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Q22-5836-GIBSON: James Alexander Gibson (1864-1918) and Ella Charlotte (Gough) Gibson (1868-1915) are my great grandparents. (I am named after him.) They lived at Northampton in Carleton County.
Ella is said to have died on 2 January 1915 at age 46 but I have been unable to find a death notice, death certificate, obituary or cause of death.
James Alexander died of an accident on 13 July 1918 at age 54. The local Carleton Sentinal newspaper of 19 July 1918 has a short article about his death (containing a few errors), but again I have been unable to find a death notice, death certificate, or proper obituary. Also, I do not know where, or even whether, these great grandparents are interred, as I have found no records and I have found no grave stones. I will be very grateful if anyone can supply information about these mysteries.
Alexander (Sandy) Briggs
(rec’d 19 Jul 2022)
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Q22-5835-BRIGGS: This is a comment on Paul Hill’s short piece on Ebenezer Briggs’ grave [in Babbitt Cemetery] at Lower Burton. [Generations Summer 2022 page 36]. I have visited Ebenezer’s grave which, though very near the pavement is nevertheless in a pretty obscure spot. Ebenezer is the brother of my 3x great grandfather Abiel Briggs (1760-1844). 
Brothers Abiel and Ebenezer Briggs married sisters Elizabeth and Diadema Chase respectively.

The parents of these women, James Percy Chase and Elizabeth (Betty) Douglas Chase are interred in a very obscure copse near Swan Creek in Lower Burton. This ancient stone is in a wooded plot off Route 102. The coordinates are: Lat: 45.858016; Lon: -66.266355. These are needed because it would never be found without directions.
What would be interesting to find is reliable and documented information about the parents of Abiel and Ebenezer Briggs, as various sources have, over the years, attributed to them at least three or four different sets of parents.

Alexander (Sandy) Briggs
(rec’d 19 Jul 2022)
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Q22-5834-NEVERS: I took a DNA test a few years ago in the hope of solving who my great grandfather's (GGF) mystery father might be. My 2xgrt grandmother was 18 when she had him - her only child and she didn't ever marry. I have over 30 matches to a branch which I assume must be this side of my tree because this is the only branch I haven't "solved" and traced yet. These matches, to my surprise, hail from NB. All my other heritage comes from Scotland or England (Yorkshire). I worked up a number of these and they go back to surname Nevers.
Based on the amount of DNA shared and DoB of my GGF (1869), I have worked up that it is most likely a son of Alexander Carleton Peters Nevers (born 1820) who is the mystery man (using “What Are the Odds” on DNA painter). I am then set to thinking that the eldest son (Earl Ezra Nevers b1847) was in the military...
Does anyone know if Canadian soldiers went to the UK in 1868 (particularly York, as this is where my 2x got grandmother was based)? I'm almost certain my 2x got grandmother didn't go to Canada at that time.
Any help from anyone would be really useful in helping to solve this mystery, or if they have any more information on this particular family.
Kate Mitchell 
(rec’d 4 Jul 2022)
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Q22-5833-McLEOD: I’m looking for information on Daniel McLeod b 1790 in NS he married Roberta Ann Taylor and they lived on Fredericton Rd near Second North River. I’m interested in information about his parents and his death/burial. I’m also interested in the date of death of his son John S McLeod. 
Heather Smith
(rec’d 28 Jun 2022)
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Q22-5832- GODWIN: I am looking for marriage records for my x2 grandfather Thomas Godwin (b: abt. 1828-England). After arriving in Canada, he married Eliza Russell between 1851 and 1862. Prior to the marriage, the 1851 census shows her living in Northumberland. They settled in Portland, Saint John. According to censuses he was Methodist. Hoping to get some info about his parents if recorded with the marriage. Have not been able to locate anything.
Thank you,
Tom Mason
(rec’d 12 May 2022)
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Q22-5831- CRAIG: I am a descendent of David Craig and Mary Steele from New Brunswick, Canada. I know the family came over from Scotland but I was hoping to figure out how to go back further into Scotland and follow the line from David and possibly Mary back. 

David Craig, son of James and Agnes Craig, born October 1749 near Edinburgh, Scotland. He died November 25, 1836 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. He was married to Mary Steele before 1779. Mary Steele was born May 1758/1759 in Beith, Scotland. She died August 20,1832 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. 
Christine Scandurra
(rec'd 8 May 2022)
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Q22-5830-LAWSON: This photo was taken perhaps around 1915-1925. The fellow on the right in the front row holding the cigarette is Melvin LeRoy "Roy" Lawson (1897-1967) of Bull Lake, Southampton Parish, York County. Can anyone identify either of the other two fellows? 
Franklin Luke Lawson
(rec'd 7 May 2022)
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Q22-5829-PRICE: Seeking death date and location of my great great grandfather James Price Mills Sr., born about 1830, resided in Kingsclear, York Co. New Brunswick. Commonly went by his name "Price". Married to Margaret Goodine, sometimes known as Gooden and possibly Godin.

Donald Vermithrax

Answer to Q22-5829: I refer to your query concerning your great-great-grandfather, James Price Mills, in the Summer 2022 Edition of Generations, the journal of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society.
Thanks to Daniel F. Johnson's Newspapers Vital Statistics, I was able to locate a death notice/obituary for Price Mills in the New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser dated Wednesday, July 29, 1896.
The obituary reads as follows:  "Death at Kingsclear (York Co,) - Price MILLS, a well-known resident of French Village, died Sunday from cancer of the throat.  Deceased was 66 years of age and leaves a widow, two sons and four daughters.  The remains were interred yesterday.  Undertaker John G. Adams had charge of the arrangements."
On the basis of the above, it would appear that your great-great-grandfather died in Kingsclear, NB on Sunday, July 26, 1896 and was buried on Tuesday, July 28, 1896.  I was not able to find where Price Mills was buried.
I found a death certificate for a Margaret Mills, possibly your great-great-grandmother (New Brunswick Archives-Vital Statistics from Government Records RS141).  Margaret Mills died on May 23, 1916 at the age of 78 at her home in Central Kingsclear.  I was not able to find where Margaret Mills was buried.
I also found a death certificate for James Price Mills, son of Price Mills and Margaret Goodine (New Brunswick Archives-Vital Statistics from Government Records RS141).   James Price Mills was born in Kingsclear on December 27, 1865 and died on July 31, 1947.  James and his wife Ina are buried in St. Anne's Cemetery, Kingsclear (Find a Grave).
I also found a death certificate for George Tyler Mills, son of Price Mills and Margaret Goodine (New Brunswick Archives-Vital Statistic from Government Records RS141).  George was born in Kingsclear, on April 3, 1861 and died on February 16, 1950.  George and his wife Harriett are buried in St. Anne's Cemetery, Kingsclear (Find a Grave).
It is possible that Price and Margaret Mills are buried in an unmarked grave in St. Anne's Cemetery, Kingsclear as St. Anne's appears to be where many of the Mills family are buried. 
Trusting the above is helpful.
Brian R. Dixson
(rec'd 21 Jul 2022)
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Q22-5828-CAMMACK: I learned about an incident recently that caught my interest.  My grandparents and their ancestors on my mother’s side all came from Carleton County areas so have become anxious to learn more about Mr. Cammack.  I had never heard any family members from Carleton County talk about this story.

As the story goes, Mr. Cammack, (first name may have been Fred) was the last to hang in Woodstock for murdering several people from Woodstock (family members perhaps?) in 1905.  The person who told me about this knew very little himself but said a Cammack grandson became a member of Bangor Police Department and another grandson was a member of Bangor Fire Department. 

Do you recall if a story ever appeared in any Generations magazines?  I have read most of them since initial issues in 1978 but could have missed any stories of him before I had no interest.

I would appreciate your thoughts and if you know of any stories that ever appeared in Woodstock newspapers.
Thanks so much.  
Art Collier

Answer to Q22-5828- There were 3 hangings at the Woodstock jail. Thomas CAMMACK in 1905 was the 2nd one. The third, and final, hanging was in 1922 of 22 year old Benny SWIM.
There is a lot of info on-line for these events:
George GEE, 1904,

Thomas CAMMACK, 1905,
from Carleton Sentinel newspaper:

Benny SWIM, 1922, last hanging in Woodstock, needed to be hanged twice as the 1st time didn’t kill him,

from Public Archives of New Brunswick:
Index to New Brunswick Marriages
Name    CAMMACH, THOMAS                                           
Date    1895-04-08
Parish  ----
Number  1265
Code    B4/1895
Microfilm       F15576
(age 44, parents Samuel and Mary)
These should help your research. 
Norma Brown
(rec’d 22 Jul 2022)
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Q22-5827-TODD: I have a question for you regarding an old issue of Generations, (issue 23, March 1985).  There was an excellent story in there about my fifth great grandfather, a loyalist named Mix Todd.  It was written by Alan H. Hawkins, from South Portland, Maine.  He noted in his appendix that he was going to revisit Mix Todd in later issues to deal with his ancestry. Do you know if a subsequent issue of generations was ever written by him regarding Mix Todd? I have looked on our website but I’ve been unable to locate another issue relating to this subject.
Joshua Tuck
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Q22-5826-HITCHINGS: Am searching for information on William Sidney Hitchings, born Dunbarton, New Brunswick July 28, 1849. I am great-grandson.

He later migrated as lad to USA, apparently after. before parents died.
Know there were two possible Hitchings’ migrations to NB after US Revolutionary War.
Are there records you can search – I could search for this information?
Bill Hitchings
(rec’d 17 Mar 2022)
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Q22-5825-JONAH's of HILLSBOROUGH BOOK: I am looking to purchase the three-volume work,
“The Jonah's of Hillsborough, Albert Co., New Brunswick: Descendants of Pierre Jaunne from the Principality of Montbeliard to Hillsborough Township 1700-2003”
Does anyone have the volumes for sale?
David Jonah
(rec’d 13 Mar 2022)
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Q22-5824 - Moncton Police Force 1894-1895: I have an original copy of the attached photo identified as the Moncton Police Force 1894-1895. The photo hung with pride in my Great Grandparents, David and Annie Clark’s, home in Harcourt, and my father was told one of the men was a relative.  The Moncton Museum has a copy of the photo of the Police Force for 1894-1895 – identical to my original.  Through them I know the names of three of the officers.  I need help with the remaining two men.
Left to right: A.W. Belyea (sitting), unknown (standing), Chief Wadman (sitting), Nelson Rushton (standing), unknown (sitting)
I offer the following information in case it provides a clue or insight as to who the remaining men are:
Robert Clark (1818-1900), Mouswald, Dumfries, Scotland and Margaret (Scott) Clark (1819-1905) Galloway, Kent, New Brunswick, both died in New Brunswick (10 children)
David Wark Clark (1853-1944) born in Harcourt, died in North Sydney, Cape Breton, and Annie (Welsh/Walsh) Clark (1858-1823) born in Bass River, Kent, New Brunswick and died in Moncton, New Brunswick (6 children)
Frederick (Fred) Ellingham Clark(e)  and Ethel Gertrude (Moffatt) Clark, Upper North Sydney, Cape Breton.  Fred was born in Harcourt and died in Woodside, Halifax County, NS. (1 son died at 6 weeks, and my father)
Their son, Lloyd Morley Clarke (1913-1991) who was born in Upper North Sydney and died in Halifax, NS.
Ethel Clarke
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Q22-5823-GARGARO: I am looking for more information about my grandfather, Antonio Gargaro.
He was incarcerated at the Westmorland Penitentiary in 1921. (1921 census) I am just inquiring if you have any further information about how long he resided in New Brunswick.
I found, in some preliminary research, that his sponsor was his brother-in-law John Macdonald and that he was a miner in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia but we are not sure how he got from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick.
My grandfather was married and had a child but we are not sure what happened to his first wife or the child.
Any information or guidance you could provide would be most appreciated.
(rec’d 6 Feb 2022)
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Q22-5822-JOHNSTON: Robert James Johnston was my great, great grandfather. He was born circa 1830 in Saint John, New Brunswick. His father, according to the death certificate was Caleb Johnston (Cotton Mill Manager) his wife was Amelia Johnston (maiden name unknown)
He arrived in Victoria Australia March 10 1853 aboard the vessel Nebraska which sailed from New York, he was 23.  The passenger list shows a Peter McKea age 21 also of Saint John listed as a Farmer. 

Robert J Johnston married Martha Hughes (Chiltern UK) May 16 1858. They had 7 or 8 children, of which 5 or 6 survived. He died April 17 1895. I managed to trace my birth mother, unfortunately we never met. She died in 2007. My birth father is unknown.

I have documents to support this, which I’m willing to share.
Any history of the RJ Johnston’s family would be appreciated.
Bill Gregory
(rec’d 23 Jan 2022)
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Q22-5821-SMITH: Can you provide info on my 4x-great grandmother Elizabeth Scott b 1808 New Brunswick? She married Wm Bilonis Smith in New Brunswick, abt 1829. Other info l have is limited. A daughter Frances b 1834 in NB was found attending school there. Elizabeth’s husband Wm Bilonis Smith was attending protestant church in1829. Property records show Wm Smith coming from Washington, NH to NB. From that I traced Smith family back to John Smith from N Ireland. l got interested in Elizabeth Scott’s origins and seem to find no info. She died in Boston in 1851 or 1852, was buried there, then transferred to a cemetery in MA. No info in the cemetery other than other Scott people traced to Maine.
Maybe a Scott family expert could help?
Thank you,
T Smith
(rec’d 20 Jan 2022)
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Q22-5820-CARTIER: I have been looking for genealogical information for my great-great-grand-father, Paul Cartier. He would be Maliceet from Québec/New Brunswick.  He was born in New Brunswick. His name would go under Edward Cartier.  From the information we have, he was born in 1874.  All of our genealogical research and information leads to New Brunswick. Having the name, a copy of Edward's birth certificate or any information would be greatly appreciated. His family is very elusive, and seems to have changed their names.  We even have no proof of his marriage to his last wife Rose Bouchard.  We believe that Rose was his second wife. Paul's first wife would have passed away.  She would've been Edward’s real mother.

 It is amazing that Paul Cartier found his way to West Québec. We also would like to know why they Settled so far away.  Would they be running away from something? Why would he change his name?  So many questions. It is just weird that we can go further with his genealogy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would mean so much for my family to finally know. Paul's daughter Marie Cartier is my great grandmother.  
Thank you.
Sébastien Beaudoin
(rec’d 7 Jan 2022)
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Q22-5819-NEVERS: “Mrs Nevers” was buried at Maugerville on 17 July 1809. The officiant recorded in his journal that she was “aged 84”. Who was Mrs Nevers?
David Bell  
(rec’d 3 Jan 2022)
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Q22-5818-PHILLIPS and ODELL: I’m looking for information on Phebe Philips born 1805 in New Brunswick. Her husband was Lewis Odell, born about 1802 in Canada; died 30 Aug 1900 in Chester, Ottawa, Michigan, USA. I believe he was also from New Brunswick.
Thank You very much!
Dove Clancy
(rec’d 20 Dec 2021)
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Q22-5817-DALL and CRAIG: I am finding research on my ancestors, retired British army soldiers who owned land at various times after 1815 until the mid-1830's in Quebec and New Brunswick, to be beyond my capabilities due to working full time and not being familiar with Canadian geography.  I live near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the United States.  
I have a letter from the National Archives of Canada from 1992 that suggests microfilm with information that pertains to the two families.  They also suggested you could provide assistance with local resources.  
John Dall's widow Susannah (Hughes) Dall was buried in Quebec at Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec on January 19, 1865.  I have found a record of her living in Madawaska, Maine in 1830 along with her husband John, the Francis McDonald family and her son James Dall and his wife Bridget McDonald Dall. That is on the south shore of the St. John River across from St. Basile Church in New Brunswick, so it's possible she might have lived in New Brunswick either before or after 1830. The Canadian National Archives says they have a record of her husband John, a settler at Grand River, New Brunswick asking for provisions in 1823 and list a volume, set of pages and reel. 
Margaret Craig is buried in St. Basile Cemetery in Edmundston, Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada with interment around November 1, 1835.  Since she was living in Madawaska, Maine in 1830, I'm not sure whether her family was on the American side of the St. John River or had moved across to New Brunswick subsequent to 1830.  Any help you could provide with establishing what happened to the McDonalds between 1830 and 1835 would be appreciated.  If there is a way to get in touch with the cemetery, that would be helpful, too.
My grandfather indicated the two old soldiers probably perished in Canada's first cholera epidemic when they went up to Quebec to collect their pensions.  That's why I have no burial site for them.
Malcolm W. Andrews
(rec’d 11 Dec 2021)
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Q22-5817-DALL and CRAIG: I am finding research on my ancestors, retired British army soldiers who owned land at various times after 1815 until the mid-1830's in Quebec and New Brunswick, to be beyond my capabilities due to working full time and not being familiar with Canadian geography.  I live near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the United States.  
I have a letter from the National Archives of Canada from 1992 that suggests microfilm with information that pertains to the two families.  They also suggested you could provide assistance with local resources.  
John Dall's widow Susannah (Hughes) Dall was buried in Quebec at Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec on January 19, 1865.  I have found a record of her living in Madawaska, Maine in 1830 along with her husband John, the Francis McDonald family and her son James Dall and his wife Bridget McDonald Dall. That is on the south shore of the St. John River across from St. Basile Church in New Brunswick, so it's possible she might have lived in New Brunswick either before or after 1830. The Canadian National Archives says they have a record of her husband John, a settler at Grand River, New Brunswick asking for provisions in 1823 and list a volume, set of pages and reel. 
Margaret Craig is buried in St. Basile Cemetery in Edmundston, Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada with interment around November 1, 1835.  Since she was living in Madawaska, Maine in 1830, I'm not sure whether her family was on the American side of the St. John River or had moved across to New Brunswick subsequent to 1830.  Any help you could provide with establishing what happened to the McDonalds between 1830 and 1835 would be appreciated.  If there is a way to get in touch with the cemetery, that would be helpful, too.
My grandfather indicated the two old soldiers probably perished in Canada's first cholera epidemic when they went up to Quebec to collect their pensions.  That's why I have no burial site for them.
Malcolm W. Andrews
(rec’d 11 Dec 2021)
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Archived Queries 

