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Q22-5832- GODWIN: I am looking for marriage records for my x2 grandfather Thomas Godwin (b: abt. 1828-England). After arriving in Canada, he married Eliza Russell between 1851 and 1862. Prior to the marriage, the 1851 census shows her living in Northumberland. They settled in Portland, Saint John. According to censuses he was Methodist. Hoping to get some info about his parents if recorded with the marriage. Have not been able to locate anything.
Thank you,
Tom Mason
(rec’d 12 May 2022)

Q22-5831- CRAIG: I am a descendent of David Craig and Mary Steele from New Brunswick, Canada. I know the family came over from Scotland but I was hoping to figure out how to go back further into Scotland and follow the line from David and possibly Mary back. 

David Craig, son of James and Agnes Craig, born October 1749 near Edinburgh, Scotland. He died November 25, 1836 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. He was married to Mary Steele before 1779. Mary Steele was born May 1758/1759 in Beith, Scotland. She died August 20,1832 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. 
Christine Scandurra
(rec'd 8 May 2022)

Q22-5830-LAWSON: This photo was taken perhaps around 1915-1925. The fellow on the right in the front row holding the cigarette is Melvin LeRoy "Roy" Lawson (1897-1967) of Bull Lake, Southampton Parish, York County. Can anyone identify either of the other two fellows? 
Franklin Luke Lawson
(rec'd 7 May 2022)

Q22-5829-PRICE: Seeking death date and location of my great great grandfather James Price Mills Sr., born about 1830, resided in Kingsclear, York Co. New Brunswick. Commonly went by his name "Price". Married to Margaret Goodine, sometimes known as Gooden and possibly Godin.

Donald Vermithrax

Q22-5828-CAMMACK: I learned about an incident recently that caught my interest.  My grandparents and their ancestors on my mother’s side all came from Carleton County areas so have become anxious to learn more about Mr. Cammack.  I had never heard any family members from Carleton County talk about this story.

As the story goes, Mr. Cammack, (first name may have been Fred) was the last to hang in Woodstock for murdering several people from Woodstock (family members perhaps?) in 1905.  The person who told me about this knew very little himself but said a Cammack grandson became a member of Bangor Police Department and another grandson was a member of Bangor Fire Department. 

Do you recall if a story ever appeared in any Generations magazines?  I have read most of them since initial issues in 1978 but could have missed any stories of him before I had no interest.

I would appreciate your thoughts and if you know of any stories that ever appeared in Woodstock newspapers.
Thanks so much.  
Art Collier

Q22-5827-TODD: I have a question for you regarding an old issue of Generations, (issue 23, March 1985).  There was an excellent story in there about my fifth great grandfather, a loyalist named Mix Todd.  It was written by Alan H. Hawkins, from South Portland, Maine.  He noted in his appendix that he was going to revisit Mix Todd in later issues to deal with his ancestry. Do you know if a subsequent issue of generations was ever written by him regarding Mix Todd? I have looked on our website but I’ve been unable to locate another issue relating to this subject.
Joshua Tuck

Q22-5826-HITCHINGS: Am searching for information on William Sidney Hitchings, born Dunbarton, New Brunswick July 28, 1849. I am great-grandson.

He later migrated as lad to USA, apparently after. before parents died.
Know there were two possible Hitchings’ migrations to NB after US Revolutionary War.
Are there records you can search – I could search for this information?
Bill Hitchings
(rec’d 17 Mar 2022)

Q22-5825-JONAH's of HILLSBOROUGH BOOK: I am looking to purchase the three-volume work,
“The Jonah's of Hillsborough, Albert Co., New Brunswick: Descendants of Pierre Jaunne from the Principality of Montbeliard to Hillsborough Township 1700-2003”
Does anyone have the volumes for sale?
David Jonah
(rec’d 13 Mar 2022)

