it has information of the Holmes families from Westmoreland County.
  I've checked through the National Libraries book locator system and it says there are no holdings anywhere.  Sort of cuts into the hope of borrowing a copy, doesn't it? 
     Anyway, I was wondering if you could tell me of any way to borrow the book,or purchase a copy.  Everything indicates a limited print run for the title so I'm not optimistic about seeing one, short of driving to Moncton and reading the copy in the Reference Room.  (I live in the Musquodoboit Valley in Nova Scotia.)
   Could someone enlighten me on these matters?  I'm trying to compile a family tree for my brother-in-law who has no computer, nor computer skills to do it himself.  Also, he has no transportation to go to the libraries and archives to conduct a search.

Mike Moore

Q20-5714 LEGER: My maternal Grandmother, Marie Elise Leger, was born on 27 OCT 1891, Mt. Carmel, NB. Her parents were: Francois Denis Leger (b. Abt 1870, St. Anthony, Wellington, NB) and Sara Leblanc (b. Abt 1872, St. Marie de Kent / Mt. Carmel, NB). I’d like to learn when and how Francois and Sara migrated to NB.
Roger Langevin

Q20-5715 McANDREW: I have been trying to research my father's family who came to St. John from Scotland in the early/mid 1800's.  My father's name was John Aubrey McAndrew, his father was John Parker McAndrews and his father was David McAndrews.  David was born in Scotland in 1833 and died in St. John on Oct. 7, 1895.  We believe he came to St. John with his older brother Robert, born in 1821 and died in St. John, on or about Feb. 18, 1903.  They are both buried in Fernhill Cemetery, St. John.  What I am trying to find is their father's first name.  I have worked with a genealogist in Inverness, Scotland, but without the father's name we could come up with nothing.  Would you be able to assist me in any way with finding that name?  
Anne Gunn

Q20-5716 McCAUSTLIN: I have found that one of my persons of interest, Edward Leo McCaustlin, came back from serving in WWII and went back to St John NB and may have got himself a job in the St John docks. Anyway, the story goes that he lost a leg in an accident whilst work. I am wondering if you would be able to advise me on where I might look for information regarding this accident, bearing in mind that the information that I have is a little on the 'sketchy' side.
Malcolm McBain

Q20-5717 McGOWANS: My family, the McGowans of Memramcook Corner, were early settlers of the Memramcook Valley. Michael McGowan arrived in Memramcook in 1836 from County Donegal, Ireland. He married Catherine Doherty of Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland (who arrived a few years earlier - presumably with her father Edward Doherty) in 1840. Michael McGowan purchased 70 acres near Memramcook Bridge "at Charters" in 1846. I believe Benjamin Charters was the one who completed the bridge across the Memramcook River connecting Memramcook Corner (previously known as Charters Corner) with the road to Moncton. Michael McGowan operated the blacksmith shop, McGowan & Son, in Memramcook Corner near the railway station until his retirement and later death in 1899. Michael's son Daniel took over the blacksmith business and operated the blacksmith shop until his retirement and later departure from the Memramcook Valley in 1919. His sons immigrated to Massachusetts in the early part of the 20th century and Daniel left Memramcook to be closer to them. Michael McGowan had a brother who arrived in 1847 and who was a farmer. He had two sons, Patrick and John, and two daughters, Margaret and Ann. 
   I am wondering if there are any old photographs of the Memramcook Corner area, and specifically of the McGowan & Son blacksmith shop there? Further, I am wondering if there is a collection of old photographs that might include members of the McGowan family?
Robert Stoddard

Q20-5718 PATTON: I am searching for information about my ancestors: Mark Patton (died 1781), his wife Sarah Ann McGowan (died 1808), and their daughter Mary who married Colonel John Allan. 
    Specifically: Do you happen to know the location of Inverma Farm? I have read that it might be around Point de Bute?
I would love to also find the burying ground where Sarah Ann (McGowan) Patton was laid to rest (see passage below)

I would greatly appreciate anything you are able to share. I grew up in Nova Scotia, but now live in Seattle, Washington and find it a bit more challenging to visit some of the places I am reading about. I am including a passage below that contains some pertinent details.
  The Chignecto Isthmus and It's First Settlers (1902) p 65-66 Inverma, the home of Sheriff Allan, is now owned, in part, by Councillor Amos Trueman, and is still called by that name. It consisted at that time of three hundred and forty-eight acres of marsh and upland and was no doubt part of the Allan grant of 1763. Besides the Sheriff's own house there were six or seven small houses occupied by Acadian families as tenants, also two large barns and four smaller ones.
    Allan's wife was Mary Patton, the daughter of Mark Patton, who at one time was a large property-owner on the Isthmus. Patton Point, in the Missiquash valley, still goes by his name. His home farm joined the glebe lands of the parish, and was afterwards bought by WIlliam Trueman and given to his son, Thomas. I find the following entry in WIlliam Trueman's journal, referred to elsewhere:
    "Old Mrs. Patton was buried at the burying-ground by Thomas Trueman, July 31st, in the 92nd year of her age."
    This lady was no doubt Mrs. Allan's mother. She had continued to live at the old place after Thomas Trueman had taken possession, and as this was in the year 1808, she had lived thirty-two years after her daughter left the country.
Ryan Rushton

Q20-5719 SHEFFROTH: I've hit a brickwall researching a line of my ancestors from Saint John, New Brunswick. The man who I cannot seem to get past is William Sheffroth (variants: Sheffrow, Shaffrow, Shaffro etc...). He was born in the mid 1790s. He was from the parish of Portland in Saint John and married Jane Anderson of Portland in the same city in 1828. On the 1851 census, he is living in Norton with his wife and children and is written as being a loyalist and native of the colony. It has been suggested to me that he could be a descendant of a loyalist who was granted land in New Brunswick. I have pursued this line of thought but have come back empty handed. What are the resources available for the time period in New Brunswick, and specifically, Saint John? I'm at a loss on how to proceed here so I will be very grateful to any help you can extend.