Q21-5755-BAILEY:  I was sent an excerpt from a book about Nashwaaksis/Fredericton and the Bailey family but there was no attribution. I descend from William BAILEY (1796) married to Elizabeth Hatt who settled in Fredericton around 1833, through their son, Richard. I would like to know the name of the book and who wrote it. The excerpt begins on page 26: 
"It is very likely that William and his family, also Richard, had been living in Naskwaksis(sic) well before the 1851 census. William's daughter, Amelia, was certainly born in Nashwaaksis and according to family records lived there all her life...” 
The excerpt ends on the next page: "Best of all, there was always the 'Gibson line'. In those days, the railway did a lot for any community that it favoured with its presence." 
Any assistance would be appreciated. 
Karen O'Brien 
(rec’d 22 Nov 2020)
Q21-5756-BOYD/TEAKLES: Mary Ann TEAKLES was born 5 October 1769 at Onslow, Colchester County, Nova Scotia. She lived with her family at Onslow until sometime after 1790, when she married Adam BOYD. Adam was a 1765 grantee at Truro Township. He married first Mary Johnson at Truro. She died there 15 May 1790, after having perhaps two children (a daughter, and a son Hugh). Adam and Mary Ann moved their family from Truro to Hopewell, Westmorland Co, NB in 1795 or 1796, in company with many of Mary Ann's Teakles and McCully relatives. They lived at Hopewell until ca 1806, then sold out and moved to the Sussex area, Kings Co. I haven't been able to trace either Mary Ann or Adam after that. The 1803 census of Hopewell suggests they may have had as many as four children, but I’ve never been able to associate any names with Adam, except for Hugh. Any information on this family would be helpful. 
Sanford Wilbur
(rec’d 18 Dec 2020)
Q21-5757-BRADLEY: I am looking for the parents of Charles Louis BRADLEY, b. 16 Mar 1804 New Brunswick, married (10 Oct 1829 at Anglican Cathedral Holy Trinity Church) to Caroline Secord, b 22 Aug 1813 in New Brunswick (christened at Anglican Church in Gagetown) 
Their son, Alexander H. Bradley was born 17 Apr 1854 in Canada; his son, Orison, was born in 1883 and is my great grandfather.
Adam Bradley
(rec’d 4 Jan 2021)
Q21-5758 CRABB: I’ve come to a dead end with the Crabb family. My 2x-great grandfather was James Albert Crabb born Mar 5, 1849 in Kelvin, Brant Co, ON. His parents were Henry W Crabb and his wife Arabel/Arabella (maiden name unknown) Unknown where they were married. They were in Ontario by the 1851 census.
       Henry stated his birth place was New Brunswick. At his 2nd marriage, to Elizabeth in 1865, he provided his parents' names - John and Mary.  His gravestone in Scotland, Brant Co, ON states that he died 15 Apr 1895, age 81 years, 1 month and 23 days. He would have been born approximately 20 Feb 1813 to John L Crabb and Mary Elizabeth Cram but I can find no confirmation. Can you point me in the right direction?
Lorie Walker
(rec’d 2 Feb 2021)
Q21-5759-GAGNÉ et CARON: I am looking for the wedding between Alonzo GAGNÉ et Sophie CARON.  Alonzo Gagné   born: January 17, 1892 in Ste-Rose-de-Dégelis, Québec Died: Octobre 26, 1932 in Grand Falls, NB. Census of 1911 he lived in Grand Falls at 18 years old with his parents Octave Gagné and Victoria Pellerin.
Sophie Caron   born: June 10, 1891 in Clair, NB Died: Octobre 11th 1975 in Montreal, Québec but buried with Alonzo Gagné in Grand Falls, NB
Her first mariage was June 1, 1910 in Clair, NB to Joseph Arthur Thomas Lang (Long) He died March 11, 1912
Alonzo and Sophie had twins Germaine (my Mother who married Georges Hudon on August 13, 1946 in Grand Falls, NB) and Gertrude born on May 28, 1917.
If you can find any information on their wedding it would be greatly appreciated.
Denise Hudon
(rec’d 6 Jan 2021)
Q21-5760-GALLANT:  Would anyone have information on a Joseph GALLANT, son of Simon and Domithilde Gallant who was born on Dec 8, 1859 in Rustico, PEI. The family moved from PEI to the Shediac area of NB in the 1870s. I found him in the Shediac Parish at the time of the 1881 census; he was 22 years old and living with his widowed mother and three of his younger siblings (Sarah, Moses and Abraham). The trail goes cold at this point.  It is possible that he later went by the name Charles Gallant (possibly his middle name).  I found the descendants of the other children of Simon and Domithilde, including Abraham who stayed in the Shediac area and had 20 children with two wives, Elizabeth Cormier and Exilda Fougère.  I am hoping one of the descendants of Abraham may have information/memories of Joseph (Charles) Gallant.
Bonny Pond
(rec’d 16 Dec 2020)
Q21-5761-GOLDING: My question is about my great-grandmother, Charlotte GOLDING (1856- maybe 1941) born in Hampstead, Queens, NB.  Her parents were George James Golding (1814-1888) and Mary Ann Webb (1821-1898).  Siblings were James Thomas (1843-1932), Caleb (1845-1889), Albert Venning (1847-1885), and Henrietta (1861-1935).
I have not been able to find Charlotte after her son (my grandfather) Charles Francis Golding-Small (1880-1918) was born in Boston, Mass.  He died in Saint John.  Charlotte Golding apparently was married to my great-grandfather Gilbert Llewellyn Small born in Johnson, Queens.  However, I have never found a marriage certificate.  My grandfather was born in Boston Mass to Gilbert and Charlotte.  I discovered that they had a daughter before my grandfather named Laura who lived but 2 months in Boston.
My grandfather was brought to Saint John and was raised by his Uncle James.  I found Gilbert at home with his parents in the census of 1881 but no Charlotte or my grandfather Charles.  I have lots of stuff on Gilbert.  He married 3 more times and had many more children.
Patricia Keary
(rec’d 4 Jan 2021)
Q21-5762-HAYWARD:  I am looking for information on Hannah M HAYWARD (abt 1834 to between 1874-1879) According to census records she was born in NB. The earliest record we have for Hannah M Hayward is her marriage record of Jan 28, 1851, when she married John Hawkes (1829-1911) in Parish of Sussex, Kings Co, NB. John Hawkes immigrated, along with his parents and brother, from Ireland.  I am looking for any information I can find about Hannah’s family and where she lived previous to marriage. In fact, a DoD would be welcomed, too.
John Hawkes and his wife Hannah moved to North Lake sometime after their marriage.  Hannah’s last child appears to have been born around March 1774 and John Hawkes appears to have remarried sometime in 1779, based on the DoB of his last son (presumably with his second wife).  He would have died sometime after the 1911 census.
Bradd Burningham 
(rec’d 16 Dec 2020
Q21-5763-HYNES:  This query is from a female who was adopted at 3 months of age in 1938. She was born in Saint John, possibly at the Evangeline Home. Her biological mother’s name was Margaret Hynes. She was told her biological mother was originally from Newfoundland and had other children, some of whom live in NL. She may also have a brother, not from the same father, that may still be alive within this area. She is looking for any siblings and the name of her biological father.
Reply to the queries editor if you have any information. Answers to this query will not be published. 
(rec’d 17 Jan 2021)
Q21-5764-IRVINE: Looking for information on my family who emigrated to New Brunswick, in 1862 from Fair Isle, Shetland, UK. I would be interested to know if there are any descendants currently living in New Brunswick.
The family: Robert IRVINE, born 28 Jan 1820, Fair Isle, Shetland Islands. On the 1881 census he was listed as being resident of Lancaster, St. John. His wife's name was Grizel Cheyne, born 21 Oct 1823, Dunrossness, Shetland Islands. Their children born in Fair Isle, Shetland were: John (born 11 Dec 1845), Margaret (born 8 Jul 1847), James (born 5 Mar 1849), Barbara (born 21 Oct 1852), Robert (born 27 Mar 1855), Jane (born 9 Nov 1857), Grace (born 24 May 1860) and finally one child, Alec, born in Fairville, New Brunswick in 1868.
   The family emigrated from Fair Isle, Shetland to New Brunswick aboard the Olympia in 1862.  Robert Irvine was a brother to my 3 times Great Grandfather.
I discovered in the Shetland Family History records that there is a Raymond Irvine born [date removed for privacy] in New Brunswick, who is my 4th cousin once removed. His father’s name is John L. Irvine, born [date removed for privacy], who was married on 25 May 1951. His fathers name was William Laurence Irvine, born 15 Feb 1898, died [date removed for privacy].
I would be interested to know if there is anyone in this family line who are still living in New   Brunswick and if they would be keen to get in touch.
Raymond Irvine
(rec’d 23 Dec 2020)
Q21-5765-KOLLOCK/McINNIS: George KOLLOCK was born ca 1794 in Northumberland County, New Brunswick, likely at Bay due Vin. Sometime between 1795 and 1805, he moved with his family to Kouchibouguac. About 1815, he married Christine McINNIS, probably born between 1794 and 1797, either on Prince Edward Island, or at Kouchibouguac.
George and Christine lived at Kouchibouguac at least until 1836. I haven't been able to trace either of them after that year. From church records, it appears they had at least seven children, but I’ve only been able to find information on two. Their first daughter, Elizabeth Ann Kollock was born 22 March 1816, married James McDonald, and with a number of McInnis and McDonald kin, moved to the Bonaventure - Port-Daniel area of nearby Quebec. A second daughter, name unrecorded, was born and died 1817-1818. For the others, I have only birthdates or baptism dates: Simon (1819), Christine (baptized ca 1822), Marie (baptized ca 1822), Elizabeth Isabella (1826), and John (1829). Information on anybody in this family would be helpful. 
Sanford Wilbur
(rec’d 18 Dec 2020)
Q21-5766 MacBEATH/QUIGG: I am researching my Irish ancestors in New Brunswick and St John.  In the past, I have struck out completely on any meaningful documentation. I am looking to start with the MacBeaths (I have seen three different spellings) - John MacBeath and Sarah Doherty who would have been born around 1800. I have their children (William was my ancestor) and subsequent generations.  I am looking for immigration and marriage records for them. I am also looking for the Quiggs who I think immigrated from Northern Ireland – James Quigg and Mary Cain.  If I can get some help or just a point in the right direction, that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance. 
Bella A
(rec’d 31 Jan 2021)
Q21-5767-MacDONALD: Alexander MacDONALD born abt 1774/5 likely in Newry, Co Down or Co Antrim; died Sept 23, 1829, lived at Dock Street in St John, NB (from obituary in New Brunswick Courier). His wife was Mary (maiden name unknown) born around 1777 in Newry, Co Down; died in 1847 at age 70 in South Boston, MA. Two sons, Moore McDonald (b 1815 - Newry; d 1872, Boston, MA); Jackson McDonald (b 1817 Newry; d 1860, Boston, MA); both brothers were iron moulders; it is unclear if this was also occupation of their father, as they were in early teens when he died.
The whole family arrived in St John, NB in July 1823 per the family Bible. After Alexander's death they moved south and arrived in Boston on Sept 17, 1833 based on immigration records.  Both brothers and mother were buried in Roman Catholic Cemetery in South Boston, however, the family story goes that they were Presbyterians who converted to RC in Boston to marry to Irish Catholic women. Further, the family story assumes the family was of Scottish ancestry and migrated to Northern Ireland in the 1700's.
I am looking for any burial records as well as information on this family while they were in St John NB (1823-1833) including any school records etc. Would there be any records related to Alexander's death or his will or any other documentation. We also have records that his son, Jackson and his wife Mary Ann W(h)all visited St John NB after their wedding in the 1840's, likely to visit his father's tomb or possibly to settle any issues remaining. 
Dr. Zbignfiew MacDonald Szczepiorkowski
(rec’d 21 Dec 2020)
Q21-5768-MacLAGGAN/HOVEY: My interest is getting in touch with someone in the Taymouth area who is researching the MacLaggan family. My family tree is the HOVEY's of NB and Aaron Hovey Jr (1788-1866) who married Helen Eleanor MacLAGGAN (1790-1862) of Taymouth, NB. They built a home in Ludlow (which I and my brother own and maintain) and raised 7 children. Thank you.
Robert MacQuarrie
(rec’d 23 Nov 2020)
Q21-5769-PERLEY/SLIPP: I am looking for a birth cert of Edith Elizabeth PERLEY, DOB Sept 18 1863 in Maugerville, New Brunswick. Could you guide me as to where I would find it as I am working on getting my [United] Empire Loyalist Cert. 
Also looking for birth cert for Phoebe Augusta SLIPP, DOB Oct 20 1840 Hampstead, Queens County, New Brunswick.
Also looking for birth cert for James Francis SLIPP, DOB July 19 1799 Hampstead, Queens County, New Brunswick
Phoebe Banbury
(rec’d 2 Jan 2021)
Q21-5770-PERRY/ALWARD: I am searching for any provenance that would link Anne (Alward) PERRY 1792-1858 to Oswald (Oddy or Addy) Alward & Mary [unknown] They were married 1784.  Another possible surname spelling could be Allward. Anne married Daniel Perry (1790-1851) Jan 3, 1811. I found a baptismal record of her younger brother John in Wickham. Oswald was married twice; Anne would have been issue from his first wife who we have little to no information on. Thank you for your help
Mary Melvin
(rec’d 2 Jan 2021)
Q21-5771-ROY: My Great Grandfather is Joseph Anselme ROY. He was born in 1835 in New Brunswick Canada. He was married to Domitilde Richard in 1865 in New Brunswick Canada. My problem is I cannot find who his parents definitely are. I find reference to Amant Roi and Celeste Leblanc however, no birth record or baptismal record can I find. Please advise.
Cheryl Ross
(rec’d 23 Dec 2020)
Q21-5772-WOODWARD: Samuel WOODWARD was buried in Woodstock on 14 June 1794. I am looking for where Samuel’s wife Mammie Hopkins was buried?  Her maiden name was Elizabeth Beard. She was married 3 times had 22 kids; 18 of them boys.  I am looking for information on their children and families (Woodwards) that lived in Carleton county at that same time period.  Their children would be Robert, Timothy, Nathaniel, Samuel, Archibald, born in 1783, 1785 and 1790.
Trevor Munn
(rec’d 4 Jan 2021)
Q21-5773-UNDERWOOD:  I am researching my wife’s 2X great-grandmother, Rebecca A. Underwood (born about 1842).  I believe her parents were Alexander and Nancy (McCraw).  I found an 1851 census listing the family living in Blackville, Northumberland, NB.  I cannot find birth information on Rebecca.  In the 1861 census, she is no longer living with her parents.  In 1869, she married George Sheets III in Stillwater, Minnesota, USA.  Anything else you have on the Underwood family would be great.  Thanks.
Larry Raddatz
(rec’d 9 Jan 2021)
Q21-5774-URQUHART: I am trying to find information about the descendants of John URQUHART, who is listed in Howe's description of Kemble Manor. I believe he is my husband's ancestor, but have not been able to find information, other than the Howe reference, to him and his descendants. Any information or direction you can provide would be much appreciated.
Margaret Wood, 
(rec’d 17 Nov 2020)
Q21-5775: CAMIC: I need help concerning memorials found in Find A Grave.  They are located in the Elmsville Cemetery, Elmsville, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada.  Find A Grave has them listed as David Caming 1821-1913 and his wife Annie Caming 1819-1879.  We believe them to be David and Annie Camic and that Find A Grave simply made a typo but we need to see pictures of the grave stones to verify.  If there are no grave stones, perhaps you have a written record of David and Annie.  When I requested those pictures, they responded that they needed more information as to the grave location.  Do you have a record with a plot number or other identifying information for either of these names? 
I'm working on my genealogy, and I believe David and Annie Camic were my great-great grandparents from Ireland and I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Sharon Elmore
(rec’d 7 Feb 2021)
Q20-5705-PHILLIPS - answer: The answer to your question is found in the Hayward Collection on the NBGS web-site which includes "Descendants of Matthew Phillips of New York". Page 4 has details of Mary's descent from Matthew, details of her parents who were Loyalists (on page2 and 3) and her marriage to Solomon Tracy and list of her children. I thought that the Israel Smith who married their daughter Sarah might be related to the descendants of Loyalist Daniel Smith and Ruth Fitch in Blissville/Burton, Sunbury County (my mother's family), but I can find no record of him in the Hayward Collection document "Descendants of Daniel Smith, Loyalist, and his Wife Ruth Fitch". There were Israel Smiths in that family but none with the right dates or right wives. My paternal grandfather's sister, Annie May Noble, married Alfred W Phillips who was a descendant of Matthew Phillips and they lived in Bristol, NB  
John Noble UE 
(rec’d 12 Dec 2020)
Q21-5776-YOUNG: I have database reference that indicates Enoch Bordon Young was born 23 Dec 1878 in Woodstock, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. Any additional information, including who his parents were, remains elusive and I’m wondering if you can confirm this birth record and identify any of his immediate family. Enoch was my Great Grandfather but died well before my time.  Little of his history is known of him beyond his name and the fact that he immigrated to Maine where he established his family. Any information would be welcome.
 Steven Jette
(rec’d 10 Feb 2021)
Q21-5777-O’NEIL: I recently found I am related to a Charles P O’Neil 1879-1952 his father was Daniel J O’Neil 1854-1915. Daniel was married to Mary Ellen (Clarke) O’Neil 1856-1936. Daniel’s father was James O’Neil 1813-1854. 
All were born and died in St John NB. Daniel and his brothers had the O’Neil Store (market) in St John. I am wondering if you have any information on the family.  Thank you for your help in finding out about my family and ties to St John NB. I have never been but hope to visit someday. Thank You
Robert Long
(rec’d 11 Feb 2021)
Q21-5778-BOUNDARIES of SAINT JOHN: I have a query about the boundaries of Saint John.  According to Saint John's charter in 1785, the eastern portion of the City (Parr Town) was bounded by the harbour to the west, St. James St. to the south (the rest of the southern part of the peninsula was given over to military land), Sydney St. to the east and Union St. to the north.  The land north of Union St. was owned by Simonds, Hazen and White.  I've read that when Portland Parish was established in 1786 that it included all of the land west of St. Martin's Parish over to the St. John River which formed the boundary of Lancaster Parish.  Maps from the 1800s (there's a very detailed one dated 1875) show the boundary between Saint John and Portland as running along City Road and then through the rail yard to the harbour. 
My question is this: when did the area between Union St. and City Road, and the area between Sydney St. and Courtney Bay become part of Saint John?  I read an article about "The Loyalist House" which says that Union St. was the northern boundary of Saint John until 1889 when Portland and Saint John amalgamated.  However, maps from well before 1889 show the area north of Union St. as being part of Saint John and not part of Portland.
It seems that in 1785, the eastern part of Saint John (Parr Town) occupied only a portion of the peninsula that today includes Uptown Saint John and the City's South End.  So, to put my question another way - when did Saint John expand to include all of its present-day central peninsula - and before expansion, were parts of the peninsula in Portland Parish, especially the Simonds, Hazen and White lands north of Union St.? 
Thank you very much for your help!
Michael Gillen
(rec’d 12 Feb 2021)
Q21-5779-Books by Daniel Johnson: Looking for copies of The Johnson Family of the Millstream and New Brunswick Lineages by Daniel Johnson. If anyone has copies of these books that they no longer require, please contact me.
Louise Stevenson
(rec’d 16 Feb 2021)
Q21-5780-WHELPLEY: My name is Erick Whelpley. I am a descendent of Darling Whelpley and Abigail Beck. I have traced their lineage to me. I am curious about
finding out about the Whelpley lineage line before Darling Whelpley.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Erick Whelpley
(rec’d 16 Feb 2021)
Q21-5781-PAQUET: I am looking for more information on William Paquet who was born ca. 1863 and raised in the village of Nouvelle, Quebec.  On the 1881 Bonaventure County Census for that village, he is 18 years old.  He immigrated to the USA in 1888 as per the 1920 census for Michigan and living in the Stambough Township. At that time, he is living with his brother Joseph Paquet and his family.  William is 57 years old, single and working as a laborer for the city. His brother Joseph also immigrated in 1888.  He is found in the 1910 Marinette, Wisconsin census but his brother William is not found there with him.
Joseph died in 1935 in Escanaba, Michigan and brother William is not noted as a survivor. I am looking for William’s death date, obituary and place.  He may have died between 1920 -1935 if we trust his brother’s obituary. Anything that could be found on William Paquet and his whereabouts would be so much appreciated.
Suzanne Blaquière
(rec’d 20 Feb 2021)
Q21-5782-BLACK: Looking for the parents and/or siblings of Elizabeth Black. Born c1815 possibly New Brunswick or Scotland. In 1837, she married William Britton/Brittin/Brittain in Saint John, NB. William died 1849 at the Saint John Almshouse and is buried in the Church of England Cemetery, along with several of their young children. Elizabeth remarried 1850 to William Baker in Saint John. Shortly after, they moved to Suffolk County, New York. Elizabeth died 1894 and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Center Moriches, Suffolk County. Elizabeth may be related to Catherine Ann Black (1826-1901) who married Edward Bain 1845 in Saint John, NB.
Andrea Moffatt
(rec’d 25 Feb 2021)
Q21-5783-104th REGIMENT: I have just started with genealogy of my family.  I have found some family notes that stated my 3rd great grandfather Jabesh Cabel Squiers took part in the snow show march from Fredericton to Kingston in 1813 but would like to substantiate it.  Do you know if there is a list of the men in that unit?  I know he was a sergeant in the 104th regiment. Thank you for any information you can give me. 
(rec’d 26 Feb 2021)
Q21-5784-ERB: I am looking for the children of Sophia Erb (daughter of Henry Erb) she
married George Fraser in 1821 Kingston, New Brunswick. Supposedly the couple had ten children but I can't find them. I am related to Barbara Fraser but can't find tie to Sophia and George. Please help if you can. Thank you.
Curt Talbot
(rec’d 27 Feb 2021)
Q21-5785-HITCHINGS: Family notes indicate that William Sidney Hitchings was born in 1849 in New Brunswick - son of John Hitchings. That family migrated to Wisconsin when William was a boy.  
Apparently, Hitchings came north to NB from Massachusetts in 1783 - 1784 and I see info in your web site about 4 Hitchings men coming about that time. Cape Ann Association web site provides similar info on United Empire migration.
Would like to obtain further info about the connections if possible. 
Many thanks,  
Bill Hitchings
(rec’d 28 Feb 2021)
Q21-5786-NEAL: I am searching for the birth record of my 3rd Great Grandfather, Daniel Alexander (or Allen) Neal, Jr. He was born on January 26, 1825 in Wakefield, Carleton County, New Brunswick, son of Daniel A Neal, Sr. and Mary "Polly" Shaw. Thank you.
Peter Brock
(rec’d 2 Mar 2021)
Q21-5787-PROSSER BROOK or PARKINDALE: My family immigrated from England in 1952. We were sponsored by a farmer in and around Prosser Brooks or Parkindale. After 6 months my father purchased property in the same area and my sister and I were sent to a one room school about 4 miles from where we lived. I cannot be sure if it was Prosser Brook or Parkindale. I am hoping to find more (perhaps a photo) of this school, which of course, no longer exists. Many thanks.
Anne Brooks
(rec’d 7 Mar 2021)
Q21-5788-BETTS: David Tingley Betts had a daughter Mary Milicent Betts Wakem who married David Wakem Sr. who was born in RIchabucto where her parents lived. We have been told that he is part MicMac but cannot trace Silas Wakem. It appears that he was adopted by William and Eliza Wakem of Pugwash. He shows up on a census when he is 7 years old in Pugwash. We cannot find his birth certificate, but have been able to locate his death certificate. He was born in 1853 but not sure where. We have traced part of the Betts family to a Jones family who were micmac and married Susanne Jones in Massachusetts. We are trying to make the connection.
 We have been told that Anthony Betts still lives on the family farm in Browns Yard and would love to hear from him. Herman Betts was a half brother of Mary and he would have known but his family will not share information. Flora Betts of NH, USA may have been his mother and may have saved her egg money to send him up to New Brunswick because her new husband was abusive to him?
Linda Scott
(rec’d 9 Mar 2021)
Q21-5789-SARGENT: One of my ancestors (Timothy Sargent) was drowned in 1754 in the French and Indian war. He was a captain. Would you have any record of ships lost in the Bay of Fundy in that year?
Richard Sargent
(rec’d 10 Mar 2021)
Q21-5790-MUIR: Looking for native family background. 
Father's family changed name from Muis to Muir around 1910-20
Grandmother’s name is Lucille Savoie
Grandfather's name was Joseph Muis/Muir
Grandmother by her photos looks Indigenous, I'm thinking MicMac.  The family seems to have been located along New Brunswick’s east north east areas. 
Dave Muir
(rec’d 16 Mar 2021)
Q21-5791-OLTZ: I am researching my loyalist ancestors in New Brunswick. In 1787 Martin Oltz Sr. and his son Martin Jr. petitioned for land in I believe the French Lake area. I say believe because he actually had four grants - French Lake, Oromocto, Penniac and Nashwaak. He was a Baptist which is somewhat problematic given their reticence to collect records. Family tradition holds that they came from New York and Martin Sr. was oppressed with a large family.
So, my humble request of your organization is if you can find anything about Martin Sr. and his son a Martin Jr. born in 1752 married on 29 March 1796 to an Elizabeth Estabrooks born 1779. In Florence Estabrooks book on the Anglo Dutch Estabrooks she said Martin Sr.'s father was a soldier in Colonial America named Henry Oltz.