Q22-5824 - Moncton Police Force 1894-1895: I have an original copy of the attached photo identified as the Moncton Police Force 1894-1895. The photo hung with pride in my Great Grandparents, David and Annie Clark’s, home in Harcourt, and my father was told one of the men was a relative.  The Moncton Museum has a copy of the photo of the Police Force for 1894-1895 – identical to my original.  Through them I know the names of three of the officers.  I need help with the remaining two men.
Left to right: A.W. Belyea (sitting), unknown (standing), Chief Wadman (sitting), Nelson Rushton (standing), unknown (sitting)
I offer the following information in case it provides a clue or insight as to who the remaining men are:
Robert Clark (1818-1900), Mouswald, Dumfries, Scotland and Margaret (Scott) Clark (1819-1905) Galloway, Kent, New Brunswick, both died in New Brunswick (10 children)
David Wark Clark (1853-1944) born in Harcourt, died in North Sydney, Cape Breton, and Annie (Welsh/Walsh) Clark (1858-1823) born in Bass River, Kent, New Brunswick and died in Moncton, New Brunswick (6 children)
Frederick (Fred) Ellingham Clark(e)  and Ethel Gertrude (Moffatt) Clark, Upper North Sydney, Cape Breton.  Fred was born in Harcourt and died in Woodside, Halifax County, NS. (1 son died at 6 weeks, and my father)
Their son, Lloyd Morley Clarke (1913-1991) who was born in Upper North Sydney and died in Halifax, NS.
Ethel Clarke

Q22-5823-GARGARO: I am looking for more information about my grandfather, Antonio Gargaro.
He was incarcerated at the Westmorland Penitentiary in 1921. (1921 census) I am just inquiring if you have any further information about how long he resided in New Brunswick.
I found, in some preliminary research, that his sponsor was his brother-in-law John Macdonald and that he was a miner in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia but we are not sure how he got from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick.
My grandfather was married and had a child but we are not sure what happened to his first wife or the child.
Any information or guidance you could provide would be most appreciated.
(rec’d 6 Feb 2022)

Q22-5822-JOHNSTON: Robert James Johnston was my great, great grandfather. He was born circa 1830 in Saint John, New Brunswick. His father, according to the death certificate was Caleb Johnston (Cotton Mill Manager) his wife was Amelia Johnston (maiden name unknown)
He arrived in Victoria Australia March 10 1853 aboard the vessel Nebraska which sailed from New York, he was 23.  The passenger list shows a Peter McKea age 21 also of Saint John listed as a Farmer. 

Robert J Johnston married Martha Hughes (Chiltern UK) May 16 1858. They had 7 or 8 children, of which 5 or 6 survived. He died April 17 1895. I managed to trace my birth mother, unfortunately we never met. She died in 2007. My birth father is unknown.

I have documents to support this, which I’m willing to share.
Any history of the RJ Johnston’s family would be appreciated.
Bill Gregory
(rec’d 23 Jan 2022)

Q22-5821-SMITH: Can you provide info on my 4x-great grandmother Elizabeth Scott b 1808 New Brunswick? She married Wm Bilonis Smith in New Brunswick, abt 1829. Other info l have is limited. A daughter Frances b 1834 in NB was found attending school there. Elizabeth’s husband Wm Bilonis Smith was attending protestant church in1829. Property records show Wm Smith coming from Washington, NH to NB. From that I traced Smith family back to John Smith from N Ireland. l got interested in Elizabeth Scott’s origins and seem to find no info. She died in Boston in 1851 or 1852, was buried there, then transferred to a cemetery in MA. No info in the cemetery other than other Scott people traced to Maine.
Maybe a Scott family expert could help?
Thank you,
T Smith
(rec’d 20 Jan 2022)

Q22-5820-CARTIER: I have been looking for genealogical information for my great-great-grand-father, Paul Cartier. He would be Maliceet from Québec/New Brunswick.  He was born in New Brunswick. His name would go under Edward Cartier.  From the information we have, he was born in 1874.  All of our genealogical research and information leads to New Brunswick. Having the name, a copy of Edward's birth certificate or any information would be greatly appreciated. His family is very elusive, and seems to have changed their names.  We even have no proof of his marriage to his last wife Rose Bouchard.  We believe that Rose was his second wife. Paul's first wife would have passed away.  She would've been Edward’s real mother.

