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1921 Census
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1921 Census
Posted: 08/12/2013 - 11:52 am
As LAC promised, finally, the 1921 census raw data is on Ancestry for free
When Ancestry gets all the indexing done people will be able to do a search by name or address.  But …the ability to do a “search” will not be free … unless you go to LAC in Ottawa or to a local library that has a paid Ancestry membership that will let you search for free.  Another option is for you to take out your own paid subscription to Ancestry.  According to this link though for those who have lots of time & patience you should still be able to access the raw data page by page just as you can at the moment.
One advantage to having the raw data available for free is that you can check each page as you would using a microfilm reel and maybe pick up on something you might miss doing a “search”, which sometimes happens.

1921 Census
Posted: 06/27/2018 - 11:29 am
I know this is years later but in case others didn't know, 1921 Censuses is now available at Library and Archives Canada.  This is the Censuses page... .
This is the 1921 Census Page ... .
I thought it good to let people know they can access it FREE and not have to bother with joining unless that is what they wanted to do.
Ruth Blakney