What members are saying about NBGS:

I’ve enjoyed my membership and I’ve especially enjoyed being able to attend by Zoom. Thank you, too, for a great publication. I’ve kept them all!
Jane, Oct 2023

I use your online resources regularly and greatly appreciate all of the work that has gone into your site. My password for the Anglican Registers works well. Those registers have been such a help in locating some of my ancestors. 
Thank you for all your work.
Betty, Oct 2023

I finally took the plunge and joined recently, I am glad I did. If anyone has been hesitant, go for it. There is a lot of information to go through. I have read some of the articles in Generations, I can't wait to get in and read more! The membership is worth having! ❤️
Marilyn, Jul 2023 

Great resource.
Mori, Jul 2023

Yes, I've visited the NBGS website and found it very useful.
Barb, Jul 2023