Jay Hammond
(rec’d 18 mar 2021)
Q21-5792-MURRAY: I am researching my family tree and have hit a bit of a brick wall. My 3x great grandmother Sarah Ann Murray was born in (Murray's Corner?) Kent County, NB on July 8 1835. As far as I can tell she lived her whole life in NB. She married Michael McDonald on 09/03/1853 in Rexton, Kent NB. Sarah Ann also converted to Catholic on May 20, 1855. This is the only record that I can find that states any parentage. It states Margaret Grant and David Murray as her parents. This is the only place these names turn up, it’s almost like she didn't exist until her marriage in 1853. Her death was Jun 2, 1920 Harcourt NB. I also found a land grant in Harcourt too. What I would like to find is perhaps a birth record and any other records pre marriage of the Murray family and where/when they emigrated from. I believe she is Scottish heritage as was Michael McDonald. I think what I am looking for can't be found anywhere online that I have searched. I also have many antique family photographs of the Sarah Ann and Michael McDonald family...can't figure out who’s who but wouldn't mind sharing. The pictures are very old, some are tin. 
Lori Ruotsalainen
(rec’d 19 Mar 2021)
Q21-5793-BARKER: Looking for BARKER family history in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia 1750-1880 Names are Matthew and William.
Matthew married Elizabeth Fouquet Bowes 1834 Hantsport NS and died April 1837, Captain of schooner ENTERPRISE at Gulliver's Hole south of Digby NS carrying plaster out of Hantsport.
Their son my ggg grandfather William Henry was born 1835. We have a good BOWES family tree back to Isle of Wight 1600s. They came to PEI with the English army in 1810.
We have no roots or tree for Matthew and no DNA match with the Barker's who founded Hantsport NS.
Matthew owned a ship built in New Brunswick named WILLIAM that he sold in Halifax 1835. We don't know if he inherited it, bought it or had it built. I would like to know how to search for this ship.
Winifred Cherry
(rec’d 21 Mar 2021)
Q21-5794-ROBICHAUD: I am looking for some information on my father’s side. Info I have so far, my dad’s name is Rivard Robichaud born June 15th/1921 died [dated redacted] married to Dorice/Doris Allain born March 16,1921 died [date redacted] - Rivard was the son of Octave Robichaud and Mina Richard from Ste Marie De Kent, New Brunswick.
Francine Robichaud Houssen
(rec’d 24 Mar 2021)
Q21-5795-CARRIGAN: My name is Chuck Tolley and I am an archivist with RAF 158 Squadron Association. During WWII about 2,600 airmen served with this squadron in Bomber Command that was part of No. 4 Group and based in East Yorkshire, UK. During that time about 20% of the airmen posted to 158 Squadron were Canadian were members of the RCAF. One of the young airmen was Warrant Officer Joseph Thomas CARRIGAN, who was from South Nelson NB, and enlisted in the RCAF at Moncton on February 3, 1941. He was trained in Canada as an Air Gunner and was posted overseas in October 1942. He became part of a seven-man bomber crew piloted by Sgt. A.E. Winn, RAFVR and they were posted to RAF 158 Squadron at Lissett, East Yorkshire, on May 3, 1943, as a ‘Rear Gunner'. He went on to fly 15 operations against targets in Europe and, sadly, on October 3, 1943, his bomber was shot down by flak near Texel Island which are part of the Frisian Islands in northern Holland. No trace was found of the aircraft and the bodies of two of the airmen washed ashore on different islands later. Unfortunately, the body of W/O Carrigan was never recovered and he has no known grave. I have been working with a Dutch researcher, Willem de Jong, who is very interested in getting in touch with family members that are related to W/O Carrigan as there are some recent developments in this case. We are at a loss as to how we would get in touch with the family and wondering if you might be able to help.
Attached are three files that might be of help. The first is a short ‘bio’ our Association has on W/O Carrigan that outlines his basic service with 158 Squadron. The second is a picture from his RCAF military file. The third is a page in his file that refers to his family relationships.
We would appreciate it if you could steer us in the right direction.
Chuck Tolley
Senior Archivist
158 Squadron Association
Yellowknife, NWT
Phone: (867) 873-8126
(rec’d 1 Apr 2021)
Q21-5796-BOON: I am searching for information on my relative Charles Everett Boon. He appears on the 1881 census but then disappears along with two of his children. I have searched and Family Search but nothing appears and I can't find information in any newspapers. Please advise and thank you,
Marta Corbett
(rec’d 1 Apr 2021)
Q21-5797-KNAPP: I am researching the William Dickson Knapp (b. 1788 Westmoreland) son of Titus Knapp and Margaret Quigley (b. 1798 Nova Scotia)., daughter of Winkworth Quigley. I am looking for proof of their marriage in 1819 in Westmoreland, apparently by a Judge Gay. The book about the Knapp family states this is the marriage date and place but does not give any documentation. I also need a birth certificate or proof of parentage for their daughter Catherine Isabelle Allan Knapp. I am doing a United Empire Loyalist Certificate, and although I have lots of information that Catherine is the daughter of Wm. Knapp, I have none that Margaret Quigley was his wife at the time Catherine was born, which is required.    
Lynda Curran
(rec’d 2 Apr 2021)
ANSWER to Q21-5755-BAILEY: I am writing in response to your enquiry published in the Spring 2021 issue of NBGS's Generations magazine. The excerpt you quote is from the book by Ruth Scott titled:
A History
It was published in 1986 and printed by Capital Free Press ltd., Fredericton, NB.
I was fortunate to find my copy in a used book store a few years ago. I grew up in Nashwaaksis and am also a descendant of William and Elizabeth Bailey through their daughter Hepsabeth who was born in 1837. A few years ago, in an attempt to pinpoint the Yorkshire origins of William and Elizabeth, I had researched all of their children but to no avail. I believe that William was married twice and that this Elizabeth was his second wife. Richard was probably a child of his first wife.
The story of the Baileys and Baileytown is an interesting one. 
Linda Deloughery
(rec’d 16 Mar 2021)
Q21-5798- FAIRLEY: I have been researching my great grandmother Rachel Ann Long Fairley 1825- 1892.  Her mother was Polly (Mary Ann) Porter Long.  I have been unable to confirm her husband - I believe it to be Patrick Long.  Rebecca Long was referenced in an article on p.182 of A History of Early Boiestown  ISBN 0-921865-00-7
I would appreciate any leads
Linda Fairley
(rec’d 25 May 2021)
Q21-5799-ESTABROOK-TURNEY: Could you direct me to someone in the NB Genealogical Society who is an authority on the Estabrook-Turney history of NB?  
Wende Merrill-Collins
(rec’d 4 Jun 2021)
Q21-5800-McLEOD: My 3rd GGF was John McLeod fought for the British during the Rev War in the 42nd Regiment of Foot (BlackWatch) and was granted land in NB for his service to the crown/king. I'm trying to find his parents, grandparents etc?
Where in Scotland he was born.?
John McLeod born around 1750 died November 1821 in Ludlow NB. (School Riot?)
He was married to Susannah Hovey b 1793 Gagetown NB daughter of Aaron Hovey and Dorothy Price.
There is a bit of confusion on my part.
Was Susannah Hovey married to a John or Roderick? I see that Susannah had a son Roderick Jr..
This Roderick jr. or a Roderick McLeod died 1851 and is buried in the Royal Highlands Cemetery. Why isn't my John buried there too?
After John died November 1821 Susannah Hovey McLeod remarried 1823 to Captain Able Pond, a neighbor.
Grinnell M Wood II
(rec’d 11 Jun 2021)
Q21-5801-LADD: Seeking name of cemetery and proof of burial for Emily Ladd, b abt 1795. Do not know date of death. According to "Notes on Early Harvey Families of New Hampshire" by genealogist and author George Harvey, Sacramento, Dec 1979, Emily Ladd is buried in a cemetery in Florenceville, located below a school, which was destroyed by a lumberman.  George Harvey found her tombstone which was broken and on the ground in 1964.  It is possible that the stone was misplaced as I can't find her name on any of the cemetery burial lists in Florenceville.  He does not include the name of the cemetery where her grave was found.  She was most likely married more than once. Other names that may be associated with her are Emily Ladd Weeks Harvey. I am tracing her because she was married to my ancestor Joseph G. Harvey (1795-1864).  I would be very pleased if you were able to provide me with any information available about Emily.  Thank you.
Susan Rankin
(rec’d 23 Jun 2021)
Q21-5802-ARNOLD: I'm very interested in genealogical research, and I have been trying to find information about my 4x great grandfather, John Arnold, who was a Revolutionary War Loyalist born in 1754, in New Jersey and relocated to NB after the Revolutionary War ended. Most importantly, I'm trying to find out who his parent(s) were. Online records show that Samuel Arnold was his father, however some say that is wrong information, and that Samuel was the father to another John Arnold, in NJ. I haven't been able to find any info on that, however any information about John Arnold would be greatly appreciated.
Jennifer Lavoie
 (rec’d 6 Jul 2021) 
Q21-5803-LEE: I have been trying to find information concerning my great grandfather, Richard Lee, and I am contacting you at the suggestion of Jacelyn Bourque of the Canadian Museum of Immigration. It appears Richard Lee immigrated from England to New Brunswick in 1870 and settled in St. John/Chatham/Miramichi area, New Brunswick. I know Richard Lee married Lucinda Stymist (Stymiest or Stymest) of New Brunswick in 1876. Lucinda was the daughter of James Peabody Stymist and Margaret Ann Urquhart Stymist of New Brunswick. I am pretty sure Richard was born in Plymouth, England in 1849/1850, but would like to find out if he ever made a record to identify his parents. I wonder if you might have any Canadian record of Richard's parents. Thanking you in advance, I appreciate your help. 
Tom Lee
(rec’d 19 Jul 2021)
Q21-5804-STEEVES: With reference to the article in Generations, Summer 2021, 'Finding 19th Century Photographs and Using Clues and Context to Help Identify Them' by John Elliott.
     Lucinda Steeves: I am wondering if there were other photographs of young women, who might be the daughters of Hon William Henry Steeves also present at the Quebec Confederation Conference in 1864.
     That there were more than one daughter present is confirmed by the diary of Mercy Coles of Prince Edward Island in an article written by Anne McDonald, 'Daughters of Confederation' published in August-September 2014 issue of Canada's History Magazine. Mercy attended the Conference with her father, delegate George Coles, and kept a diary of her adventure. With reference to the Steeves Family she writes: "The Misses Steeves (daughters of New Brunswick delegate William Steeves) seem to be the possessors of the parlour downstairs. I think they never leave it. There is a Mr. Carver who seems to be the great attraction. He is a beau of Miss Fisher's (daughter of New Brunswick delegate Charles Fisher), but they monopolize him."
     Delegate Steeves had taken his wife, Mary, to the Charlottetown Conference in September 1864, and now it is time for his daughters to socialize. He had four daughters, and it is interesting to confirm that Lucinda was one of the attendees. There is a cushion in the William Henry Steeves House Museum, the material of which is said to have been made from a gown worn to the conference. This cushion travelled to the Ottawa and Winnipeg 150th Celebrations of Canada's Confederation, and was placed with the picture and diary of Mercy Coles.
     More about Lucinda Steeves: After her father died in Saint John in 1873, she, her mother Mary, 5 siblings and brother-in-law moved from Saint John to Liverpool, England, where her uncle, Gilbert Steeves lived and operated Steeves Brothers family shipping business. On Dec 7, 1880, Lucinda married William James Parker and two years later had daughter Edith Mary Parker. On Jan 3 1906, Edith married Evelyn Francis Edward Seymour, the 17th Duke of Somerset. Their grandson, John Michael Edward Seymour is the present 19th Duke of Somerset and sits in the House of Lords. He has 4 children, so the line carries on.
I would love to see this photograph of Lucinda. Could it be sent by email, so I can put it in our genealogy database?
Kathleen Kyle
(rec’d 19 Jul 2021) 
Q21-5805-GOLDING: I am looking for the parents of Mary Ann (or Mary M.) Golding who married James Isbister in Saint John in 1842 [Daniel Johnson files.] It is tempting to believe her to be the daughter of John N. Golding, but no proof.
Stephen Gibbon
(rec’d 2 Aug 2021)
Q21-5806-TROTT: I found a record regarding Albert Trott born 1904 Axminster, Somerset, UK, son of William C Trott and Elizabeth Hayden. The document says that Albert Boarded the Montnairn March 1928 leaving Southampton, UK and Heading for the port of St John's, New Brunswick, Canada. I have attached the boarding document hoping it might help. 
Thank you for your time.
Mike McAndrew
(rec’d 15 Aug 2021)
Q21-5807-BELDING: My great grandmother Mabel Ann Belding was born in St. John, October 14, 1867.  Her parents are listed on her death certificate as Elizabeth Belding and William Tice (possibly Tiner or Tyner).    My DNA matches on seem to point to common ancestors David Belding (1798-1883) and Jane Thomas (1806-1838).  They both lived in Chance Harbor.  Their daughter Eliza Ann (1831-1879) married Nathaniel Cottle (1821-1879).  They had no recorded children.  We think Mabel may have been born out of wedlock, possibly to Eliza Ann.
Mabel married met my great grandfather William John Rawlinson, who was a organ builder from England sent to St. John to install a pipe organ in a local church, in 1885.  I have searched for more than 40 years, with no success in finding any link to her birth or marriage.  She does not appear in the 1871 or 1881 Canada Census.  
Thank you,
Gary Kmosko
(rec’d 31 Aug 2021)
REPLY to Q21-5807: Another person who researched Daniel Belding's family is Pam Wood Waugh, 1833 Winding Oaks Dr, Orlando, FL.
Go to this page [David Daley] (
I am 7th generation with Daniel Belding being. the first generation.
Attached to this email are the files prepared on the Daniel Belding family.
Daniel Belding and his children are in file #1. The only one that stayed and raised a family in Chance Harbour was David. The others married and went to Saint John or the States or they were lost at sea.
Daniel Belding’s son, David Belding had a number of daughters and they are spoken of in files 2 – 8.
Harry MacDonald
(attachments in email date 1 Sep 2021 - contact queries editor)
Q21--5808-GIROUARD: I am searching for the birth and death records of my 3rd great grandmother Susanne Rose Girouard b. abt. 1829-1833 to Joseph Girouard and Judith Doucet who were married in Richibouctou Village, NB 13 Oct 1828.  Susanne Rose Girouard married Raymond Jaillet 14 Nov 1849 Bouctouche, NB.
There must be a death record somewhere and she must be buried in a cemetery somewhere in or near Bouctouche. Her daughter Sylvie Jaillet is buried in Saint Jean Baptiste Roman Catholic Cemetery by the sea in Bouctouche. I wonder if there is a document or map listing those buried there?  If you have any information, would you please contact me?
(rec’d 2 Sep 2021)
ANSWER to Q21-5803 - I have found the following bits of information on Richard Lee who married Lucinda Stymeist:
1. They were married in 1874, not 1876, as you indicated.  Announcement of their marriage can be found in Union Advocate of July 22, 1874 as follows:
m. Chatham (North Co.) 15th inst., by Rev J.M. Allan, Richard Lee, Chatham/Lucinda Stymeist of Alnwick.
2. According to his tombstone he was born in 1849 and died in Pennsylvania in 1921 (but you probably have already seen this).
3. They didn’t stay long in New Brunswick.  According to the 1900 USA census, they immigrated in 1879.  It also says that he was born in July 1850.
But, I’m sorry, I can’t find any source that gives the names of his parents.
(rec’d 19 Sep 2021)
ANSWER to Q21-5800- John McLeod - 42nd. Highland Regiment - Black Watch - in the Fall 2021 “Generations.”
Please see two items attached, the first of which I contributed to “Generations’ and was published in the Spring 2008, details of the cemetery, including pictures were published in the summer edition. 
For the most part, all of the first generation of Highlanders are buried at the 42nd. Highland – Pleasant Valley Cemetery although there are no stones left from that time as the article indicates, but that does not mean that John McLeod is not buried among his comrades because there are no records from that time.  Also, if he died in 1821 in Ludlow, which is across the border in Northumberland Co., from York and directly connected to the 42nders land grant by a road, (originally called The Portage Road) he may have been buried in either of the two Boiestown Cemeteries that date back to that time.  His land grant number, 164 is further north in the grant area and close to several others with the same surname, which might indicate a relationship.
My mother-in-law is directly connected to two 42nd. Highlanders as shown in the land grant listing and for the most part she is interconnected loosely to just about every one of the families in that area, including Abel Pond, whom you mention as marrying as a second wife Susannah Hovey.  I have that connection listed in my family tree, but not her first husband or parentage, and only because Abel had a daughter in his first marriage who married into my mother-in-law’s Clark line.
My mother-in-law had a 3X g.g.g. William MacLeod (most of those on the Nashwaak spelled the name in that fashion in succeeding years although the land grant says “Mc”) who was son and grandson of Roderick MacLeods, both born in Scotland, but specific place not identified.  This William McLeod is possibly the father of Roderick McLeod who died in 1851 and is buried at the very back of the cemetery which is the area of the early burial sites closer to the river as that family remained in the Nashwaak Valley area.  I have not found any documentation that confirms who that Roderick belongs to as he died prior to the 1851 census which may not have actually been completed until 1852.  I have a picture of his gravestone if you would like it.
I have a book ‘Scotland and her tartans that loosely shows where clans ‘loosely originated and list as “Mac.”  The MacLeods are shown in The Isle of Skye and Lewes and also on the mainland nearby.  All of these areas are in the far north-west of Scotland.
Marianne Donovan
(rec’d 19 Sep 2021)
Q21-5809-PIDGEON- I needed some help finding more about the parents of a Walter Pidgeon. He was born in 1897 in Saint John, News Brunswick. If you’re also able to get any information on his grandparents too would be great!
Thank you,
(rec’d 20 Sep 2021)
Q21-5810-POOLE- Any suggestions would be appreciated for solving a Missing Person cold case. About 1892 William Poole, a 48-year-old Saint John resident and married father of 10, vanished, leaving his family mystified about his fate. According to family lore, he left in the company of a woman. The Daniel Johnson Newspaper Vital Statistics provides this account from The Daily Telegraph of October 31, 1892.
“Over a year ago William POOLE was engaged in Moore's nail factory in this city as a cutter. He received good wages and to all appearances leading a happy religious life. He was the father of ten children and his daughter said yesterday. 'There wasn't one who did not fai[r]ly idolize our father'. Mr. Poole was an announced firm believer in the Baptist doctrine and with his wife attended services both weekday and Sunday. Their faces were familiar in the Blue Rock mission at Carleton and on several Sundays Mr. Poole conducted services. Sometime over a year ago he decided to throw up his position in the nail factory and give his entire attention to spreading the truths of the gospel. He chose for his first field of labor the district in the vicinity of Gondola Point on the Kennebecasis and held services at the Baptist Churches in that vicinity. (see original 'A Preacher Missing From Gondola Point')”
Where did William go? Did he change his name? What about the woman? Do you know of a woman from a Baptist congregation at Gondola Point who also disappeared? Were there any children from this alleged relationship? Where and when did William die?
Marilyn M. Astle
(rec’d 30 Sep 2021)
Q21-5811-GOODWIN: I’m looking for documentation that will confirm the parents and paternal grandparents of my great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Goodwin (1821-1900). Family genealogy books say she was the daughter of Thomas “Lobster Tommy” and Sarah (Baxter) Goodwin of Tidnish and the granddaughter of David and Betsey (Woodworth) Goodwin, of Amherst Shore. Betsey was the daughter of Judith (Briggs) Woodworth, a confirmed descendant of Richard Warren, passenger on the Mayflower and I would like to apply for admission to the Mayflower Society. Elizabeth Goodwin married George Dobson, a Methodist, in 1838 and emigrated a few years later to the United States. My question is this: is it possible that there just isn’t any documentation to be found? She was born and married before newspapers and the census came to her part of the world. I would appreciate any advice. 
Thank you, Maureen Dobson
(rec’d 3 Oct 2021)
Q21-5812-CLARK: I’ve hit a dead end with my 2X great-grandfather, Daniel Clark, who was born in New Brunswick in 1804 and died in Allen County, Indiana, USA, in 1866.  Family Search, Canada, shows a Daniel born in NB in 1804, but he was still there in 1870 according to census records. 
My Daniel may have emigrated as a boy or young man, perhaps with his parents.  He married in Ohio and sired my great-grandfather, Robert Clark, before moving to Indiana ca. 1850.
Any suggestions or leads you can offer will be much appreciated.
Donovan Clark
(rec’d 5 Oct 2021)
Q21-5813-MOSHER: I have done extensive work on my Great Great Gandfather Hiram Mosher and his wife Rebecca Kelley from Saint Martins New Brunswick and all their children born there. I am looking for any information on the Moshers. My Great Great Great Grandfather Elisha Mosher came from Nova Scotia into Saint Martins New Brunswick. I have very little info on him but going further on my line I have been able to find ancestors as far back as the 1500's. Any information on the Mosher family would be greatly appreciated. 
Walter Mosher
(rec’d 10 Oct 2021)
Q21-5814-MacENTEE: I have been working on family tree research for quite some time now, and have been trying to solve a mystery surrounding the death of a woman in one of my trees.  Her name was Annie Till MacEntee and she died in 1946 of traumatic shock due to a deep cut from a circular saw to her head and shoulder.  (Her death certificate can be found on PANB)
She is buried in the Glassville Anglican Cemetery (memorial on Find A Grave)
I am curious if there might be any newspaper accounts of her death?  It is my belief that the Francis MacEntee she was married to, was actually his brother Norbert MacEntee.  Both Norbert and Frank were brothers of my grandmother (Mary Florence McEntee) and the family lived in Gaspe before emigrating to Massachusetts. When they came to the US, their name was changed to McEntee (not sure why) 
Norbert did not adjust well to life in the US and got in quite a bit of trouble, eventually landing in prison in VT for 2 years before he was deported back to Canada.  This is when I believe he stole the identity of his brother Frank, who was in fact an upstanding man who served in the Canadian Expeditionary forces.  Following the war, he returned to the US and never married.
If you can point me to any resources or news accounts, I would be extremely grateful.
Kerry White
(rec’d 10 Oct 2021)
Q21-5815-WILSON: I am looking for information on my 3rd great grandfather, Hugh Hamilton Wilson, and his family.  He was a doctor/coroner/surgeon and justice of the peace in Richibucto from approximately 1853 to 1874, when he passed away.  
Do you know if there may be any information on his medical practice, or his family?  His wife was Mary McLaughlin, born approximately 1828 in Ireland.  They had 5 daughters who were all born in New Brunswick:
Mary Jane born abt 1851
Margaret Ann Hamilton born 1852/1853
Sarah Elizabeth born Mar 20, 1854
Catherine Cassandra born 1857
Wilhelmina born 1858
Hugh's daughter, Margaret Ann Hamilton married James Simpson Hannay on June 14, 1871.  James went by "Sim" or "Simpson" sometimes.  He worked on the docks as a stevedore and sometimes worked for his father-in-law (Hugh H Wilson).  
Some of the avenues I have researched include the NB Provincial Archives, the Canadian Archives,,, Findmypast,, Griffiths Valuation of Ireland,,,,, (Irish Ancestors),,,,,,,, Dalhousie University, and University of Glasgow (he took at least one chemistry course there),  
I have also been in contact with various people across the globe who have an interest in Hugh through either his sister (Catherine who married George McCauley - they went to New Zealand), or through his various daughter's descendants. 
I am presently waiting on responses from the Kings University College, to see if he took any courses there.  I do know that he was certified by Dr's Toldervy and Odell (Fredericton) in 1857, though he practiced medicine at least back to 1853.  
I have numerous newspaper clippings and documents that I have found through my research. 
If you could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it!  
Jennetta Foley
(rec’d 12 Oct 2021)
Q21-5816-JONAH: I descend from the Jaunne/Jonah family. My mother's mother was Edith Jonah Hanscom, daughter of Judson Dinstead Jonah who lived in Moncton. I am trying to find a copy of the "Descendants of Pierre Jaunne from Montbeliard to New Brunswick" or something like that (I'm going from memory) but it's clearly out of print. I'm wondering if you knew of an electronic version floating around?  Also, are there any members of the Jonah Research Group around? I'd love to connect.
Cyndee Fuller
(rec’d 14 Oct 2021)
Answer to Q21-5794-ROBICHAUD: I am not sure exactly what kind of additional information you are looking for, but I have found Octave Robichaud and Emina J. Richard's marriage record on the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick website.  Here is the link.  They were married on April 18th, 1913. It shows their parents as being Belonie Robichaud and Luce Bastarache and George S. Richard and Celina Alain.
Paul Richard
(rec’d 19 Oct 2021)
[Located in Category: Archived Queries]