Daniel Mahoney

Q20-5720 MIRAMICHI FIRE OF 1825: I have been searching the web for a list of the dead to no avail. Could you please tell me where I can find such a list? Thanks!



The following queries (Q5701 to Q5708) were posted on 12 February 2020.


Q20-5701 CLARK: Looking for any information on the family of Robert Clark b. abt 1800 died unknown married Nancy Anne Greene abt 1820 she died 12 Jun 1865 Lower Woodstock, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada and is buried in the Anglican Cemetery in Woodstock, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. They had several children two David and Elizabeth are buried there too.


Lew Gregory Jr.


Q20-5702 KAYE: I am researching the foundations of purebred dogs in Atlantic Canada 1885 - 1958

and of immediate interest is William Frederick Kaye and his brother Edmund whose Collies were out of the kennels of the Marquis of Lorne [who at that time, I believe, was still sitting as Gov. Gen. of Canada]. Noted is Gail Bonsall Kaye [Pipes] who would have been the niece of the brothers wrote a family history titled "10 Peel Street & the Kaye Family 1847-1947."  I am hoping to acquire a copy and also in hopes that like her artistic father, John Henry, she may have painted one or any of the Collies.

Valerie Brideau


Q20-5703 MCFARLANE: Seeking information on the MAIDEN NAME of my fourth great-grandmother, Patience MCFARLANE (abt 1763-1843) of St. Patrick, Charlotte County, New Brunswick. To date, what I know about her is based upon a handful of primary documents. One of these documents was her application for a pension as the widow of an "Old Soldier" in 1833. The "Old Soldier" was Walter MCFARLANE who had served with the 74th Regiment of Foot. She married Walter MCFARLANE in St. George in 1795. Two Charlotte County Deeds established that Walter was her second husband. Deeds associated with one James TAYLOR established that Patience MCFARLANE was his mother and advisor in the disposition of the lands owned by his late father, Ralph TAYLOR. Ralph TAYLOR has a grantee of the Penobscot Loyalists. To date, I have been unable to locate a record of her marriage to either Walter MCFARLANE or Ralph TAYLOR.


Inez Hoffman


Q20-5704 O’REGAN: Daniel Francis O'Regan (B:1816 Kinsale Ireland) (Imm: 1836) Lived in Hopewell Hill New Brunswick Married Mary Steeves (originally was Stief) 8 Mar 1847 - are marriage certificates available anywhere?

1870 ran for provincial assembly - being politics are there licences that he would of applied for to run? 1871 had a liquor licence and in 1881 was a hotel keeper - are there licences required for these? Also of interest is his son Robert Emmett O'Regan (B: 4 Sep 1852 at Hopewell Hill)

1871 census had him listed as a mariner - would there have been an apprenticeship and graduation with a licence from some organisation?


Grant O'Regan


Q20-5705 PHILLIPS: I am helping a gentleman, Phillips ancestor, apply for his NB Loyalist application and we are trying to find the actual marriage record for Mary Phillips who married Solomon Tracy July 1796- Gagetown area, Anglican church. Possibly Sunbury area also.  It is recorded as such in lots of information but need the church record. I have looked online but no luck.  Mary is the daughter of Thomas Phillips United Empire Loyalist. 


Angela Donovan UE


Q20-5706 SCHOFIELD/SCHOPHIELD: Researching Martha Schofield, wife of John McGrath/McGraw/McRae. Likely date of birth: 1807/8, possibly in England or to English parents (she is listed in 1851 census as NB native and in 1861 as English); her sons list her as born in England consistently in their US census records after they immigrate. I found a probable marriage by license for the pair in 1823 which suggests she is then living in Nelson. Her spouse is listed as a widower in 1871 census, so she likely died after 1865, the year of the youngest child listed in 1871’s birth.


Laura McRae


Q20-5707 STAMERS: I am working on a book on a nurse of the First World War from Saint John.  Her name is Anna Stamers and her father was Benjamin Stamers and her mother was Sara Lavinia Elliott Stamers. Are you able to point me to any information on this family?


Dianne Kelly


Q20-5708 WHITE: I joined the NBGS to find information about my paternal great grandfather and grandmother, but have not been very successful. Perhaps, you may have some suggestions?  My father, Francis (Frank) Abbott White was born in St. John, N.B. in 1892 and his father Francis (Frank) Hazen White was born in N.B. to Isaac White (b. 1813) and Margaret Smith (b. 1816) both from Ireland. I believe Isaac died before 1883 and his wife Margaret lived with her son Frank Hazen White on 19 St. David. Is there anyway to find information on Isaac and Margaret, such as when and where they (1) were married, (2) arrived in Canada, and (3) died.

Marvin Hart White


Q20-5708A Looking for Books: I am looking to purchase two Books written by E. C. Wright. “The Petitcodiac” 1945 and “Planters and Pioneers” original or revised. Will Pay Postage. Not long ago I discovered a copy of “Samphire Greens” in a thrift Shop. I now have Two copies.


Marion Splett

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