 It is amazing that Paul Cartier found his way to West Québec. We also would like to know why they Settled so far away.  Would they be running away from something? Why would he change his name?  So many questions. It is just weird that we can go further with his genealogy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would mean so much for my family to finally know. Paul's daughter Marie Cartier is my great grandmother.  
Thank you.
Sébastien Beaudoin
(rec’d 7 Jan 2022)

Q22-5819-NEVERS: “Mrs Nevers” was buried at Maugerville on 17 July 1809. The officiant recorded in his journal that she was “aged 84”. Who was Mrs Nevers?
David Bell  
(rec’d 3 Jan 2022)

Q22-5818-PHILLIPS and ODELL: I’m looking for information on Phebe Philips born 1805 in New Brunswick. Her husband was Lewis Odell, born about 1802 in Canada; died 30 Aug 1900 in Chester, Ottawa, Michigan, USA. I believe he was also from New Brunswick.
Thank You very much!
Dove Clancy
(rec’d 20 Dec 2021)

Q22-5817-DALL and CRAIG: I am finding research on my ancestors, retired British army soldiers who owned land at various times after 1815 until the mid-1830's in Quebec and New Brunswick, to be beyond my capabilities due to working full time and not being familiar with Canadian geography.  I live near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the United States.  
I have a letter from the National Archives of Canada from 1992 that suggests microfilm with information that pertains to the two families.  They also suggested you could provide assistance with local resources.  
John Dall's widow Susannah (Hughes) Dall was buried in Quebec at Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec on January 19, 1865.  I have found a record of her living in Madawaska, Maine in 1830 along with her husband John, the Francis McDonald family and her son James Dall and his wife Bridget McDonald Dall. That is on the south shore of the St. John River across from St. Basile Church in New Brunswick, so it's possible she might have lived in New Brunswick either before or after 1830. The Canadian National Archives says they have a record of her husband John, a settler at Grand River, New Brunswick asking for provisions in 1823 and list a volume, set of pages and reel. 
Margaret Craig is buried in St. Basile Cemetery in Edmundston, Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada with interment around November 1, 1835.  Since she was living in Madawaska, Maine in 1830, I'm not sure whether her family was on the American side of the St. John River or had moved across to New Brunswick subsequent to 1830.  Any help you could provide with establishing what happened to the McDonalds between 1830 and 1835 would be appreciated.  If there is a way to get in touch with the cemetery, that would be helpful, too.
My grandfather indicated the two old soldiers probably perished in Canada's first cholera epidemic when they went up to Quebec to collect their pensions.  That's why I have no burial site for them.
Malcolm W. Andrews
(rec’d 11 Dec 2021)

Q21-5816-JONAH: I descend from the Jaunne/Jonah family. My mother's mother was Edith Jonah Hanscom, daughter of Judson Dinstead Jonah who lived in Moncton. I am trying to find a copy of the "Descendants of Pierre Jaunne from Montbeliard to New Brunswick" or something like that (I'm going from memory) but it's clearly out of print. I'm wondering if you knew of an electronic version floating around?  Also, are there any members of the Jonah Research Group around? I'd love to connect.
Cyndee Fuller
(rec’d 14 Oct 2021)
Reply to Q21-5816: According to WorldCat, there are just two sources for the books: the University of New Brunswick and the New England Historical Society.; they are not digitalized. The  NEHGS will provide photocopies. I am a member of the NEHGS. The easiest way to search for the books is to use “The Jonah Team” as the author.
I, too am hoping to buy a copy of the book.
(rec'd 7 Mar 2022)

Q21-5815-WILSON: I am looking for information on my 3rd great grandfather, Hugh Hamilton Wilson, and his family.  He was a doctor/coroner/surgeon and justice of the peace in Richibucto from approximately 1853 to 1874, when he passed away.  
Do you know if there may be any information on his medical practice, or his family?  His wife was Mary McLaughlin, born approximately 1828 in Ireland.  They had 5 daughters who were all born in New Brunswick:
  • Mary Jane born abt 1851
  • Margaret Ann Hamilton born 1852/1853
  • Sarah Elizabeth born Mar 20, 1854
  • Catherine Cassandra born 1857
  • Wilhelmina born 1858
Hugh's daughter, Margaret Ann Hamilton married James Simpson Hannay on June 14, 1871.  James went by "Sim" or "Simpson" sometimes.  He worked on the docks as a stevedore and sometimes worked for his father-in-law (Hugh H Wilson).  
Some of the avenues I have researched include the NB Provincial Archives, the Canadian Archives,,, Findmypast,, Griffiths Valuation of Ireland,,,,, (Irish Ancestors),,,,,,,, Dalhousie University, and University of Glasgow (he took at least one chemistry course there),  
I have also been in contact with various people across the globe who have an interest in Hugh through either his sister (Catherine who married George McCauley - they went to New Zealand), or through his various daughter's descendants. 
I am presently waiting on responses from the Kings University College, to see if he took any courses there.  I do know that he was certified by Dr's Toldervy and Odell (Fredericton) in 1857, though he practiced medicine at least back to 1853.  
I have numerous newspaper clippings and documents that I have found through my research. 
If you could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it!  
Jennetta Foley
(rec’d 12 Oct 2021)