Archived Queries - Some of these queries date back to 2016. The two digit number following the letter Q indicates the year the query was received.
Note: Contact information may no longer be valid. 


Q20-5734 ALEXANDER: Veterans Affairs Canada is looking for a photo
Private Charles Alexander
DOD: April 9, 1917
Service Number: 444952
Age: 29
Force: Army
Unit: Canadian Infantry (New Brunswick Regiment)
Division: 26th Bn.
Born: May 15, 1887, Newcastle, New Brunswick
Enlistment: June 15, 1915, Sussex, New Brunswick
Spouse of Mary Jane Alexander of Newcastle, New Brunswick.
Attestation papers
Trade: labourer
Mother pre-deceased him. Step-father James Paul, St. John, NB.  Son Peter Alexander.
Sailed on Oct 30, 1915. Arrived in England SS Corsician Nov 9, 1915. April 15, 1916 transferred to 26th Battalion France.
Priscilla Giroux
Program Officer, Commemoration
Veterans Affairs Canada / Government of Canada
 / Tel. 902-394-2632
Q20-5735 ALWARD: I have been look for proof of lineage connecting Anne Alward d/o Oswald Alward & Mary ??? (Bergman) 1st wife of Oswald. I have all the connections from Anne to my husband and everything from Oswald back, plus gave Dominion copies of the archives first families and such but they will not except these as proof, they say I need a family bible or a birth certificate. 
Can you help me, I would like to get my father-in-law his EU status for his birthday this December, he will be 86 and it would be nice for him to have something to talk about in the nursing home. We are in Ontario.
Mary Melvin
Q20-5736 ARBOUR: Just wondering if ANYONE has information to these two "Arbour"s (I here suspect are actually Arbo/Arbeaus). Looking for other official or familial references. The petition mentions the three KNOWN Arbos/Arbeaus of the period John, his brother Joseph and Joseph's wife Amy.
M. Sean Chapman
Q5737-2020 BOYCE: I am interested in researching my grandmother's family genealogy, her name was Elizabeth Boyce and she was born on March 4th 1904 and died on November 23rd 1973. I am very interested in trying to find out more information about her parents, grand parents and great great grand parents.
Elizabeth Boyce's parents were (father) John Wesley Boyce born 1876 in Harcourt (Kent) county NB. and died in 1954. Elizabeth Boyce's mother's name was Susan Selena (nee Donald) Boyce and was born in 1879 and died 1954      
Janice Ballance
Q20-5738 CAMERON: Veterans Affairs Canada is looking for a photo of Private James Cameron and information on his life before and during his enlistment in the First World War.  I searched your site under Restigouche branch, he was born in New Mills, NB. 
Private James Cameron
DOD: April 9, 1917
Service Number: 709705
Age: 24
Force: Army
Unit: 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (Quebec Regiment)
Born: February 5, 1893
Attestation papers
Born New Mills, NB, Feb 5, 1893
Father Joseph Cameron. Active Militia before enlisting. Mother was dead at time of enlistment.
Trade: labourer
Enlisted November 11, 1915, Sussex, NB. Departed Halifax June 28, 1916 SS Olympic.  Arrived July 5, 1916, Liverpool. In the field, France Nov 29, 1916.
Foster mother Mrs. Isabelle Gournaville Issac, Bonaventure County, QC
Priscilla Giroux
Program Officer, Commemoration
Veterans Affairs Canada / Government of Canada
Tel. 902-394-2632
Q20-5739 ESTEY: My ancestor Mary Elizabeth Estey born September 6th 1800 and died March 8th, 1864 and was married to the Reverend Samuel Hartt (a prominent Baptist minister). They're both buried in the Lower Waterville UNited Baptist Cemetery. I have a family history book that states she was taken care of by her Aunt Ruth Estey Everett and Mary was the granddaughter of John and Molly Hartt Estey who resided in Kingsclear in York County. Her parents are a complete mystery. Do you have any source that states Mary was raised by her aunt Ruth and she was related to John and Molly? I can't find anything in the Provincial Archives or Probates that connects Mary to any of her relatives besides her husband and children. Any help would be appreciated. 
Amy Brooks
Q20-5740 HAMILTON: I am searching John Hamilton b: 1811 Ireland and wife Christiana b: 1815 Ireland.  They died in Carlton Co. NB in 1889.  I believe they came NB in 1837 and bought a farm. Do you know anything about them or any one who is also searching this family?  
Barbara Richards
Q20-5741 HARTT: I've searched and searched, but I can't find anything that proves my ancestor Thomas E. Hartt (born August 22, 1823 and died March 2, 1885, married to Mary Jane True ) was the son of Reverend Samuel Hartt Jr. and Mary Estey Hartt. I did find a NB census from 1851 that lists Samuel and Mary's other children, but Thomas was already married and had his own separate household when the census was taken, so he wasn't listed under his father's household.  If anyone can help me prove Thomas was Samuel and Mary's son, I would be so grateful. 
Amy Brooks
Q20-5742-HOWELL: Bass River, Kent County, New Brunswick. The church burnt years ago, thus no records.
Brothers and sisters of Asa Howell are: William, John, Joseph, James, George, Annanias, Annie & Mary.
Asa Howell m Eliza (McDougall) Campbell – lived in Bass River, Kent Co, NB. She had Campbell children (Husband died) previous to marrying Asa Howell.
Children of Asa & Eliza Howell:
1.Mildred Matilda Howell d 1969  m Ezekiel Nickerson d 1963
2.Isaac Wilson Howell b 1887-1950 m Grace Annabella McKnight 1871-1979 (Petitcodiac, NB)
3.Charles Nickerson Howell d 1975 m Gladys Seymore d 1986 (Havelock/Cornhill, NB)
Sharon Connors
Q20-5743 KIERSTEAD: I was looking for - The Descendants of William Robert Kierstead and Susanna Milton". I am looking to do an United Empire Loyalist application based on Isaiah Kierstead, but I cannot seem to find an online document to tie Isaiah to his son Gilbert Lester Kierstead. I have tied all other links together with documents online from Gilbert Lester through Christopher Wilson to William Robert to Roy Edward to my mother Constance Allison to me. Any assistance in clearing up this final
hurdle would be much appreciated.
Gordon Miller
Q20-5744 LANGILLE:   I am researching information for Roma Langille murder/suicide in
Baywaters, near Grand Bay 1967.   Jean Vair was my grandmother.  She passed away a few years ago in Sudbury, Ontario.  She did have two children with Arthur Langille.  Twins.  They are still living so I hesitate to post their names.  They were adopted out when Arthur died.  Not sure when though.  One of the twins found Jean many years ago and that is how I came to find this part of my family tree. Jean had a child in 1942.  A girl named Roma.  She died August 1976.  When she died she went by the name of Roma Silver.  She was involved in a murder suicide in Bayswater, New Brunswick.  Maurice Hoar was the gentleman that died along with her.  I only have a newspaper clipping on the incident and know no further details than this. I am wondering if Arthur Langille was the father of Roma.  It makes sense since they married the same year. Jean was 19 and Arthur was 64.  I would love to find out more about Roma.  I wonder if she had children?  My cousins would be older I believe but not by much.  I am 38.  I do know that Roma lived in Saint John in her her teen years.  I am not sure who raised her but she did know who her mother was.
Valerie Henley-Newell
Q20-5745 LIND: I as a swede trying to find a longlost relative who was living in NB for some time be a member to get some info or advice. I am looking for GUSTAV LIND b. 1893 in Sweden and His wife Teatsie FENERTY b. 1899 in Halifax. They married 1919 iin St John then I just know that Teatsie lived in Montreal 1940 and remarried and died in 1964 in Montreal. Someone has told me they got two Children: Stewart or Stuart b. 1925-1930 and Marian a Little younger. I assume they were born in NB. They were not born in Montreal.
Ann-Marie Resman
Q20-5746 McCAUSTLIN: I recently found out through DNA testing, that my biological father was from St. John, New Brunswick. His name was Edward Leo McCaustlin [1902-1969] and he seems to have lived all his life in St. John except for when he served in the Carlton and York regiment of the Canadian Army in the Second World War.  For a while he was stationed in England, where I was born in 1943. I believe that after he came home from the war, he lost a leg, whether it was through an accident or through an illness I do not know. He died in 1969 in D.V.A. Lancaster Hospital in West St. John where he had been for 1 year, 3 months and 25 days. I have been able to find his birth, marriage and death certificates and also where he is buried, and I have sent off for his army service records, but because of Covid there is no telling when I will receive them. Through I was also lucky enough to get in touch with, and visit [before Covid], a niece of his in BC.
I am planning a trip to New Brunswick soon, probably in 2021, and want to arm myself with as much information about him as I can before I get there so that I can visit some of the places where he lived and worked. So, I was wondering if any members could offer me advice on where to go and what to look for in my search once I get to New Brunswick.
Malcolm McBain
Q20-5747 NAKAYAMA: I am trying to locate some information on a New Brunswick resident Chunin Hideyoshi Nakayama. Nakayama is the family name. My understanding is that he passed away some time in 1999. 
I am hoping to discover the burial location of my martial arts instructor's Teacher, he started training with this man from the age of 6 and was essentially like a father to him, and it would mean a lot to him to be able to go and pay his respects. I'm hoping that someone from your organization might be able to help me.
Dan Deschambault
Q20-5748 OSBORNE: My great-great grandfather James Osborne (1852-1923) settled in Ferrybanks, which was near Sand Brook and Wirral.  According to Harlan Nason, this area "was settled about 1870 by several families who left Saint John to escape flu epidemics that had caused much sickness in that city" (Harlan Nason, Back Creek and South Branch Settlements (Wirral, N.B., 2000), p. 42).  Nason states that this settlement was named after the Baptist minister who led the group.  It burned in 1903.  James Osborne moved to nearby Wirral and is buried in its United Baptist Church Cemetary. When I last visited some years ago, relatives were still living on the family property in Wirral. It would be good to know if anyone has more information about this initial settlement of Ferrybanks, or about the antecedents of this James Osborne.
Thomas M. Osborne Jr.
Q20-5748A PRICE: Looking for the parents of William Thomas Price of England 1799-1884 Canterbury, NB. Married Lydia Wott Grant 1824 Northampton, Carleton, NB.
Barry Price
Q20-5749 QUIGLEY: I am Dennis Murphy of Alabama, USA. I am researching the Quigley side of my family.
In his book, OLD NORTH ESK on the Miramichi, W D Hamilton mentions that my John Murphy married a Mary Quigley from the Newcastle Parish.
His book (I have the first edition only) states that church records say the Mary was from the Newcastle Parish. As his book was focused on Old North Esk on the Miramitchi, he did not go into detail.
In our family oral history, there is a story of a letter Mary Quigley Murphy wrote to a grandchild in Pennsylvania, USA.  In that letter she wrote that her brothers had sent for her in an arranged marriage with John Murphy of North Esk. After she arrived, she found out that John was 13 years her senior, an old man as she put it. Mary was in her early 20's, John was about 36. Mary also said that he brothers came over in the company of the Murphy brothers.
Oral family history places them in County Wexford, as relayed to me by my grandfather James Stanley Murphy Sr. James Stanley is a grandson John Murphy.
I have found only one Mary Quigley in County Wexford who was baptized 24 JUN 1810 in Wexford. There is only one Quigley family in County Wexford at that time.
She arrived in New Brunswick about 1832/3 and was married in a Catholic ceremony in 1833.
The Murphy & Quigley brothers, if they came together, would have arrived about 1817 according to legal documents available. I would like to know more about the Quigley's of Newcastle in that era
Dennis Murphy
 Q20-5750 RASLEY: I am looking for a long-lost ancestor from Sweden and it would of great help if I could get the Death of his mother-in-law. Her name was MARY RASLEY (married FENERTY) she was born 5th of AUGUST 1870 or 1869 in Halifax. She died in St John as she lived with the other daughter after she was a widow in 1908. She was alive in census 1921 so her Death date must be after 1921.
Ann-Marie Resman
Q20-5751 WALKER: David Walker was born in Molus River, Kent, NB around 1860. I believe the civil parish was Weldford. His wife was Mary McCarthy nee McDougall. I believe they were Presbyterians. David's father John died after 1860 but before 1891. David Walker died after 1911 while his wife died on 5 April 1940 in Molus River. His mother was Elizabeth to husband John. The goal of my research is to find a place of birth overseas for John Walker.
Michael Brophy                                     
Q20-5752 WILSON: My grandmother was born in St Stephen, in 1872. I would love to obtain a copy of her birth certificate.
She was a fascinating woman – she married the son of one of the founders of the Prudential Insurance Company, Edgar Percy Ward.  After Edgar died at age of 44 she took her daughter, my Mother, to France, Switzerland and Italy where she lived as a single and well-off woman between the great wars. She died in 1948 and is buried in the in Rome, Italy. I would be most fascinated to obtain a copy of her birth certificate.  Unfortunately, birth certificates are not available online prior to 1892. The only details I have are Laura Edith Wilson, Born 1872.
Charles Darwall
Q20-5753 WORRALL:   I am currently researching my family tree and have hit a huge brick wall in regards to the family of my great great grandmother, Mary Jane Worrall.  I am looking for any information on a merchant who I believe was George Worrall and lived in St John in the early 1800’s up to about 1840.  His wife’s name was Elizabeth but I do not know her maiden name.  They have for sure two children, George born in 1821 (was a merchant in his own right in St John on Duke Street and died in 1872) and Mary Jane born in 1824 in St John, Mary Jane married my Great great grandfather, Arthur Daniel on August 7, 1849 in St John. Arthur is the younger brother of Thomas W. Daniel who managed a major store in St John, Daniel & Boyd. Arthur was a mill owner and his mill was Kirk and Daniel set in Portland beside St John.  However, I am stumped on the Worrall side of the family.  All efforts to locate or even find information on this line has hit a dead end.  Can you provide any information on obtaining perhaps marriage, birth or death records for the Worralls.  I have searched all on line database for New Brunswick but they do not go far enough back and are to no effect.  Dates I have are as follows:
Mary Jane Worrall - Born 1824 in St John (Can I get a certificate for this?)  Died 1894 (obtained the burial certificate, no parent names)
George Worrall Jr. - Born 1821 (Can I get a certificate??)  Died 1872 (Can I get a certificate for this??)
Elizabeth ??? married name Worrall - I found she was born in Nova Scotia in 1792 but have no name to search Death 1874 St John (Can I get a burial or death certificate?? So far no luck)
George Worrall Sr - Complete mystery.  I do know he was merchant and believe he had ships that sailed out of St John in the 1830’s but can find nothing else
Barbara Musgrave
Q20-5754 UNMARKED GRAVE PROGRAM: My name is Paul Gallinger, I have been tasked to search for the names and locations of all eligible Canadian and Allied Veterans who have died five or more years ago, and lie in unmarked graves. In March of 2019, the Indigenous Veterans Initiative was launched in an effort to commemorate and honour the memory of over 18,000 Indigenous Veterans, many of whom are thought to lie in unmarked graves.
   In June 1996 the Last Post Fund (LPF) created the Unmarked Grave Program whose objective is to provide a permanent military marker for eligible Veterans who lie in unmarked graves.
  This program is available to veterans whose grave has not had a permanent headstone or foot marker for five years or more, and who have not previously received funeral and burial funding from the LPF or Veterans Affairs Canada
Indigenous Veterans
   The LPF introduced the Indigenous Veterans Initiative which has two components:
  To provide grave markers to Indigenous Veterans deceased for five years and lying in unmarked graves,
   To add traditional names of Indigenous Veterans to existing military grave markers.
    Both of these initiatives’ components require research and community support from members of Indigenous communities throughout Canada.
Paul Gallinger
Q20-5721 BROWN: Joseph Alex Brown born July 14, 1842 in New Brunswick and died June 19, 1900 in Cedaro, NE. Was married March 21, 1861 in Jones, IA to Martha Ellen Porter. She was born March 29, 1842 in Licking, OH and died Sept 28, 1912. Look for information on Joseph Brown.
Bryan Matheson
(contact editor)
Q20-5722 BRAZIER: I am trying to locate this man mentioned in the newspaper article and get a Last Post marker if there is a bare plot.  SURREY MIRROR UTD COUNTY POST, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1917 ... things that have confidence will equal even this. CANADIAN SOLDIER MARRIED. The marriage took place at St. Matthew's 1 Church, Redhill, on October 27th, of 1 Pte. Ira Chesley Brazier, the Canadians. I to Miss Elsie Florence Wood, of Red hi 11. The ...
Published: Friday 09 November 1917
Newspaper: Surrey Mirror
County: Surrey, England
Type: Article | Words: 2610 | Page: 5 | Tags: none
He and his wife had many children according to Ancestry, all Moncton. Where is his grave?
Allan Miller
Q20-5723 BROWN: I am searching for information about Joseph & his parents. Joseph Alec Brown (b) July 14, 1842 NB, (d) June 19, 1900 NE, USA. Buried in Reading, Berks co. PA, wife Martha Ellen Porter (1842-1912). His parents Alexander Brown (1814-?), Angeline (1820-?). Martha Parents. Joseph Porter (1812-1885), Sarah Bebout (1816-1860).
Bryan Matheson
(contact editor)
Q20-5724 BURKE: I understand that there was a Martin Burke that landed in Saint John from Ireland in 1831 but I cannot find any info on him.  Do you have any suggestions or information on him?  Our Martin Burke got married in Windsor, NS in 1838.  Says he is Irish may be from Cork.
Faye Calder
Q20-5725 COFFEY: I am researching a family named Coffey which immigrated from Galway, Ireland in 1847. They arrived in May 1847 on the barque Amazon, but the father died at Partridge Island in July.  Four young children were placed in the destitute orphan asylum, probably in June/July 1847, spent a few weeks in the almshouse (for illness) in October, then were sent back to the orphan asylum in November 1847. The older sister, Bridget was 15 at the time and was (apparently) not permitted to take the younger children with her, but in November 1847 succeeded in taking them out of the orphan asylum to Boston.
     Do you know of any genealogical sources showing the names and death dates (or burial records) of the immigrants who died in connection with the mass migration of 1847? (The family's mother, also named Bridget, is ASSUMED to have died while crossing from Liverpool, but no deaths were reported on the barque Amazon and she does not show up as a Partridge Island casualty).
    Additionally, do you know of any registers of children who were sent to the destitute orphan asylum?
    My only current sources are an index to the immigrant hospital which shows the 4 children entering and then returning to the orphan asylum, plus a notation that John Coffey, age 40, died at Partridge Island in July 1847. The 15-year-old Bridget was reported to have "returned from Boston" to take the children out of the orphan asylum and take them to Boston.
     Admittedly, these people stayed in Saint John for a short period of time and left few legal actions behind before they relocated to Boston, MA, so it is probable that they left no other genealogical tracks.
Franklin O. Sorenson
Q20-5726 DOHERTY: Who are the parents of George Doherty may be. If the censuses are correct George was born c1824 in NB, married Maria Anne Winters, daughter of Nathaniel Winters who he & Maria were living with in 1851 in Dumfries Parish (now Canterbury Parish). The Provincial Returns of Death for George is March 24, 1908 in Benton, York County, NB at age 90 and noting he was born at Skiff Lake, York County, NB.
