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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  RA 929.2 PLU Plummer: Plummer Parentage Doug & Jean Holsen
View Record  Prescotts Unlimited 1985-1987 (Journal) Prescott Family (editor)
View Record  RA 929.2 PRO Prosser: Prosser Family Wayne Gillcash
View Record  RA 929.2 RAN Rand: Rand Family in Atlantic Canada, Dr Charles Rand
View Record  R 929.3715 FEL Researching Your Ancestors in New Brunswick R.F. Fellows
View Record  Robert and Thomas Mills, Two Old Geezers John Selwyn Mills
View Record  RA 929.2 BAI Robert Bain's the Clans and Tartans of Scotland Robert Bain; re-edited by Margaret O. MacDougall
View Record  Robert Cairns and Hannah Grundmark Family History Eileen M. Clarke, Constance M. French and Penelope L. Harris
View Record  RA 929.209715 LEA Robert Leeming of Gammersgill, Yorkshire, England Walter L. Leaman
View Record  RA 929.2 ROB Robinson: The Robinson Scroll Vol 4,
View Record  RA 971.523 NOW Rockport portraits : historical accounts, 1763-1989 Clarence Nowlan
View Record  RA 971.531 ROG Rogers: Ann Eliza Rogers Diary transcribed by Jim West
View Record  RA 929.2 ROG Rogers: Descendants of William Rogers & Eliza Taylor Sherrill Carter
View Record  R 929.2 NAV Samuel NAVES Family History
View Record  RA 971.6 FLE Scotia Heritage (Fletcher Family) Edith Lillian Fletcher
View Record  RA 929.209411 SCO Scots Kith and Kin and Illustrated Map Clan House
View Record  RA 929.2 MAR Scrapbook of Wilda (Harrison) Marshall Received From Her Daughter Alma (Marshall) Steeves
View Record  RA 929.2 SEE Seeley: Seeleys of New Brunswick Fanjoy and Ward
View Record  RAB 971.6 MOR Seven Crows A Secret E. A. Morgan
View Record  RA 929.2 SEW Seward: Seward and Related Families George C Seward
View Record  RA 929.2 SHA Shaw: History of the Clan Shaw C.J. Shaw of Tordarroch
View Record  Shirley Lindsay Brewster/David Christopher [missing 04;05]
View Record  RA F BIR Short Stories: When Yorkshire Came to Nova Scotia Will R. Bird
View Record  RA 971.523 PET Signal Sea Changes (Chapman, Palmer Families) Helen Marie Petchey
View Record  RA 929.2 SMI Smith: Climbing Our Family Tree Hollis Smith
View Record  RA 304.871611 0428 SM Smith: Nathaniel Smith A Stranger in a Strange Land Nathaniel Smith, edited by Pat Finney
View Record  RA 929.2 SNO Snow: Snows in America Ada Snow Smith
View Record  940.41771 MCB Somewhere in Flanders – Letters from the Front Heather McBriarty
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves Family Register (55 issues Jan 1975 - Jan 2006) Steeves Family Inc.
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves: Samphire Greens: The Story of the Steeves Esther Clark Wright
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves: Steeves and Colpitts: Pioneers of the Upper Petitcodiac William S Hoar
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves: Steeves Family from Germany to New Brunswick Compiled: Judi Berry Steeves
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves: Steeves Family on the French Shore Pearl M Steeves
View Record  RA 929.2 STE Steeves: The Search for Heinrich Stief Les Bowser
View Record  Stevens Family of Nova Scotia Newsletter
View Record  RA 971.024 STE Stewart: True Blue, The Loyalist Legend Walter Stewart
View Record  RA 398.20971521 TAL Tales from the Miramichi Doug Murray
View Record  Taylor: Taylor Family Bruce Cartwright
View Record  The Ancestors and Descendents of Melancthon and Hannah Thorne - The First Five Generations Richard G. Thorne
View Record  RA 929.2 BLA The Blacks of Salem, Cumberland Co. NS Betty Embree Veinot
View Record  RA 971.523 WEL The Brothers Weldon Helen M. (Helen Marie) Petchey
View Record  RA 929.209744 BUR The Burrage Memorial : A Genealogical History of the Descendants of John Burrage, Who Settled in Charlestown, Mass., in 1637 Alvah A. (Alvah Augustus) Burrage, b. 1823
View Record  RA 929.371611 CIT The Citizen, Amherst, NS, 1984, 1985
View Record  RA 974.727703 VIN The Civil Sword: James Delancey's Westchester Refugees Gerald Robert Vincent
View Record  The Descendants of Charles Dyer Wilcox on Grand Manan Island – New Brunswick, Canada Elmer N. Wilcox
View Record  RA 929.2 PRI The Descendants of Edmund and Jane (Webb) Price M. Frederick (Malcolm Frederick) Amos
View Record  R 929.2 ARM The Descendants of John and Mary ARMSTRONG A. Faye Armstrong Pearson and W. Harvey Dalling
View Record  RA 929.209715 31 BRE The Descendants of Nathaniel Brewster (1765-1836), Vol. 1 Compiled by Sharon (Brewster) Shadbolt
View Record  RA 929. BRE The Descendants of Pierce Brewster 1788-1851 of Hopewell [Vol 1 & update] Sharon Shadbolt
View Record  R 929.2 BRE The Descendants of Pierce Brewster of Hopewell (1778-1851) Sharon (Brewster) Shadbolt
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Records: 151 to 200 of 257