Q21-5814-MacENTEE: I have been working on family tree research for quite some time now, and have been trying to solve a mystery surrounding the death of a woman in one of my trees.  Her name was Annie Till MacEntee and she died in 1946 of traumatic shock due to a deep cut from a circular saw to her head and shoulder.  (Her death certificate can be found on PANB)

She is buried in the Glassville Anglican Cemetery (memorial on Find A Grave)

I am curious if there might be any newspaper accounts of her death?  It is my belief that the Francis MacEntee she was married to, was actually his brother Norbert MacEntee.  Both Norbert and Frank were brothers of my grandmother (Mary Florence McEntee) and the family lived in Gaspe before emigrating to Massachusetts. When they came to the US, their name was changed to McEntee (not sure why) 
Norbert did not adjust well to life in the US and got in quite a bit of trouble, eventually landing in prison in VT for 2 years before he was deported back to Canada.  This is when I believe he stole the identity of his brother Frank, who was in fact an upstanding man who served in the Canadian Expeditionary forces.  Following the war, he returned to the US and never married.

If you can point me to any resources or news accounts, I would be extremely grateful.

Kerry White
(rec’d 10 Oct 2021)

Q21-5813-MOSHER: I have done extensive work on my Great Great Gandfather Hiram Mosher and his wife Rebecca Kelley from Saint Martins New Brunswick and all their children born there. I am looking for any information on the Moshers. My Great Great Great Grandfather Elisha Mosher came from Nova Scotia into Saint Martins New Brunswick. I have very little info on him but going further on my line I have been able to find ancestors as far back as the 1500's. Any information on the Mosher family would be greatly appreciated. 

Walter Mosher
(rec’d 10 Oct 2021)

Q21-5812-CLARK: I’ve hit a dead end with my 2X great-grandfather, Daniel Clark, who was born in New Brunswick in 1804 and died in Allen County, Indiana, USA, in 1866.  Family Search, Canada, shows a Daniel born in NB in 1804, but he was still there in 1870 according to census records. 
My Daniel may have emigrated as a boy or young man, perhaps with his parents.  He married in Ohio and sired my great-grandfather, Robert Clark, before moving to Indiana ca. 1850.
Any suggestions or leads you can offer will be much appreciated.
Donovan Clark
(rec’d 5 Oct 2021)

Q21-5811-GOODWIN: I’m looking for documentation that will confirm the parents and paternal grandparents of my great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Goodwin (1821-1900). Family genealogy books say she was the daughter of Thomas “Lobster Tommy” and Sarah (Baxter) Goodwin of Tidnish and the granddaughter of David and Betsey (Woodworth) Goodwin, of Amherst Shore. Betsey was the daughter of Judith (Briggs) Woodworth, a confirmed descendant of Richard Warren, passenger on the Mayflower and I would like to apply for admission to the Mayflower Society. Elizabeth Goodwin married George Dobson, a Methodist, in 1838 and emigrated a few years later to the United States. My question is this: is it possible that there just isn’t any documentation to be found? She was born and married before newspapers and the census came to her part of the world. I would appreciate any advice. 