Lawrence Derrick
Q20-5727 FINLEY: I am interested on finding information on Dennis Finley (or his relations) who was granted land at Westfield NB, in the early 1800s (ca 1812). I have seen several references on-line that note the New Brunswick Genealogical Society has a copy of Finley, Alden G., Finley-Taylor Ancestors and Relations, A Genealogical Reference (Second Edition - Privately Published Nov 1986 in its holdings.  Is this document available for viewing or borrowing by NBGS members?
Scott Finley
Q20-5728 FORCE: Do you have any Force, Demiller and Brentin/Bunting. Philip Force came to Saint John in 1808 from Sussex Parish, Kings Co. with wife and Children. Daughter Rhoda married William DeMilles Jan 26, 1828 at Saint John. Both where of Hampton.  Daughter Elizabeth married Roland Brenten/Bunting Feb 8, 1816 in Saint John. They were all large land owners in the area.
Mrs Mary Lou Force Drew
(contact editor)
Q20-5729 GERRARD: I have a photograph of my father (Colin Gerrard, now deceased) with a fellow airman, both in RAF uniform taken at Moncton NB by Earl R Wilcox, probably in 1942-43. I know he trained at Grosse Ile (I also have a photograph of No 9 Initial Training Wing, by Thos F Holte). 
    I understand that photographic studios often keep records and hoped that the archives of this studio may still exist. Do you have any information or suggestions to help direct my search for further details of who his colleague may be, and what occasion the photograph captured please?
I'm in Bedfordshire in the UK, so a very long- distance research project.
Kath Gerrard
Q20-5730 McFARLANE: I have Walter MCFARLANE in my ancestry tree marrying first, Jean RISK and second, Patience MACRAE (1761-1843) in 1795. Patience MACRAE, b. 1761 in North Carolina; d. 1843 probably Elmsville, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada. Married Walter MCFARLANE in 1795, per declaration on petition for survivor’s benefit of Revolutionary War soldier. Walter was a member of the 74th Regiment of Foot. Patience and Walter had six children together
Unfortunately, provenance is in short supply. Hope this helps.
Gerry Goss
Q20-5731 McIVER:  I wonder if someone could quickly look to see if my great grandfather is listed in your database of obituaries. He was born in Scotland in 1824, joined the Royal Navy and then the Coast Guard and eventually retired to Arthuret parish near Carlisle, England. The Arthuret church burial list includes his wife, a son and his wife and one child. The church registration of deaths lists these individuals as well as John McIver, my great-grandfather, but he is listed as having died in "Springfield NB" on 11 Dec 1900. He is listed in the 1891 census for Arthuret parish, and I know his wife died in 1898, but I don't know when or why he might have travelled to Canada. I searched New Brunswick vital statistics and, but no sign of him, even with trying common variations: McIvor, MacIver, and MacIvor. This is my only possible family history connection to New Brunswick all the others were prairie homesteaders. I am hoping someone in your organization would be willing to conduct this one search of your obit database and let me know what they find, if anything. If this request is contrary to NBGS policies or practices, I understand and thank you for taking the time to read this! Stay well.
Don Wright
Q20-5732 THORNTON: Trying to locate data on Cynthis Sears, maiden name Thornton. Married to Jerimiah Sears (born 1785, died, 1869 Sackville, NB) Cynthia supposedly born in Buctouche, Kent NB, 11 Sep 1788; died in Sackville, NB, 1 Dec 1865. Can't verify source for Cynthia Sears, birth or death.  Appreciate any assistance.
Bruce Plummer
Q20-5733 WALSH: I am looking for information regarding James Walsh/Welsh 1758-1812.  He is  in one of the first families mention in FIRST FAMILIES OF NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY.  I live in Repentigny near Montreal, Quebec.  Thank you for your time and wonderful job for people like me that enjoy doing family trees for family and friends.  I am 74 years old and this is my pass time.
Karen Lorraine Nielsen
Q20-5733A THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED BAPTIST CHURCH AT PENOBSQUIS BY GRACE MC LEOD AND PHYLLIS HALL. I am seeking to purchase the above out of print book from a NBGS member or would ask for a look up if a member can do that.  I would prefer to purchase. 
Lavonne Anderson
Q20-5709 BRADFORD: I am William John Bradford's granddaughter (descended from the Mayflower's William Bradford), and I'm currently applying for a Mayflower Society membership. I'm trying to track down information about my ancestry on my father's side and I hope you can help. The person assisting me with the Mayflower application mentioned there is a .pdf Family Histories document held by the Charlotte County branch of NBGS that lists 'Bradford ancestry' (I'm hopeful this has been digitalized). There might be more information the NBGS has about the Bradford family too, which I would appreciate as well. I am a member of NBGS, looked up the general surname index on the name Bradford and requested details but haven't yet heard anything back, so I thought I'd check here too.
Sheree Bradford-Lea
Q20-5710 CHINNICK: I am inquiring about the name Chinnick at any time or anywhere in the province.  Our records only state they were born in New Brunswick and later moved to Chatham Ontario before 1850. William Chinnick was thought to have been a ship worker having come from Devon England in the 1830s or 40'. Any indication would be greatly appreciated as well I am willing to pay any fees needed to acquired photo copies of documents thank you for your time
Sally O'Rourke
Q20-5711 DICKERSON: I'm trying to find out information about one of my husband's ancestors named Tartallus Dickerson (born around 1820 in Moore's Mills, New Brunswick) who was married to Rebecca Caroline Spaulding. I'm not able to find out any information about his birth, death or who his parents were.
Stefanie Dickerson
Q20-5712 HOLMES: Looking for a death record for Rhoda Currie/Curry Holmes who died Dec 28 1928. Most likely died in Kent Parish, Carleton Co, NB. Buried I believe in Holmesville.
She was married to Daniel Holmes. I am trying to find out who her parents were.
Nancy Doherty-Perry
Q20-5713 HOLMES: I'm searching for a list of the relatives born before and after Lillian (often spelled Lilian) Hannah Holmes.  She was born in 1901 and passed in 1986.  She married James David Giberson in 1922.  They had one daughter, Doris Hannah, born in 1923.  I believe Lillian was from Westmoreland County. The book A Homestead on the Old Post Road: a story of the Daniel and Charlotte (Hoyt) Holmes family compiled and written by Peggy Vasseur, (who, I believe, is the president of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society) is not readily available for borrowing.  I've tried to borrow the book from the Moncton Public Library through the Interlibrary Loan service, but to no avail.  I've read a description of the book and it suggests that it has information of the Holmes families from Westmoreland County.
  I've checked through the National Libraries book locator system and it says there are no holdings anywhere.  Sort of cuts into the hope of borrowing a copy, doesn't it? 
     Anyway, I was wondering if you could tell me of any way to borrow the book,or purchase a copy.  Everything indicates a limited print run for the title so I'm not optimistic about seeing one, short of driving to Moncton and reading the copy in the Reference Room.  (I live in the Musquodoboit Valley in Nova Scotia.)
   Could someone enlighten me on these matters?  I'm trying to compile a family tree for my brother-in-law who has no computer, nor computer skills to do it himself.  Also, he has no transportation to go to the libraries and archives to conduct a search.
Mike Moore
Q20-5714 LEGER: My maternal Grandmother, Marie Elise Leger, was born on 27 OCT 1891, Mt. Carmel, NB. Her parents were: Francois Denis Leger (b. Abt 1870, St. Anthony, Wellington, NB) and Sara Leblanc (b. Abt 1872, St. Marie de Kent / Mt. Carmel, NB). I’d like to learn when and how Francois and Sara migrated to NB.
Roger Langevin
Q20-5715 McANDREW: I have been trying to research my father's family who came to St. John from Scotland in the early/mid 1800's.  My father's name was John Aubrey McAndrew, his father was John Parker McAndrews and his father was David McAndrews.  David was born in Scotland in 1833 and died in St. John on Oct. 7, 1895.  We believe he came to St. John with his older brother Robert, born in 1821 and died in St. John, on or about Feb. 18, 1903.  They are both buried in Fernhill Cemetery, St. John.  What I am trying to find is their father's first name.  I have worked with a genealogist in Inverness, Scotland, but without the father's name we could come up with nothing.  Would you be able to assist me in any way with finding that name?  
Anne Gunn
Q20-5716 McCAUSTLIN: I have found that one of my persons of interest, Edward Leo McCaustlin, came back from serving in WWII and went back to St John NB and may have got himself a job in the St John docks. Anyway, the story goes that he lost a leg in an accident whilst work. I am wondering if you would be able to advise me on where I might look for information regarding this accident, bearing in mind that the information that I have is a little on the 'sketchy' side.
Malcolm McBain
Q20-5717 McGOWANS: My family, the McGowans of Memramcook Corner, were early settlers of the Memramcook Valley. Michael McGowan arrived in Memramcook in 1836 from County Donegal, Ireland. He married Catherine Doherty of Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland (who arrived a few years earlier - presumably with her father Edward Doherty) in 1840. Michael McGowan purchased 70 acres near Memramcook Bridge "at Charters" in 1846. I believe Benjamin Charters was the one who completed the bridge across the Memramcook River connecting Memramcook Corner (previously known as Charters Corner) with the road to Moncton. Michael McGowan operated the blacksmith shop, McGowan & Son, in Memramcook Corner near the railway station until his retirement and later death in 1899. Michael's son Daniel took over the blacksmith business and operated the blacksmith shop until his retirement and later departure from the Memramcook Valley in 1919. His sons immigrated to Massachusetts in the early part of the 20th century and Daniel left Memramcook to be closer to them. Michael McGowan had a brother who arrived in 1847 and who was a farmer. He had two sons, Patrick and John, and two daughters, Margaret and Ann. 
   I am wondering if there are any old photographs of the Memramcook Corner area, and specifically of the McGowan & Son blacksmith shop there? Further, I am wondering if there is a collection of old photographs that might include members of the McGowan family?
Robert Stoddard
Q20-5718 PATTON: I am searching for information about my ancestors: Mark Patton (died 1781), his wife Sarah Ann McGowan (died 1808), and their daughter Mary who married Colonel John Allan. 
    Specifically: Do you happen to know the location of Inverma Farm? I have read that it might be around Point de Bute?
I would love to also find the burying ground where Sarah Ann (McGowan) Patton was laid to rest (see passage below)
I would greatly appreciate anything you are able to share. I grew up in Nova Scotia, but now live in Seattle, Washington and find it a bit more challenging to visit some of the places I am reading about. I am including a passage below that contains some pertinent details.
   The Chignecto Isthmus and It's First Settlers (1902) p 65-66 Inverma, the home of Sheriff Allan, is now owned, in part, by Councillor Amos Trueman, and is still called by that name. It consisted at that time of three hundred and forty-eight acres of marsh and upland and was no doubt part of the Allan grant of 1763. Besides the Sheriff's own house there were six or seven small houses occupied by Acadian families as tenants, also two large barns and four smaller ones.
    Allan's wife was Mary Patton, the daughter of Mark Patton, who at one time was a large property-owner on the Isthmus. Patton Point, in the Missiquash valley, still goes by his name. His home farm joined the glebe lands of the parish, and was afterwards bought by WIlliam Trueman and given to his son, Thomas. I find the following entry in WIlliam Trueman's journal, referred to elsewhere:
    "Old Mrs. Patton was buried at the burying-ground by Thomas Trueman, July 31st, in the 92nd year of her age."
    This lady was no doubt Mrs. Allan's mother. She had continued to live at the old place after Thomas Trueman had taken possession, and as this was in the year 1808, she had lived thirty-two years after her daughter left the country.
Ryan Rushton
Q20-5719 SHEFFROTH: I've hit a brickwall researching a line of my ancestors from Saint John, New Brunswick. The man who I cannot seem to get past is William Sheffroth (variants: Sheffrow, Shaffrow, Shaffro etc...). He was born in the mid 1790s. He was from the parish of Portland in Saint John and married Jane Anderson of Portland in the same city in 1828. On the 1851 census, he is living in Norton with his wife and children and is written as being a loyalist and native of the colony. It has been suggested to me that he could be a descendant of a loyalist who was granted land in New Brunswick. I have pursued this line of thought but have come back empty handed. What are the resources available for the time period in New Brunswick, and specifically, Saint John? I'm at a loss on how to proceed here so I will be very grateful to any help you can extend.
Daniel Mahoney
Q20-5720 MIRAMICHI FIRE OF 1825: I have been searching the web for a list of the dead to no avail. Could you please tell me where I can find such a list? Thanks!
Q20-5701 CLARK: Looking for any information on the family of Robert Clark b. abt 1800 died unknown married Nancy Anne Greene abt 1820 she died 12 Jun 1865 Lower Woodstock, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada and is buried in the Anglican Cemetery in Woodstock, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. They had several children two David and Elizabeth are buried there too.
Lew Gregory Jr.
Q20-5702 KAYE: I am researching the foundations of purebred dogs in Atlantic Canada 1885 - 1958
and of immediate interest is William Frederick Kaye and his brother Edmund whose Collies were out of the kennels of the Marquis of Lorne [who at that time, I believe, was still sitting as Gov. Gen. of Canada]. Noted is Gail Bonsall Kaye [Pipes] who would have been the niece of the brothers wrote a family history titled "10 Peel Street & the Kaye Family 1847-1947."  I am hoping to acquire a copy and also in hopes that like her artistic father, John Henry, she may have painted one or any of the Collies.
Valerie Brideau
Q20-5703 MCFARLANE: Seeking information on the MAIDEN NAME of my fourth great-grandmother, Patience MCFARLANE (abt 1763-1843) of St. Patrick, Charlotte County, New Brunswick. To date, what I know about her is based upon a handful of primary documents. One of these documents was her application for a pension as the widow of an "Old Soldier" in 1833. The "Old Soldier" was Walter MCFARLANE who had served with the 74th Regiment of Foot. She married Walter MCFARLANE in St. George in 1795. Two Charlotte County Deeds established that Walter was her second husband. Deeds associated with one James TAYLOR established that Patience MCFARLANE was his mother and advisor in the disposition of the lands owned by his late father, Ralph TAYLOR. Ralph TAYLOR has a grantee of the Penobscot Loyalists. To date, I have been unable to locate a record of her marriage to either Walter MCFARLANE or Ralph TAYLOR.
Inez Hoffman
Q20-5704 O’REGAN: Daniel Francis O'Regan (B:1816 Kinsale Ireland) (Imm: 1836) Lived in Hopewell Hill New Brunswick Married Mary Steeves (originally was Stief) 8 Mar 1847 - are marriage certificates available anywhere?
1870 ran for provincial assembly - being politics are there licences that he would of applied for to run? 1871 had a liquor licence and in 1881 was a hotel keeper - are there licences required for these? Also of interest is his son Robert Emmett O'Regan (B: 4 Sep 1852 at Hopewell Hill)
1871 census had him listed as a mariner - would there have been an apprenticeship and graduation with a licence from some organisation?
Grant O'Regan
Q20-5704 O'REGAN and his family - answer.
   You can find Daniel Francis O'Regan's headstone on  Daniel is buried in the Riverside Catholic Cemetery, Riverside-Albert, Albert County, New Brunswick.  The inscription on the headstone reads:"In Memory of Daniel F O Regan died March 30, 1884 age 68 years a native of Kinsale Ireland".  
Daniel's death was reported in the Saint John Daily Telegraph on April 5, 1884 as follows:
   "d. Hopewell Hill (Albert Co.) 30th ult., Daniel Francis O'Regan, a native of Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland, age 68 years".
   You can find Robert Emmett O'Regan's headstone on  Robert is also buried in the Riverside Catholic Cemetery.  The inscription on the headstone reads:
   In Memory of Robert E. Emmett son of Daniel and Mary O'Regan Sept. 23, 1849-May 16, 1852
   Mary O'Regan is buried in Hopewell Hill Protestant Cemetery.  The inscription on the headstone reads:
   Mary O'Regan d. 29 Dec 1892 Age 70Y 7M, wife of Daniel F. O'Regan (from Cemeteries of Albert County New Brunswick by David F. Christopher 1988)
   Daniel and Mary's weddng is not found in the "Marriage Register 1846-1887 Albert County NB" (1984 by Ken Kanner and V. "Bing" Geldart).  Their marriage is not found in the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick-Vital Statistics from Government Records (RS141).  
   You would not need a licence to run for the provincial legislature.  A liquor licence may have been required, also a licence to run a hotel, but I do not know where you could find these.  As for his occupation as a mariner, you learned the trade by being on the boat.  The O'Regans are also found in the 1851 Albert County Census for Hopewell. 
Daniel is 34 of Irish descent, a tailor and he arrived in NB in 1836
Mary is 28 and was born in NB
Robert is 1 year old
Mary is 3 years old
Thomas Mullen is 10 and is a lodger, born in NB.      
I trust this information will be of some use to you.
Brian Dixson
Q20-5705 PHILLIPS: I am helping a gentleman, Phillips ancestor, apply for his NB Loyalist application and we are trying to find the actual marriage record for Mary Phillips who married Solomon Tracy July 1796- Gagetown area, Anglican church. Possibly Sunbury area also.  It is recorded as such in lots of information but need the church record. I have looked online but no luck.  Mary is the daughter of Thomas Phillips United Empire Loyalist. 
Angela Donovan UE
Q20-5706 SCHOFIELD/SCHOPHIELD: Researching Martha Schofield, wife of John McGrath/McGraw/McRae. Likely date of birth: 1807/8, possibly in England or to English parents (she is listed in 1851 census as NB native and in 1861 as English); her sons list her as born in England consistently in their US census records after they immigrate. I found a probable marriage by license for the pair in 1823 which suggests she is then living in Nelson. Her spouse is listed as a widower in 1871 census, so she likely died after 1865, the year of the youngest child listed in 1871’s birth.
Laura McRae
Q20-5707 STAMERS: I am working on a book on a nurse of the First World War from Saint John.  Her name is Anna Stamers and her father was Benjamin Stamers and her mother was Sara Lavinia Elliott Stamers. Are you able to point me to any information on this family?
Dianne Kelly
Q20-5708 WHITE: I joined the NBGS to find information about my paternal great grandfather and grandmother, but have not been very successful. Perhaps, you may have some suggestions?  My father, Francis (Frank) Abbott White was born in St. John, N.B. in 1892 and his father Francis (Frank) Hazen White was born in N.B. to Isaac White (b. 1813) and Margaret Smith (b. 1816) both from Ireland. I believe Isaac died before 1883 and his wife Margaret lived with her son Frank Hazen White on 19 St. David. Is there anyway to find information on Isaac and Margaret, such as when and where they (1) were married, (2) arrived in Canada, and (3) died.
Marvin Hart White
Q20-5708A Looking for Books: I am looking to purchase two Books written by E. C. Wright. “The Petitcodiac” 1945 and “Planters and Pioneers” original or revised. Will Pay Postage. Not long ago I discovered a copy of “Samphire Greens” in a thrift Shop. I now have Two copies.
Marion Splett
(contact editor)


