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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  Familia Ulster Genealogical Review (Various Journal Issues) Ulster Genealogical and Historical Guild
View Record  Families, Ontario Genealogical Society (Journal; 32 Various Issues) Ontario Genealogical Society
View Record  RA 016.9292 FOR Family Histories Index / Index D'histoires De Familles (Quebec) Francine Fortin
View Record  Family History Research Within a Days Journey of Moncton
View Record  RA 929.420971 8 SEA Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland E R Seary
View Record  RA 929.2 FAW Fawcett: Descendants of John Fawcett and William Fawcett, Kathy Fawcett Lewis
View Record  RA 787.209715 COP Fiddling in New Brunswick : The History and Its People Gary L. (Gary Lewis) Copeland
View Record  RA 929.10285 CHR Finding Genealogy on the Internet Peter Christian
View Record  RA 929.10720714 DOU Finding your Ancestors in English Quebec Althea Douglas
View Record  RA 929.5097152 FIS Fisher Hill Baptist Church Cemetery Wendy Donahee Fisher
View Record  RA 929.209715 FIV Five Generations of Descendants of Margaret Brewster (1779-1830) and Her Husband Samuel M. West (1779-1856) : Hopewell Township compiled by Sharon (Brewster) Shadbolt
View Record  RA 971.531 SNO Footprints in the Marsh Mud James Snowdon
View Record  RA 338.09716 STE Forgotten Trades of Nova Scotia David E Stephens
View Record  RA 971.601 FOR Fort De Beauséjour / The Fort of Beauséjour Editorial Committee : Jean Daigle, Michel Cyr, Georges Arsenault ; Consultant : Barbara Schmeisser ; Translator : Sally
View Record  RA 971.611 TRE Fort Lawrence: A History of Fort Lawrence, Times, Tides and Towns Gladys Trenholm
View Record  RA F FRA Fraser: Nor'east for Louisburg William Douglas Fraser
View Record  RA 929.3717 PRI From Scotland to Prince Edward Island (Scottish Immigrants to PEI) from Documents Death and Obituary Notices in PEI Newspapers 1835-1910
View Record  RA 929.371532 FUL Full Name Index for A century of Methodist baptisms in Saint John and Portland, NB, 1811-1910 Graeme F. Somerville
View Record  RA 929.2 GAN Gange Families Vol 1-4 Marilyn Shaw-Guisset
View Record  RA 929.107207151 PRO Genealogical Guides for All New Brunswick Counties Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB)
View Record  Genealogical Newsletter of the Nova Scotia Historical Society (Newletter) Vols 1, 2; 1972-1982 Nova Scotia Historical Society
View Record  RA 929.10720716 PUN Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia Terrence M. Punch
View Record  RA 929.209715 OLM Genealogy of the Lineal Male Descendents of Thomas Olmstead, Loyalist, to the Fourth Generation William James Olmstead
View Record  RA 929.209715 STE / XX(1812052.1) Genealogy of Thomas Stevens New Brunswick Genealogical Society. Southeastern Branch
View Record  RA 929.10285 CRO Genealogy Online: Researching Your Roots (2 Copies) Elizabeth Powell Crowe
View Record  RA 929.371611 GEN Genealogy Resource Directory for Cumberland County, NS Cumberland County Genealogical Society
View Record  Generations, New Brunswick Genealogical Society (Journal; Vol 1-No. 1, to date) New Brunswick Genealogical Society
View Record  RA 333.809715 1 MAR Gesner's Dream: The Trials and Triumphs of Early Mining in New Brunswick Gwen L. Martin
View Record  RA 027.07146 GIL Gilbert Hyatt Fonds [transcribed by Stephen Moore]
View Record  RA 971.6 FER Glimpses Into Nova Scotia History Fergusson, Charles Bruce, 1911-1978
View Record  RA 971.523500222 SOU Glimpses of Old Moncton Dan Soucoup
View Record  RA 929.10720415 IRV Going to Ireland : A Genealogical Researcher's Guide Sherry Irvine
View Record  RA 929.2 Good Green Hope: The Irish Catholic Settlers of Albert County, New Brunsick Heather Long
View Record  RA 940.48171 GOO Goodwin: Memories of a Forgotten War: Diary of Pte V E Goodwin V E Goodwin
View Record  RA 929.209715 23 GOS Goshen Echoes
View Record  RA 016.929509714 GRA Grave Lists of Cemeteries in/near the Province of Quebec
View Record  RA 929.509714 GRA Grave Stone Inscriptions From St. Anne's Cemetery, Richmond, Québec, 1993 With Maiden Name Index [and] Church Reference Index transcribed by Raymond Woods
View Record  RA 929.209715 1 DES Graves: Descendants of William Graves & Emma Armstrong Vol 1 & 2 Vernon Graves
View Record  Greenwood Tree Newsletter Somerset and Dorset Family History Society
View Record  RA 971.531 PET Grindstone Island: The Sentinel of Shepody Helen Marie Petchey
View Record  RA 929.37146 MOO Guide to Eastern Townships Genealogical Source Material at Bishop's University Stephen A. Moore
View Record  RA 929.10971 GUI Guide to National Archives (in French: Guide des sources généalogiques au Canada) National Archives of Canada
View Record  RA 929.3714 FOR Guide to Quebec's parishes and civil registers/ Guide Des Registres D'état Civil Du Québec Francine Fortin
View Record  RA 026.97146 EAS Guide to the Private Archival Fonds and Collections Eastern Townships Research Centre
View Record  RA 929.1072 COS Guidelines for Genealogical Writing : Style Guide for the New England Historical and Genealogical Register With Suggestions for Genealogical Books Margaret F. Costello
View Record  RA 929.1072 HAN Handy Tips on Canadian Research
View Record  RA 929.1072 HAN Handy Tips on Immigration, Emigration, and Naturalization Sources
View Record  RA 929.72 HAN Handy Tips to Your Genealogical Research in England and Wales Everton Publishers
View Record  RA 929.1072 HAN Handy Tips to your Genealogical Research in New England
View Record  RA 929.1072 HAN Handy Tips to your Genealogical Research in New York
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Records: 201 to 250 of 623