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Home Children

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Home Children
Posted: 02/13/2013 - 4:53 pm
In brief, Home Children as they were called, in particular British Home Children, were children of various ages taken from their families and/or from workhouses or from the streets of their home cities.  They were sent to Canada, the United States, Australia and elsewhere to, for the most part, work as indentured servants. They were sent by various agencies working mostly out of England, Scotland and Ireland.  These various agencies were set up supposedly to give them a better life than they were getting at home.  In some cases this worked out great for the children but in other cases it did not.
Researching Home Children in a lot of cases can be a very difficult task.  Even though it has become much easier over the past several years to find bits and pieces of information, it is not always an easy search.  Some of the sending organizations kept very good records, that still exist today, while others did not.  Many of the home children are no longer living.  Many did not talk about their lives or connections in the UK (or other countries) even when they were alive.  Many wanted to leave their desperate past behind.  Many were ashamed of where they came from because of the way they were looked upon here in Canada.  Some were just too young to remember much about their families because they sent here as toddlers.  In some cases, the information is still not completely open/available either.  Some records have discrepancies when compared to other records.  Some records were destroyed. Places, streets, names, organizations, etc. change over time and this also makes searching in some cases more difficult. All these things hinder research.
This forum was set up to give people searching their Home Children ancestors that were sent to or passed through New Brunswick, Canada a place to try and connect with others doing the same kind of research, to share their successes, possibly get help with their brick walls, share their Home Children connections in hopes of connecting with long lost relatives, etc.  Maybe if we work together we can move forward faster in our research.