Q19-5692 ARSENAULT: I was wondering if you could help with the death of Sigefroid (Sifroy) (Jeffrey) Basque and his wife Elizabeth Arseneau. Jeffrey was the son of Gustave Basque and Aubiline (Ozite) Bernard and was Born the 26 May 1898.
Elizabeth Arsenault was Born the 8 July 1882 and her parents where Anthyme Arseneau and Marie Adeline Losier. Elizabeth's marriage to Jeffery was the 7 Sept. 1919 in Tracadie NB. The last record I have of them is the 1921 Census and they were living in Saumerez Parish in the town of Trout Stream. The reason I am looking is that Jeffery is my Grandmother's brother.
Emmett Young
Q19-5693 BRUNDAGE:  Researching Sarah Smith, first wife of Loyalist John Brundage (c.1780-1829; a tailor, magistrate and landowner in Lancaster, now West Saint John). Sarah was last noted with John in a land sale to John Quinton, Guys Ward, Feb 25, 1797. Sarah's birth and death? Sarah's parents? John Brundage's parents?
Audrey Fox
Q19-5694 COSTER: I am looking for the birth/baptism details for Frederick Coster Jr. born about 1827. He was the son of Canon Frederick Coster (Rector of Trinity Church Saint John.) I have some info about his qualifications as a lawyer and his aspirations when at school, when and with whom he emigrated, but nothing about his childhood or which schools attended or where they lived etc. Also I would like documentary evidence of his parents and their circumstances.
Peter McNab
Q19-5695 GREEN: My cousin and I are currently trying to locate the burial records for the Upper Parker Ridge Cemetery.  We have 2 Uncles that were buried there as infants.  They both have grave markers on them. Our concern is for the 2 graves beside them.  My very elderly Aunt has just recently told us that these unmarked graves are relatives as well Due to her lack of memory with their names we are at a loss as to who they are. They also were infants. Their graves have no markers on them.   We really have no one left that can help us with any more information. We are hoping to install grave markers with names on them if we can only determine the correct information. Preserving their place in our family.
Our Uncle graves are that of Everette and Calvin Green 0-0-46 and 0-0-47.  I live in British Columbia and find it difficult to find any more information as to where to search.  I am hoping that you may be able to offer me some suggestions.  I do not know what churches are in the area, United, Catholic.  If I had this information then I could possibly contact them directly. Any aid in this matter will be of great help. 
Debbie Pentland
Q19-5696 LINDSAY: I am a member from Massachusetts and have roots in New Brunswick.   I am trying to find record of my great grandfather's birth: Robert John Lindsay, supposedly 3/29/1839 in NB.   And info on his parents: John Lindsay b 1808+/- and Sarah Ann Gorham born 1810+/- Connecticut.   Can any one help with this?  
Theresa Martin
Q19-5697 McREA: I am researching my great-great grandfather, usually recorded as Neil McRea, though sometimes as Neal McRae or McCrea. According to the information I have, he was born in Maryaechie (Miramichi?)  New Brunswick in September 1834. The US census records suggest his father was born in New Brunswick and his mother in England. 
Neil’s brother, James, was born in New Brunswick in January 1849 Both brothers emigrated to the US - Neil to Maine before 1864 when he married Bridget Meehan in Bangor. James reports a variety of dates in different censuses, but likely emigrated in 1868 or later. James claimed the family was possibly once called McGraw and that they were Catholic. I would be grateful for any information about Neil and/or James.
Laura McRae
Q19-5698 MURL:  I am trying to find out the names of my, Great-Great-Grandfather, Thomas Murl (Muril, Meril, Murel). He was married to a Sarah Jane Chapple in the Westlyan Church, on April, 29, 1875. When he died in 1896, he was living in Tyne Valley, PEI. His Children were; Charles Murl, Pheobe Murl and Walter Murl.
Darren Leaman Gallant
Q19-5699 REID: The family is seeking information on Andrew Reid born in Albert County about 1856. He had married Annabel Sharp born in 1859 and were living in Hopewell Cape, NB. Together they had two children Elmo Reid (b1881) and LuLu Pye Reid (b1880). Annabel unfortunately died at a young age in 1887 and the children were raised by their grandparents Hull and Lucy Sharp. It is known that Andrew was a seaman and it is believed that Andrew was a Captain and was lost at sea in a shipwreck in the San Francisco area. Any information concerning Andrew’s parents, disappearance or his life experiences would be greatly appreciated by his family.
Wayne Reid
Q19-5700 STILWELL: I am the Stilwell genealogist for the Stilwell name across the world apart from USA. There is a very good Stilwell genealogist in Pennsylvania who covers the family name in USA. On both sides of the Atlantic there is a project going on to match the American Stilwells and the British Stilwells. All the American Stilwells can be traced back to one of two men who travelled to America before the war of independence. We would like to make contact with a Stilwell in New Brunswick as, we believe, they are descended from the American Stilwell line and travelled to Canada as they were Royalists and had to escape America in 1783. All other Canadian Stilwells can be traced to Britain (including a branch of my own personal family). As there seem to be a lot of Stilwells in St Johns I am sure that there will be one who is a member of your genealogical society, or someone who knows a Stilwell. We would be grateful if they could make contact with me and I will explain further the project that is going on.
Suffice to say that there is no money involved and we are currently just trying to gather some genealogical information between the original Stilwells in Surrey, England and one of the two American Stilwell families.
Martin Stilwell
Q19-5679 APPLEBY:  My great grandfather was Charles James Appleby born 1840 and died 1933 in Lynn Mass. The random notes that I have says that he was born in Saint John, New Brunswick and came to Lynn mass with his wife Katherine B. Foster. I am told they were not married. He owned a lot of land in Lynnfield Mass as well as a mineral spring. I am told my great grandmother was half Indian so I am working on trying to find more info on her as well. She was born 1869 and died 1937. She was from Montreal. I do not know who to contact to get birth records I only know that my great grandfather had to have been somewhat successful to come here and own land. He had three children Charles Harry Appleby, Frances Catherine Appleby and Charles Irving Appleby. I do not know if Katherine foster was their birth mother or not. If you could give me any advice, I would be grateful.  
Barbara Koen
Q19-5680 BENSON: The Sands of Time publication is supposed to have record of several of my family’s marriages in Grand Manan New Brunswick Canada but I cant seem to find that publication? Do you have it? Our family supposedly went back and forth across the border from Maine to New Brunswick.  I am hoping to find record of two marriages.
   Prescilla Benson b. abt 1787 d. 16 June 1870 USA daughter of Caleb Benson b. 1755 d. 1826 (was buried Grand Manan Island Charlotte NB CA in an old field at Seal Cove) and Ruth Bridgham or Wareham b about 1758 d. 1858.
   Priscilla Married Samuel Cate(s) prior to 1807 possibly in the town of Charlotte where her father was buried? Samuel b. abt 1781 Machias Maine d. 12 October 1838 Cutler Maine was the son of Robert Cate(s) and Mary Holmes. The second marriage I am trying to find is that of Samuel and Prescillas' son Arnold Cates and Sarah Small prior to 1840.
Kimberley Lambert
Q19-5681 BRIGGS: I seek to know about ancestors of Abiel BRIGGS [b. Kingston RI, USA, 1860; d. Jacksonville NB, 23 Oct 1844] Married Elisabeth Chase [ b. 24 May 1771 Newport RI, d. Jacksonville NB, 24 June 1855]. A child of theirs (I believe) was my great great grandfather Elijah BRIGGS [ b. 28 Nov 1807 at Queens Co. NB, d. 18 May 1890 buried at Lindsay, NB] . I have seen information on-line from a Mr. Harry MacDonald that seems to clarify some confusion about two or more men named Abiel Briggs around that time, but I am interested in learning more please.
Alexander Briggs
Q19-5682 CAMPBELLTON: My Great Great Great grandfather Jeremiah Campbellton (maybe spelled Ceaubellton) was born Aug 15,1839 New Brunswick, Canada and died Dec 23,1950 Houlton, Maine USA. He is buried in Saint Marys Cemetery, Houlton, Maine USA. He was kidnapped by Micmac Indians when he was 7 years old and his parents were killed.  If you have any information on him, I would appreciate it thank you.
Sarah Calvert
Q19-5683 FRAZIER: I am seeking information on John Harry Frazier born 12 August 1843 in New Brunswick. His parents were John and Jane Frazier, both born in Scotland. Hoping to get information on their immigration or landing in New Brunswick from Scotland. The records I have say that in 1846 John Harry Frazier went to Calais in Maine. 
Angela Ellis
Q19-5684 EGAN: I am seeking a connection in the Green Point area NB (as the name was in the 1800's) My mother who is still living said her moms name was Margaret Egan an only child of Thomas Egan and Mary Ann Hughes. Margaret was married in 1915 at the age of 30 so born in 1885.  My mom said her grandparents had a halfway house (an inn) while Margaret was growing up and that is where my grandfather met my grandmother (Margaret). My mom said Thomas came from Ireland. I don't know if I have the right Thomas but on the census from 1861 there is a child Thomas and the fathers name is Thomas in Gloucester county. There were a lot of children. They were Catholic and I believe Thomas and Mary Ann are buried at Green Point in a Catholic cemetery. Are there any Egans still in that area and I am wondering if anyone can relate to this story? I am curious to see if Thomas came from Ireland during famine times. Mom said he came from county Cork.
Gisele Peacock
Q19-5685 GREENSLADE: I am researching the following Greenslade family for my uncle, please direct me how I might access your information on the family or how I may purchase information.  I have already accumulated the information from the Provincial Archives.
William Greenslade
b 16 March 1793, Selworthy, Somerset, England
d aft 1861, Springfield, Kings, New Brunswick
Married 9 June 1818, Exford, Somerset, England
Ann Veysey
b 3 June 1786, Exford, Somerset, England
d 30 December 1859, Springfield, New Brunswick
Children - 
Charlotte Ann, born 24 March 1818, Exford, Somerset, England
Francis William, born 23 June 1822, Exford, Somerset, England
Andino, born 1827, Exford, Somerset, England, described as eccentric in death notice in newspaper :)
Gay Young
Q19-5686 LOGAN: I am seeking information on the father of William Logan, b. 1799 and d. 10 Dec 1878 in St. John.  New Brunswick stated to keep track of births in 1800.  I was hoping to find a late registration of his birth, but nothing yet.  William married Martha Flewelling/Flewwelling on 21 Aug 1823 in Kings Co, Westfield.  There are several assumptions that say Robert Logan is William's father.  However, I have found nothing to prove that Robert, is, in fact, William's father
Audrey Logan Harris
Q19-5687 MATTHEWS: I'm looking for information about Clarissa Matthews born 1823 in New Brunswick, Canada and died July 10, 1922. Married William Baxter on May 25, 1847. She is my great great great grandmother. Resided in Pickering, Ontario in 1852 and Middlesex County in 1971. Any information you have would be welcome. 
Cindi Harris
Q19-5688 MERLIN: I looking for information on the marriage of Charles Merlin and Eliza Jane Smith the Daughter of Robert Smith and Sarah Taylor both from Ireland.
Bill Merlin
Q19-5689 MORTON: I am looking for help to find the mother of Agnes Hutchinson Morton. She came to NB with her father William Hutchinson 1745-1826 who was a UEL. Agnes 1771-1839 I am hoping a family member in NB documented her mothers name Miss Butler is what I have been told
Agnes married George Morton on July 7 1789
had the following children:  
Samuel 1790
Elkanah 1806
George Agustus 1802
Horatio 1798
Roland Alexander and Alexander Roland 1809
John 1813
Sarah 1792  
They are interred in the Penobsquis Pioneer cemetery NB
Q19-5690 NEELY:  I'm hoping that I may be able to find some information about my husband's family.  I checked your resources for the family name but I didn't see the name listed at all.  This is what we have discovered so far.
      James Edward Neely   - Father was Dickson Neely may have immigrated from Ireland in 1826??  1857–1916
Birth Sept 20 1857 St John, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Death Dec 10 1916 Grand Valley, Dufferin, Ontario, Canada
     Birth of Son John James Neely Sep 1889 St John, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and Died 1928.
Lindsay Neely
Q19-5691 SPRAGUE: I am working on a Mayflower Application and I thought I had a direct line established until I came to Emma Sprague that married Daniel Bunnell.  Others (more than one) that indicated Emma Sprague was the daughter of William Sprague and Elizabeth Patten.  Daughter of Emma Sprague and Daniel Bunnell was my ggg(?) grandmother. Emma Bunnell was but maybe I don't have the lineage correct.
This is what I have:
Emma Sprague
DOB:  1780 in Cherryfield, Washington Co, Maine.
DOD:  1864 Kings County, New Brunswick
DOM:  June 12, 1800 Sussex, N.B.
Daniel Bunnell.
DOB  1772 Newton Fairfield, Conn
Married:  New Brunswick
Death:  Jan 16, 1841 Sussex, Kings County, Canada
Alleged daughter of above:
Emma Bunnell
DOB:  Sussex, Kings, NB
DOD:  1878 Hampton Kings NB
Marr:  May 26, 1831 SussexVale, Kings, NB to Daniel Brown Goddard my gggrandfather. 
If I could access some of the entries in the Family Surnames, this would help me greatly.  Yes, I have read the spelling of Sprague does vary.  My disconnect seems to be Emma Sprague and who are her verifiable parents. 
Lavonne Anderson
Q19-5653 ANDERSON: I am looking to see if you have ANY records of birth for a Mary Anderson  d/o James Anderson and Marry Murray ( oak point / burnt church ) in 1808 or any record of a marriage of John Cassidy ( from Pictou, Nova Scotia)  to Mary Anderson in New Brunswick around 1825. Perhaps Tabusintac/Alnwick/Burnt Church/Chatham
Q19-5654 BLACK: I am trying to locate any information regarding Mary A Black born 1831 in Rathli Co Antrim, Ireland.  Parents Corelius Black and Isabel McCurdy. When did she immigrate? Are these correct names of parents? I believe she left St John and went to Maine before 1854 to marry Timothy Fahy.
Patty Fay Dimetres
Q19-5655 CATES: I am looking for a Marriage announcement Published in the Sands of Time Publication regarding a Marriage between Arnold Cates (b. Sept 1816) and Sarah Small (b. circa 1820) that took place circa 1839. According to the ASGS their Marriage was published in the Sands of Time, Grand Manan Genealogical Society Publication, Grand Harbor New Brunswick vol. 1 page 102. They referred me over to you as they do not have the first 4 editions that they believe the Marriage announcement was published. Thank you so much I hope to hear from you soon. According to my records we have Cates family members who moved to New Brunswick from Maine.
Kimberley Lambert
Q19-5656 DICKERSON: I'm trying to find out information about one of my husband's ancestors named Tartallus Dickerson (born around 1820 in Moore's Mills, New Brunswick) who was married to Rebecca Caroline Spaulding. I'm not able to find out any information about his birth, death or who his parents were. 
Stefanie Dickerson
Q19-5657 DOWNEY: I am trying to work out a family mystery and track down information for an ancestor: James Downey, born 21 August 1859 in St. Johns NB to John or James Downey and Margaret O’Brien or O’Brion.  He was married in Oct 1885 (Married Catholic in St. Jean L'Assomption Acadie (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) supposedly taken from the Drouin Collection. We are experiencing some issues, as half of the online family trees report this couple being married in NB and the other half reporting a marriage in Maine, USA.  I used several of the online databases to including the NB Provincial Archives but cannot find any records for St. Johns. 
Howard Roberts
Q19-5658 GORHAM: Looking for St. John River Valley genealogists and Gorham family contacts. Around 1995 my uncle, Gary Gorham, traveled from Minnesota to New Brunswick and met with Dorie Gorham and others “to graft the Minnesota Gorhams back onto the tree”.  His visit culminated with some of our subtree being included in Dorie’s book “Loyalist Gorhams of the St. John River Valley 1783 – 1994”.  I’m specifically looking for birth/death/marriage records for
Daniel Gorham (son of Jonathan Gorham).  (b) 1789/99 according to JHMF 1: page 570 (d) 5 Mar 1875 Oak Point Kings NB Canada (m) 13 Jan 1822 to Deborah A Belyea, Kings NB Canada
   Charles Gorham (son of Daniel Gorham) born 1831, died 23 Nov, 1900 New Brunswick and married Deborah Stevens. 
    Fred Daniel Gorham (son of Charles Gorham).  I see Fred Daniel in the Canada 1871 and 1881 census records.  Fred Daniel Gorham next shows up in the US 1895 census married, living in Cloquet MN, and with a two-year-old daughter. 
Thomas G Clifford
Q19-5659 GRAHAM: Seeking any additional family information on the following couple united in marriage on Feb 4, 1817 at Parish of St. Mary, County of York, NB, Graham, Oliver C.  b. @ 1778 in NB, Stone, Mary. Looking for baptism/birth info, parent’s names, other children they may have?
Jennifer Kent-Bryant
Q19-5660 GRAHAM: I am trying to find information on how I can purchase a family history book. In particular, I'm looking for Patrick & Gilbert Graham and descendants, 1813-1997 written by Ruth Cleghorn Ker. It outlines the descendants of the Irish immigrants Patrick and Gilbert Graham, mostly around York County, NB. Please let me know if you know of how to get a copy of this book or any advice on how to acquire family history books!
Leah Graham
Q19-5661 HAY: I am doing a book on Ernest Hemingway, and apparently, he and Canadian engineer Lieutenant B.M. Hay took a trip together in a Vauxhall when they were both recuperating from WW 1 wounds in Italy (to visit with two nurses who were working in the field hospital in Treviso.) In his letters, Hemingway spells the name 'Hey' and says that he was an engineer and a Canadian and a good fellow. Burpee Macleod Hay's relatives may not know this connection as his name was spelled incorrectly in Hemingway's letter to his parents, but it's an interesting bit of history. Perhaps some Burpee or MacLeod cousins or family from Woodstock, New Brunswick, would like to know this story about the connection and friendship between their relative and one of the most famous authors in the world. His Attestation Paper says that he had 8 years experience as an engineer, he was born April 17, 1891, and died in Berlin in 1928 where he had been conducting business for several years.
Kate Pocock
Q19-5662 HOARE: I've been doing family research for years and have just stumbled upon a reference to the book below. My grandfather, Henry Hoare was born in Halifax, and my great grandmother was Florence Trider. Is it at all possible to get a copy of the book by William?
CALL NUMBER: CS90 .H63 1985 AUTHOR: Hoar, William Stewart, 1913-Branches of a family tree: the Hoar ancestry / William S. TITLE: Hoar; with art by Martha Henricksen and maps by Diana McPhail. PUBLISHED: Vancouver, Canada: Tangled Roots, c1985. DESCRIPTION: v, 52 p.: ill.; 23 cm. SUBJECT: Hoar family. SUBJECT: New Brunswick--Genealogy. SUBJECT: Nova Scotia--Genealogy. SUBJECT: Canada--Genealogy.  SUBJECT: New England--Genealogy. ISBN NUMBER: $5.00 (pbk) LCCN NUMBER: 85-241387
Jill Orr
Q19-5663 HOPKINS: I am looking for info on the famous Mammy Hopkins; AKA Elizabeth Beard Jasper Woodward Hopkins. I already have a copy of her memorial. I would like info on her after the war of 1812. Her husband Jermiah Woodward and her Woodward and Hopkins sons settled around Bath/Beechwood area in Carleton Co. after the war.
Laurie Tompkins
Q19-5664 LOON BAY: My gr grandfather was born in Loon Bay, Charlotte, New Brunswick. I can not find information about any kind of town, village, settlement other than a lodge and the multitude of Loons that live there. He was born in 1855. Can you point me in the right direction?
Vikki Sorel
Q19-5665 McEACHERN: I am looking any information on Hugh McEachern, born in Nova Scotia in or around 1816.  He married Barbara Atkinson in 1838 in Kent County, New Brunswick.  They had seven children, Ann, Mary Jane, George, John, Alexander, Allan, and Hugh.  They lived in and about the Kouchibouquac area in New Brunswick until he immigrated with his son, Allan, to Greenville, Maine, USA in 1894.  He died there in 1896.I would particularly like to know specifically where Hugh (1816-1896) was born, the names, birthdates and places of birth of his parents. 
Evelyn McEachern Wilson-Martin