Thank you,
Maureen Dobson
(rec’d 3 Oct 2021)

Q21-5810-POOLE: Any suggestions would be appreciated for solving a Missing Person cold case. About 1892 William Poole, a 48 year old Saint John resident and married father of 10, vanished, leaving his family mystified about his fate. According to family lore, he left in the company of a woman. The Daniel Johnson Newspaper Vital Statistics provides this account from The Daily Telegraph of October 31, 1892:
"Over a year ago William POOLE was engaged in Moore's nail factory in this city as a cutter. He received good wages and to all appearances leading a happy religious life. He was the father of ten children and his daughter said yesterday. 'There wasn't one who did not fai[r]ly idolize our father'. Mr. Poole was an announced firm believer in the Baptist doctrine and with his wife attended services both weekday and Sunday. Their faces were familiar in the Blue Rock mission at Carleton and on several Sundays Mr. Poole conducted services. Sometime over a year ago he decided to throw up his position in the nail factory and give his entire attention to spreading the truths of the gospel. He chose for his first field of labor the district in the vicinity of Gondola Point on the Kennebecasis and held services at the Baptist Churches in that vicinity. (see original 'A Preacher Missing From Gondola Point')"
Where did William go? Did he change his name? What about the woman? Do you know of a woman from a Baptist congregation at Gondola Point who also disappeared? Were there any children from this alleged relationship? Where and when did William die?
Marilyn M. Astle
(rec’d 30 Sep 2021)

Q21-5809-PIDGEON: I needed some help finding more about the parents of a Walter Pidgeon. He was born in 1897 in Saint John, News Brunswick. If you’re also able to get any information on his grandparents too would be great!
Thank you,

(rec’d 20 Sep 2021)

Q21-5808-GIROUARD: I am searching for the birth and death records of my 3rd great grandmother Susanne Rose Girouard b. abt. 1829-1833 to Joseph Girouard and Judith Doucet who were married in Richibouctou Village, NB 13 Oct 1828.  Susanne Rose Girouard married Raymond Jaillet 14 Nov 1849 Bouctouche, NB.
There must be a death record somewhere and she must be buried in a cemetery somewhere in or near Bouctouche. Her daughter Sylvie Jaillet is buried in Saint Jean Baptiste Roman Catholic Cemetery by the sea in Bouctouche. I wonder if there is a document or map listing those buried there?  If you have any information, would you please contact me?
(rec’d 2 Sep 2021)

Q21-5807-BELDING: My great grandmother Mabel Ann Belding was born in St. John, October 14, 1867.  Her parents are listed on her death certificate as Elizabeth Belding and William Tice (possibly Tiner or Tyner).    My DNA matches on seem to point to common ancestors David Belding (1798-1883) and Jane Thomas (1806-1838).  They both lived in Chance Harbor.  Their daughter Eliza Ann (1831-1879) married Nathaniel Cottle (1821-1879).  They had no recorded children.  We think Mabel may have been born out of wedlock, possibly to Eliza Ann.

Mabel married met my great grandfather William John Rawlinson, who was a organ builder from England sent to St. John to install a pipe organ in a local church, in 1885.  I have searched for more than 40 years, with no success in finding any link to her birth or marriage.  She does not appear in the 1871 or 1881 Canada Census.  
Thank you,
Gary Kmosko
(rec’d 31 Aug 2021)
Reply: to Q21-5807  I am 7th generation with Daniel Belding being. the first generation.
Attached to this email are the files prepared on the Daniel Belding family. (attachments in email date 1 Sep 2021 - contact queries editor)
Daniel Belding and his children are in file #1. The only one that stayed and raised a family in Chance Harbour was David. The others married and went to Saint John or the States or they were lost at sea.

Daniel Belding’s son, David Belding had a number of daughters and they are spoken of in files 2 – 8.

Q21-5806-TROTT: I found a record regarding Albert Trott born 1904 Axminster, Somerset, UK, son of William C Trott and Elizabeth Hayden. The document says that Albert Boarded the Montnairn March 1928 leaving Southampton, UK and Heading for the port of St John's, New Brunswick, Canada. I have attached the boarding document hoping it might help. 

Thank you for your time.
Mike McAndrew
(rec’d 15 Aug 2021)

Q21-5805-GOLDING: I am looking for the parents of Mary Ann (or Mary M.) Golding who married James Isbister in Saint John in 1842 [Daniel Johnson files.] It is tempting to believe her to be the daughter of John N. Golding, but no proof.

Stephen Gibbon
(rec’d 2 Aug 2021)

Q21-5804-STEEVES: With reference to the article in Generations, Summer 2021, 'Finding 19th Century Photographs and Using Clues and Context to Help Identify Them' by John Elliott.

