New Brunswick Genealogical Society

As a service to those who wish to exchange family history data with other researchers, the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Inc. publishes queries, free of charge, on this website and in its journal, Generations. The journal is published on a quarterly basis. It has a circulation of approximately 1,000 copies.
Queries published in Generations are grouped by year.
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Photo Queries - can you help ID these people? 

How to submit a Query
Guidelines for submitting queries:
  • Keep the query brief and deal with one question.
  • Submit additional queries if you have more than one question.
  • Provide enough detail to explain your question clearly and concisely, including appropriate dates and locations. Do not give the full family history.
  • Include your name and contact information.
Submit to:
Editor’s note: The Query number contains the two-digit year of publication (Q21-xxxx). At the end of each query, the date it was received is noted. To protect your privacy, published contact information will be limited to name and e-mail address. If you require a postal address to respond to a query, please contact the editor.
Dates violating Provincial privacy guidelines will be redacted (births 95 years; marriages and deaths 50 years)  
Queries submitted by mail should be addressed to:
Queries Editor
PO Box 3235, Stn. B
Fredericton, NB  E3A 5G9

How to reply to a Query
Send an email to the person who posted the query and a copy to the queries editor.
Please quote the Q-number in your response.
page updated Sep 2021