Q19-5666 McFARLAND: I am researching my 3rd great-grandparents, William McFarland/McFarlane and Catharine Murray. William is son of Andrew McFarlane and Catherine Murrey and came with his family from Ireland in 1832 or 1833. Catherine is daughter of Charles and Jane Murray. They came from Ireland around 1825. They were in St John when some sons were born – Andrew (1845) and Charles (1843), then Alma in Albert.  1851 census has them in Albert/Harvey, which is likely where the other children were born – Irving Armour (1851) , John (1855) and Margaret (1850). I believe William’s father was brother to Andrew and King McFarlane, but haven’t been able to find proof.
Mary Purchase
Q19-5667 O’LEARY: Searching for information on the O’Leary family. We have the following Dennis O’Leary born around 1821 in Ireland his wife Mary born around 1831 also in Ireland. their children - John O’Leary born around 1862, Michael O’Leary, Timothy A. O’Leary, Catherine O’Leary born around 1867, and Ellen O’Leary according to all children are born in New Brunswick. 
Wanda Mckane
Q19-5668 OSBORNE: I am looking for information on my grandfather and his twin sister. Their names are George Elmer Osborne (and later MacLeod) and "Edna J". They were born on August 14, 1917 in Saint John to Elmer Christie Osborne and Jennie Mae Hatfield. Through my own research and what little my family was willing to share with me, the twins were sent to an orphanage. George was later adopted by farmers Hector MacLeod and Margaret Morrison of Framboise, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It is unknown what happened to his sister. George eventually joined the military (Cape Breton Highlanders), fought in WW2, and married twice; the latter to my grandmother (and his cousin) Helen Ruth Osborne of Saint John. My family insists that they were not cousins, but the evidence points there.
  The 1921 Canada census has them both living at home. The family broke apart after that, with another sibling (Margaret Della) evidently moving to Massachusetts to live with her aunt. I am mostly interested in what became of this "Edna J" Osborne.
Jeff MacLeod
Q19-5669 PACK: Dennis Springer one of my ancestors, married Abigail Pack around 1700 in Rahway New Jersey. I have learned that the Pack family, were loyalists.  I would like to connect with members of the Pack family in NB to see if we can share notes on our common ancestors’ families. 
Ray Springer
Q19-5670 SCOTT: Do you have any information about Percy James Scott born in New Brunswick. He was married with Mildred Jamison from the United States. He was the father of Clarence Elgy Scott and he died on 22 June 1944 in Holland. I searching information about him for faces to graves. Clarence Elgy Scott buried in Groesbeek at the Canadian War Cemetery. Please take a look at
Gijs Krist
Q19-5671 SMITH: In a prior iteration of the Marco Polo archive several descendants were mentioned including Dorothy Hazel Gilbert Barwell of Sheffield. The archive is now missing Dorothy Barwell and her mother father and sisters. When I was a toddler the anchor of the Marco Polo was found off the coast of Cavendish PEI and was given to the people of New Brunswick, my grandmother Dorothy Barwell was asked to receive the anchor at the NB Museum and she was kind enough to bring me to that event.  I may have been five or six years
old at that time.  I know that there are more descendants of James Smith still alive.  I definitely would very much like any information about my past family including James Smith, Jimmy Tommy, Harry Lebaron, the Gilberts in Sheffield, William Norris Venning, Maria Hennigar etc.  Peter McDougald was a Loyalist in Saint John briefly and was given various land grants in 1783-1784, he was a soldier in the American Revolution he came from Massachusetts and Virginia and traveled through New York state, and also fought with Laura Secord in Brantford Ontario. I am the great great great great grandson of James Smith owner and builder of the Marco Polo at Marsh Creek in Saint John
Peter McDougald
Q19-5672 SMITH:  Researching Sarah Smith, first wife of Loyalist John Brundage (c.1780-1829; a tailor, magistrate and landowner in Lancaster, now West Saint John). Sarah was last noted with John in a land sale to John Quinton, Guys Ward, Feb 25, 1797. Sarah’s birth and death? Sarah’s parents? John Brundage’s parents?
Audrey Fox
Q19-5673 SMITH: Henry Havelock Smith was born 16 December 1857 Dalhousie, New Brunswick. I am building a family tree on my mothers’ side and I need to know his parent's detail. I'm hopeful that you can assist me even if only directing me where I should go.
Wayne Robson
Q19-5674 STEEVES: I am looking to find out all grandchildren of Oressa Mae Steeves and Joseph Johnson. I am in touch with descendants of Susan Hattie Johnson and Clinton Johnson (children of Oressa and Joseph) but would appreciate other leads. I also have a death record for grandson Donald (son of Ira Johnson) in California. Any others of the grandchildren who resided in California are of particular interest.
Julie Mitchell
Q19-5675 STRONG: I would like to see if you could find information on my Grandmother.  Looking for birth records. I do have a record showing she crossed the border from Canada into Maine to August 17, 1917. Her Name:  Beatrice Strong (I think) McIntyre or MacIntyre. Her birthdate - October 2, 1898. Her death certificate says Birthplace Canterbury, New Brunswick. Father Samuel McIntyre (MacIntyre), Mother Mary Shannon.
Dee Lake
Q19-5676 VAUGHAN: I'm researching my gggg uncle Daniel Vaughan. I am trying to find out if Daniel was a Kings Orange Ranger, or just how he came about getting a land grant in Quaco/ St. Martin's NB - generally reserved for those who provided some type of service to the King's Navy/military during wartime.
James Vaughan
Q19-5677 WIGMORE: I’m trying to obtain birth and death documentation for William Alfred Wigmore, born 1841, in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada and death 1877, in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.
Bruce Plummer
Q19-5678 DORCHESTER NEWSPAPER: I am trying to find the source of a newspaper story from Dorchester, NB, on May 29, 1919, on the funeral of Gunner John F. Hickman, who was killed in the Kinmel Camp riot in Wales in March of the same year. I have seen the story about the funeral online, but there is no mention of what newspaper it came from. Is there anyone who could help me find the source?
David Fuller
Q19-5626 MARTIN: I have been researching my 4th great uncle Alexander Martin (1802-Aug 30, 1874) who was a merchant on Prince William Street in the mid 1800s. In the 1871 census it shows him living with an Elizabeth Martin born in New Brunswick in 1836. In 1874 when Alexander died there is no mention of her in his will. She may have died or married. How can I find out what happened to her? Also the census does not show an address only the dwelling house inhabited as 310. Alexander Martin came from Dunning in Scotland around 1840. I have researched the inquiry related to the dispute about his will.
Adam Spence
Q19-5627 McFARLANE:  I am looking for information on Ann McFarlane Black. She was born around 1783 in County Tyrone, Ireland. She emigrated to New Brunswick around 1824 with her husband James Black and their three children, Armour, Andrew and Elizabeth. They settled in Londonderry, New Brunswick. They were Anglican. They had two more daughters in NB, Mary and Matilda. She passed in 1860. I am curious if this Ann McFarlane was of any relation to the other McFarlane/McFarland families who also settled at Londonderry. I have not been able to uncover any birth records for Ann or marriage records for her and James. I am looking for where she was born in County Tyrone and the identity of her birth family. She was around 3 years older than King McFarlane, who settled at Londonderry and also had a son named Armour. Perhaps Ann was a sister to King? Has anyone familiar with these McFarlane genealogies in Londonderry, NB, come across an Ann in your research?
Amanda Dobbelsteyn
Q19-5628 McINTYRE: I have been working on my Family Tree through Ancestry for about 8 years. I am having a hard time finding information on my grandmother. I do find in ancestry a Border Crossing from Canada to Maine - August 17, 1917.  However, I cannot seem to find any birth information. I was hoping that you could help me find information. Her name was Beatrice McIntyre Birthdate October 2, 1897. I THINK her birth place was Canterbury, New Brunswick Died March 1964 in Maine.
Her Parents names: Father - Samuel McIntyre    Mother - Mary Ann Shannon I BELIEVE her parents were from Ireland
Denise Lake
Q19-5629 McNICKLE:  I am looking for information on Elizabeth McNickle. She was born around 1818 in either New Brunswick or Ireland (date not exact). She lived in the Parish of Upham, Kings County in 1842. She married Armour Black the same year. I believe they lived in Londonderry/ Lisson Settlement/ Markhamville area. She often went by Liza or Eliza. She died in 1893. I am looking for information on her parents and/or the location of her birth. Or even other McNickle/McNichol(l) families who lived in the area (or surrounding communities) at the time.
Amanda Dobbelsteyn
Q19-5630 McSWAIN: I am trying to understand/transcribe the birthplace of John McSwain, b. abt 1827, as recorded in his 1876 Hillsburg (Bear River), Digby County Nova Scotia marriage record. Where is /was Gimlow Point, NB?
Natalie Horton
Q19-5631 MERRITT: Seeking info on the family of Caleb Merritt b C 1812 NB and his wife Harriet b c 1821 NB. They had at least 5 children. Caleb was the s/o John and Abigail Merritt. What was Harriet’s Maiden name and what was Caleb’s Mother’s Maiden name?
Wendy Whelen
Q19-5632 MILLER: I am the great grandson of Marion Miller whose mother was Mary Jane Mac Donald Miller. She was born around 1910 and married a fellow named Ervin in 1927 in the Queens County in New Brunswick. I’m just looking for more info on my ancestry. I have three MacDonald files each a different family - Ben McDonald family of Sheffield, Sunbury County; Donald MacDonald family of Canaan Forks and Cambridge in Queens County; and Alexander MacDonald family of Wickham, Queens County. Marion Miller, Mary Jane MacDonald Miller, and an Ervin married to a Miller are not found in these three McDonald/MacDonald family histories as I have researched them. There are no Ervin - Miller marriages to be found in PANB vital statistics.
I could find nothing helpful in the databases of [1], PANB vital statistics from newspapers, Telegraph Journal provincial obituaries, the Federated Database Search, or PANB cemetery records. While these searches are less than exhaustive, there are the major databases used by me in everyday searches.
Harry MacDonald
Q19-5633 MORIN: My mother's family is French Canadian from Ottawa. I am looking for information about my Grandfathers ancestors. My Grandfather's (Lucien Philias Joseph Morin 18 December 1920 – 4 July 1989). We believe that his Grandmother (Marie Zélie Gagnon birth date 6 December 1850) was indigenous because of family stories and the fact that we can not find any information about her. Pierre Morin dit Boucher is our ancestor who brought the name Morin to Canada from France in 1636. We believe that there may be other people in the family who were Metis or Indigenous, such as Marie Victoire
PELLETIER Marie Madelein Martin and Froicoise Chiasson.
My name: Chantal Muriel Musgrove born; May 27th 1982 
My Mother: Carole Gabrielle Morin born; Nov 18th 1954
I noticed by looking online that another Morin Man (also related to Pierre Morin dit Boucher) was married to a "Zoe Gagnon" born in Cacouna Quebec, they were married in 1850.
Chantal Musgrove
Q19-5634 MORRELL: Seeking information on family of Jacob Valentine Morrell 1847-1919 and his wife Catherine Jack 1850-1930. Any photos of children or homestead/Farmstead. Also, information on Spouses of their 10 Children.
Wendy Whelen
Q19-5635 MORRELL: Seeking info on the family of Oliver Morrell bc 1870 d. aft 1906 and his wife, Georgia (Morrell) Kelly. She was a widow when she married Oliver. Georgia was the daughter of John & Julietta Morrell. Were there any children? Also interested in more info on Georgia’s Parents. Her 1st husband’s last name was Kelly. Anyone know his first name?
Wendy Whelen
Q19-5636 MURPHY: I am interested in finding out more of who James Murphy's parents were. I assume they came from Ireland to Maine or New Brunswick. I do know my 3x gr. Grandmother Lucy Ann Murphy who married William Dixon lived in Andover later Grand Falls, Victoria County, NB. Lucy ann murphy's maiden name was Couillard.  The family apparently donated the building for the church. Her father, David Wellington Murphy is one of the sons of James Murphy. Hope this helps. I am also interested in finding out more of my great grandmothers’ family (her mother is Elizabeth McLeod 1869-1889). There is a possible of a Hugh McLeod born in Nova Scotia.
Sarah Phoebe Worfolk
Q19-5637 O’REE: I am looking for information on my great great great grandfather Henry Paris O'Ree, born 1805, died May 1884, in Sussex Vale, Kings Co., New Brunswick.
Michelle O'Ree
Q19-5638 PENGILLY: Seeking info on Family of Herbert Pengilly, who married Agnes Sarah Ferguson. I Believe they left the Moncton area for Boston, Mass. Would like contact with their off spring or general info and photos.
Wendy Whelen
Q19-5639 PLUME: Seeking all info on family of Charles Spurgeon Morrell b. 1893 and his wife Ida B Plume b. c 1900. Names of their children, photos of them and their homestead.
Wendy Whelen
Q19-5640 PROSSER: I am looking for birth parents of Benjamin Prosser, 1812–1848, BIRTH 1812 • Brighton Parish, Canada. DEATH BET. 1848–1902 • New Brunswick, Canada. He Married Elisabeth "Betsy" "Lydia" Shaw, 1812–1851, BIRTH 1812 • Wakefield, York, NB, Canada. DEATH 1851 • Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada. and had a child named Edward William Prosser. Any help would be appreciated.
Kip Johnson
Q19-5641 RILEIGH – Angus Sidney Rileigh was my 2nd great uncle, born March 24, 1849 and died about 1884. Angus’ parents were Charles Edward Rileigh and Lavenia London of Westfield, Kings County NB.  He married Althea Smith, daughter of Warren G and Nancy Smith of Blissville, in 1876 and they had 3 children. From information in the Canada Archives publication of Post Offices and Postmasters, he was station master/post master at Hoyt Station Sunbury NB CA., appointed 4/1/1878. The office is listed as closed 2/22/1884 but gives no date of vacancy or cause of vacancy for Angus.  The office reopened 9/1/1884 with Abner Mersereau in the post master position. Family stories have Angus dying in Texas in 1884 but I have not been able to find any type of record to verify this. My question is does anyone have any insight into why he might have been there and what he might have been doing there. The best suggestion I’ve heard is that maybe this has to do with the railroad.
Marjorie MacKellar Golub
Q19-5642 SAVOIE: I am helping with memorial cards for Canadian Fallen soldier's graves in Groesbeek cemetery.  I am trying to locate a photo of the following Soldier from New Brunswick. Oxiard Savoie who died during WW2 in Germany 5 Mar 1945. Oxiard was the son of Germain and Rosa Langteique Savoie of Saint Anselme New Brunswick, born 13 Feb 1921. Charles Otto Donahue- born 4 Dec 1911 New Castle New Brunswick parents George Patrick and Mary Alice Katherine Baisley Donahue Died 4 Mar 1945 Germany. Malcolm Arthur Ross Born 25 Feb 1922 St John New Brunswick parents Harry Isaac and Elizabeth (Missing Maiden Name) Ross Died 6 Mar 1945 Germany. Any pictures or biographical information would be greatly appreciated.  I have most of their statistical information.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Tina Hansen
Q19-5643 SCOFIELD: I am seeking information on the parents of Stephen Scofield born around 1799 likely in Kings County New Brunswick. Stephen had a son named David Scofield born around 1832. David married Priscilla Frazee. Stephen's wife's name was Mary. 
Ann Kremer
Q19-5644 SHAW: My great-great-grandfather Lewis Shaw was born in New Brunswick Canada in 1855. He married Pheby (or Phahy) Gilbert (or Gilbart). The issue I am having is that either he or his parents changed their name when they moved to Maine.  I have been told that Shaw was part of the name but no one knows if it was the first, middle, or last part.  Once relative thought it may have been Leshawbe or just Shawbe.
Jason Bragdon
Q19-5645 SHOWERY: I am doing some family research and want to learn more about George Arthur Showery. Born: about 1851 (said to be 34yo at marriage in 1885) in St. Johns, New Brunswick, British America (given on marriage certificate).  Father: George Showery (Blacksmith). Mother: Mary M. Lyons.
I have managed to find the following information online, but am not certain it is the same George Arthur Showery that I am researching: On 31 May, 1876 a George Showery married Sarah Lawrence in New Brunswick, Canada. In 1877 George A Showery from St Johns, New Brunswick (complexion dark, handwritten 'Negro') enlisted United States Naval Enlistment. Age 22. Birth Year estimated 1855. Marks: "large scar to left of mouth". 
John Ogden.
Q19-5646 SPENCE: Seeking info on the family of Robert Spence. Who married Abby McElmon on Dec 5 1870 West Co. NB? Both from Moncton Par. at time of marriage. Seeking any info on off springs for this couple. Parent’s name for both, birth and death.
Wendy Whelen
Q19-5647 STEVENS: I am the great grandson of John Golding Stevens, who emigrated from Saint John to Australia in the 1800’s. I live in Brisbane, Queensland. 
I am planning a visit to Saint John in 2019 and wondered if there are any opportunities to research the Stevens family history in the city or to meet with other members of the Stevens family.
Marcus Stevens
Q19-5648 THIBODEAU: I am asking for help in finding birth / baptismal information of my great grandfather. Name - Joseph Anthony Thibodeau b. 1846. I believe his parents are Gregoire Thibodeau and Elisabeth Isabelle Robichaud but, I can't find proof. Here is the earliest census I have on Joseph and his wife Judith Blanchard. 
Janet Heishman
Q19-5649 TURNER: I am Looking for any information on William Poole Turner. Who is parents were if he was married and if he had children? Is William buried in NB and if so where? Are his parents also there? What I do know is that he was a commander in the British Army and stationed @ Fredericton. He and his family left the America during the revolutionary War and was granted land in NB. They were Loyalist. He is in my Family ancestry linage.
My Father was Richard Paul Turner - Mpls. MN.  His Father was John Paul Turner - Mpls,MN. His father was Melcom E Turner -Mpls.MN. And his father was Edward W Turner- Mpls, MN. Edward W. Turner was the grand son of William Poole Turner.  I have Written documents to verify this and our family’s history in New Brunswick, Ca.
Jennifer Turner Brand
Q19-5650 WILSON: I am researching my 3rd great grandparents – Hugh Hamilton Wilson (1828 to June 29, 1874) and Mary McLaughlin (1828 to 10 February, 1884).  They came to the Kent County area (Rexton, Kingston, Richibucto) from Ireland, in the late 1840’s to 1851, as their eldest daughter was born in Kingston in 1851.   They had 5 daughters, Mary Jane 1851, Margaret Ann 1852, Sarah Elizabeth 1854, Catherine Cassandra 1857, and Wilhelmina 1860.  Hugh was a doctor/coroner, and I have first found mention of him in the area in 1853.  He had a sister Catherine who married George McAuley in 1855.  I am hoping to find a bit more info on when he arrived in the area, anything related to his medical practice, as well as any information about his family.  I have searched the NB Provincial Archives, the census’, and the Canadian Archives, and have found information validating that he was a doctor and a coroner.  However, I have not been able to find any “local” information. 
Jennetta Foley
Q19-5651 WILSON:  I am looking for a birth or baptismal record for my grandmother Lillian May Wilson b. 1887 0r 1888 in St. John New Brunswick, Canada. I can't seem to find one anywhere. Any help or direction for further searches would be very much appreciated.
Laurel siviglia.
Q19-5652 WISHART: I am researching the Wishart family, which was for several generations’ resident in and around Tabusinac, starting probably in the 1780s. I have established that William Wishart was born in 1786 in NB, the son of William Wishart and Charlotte Taylor, who must have married in about 1785. Despite a multitude of census reports referring to the descendants as "Scotch", I have so far failed to establish the link to Wisharts in Scotland. I would be very grateful if anyone could assist me in establishing this link.
Andrew Fraser
Q19-A-Birthday Notice in Newspaper: EVELYNE DAY: Turning 104 on Friday at her home in Brantford’s Riverview Terrance. She was a native of Gardner’s Creek, New Brunswick. She moved to Brantford Ontario in 2008 to be near her daughter Linda Catt and her husband Gerald. (article in Brant News, Brantford, Ontario Thursday April 2, 2015.)
Wendy Whelen


