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Finding 19th Century Family Photographs and Using Clues and Context to Help Identify Them
John Elliott
I have often heard genealogists lament the fact that they have no early family photographs.  My immediate response is to question that “fact. Are there really no photographs, or do you just not know where they are?  Just because you or your immediate family don’t happen to know of any old pictures, don’t assume they don’t exist.  People are often surprised to learn just how common it was for New Brunswickers of the later 19th century – even the poorer ones - to have had portraits taken.  Chances are quite good that anyone who lived until the 1880s would have had at least one portrait taken at some point.  If they lived until the turn of the century, I would be very surprised if there were not a picture of them somewhere.  The real questions are who had them and did they identify them?
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