Lucinda Steeves: I am wondering if there were other photographs of young women, who might be the daughters of Hon William Henry Steeves also present at the Quebec Confederation Conference in 1864.

That there were more than one daughter present is confirmed by the diary of Mercy Coles of Prince Edward Island in an article written by Anne McDonald, 'Daughters of Confederation' published in August-September 2014 issue of Canada's History Magazine. Mercy attended the Conference with her father, delegate George Coles, and kept a diary of her adventure. With reference to the Steeves Family she writes: "The Misses Steeves (daughters of New Brunswick delegate William Steeves) seem to be the possessors of the parlour downstairs. I think they never leave it. There is a Mr. Carver who seems to be the great attraction. He is a beau of Miss Fisher's (daughter of New Brunswick delegate Charles Fisher), but they monopolize him."

Delegate Steeves had taken his wife, Mary, to the Charlottetown Conference in September 1864, and now it is time for his daughters to socialize. He had four daughters, and it is interesting to confirm that Lucinda was one of the attendees. There is a cushion in the William Henry Steeves House Museum, the material of which is said to have been made from a gown worn to the conference. This cushion travelled to the Ottawa and Winnipeg 150th Celebrations of Canada's Confederation, and was placed with the picture and diary of Mercy Coles.
More about Lucinda Steeves: After her father died in Saint John in 1873, she, her mother Mary, 5 siblings and brother-in-law moved from Saint John to Liverpool, England, where her uncle, Gilbert Steeves lived and operated Steeves Brothers family shipping business. On Dec 7, 1880, Lucinda married William James Parker and two years later had daughter Edith Mary Parker. On Jan 3 1906, Edith married Evelyn Francis Edward Seymour, the 17th Duke of Somerset. Their grandson, John Michael Edward Seymour is the present 19th Duke of Somerset and sits in the House of Lords. He has 4 children, so the line carries on.

I would love to see this photograph of Lucinda. Could it be sent by email, so I can put it in our genealogy database?
Kathleen Kyle
(rec’d 19 Jul 2021)

Q21-5803-LEE: I have been trying to find information concerning my great grandfather, Richard Lee, and I am contacting you at the suggestion of Jacelyn Bourque of the Canadian Museum of Immigration. It appears Richard Lee immigrated from England to New Brunswick in 1870 and settled in St. John/Chatham/Miramichi area, New Brunswick. I know Richard Lee married Lucinda Stymist (Stymiest or Stymest) of New Brunswick in 1876. Lucinda was the daughter of James Peabody Stymist and Margaret Ann Urquhart Stymist of New Brunswick. I am pretty sure Richard was born in Plymouth, England in 1849/1850, but would like to find out if he ever made a record to identify his parents. I wonder if you might have any Canadian record of Richard's parents. Thanking you in advance, I appreciate your help.
Tom Lee
(rec’d 19 Jul 2021)
Reply: Q21-5803 - I have found the following bits of information on Richard Lee who married Lucinda Stymeist:
1. They were married in 1874, not 1876, as you indicated.  Announcement of their marriage can be found in Union Advocate of July 22, 1874 as follows:
m. Chatham (North Co.) 15th inst., by Rev J.M. Allan, Richard Lee, Chatham/Lucinda Stymeist of Alnwick.
2. According to his tombstone he was born in 1849 and died in Pennsylvania in 1921 (but you probably have already seen this).
3. They didn’t stay long in New Brunswick.  According to the 1900 USA census, they immigrated in 1879.  It also says that he was born in July 1850.
But, I’m sorry, I can’t find any source that gives the names of his parents.
(rec’d 19 Sep 2021)
Reply: Q21-5803-LEE - They moved to Pennsylvania soon after marriage. Found them on Find-a-Gave. Sent him the record.

(rec'd 2 Mar 2022)

Q21-5802-ARNOLD: I'm very interested in genealogical research, and I have been trying to find information about my 4x great grandfather, John Arnold, who was a Revolutionary War Loyalist born in 1754, in New Jersey and relocated to NB after the Revolutionary War ended. Most importantly, I'm trying to find out who his parent(s) were. Online records show that Samuel Arnold was his father, however some say that is wrong information, and that Samuel was the father to another John Arnold, in NJ. I haven't been able to find any info on that, however any information about John Arnold would be greatly appreciated.
(rec’d 6 Jul 2021)