Queries 2022

The following queries will be published in the 2022 Spring issue of Generations.

The following Queries (Q21-5821 to Q21-5822) posted 23 Jan 2022.
Q22-5822-JOHNSTON: Robert James Johnston was my great, great grandfather. He was born circa 1830 in Saint John, New Brunswick. His father, according to the death certificate was Caleb Johnston (Cotton Mill Manager) his wife was Amelia Johnston (maiden name unknown)
He arrived in Victoria Australia March 10 1853 aboard the vessel Nebraska which sailed from New York, he was 23.  The passenger list shows a Peter McKea age 21 also of Saint John listed as a Farmer. 
Robert J Johnston married Martha Hughes (Chiltern UK) May 16 1858. They had 7 or 8 children, of which 5 or 6 survived. He died April 17 1895. I managed to trace my birth mother, unfortunately we never met. She died in 2007. My birth father is unknown.
I have documents to support this, which I’m willing to share.
Any history of the RJ Johnston’s family would be appreciated.
Bill Gregory
(rec’d 23 Jan 2022)
Q22-5821-SMITH: Can you provide info on my 4x-great grandmother Elizabeth Scott b 1808 New Brunswick? She married Wm Bilonis Smith in New Brunswick, abt 1829. Other info l have is limited. A daughter Frances b 1834 in NB was found attending school there. Elizabeth’s husband Wm Bilonis Smith was attending protestant church in1829. Property records show Wm Smith coming from Washington, NH to NB. From that I traced Smith family back to John Smith from N Ireland. l got interested in Elizabeth Scott’s origins and seem to find no info. She died in Boston in 1851 or 1852, was buried there, then transferred to a cemetery in MA. No info in the cemetery other than other Scott people traced to Maine.
Maybe a Scott family expert could help?
Thank you,
T Smith
(rec’d 20 Jan 2022)

The following Query (Q21-5820) posted 7 Jan 2022.
Q22-5820-CARTIER: I have been looking for genealogical information for my great-great-grand-father, Paul Cartier. He would be Maliceet from Québec/New Brunswick.  He was born in New Brunswick. His name would go under Edward Cartier.  From the information we have, he was born in 1874.  All of our genealogical research and information leads to New Brunswick. Having the name, a copy of Edward's birth certificate or any information would be greatly appreciated. His family is very elusive, and seems to have changed their names.  We even have no proof of his marriage to his last wife Rose Bouchard.  We believe that Rose was his second wife. Paul's first wife would have passed away.  She would've been Edward’s real mother.
 It is amazing that Paul Cartier found his way to West Québec. We also would like to know why they Settled so far away.  Would they be running away from something? Why would he change his name?  So many questions. It is just weird that we can go further with his genealogy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would mean so much for my family to finally know. Paul's daughter Marie Cartier is my great grandmother.  
Thank you.
Sébastien Beaudoin
(rec’d 7 Jan 2022)
The following Query (Q21-5819) posted 4 Jan 2022.
Q22-5819-NEVERS: “Mrs Nevers” was buried at Maugerville on 17 July 1809. The officiant recorded in his journal that she was “aged 84”. Who was Mrs Nevers?

David Bell  
(rec’d 3 Jan 2022)
The following Queries (Q21-5817to Q21-5818) posted 21 Dec 2021.
Q22-5818-PHILLIPS and ODELL: I’m looking for information on Phebe Philips born 1805 in New Brunswick. Her husband was Lewis Odell, born about 1802 in Canada; died 30 Aug 1900 in Chester, Ottawa, Michigan, USA. I believe he was also from New Brunswick.
Thank You very much!

Dove Clancy
(rec’d 20 Dec 2021)
Q22-5817-DALL and CRAIG: I am finding research on my ancestors, retired British army soldiers who owned land at various times after 1815 until the mid-1830's in Quebec and New Brunswick, to be beyond my capabilities due to working full time and not being familiar with Canadian geography.  I live near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the United States.  
I have a letter from the National Archives of Canada from 1992 that suggests microfilm with information that pertains to the two families.  They also suggested you could provide assistance with local resources.  
John Dall's widow Susannah (Hughes) Dall was buried in Quebec at Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec on January 19, 1865.  I have found a record of her living in Madawaska, Maine in 1830 along with her husband John, the Francis McDonald family and her son James Dall and his wife Bridget McDonald Dall. That is on the south shore of the St. John River across from St. Basile Church in New Brunswick, so it's possible she might have lived in New Brunswick either before or after 1830. The Canadian National Archives says they have a record of her husband John, a settler at Grand River, New Brunswick asking for provisions in 1823 and list a volume, set of pages and reel. 
Margaret Craig is buried in St. Basile Cemetery in Edmundston, Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada with interment around November 1, 1835.  Since she was living in Madawaska, Maine in 1830, I'm not sure whether her family was on the American side of the St. John River or had moved across to New Brunswick subsequent to 1830.  Any help you could provide with establishing what happened to the McDonalds between 1830 and 1835 would be appreciated.  If there is a way to get in touch with the cemetery, that would be helpful, too.
My grandfather indicated the two old soldiers probably perished in Canada's first cholera epidemic when they went up to Quebec to collect their pensions.  That's why I have no burial site for them.
Malcolm W. Andrews
(rec’d 11 Dec 2021)