New Brunswick Genealogical Society
These family registers are from the private collections of our members. Dates falling outside the range defined by the NB Vital Statistics Act were redacted when the registers were posted. 
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The registers are presented here for research purposes. Images may not be copied without permission.
Family Name Location Date range of register
Abbot, George St Stephen, Charlotte Co 1817-1859
Baird, Robert, Robert T and Kenneth Chipman, Queens Co  1828-1927
Bishop and Walls Saint John and Northumberland Counties 1816-1946
Blakeney, Mariner Sunny Brae, Westmorland Co 1806-1965
Briggs, Elijah Wakefield, Carleton Co 1807-1876
Briggs, Judson Carleton Co 1880-1936
Cassidy, William Cassidy Lake, Kings Co 1797-1927
Connor, Zebulon Upper Greenwich, Kings Co 1824-1936
Davis, John W Kiersteadville, Kings Co 1832-1934
Hay, Robert Richmond, Carleton Co 1830-1872
Hill, Henry St Stephen, Charlotte Co 1848-1951
Iddiols, John Saint John 1840-1865
Jonah, Joshua Dawson and Salem, Albert Co 1872-1939
Jones, John S  Hainesville, York Co 1821-1924
Jones, William O Saint John and Queens Counties 1864-1942
McDonald, James McDonald's Point, Queens Co 1825-1964
McDonald, Nehemiah McDonald's Point, Queens Co 1826-1962
McFadden, William Johnson's Mills, Westmorland Co 1876-1972
McLeod, Duncan Kings Co 1820-1959
Mooers, James  Carleton and York Counties 1837-1964
Palmer, Marcus Central Hampstead, Queens Co 1738-1808
Sime, Thomas H Saint John Co 1836-1909
Smith, William St David's Parish, Charlotte Co 1826-1850
Stymiest (pending)    
Thomas, William York Co 1817-1880
Towers, William St Stephen, Charlotte Co 1751-1882
Underhill, British N Maugerville, Sunbury Co 1768-1894
Wetmore, Abraham, Caleb and Josiah Saint John, Kings and Charlotte Counties  1747-1872
Wetmore, Oscar Bloomfield, Kings Co 1847-1967
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