Q18-5605 AITON: My ancestor Hugh Aiton immigrated to Hampton, New Brunswick in 1824, from Scotland. I am writing to ask if you have any record of his having received a land grant to begin farming in his first 10 years in New Brunswick. I am some distance from your province and appreciate any information you can provide.
Thomas G. Paterson
Q18-5606 ASYLUM:  How do I access patient information?  My great grandmother may have resided in the Mental Asylum in Saint John starting in the 1890’s. Also, was there a mental health sanitarium/home at that time on the Acadian coast (Caraquet -Tracadie area).
Wayne R Mullin
Q18-5607 BAILEY: I am looking for a birth record or any other info on George Hamish BAILEY that would confirm his parents.
Born    – Approx. 1790 New Brunswick
Married – To Ann SHARP, September 11, 1820 in Kingston Parish, Kings County, N.B.
Died – May 25, 1866 in Ingersoll, Ontario
    I have the marriage record which is witnessed by William BAILEY which might be his father. I have found a record of his death but no parents’ names. Also contacted the Methodist Church in Kingston County N.B.  They told me there was a fire which may have destroyed the records.   George and Ann had 6 children – Oliver, Elizabeth, Daniel, William, George and Mary.
Bev Bailey
Q18-5608 BERRY: Looking for someone who knows a lot about the Turtle Creek area?  Solomon Berry m/Hannah Steeves, M 2 Mary Jane Jonah. Would like information on his proper ties to the Church he built there. Photos of both him and his family. It is believed he dwelt in the big white house there and ran a store.
Wendy Whelen
Q18-5609 BOONE: I’m looking FOR A GREAT GRANDFATHER FATHER CONNECTION. Alexander Boone B. April 1, 1812 D. Nov 22. 1898 buried in The Broad Road Cemetery in Geary Sunbury Co. NB and married Ann Mead 1815-1898 on Feb 29, 1837 in Burton NB. I’m looking for Alexander father Will Boone 1766-1849 and his mother Ann Hayward 1765-1845 they married November 29, 1787 in the Anglican Church in Maugeville NB. I just need a connection from Alex to William?
Richard Nickless
Q18-5610 BOOTH: I'm looking for a divorce record for Ella Gertrude Tait Booth and Harry Douglas Booth. I think it was sometime between 1927 and 1940. If this record is on line please let me know where, if not can someone research this for me at the Archives?
William Trueman
Q18-5611 CASEY:  Looking for information on James Casey, he was my 5 times great grandfather. I believe, he is buried in the Milltown Catholic Cemetery with only a birth date of 1836, so hard to trace him in Ireland as there are some 7000 records for "James Casey".
We have family records indicating "Ireland" on his son's birth certificate and his marriage certificate however no mention of which region. I'd love to know. Can you give me some suggestions for when I'm in the area where I might find records or archives?
Cheri Breau
Q18-5612 DEVARENNES: I have some info. His grandmothers name is Delia Christie (full given name Delima Mary Dite Delia) born May 4, 1910 in Bathurst. His grandfathers name is Joseph Edouard DeVarennes born September 8, 1908 in Port Elgin. Delia's father's name was Joseph Christie and her mothers name Rose Godin. We are more interested in Delia's story, because his whole life she has been a mystery, and I haven't had a hard time tracing the DeVarennes name. As for the adoption records being sealed, is there still any way to know if she has an adoption record? Even if we can't access the specific details just knowing that she was actually adopted would be a great start.
Amanda Hughes
Q18-5613 DICK: Is there a book or other information on “Alexander Dick & Agnes (Towers) Dick immigrated to Canada from Stirlingshire, Scotland in 1826.” Would they be considered “First Families”? I would also like to know where they were buried and when.
Barbara Flood
Q18-5614 FALLIS: I was a member a while ago and had let it laps. Then recently, I was talking to someone about my gg Grandfather who was a constable in Saint John in the mid 1800's. His name was William Fallis, he was the Sexton at old Trinity Church for many years. He passed away in 1875, two years before the Great Fire. I thought I had exhausted all records, when this person said "If he was a constable, there maybe some civil records that have survived." My question is; is there any Civil Records, that might contain my William Fallis?
Jeremy M. Fallis
Q18-5615 FERGUSON: Looking to confirm whether Maggie Ferguson was an Asylum patient in the 1882-91 range.
Wayne Mullin
Q18-5616 FERGUSON: Seeking info on family of John “Jack” Peter Ferguson, who married Annie Morrell. I Would like to make contact with direct descendants.
Wendy Whelen
Q18-5617 GENEALOGY HELP: In April, 2019, my husband and I will be coming to NB to do a little research. I have a small business, Fun Stuff for Genealogists, Inc., and will be attending the New England Historic & Genealogical Society's conference as a vendor. I have NB and Maine roots and have been researching heavily in these areas for many, many years and need to dig deeper and see some of the small towns which I have learned about. I am a former member of yours (it has been a few years ago) and a former president of the South Bend Area Genealogical Society at South Bend, Indiana. I was born and raised in Michigan. My father's roots are Canadian. I was at the NB archives in Fredericton but it has been many years and I have learned so much more. I wanted to let you know that I have had 30 years of genealogy research experience so I am ready for some serious digging.  Is it possible to have someone help with research when we arrive and stay in Fredericton? We will be there 5 nights. If a real person is not available, perhaps there is someone who I might communicate with by email? 
Bev Trew Palmer
Q18-5618 GOULETTE:  I am searching for information on the Louis Goulette (circa 1883) and/or Marie Ida Haché (circa 1889) families.  They were both born in NB and married between 1910-1920.  I would like to travel to NB to conduct my research; any suggestions where to start? I do not have a county or city of origin.
Jen Bowman
Q18-5619 GRAHAM: I am writing because I need help in finding some living members of a family to bring the remains of two people that died thirty years ago.  They have been cremated and their ashes need to be brought back to Saint John, New Brunswick to be laid to rest.  I am not part of the family. Very complex story.  Please, if there is someone doing family research and are still living, please contact me.
The two people are:
Donald Bosence Graham - Born Oct 1, 1906 in Saint John, New Brunswick,
died May 7, 1989 in Stratford, Ontario
Ethel Winnifred Louise (Logan) Graham - Born Feb 21, 1914 in Saint John,
New Brunswick died May 17, 1988 in Stratford, Ontario.
Warren G. Schmidt
Q18-5620 HAINES: Seeking info on the Business side of Wm. Haines. Who I believe in 1861 was a manufacturer & Dealer in Boots and shoes and a former Shipbuilder. At Lewisville. Was it this fellow who had the Tannery in Lewisville c 1861? Does anyone know who he employed also did his account books survive?
Wendy Whelen
Q18-5621 HAY: I am seeking help in finding the marriage record for my grandmother, Jessie Elizabeth Hay (born 2/11/1900 in Harvey, New Brunswick) to a man whose last name was Clark. We believe his first name was Earl, but are not positive. At the time she married my grandfather, her name was Jessie E. Clark. Her first husband, "Clark", died suddenly from influenza. Jessie and "Clark" were married between 1920 and 1924. We recall they were married in McAdam, New Brunswick, or possibly Tweedside. Jessie was raised Presbyterian, but told us she was a Baptist for a time, so we believe "Clark" may have been a Baptist. Jessie's parents’ names were Wesley Hay and Agnes Moffit Wood.
Nancy Bradley
Q18-5622 HOGAN: I am looking for information on my g-g-grandfather James Hogan.  The only information that I have is that he and Catherine Graham were married Aug 26, 1819.  He was from the parish of Maugerville in Sunbury County and she from St. Mary's parish in York. Witnesses were Edmund Hogan and Mary Hogan (not sure of any connection). Lore has it that they met on the trans Atlantic crossing.  She is purported to be Scottish and he Irish.  They later moved to Ontario. Is someone able to do some additional digging on information on these two?  Siblings?  Housing locations?  Arrival dates in NB?  Birth locations?  Early 1800 census data?
Greg Hogan
Q18-5623 JONES: Seeking info on the Tannery Business aspect Oliver Jones life c 1855 – c 1875. He built a factory for Tanning Hides. In 1861 it had 14 Employees. Does anyone have the names of these 14 Employees? Later known as “Moncton Leather Co”. Was on Tannery Street. The area was then known as “Tannery Town”.
Wendy Whelen
Q18-5624 KETCHUM: I am interested in knowing more about Frank E. Ketchum.  All that I know is that he was from New Brunswick and that as a young man he was recruited by the Western Union Telegraph Expedition, 1865-1867 (also called the Russo-American Telegraph Expedition or the Buckley Telegraph Expedition) to go to Alaska to help the effort to extend telegraph lines across the Bering Strait to Siberia, thereby connecting North America and Asia and Europe. His name is mentioned frequently throughout the expedition's surviving documents, but I can't find any biographical information. I don't know if his title as "Captain" was military or if it was specific to the expedition. I also have one source indicating that he died in Alaska near the end of the expedition.
Chris Allan
Q18-5625 LEWIS: I am compiling a family tree for my wife who is a descendant of the Lewis family, which descends from Wales and France. In endeavoring to connect her Lewis line with that of a friend who also has a Lewis line of similar origin I’ve come to an impasse at William Lewis who is listed on your site of New Brunswick historical surnames. Born in or near 1811 and married to Mathilda Christie. They had at least two children, Thomas and Robert.
Jeffrey J. Thomas
Q18-5581 BARBOUR:  This maybe a bit of a long shot but I am trying to track down the author of a small book on the Barbour Families of Lochwinnoch. I note you have the book referenced. I have a copy of the book and would love to track down the author as I suspect they will be a cousin of mine. The copy of the book I have refers to a Bert Barbour as the author and I note in your reference it is N A Barbour. The book was published in 1991 and is a Directory of Barbour families in the Parish and village of Lochwinnoch c1680's to 1855.
Ian & Alison Barbour
Q18-5582 BOUCHER:  I am looking for a genealogy contact for my paternal family in Kent county.  My father was born in Rogersville- his name was Emile Boucher born 1908, his father and mother were Calixte Boucher and Mathilde Chiasson (from Nova Scotia).  They left Rogersville for the province of Quebec.
The Chiasson family is easily tracked (except for the reason Mathilde’s father Placide left. Margaree and ended up In Rogersville. The Boucher branch is a little more clouded.  I know we are descendants of the Boucher family in Kamouraska/Riviere Ouelle/Chateau Richer area but them the onion becomes more layered. I would appreciate if you could identify someone in Boutouche who can identify some bread crumbs.  I know the center for Acadian history is next door and I have had overt the years some conversations with Steven White.  I find it difficult to talk to a guru when I can’t even walk.
Marc-Andre Boucher
Q18-5583 CONNORS: I am looking to research more information on my grandmother's side of my mother's family. My Grandmother's Mom in particular, I believe she may have been Irish as her name was Mary Ann Connors, from Millerton New Brunswick and Mother's name was Mary Jane Connors. Is there an area I can search Irish names and perhaps families that came to NB from Ireland?
Q8-5584 DAVIS: I am hoping to learn what I can about the Davis family. Specifically, Clarissa Davis, daughter of Benjamin Davis who born in Salisbury, Mass. She married Abraham Peterson, a Swedish immigrant, possibly in Doaktown, and I am hoping a record of their marriage exists. I understand the date of the marriage is known, but I am looking for anything that may shed light on Abraham's parentage or place of birth within Sweden. And also anything about the Davis family in general would be great, I don't know anything about that family.
Mellanie McCreary
Q18-5585 DICKINSON: Trying to locate any living relatives of Ilber M. Dickinson 1897-1988? Porten settlement, father John (1849), mother Mary (1851) and brothers Stuart (1886) & Frank (1889).  He had a son Ralph with no children, last lived in Kingston, Ontario.   Can you help??
Cindy Gast
Q18-5586 FRENCH: My 2-great-grandfather, Charles Edward FRENCH, aka Edward Charles FRENCH, married Elizabeth BATEMAN in 1840. He is in the 1861 census with his wife and 7 children; his occupation was keeper of the marine hospital. In 1864 Elizabeth arrived in Boston, MA, USA with three sons.  I am trying to find out what happened to Charles/Edward and the other children, who would have been 3, 15, 17 and 19 when Elizabeth emigrated. Is there anyone who can help me with this research?  I live in the U.S. and can’t afford a trip to N.B. In the near future, so any help would be much appreciated.
Janet Gladden
Q18-5587 GAUNCE:  I am a distant relative of Jeremiah Gaunce 1751-1824. I live in England and my dad was Lionel Gaunce. Are there still Gaunce's living in Riley Brook as I am considering a trip there soon. What information do you have on us that I could have as I am starting my family tree. I would be most grateful for your help.
Paul Gaunce
Q18-5588 GODDARD: I am searching for proof that Giles Brown Goddard (brown is his middle name) who died in Suffolk, Kings, New Brunswick 1849 is the same Giles Goddard born to Giles Goddard and Catherine Brown in 1771 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.  I noted that there was an 1848 census in Canada where he may have listed his place of origin as the United States.  I cannot find this census online.  Would you by chance have this record or any other record that would prove he is the same man?  I am happy to pay for the time and trouble to secure this proof.  Thank you. I am working with Lavonne Siegfried Anderson, whom I believe is a member or was at one time.  This is her ancestor.
k Denese Wilson
Q18-5589 JEWETT: Trying to establish my ancestral line from Ontario to New England through the Planter Families of New Brunswick. My ancestor Charles Fred Jewett b. 1810 in Lindsay Ontario and his wife Catherine Mathews parents are both said to have come from New Brunswick. Any light you can shed on the Family Mystery would be greatly appreciated.
Charles A. Jewett
Q18-5590 LACOMBE:  I'm searching for the Lacombe families of New Brunswick - St. Hilaire, Clair, Baker Brook, Madawaska.  There was Regis Lacombe, his son Horace Lacombe and his wife Caroline Thibodeau.  One of the children of Horace Lacombe and Caroline Thibodeau was Elodie, my paternal grandmother.  My father was Paul Émile Côté.
Chantal Coté
Q18-5591 LONG:  I am seeking information on the following Long family members; Thomas that married Elizabeth Foster 1831, Robert Long who married Martha Snider 1848, Margaret Long who married Luster Snider 1848. Is in possible that you might have a family file on them?
Alice Fookes-Radcliff
Q18-5592 MacDONALD:  I am completely stuck and not sure if you can help or direct me to someone who may be able to. I have been researching my heritage and my maternal grandfather was Scott MacDonald from Parkers Ridge NB. His father was Alexander MacDonald also from Parkers Ridge. Alexander’s parents were John McDonald and Ellen Spencer. John's parents were Alexander McDonald and Jennet Catherine Young both who as per the 1851 NB census came to Canada in 1833. Alexander is seen in the NB census until 1871 when his wife (then listed as Catherine McDonald) is listed as a widow. What I am trying to find is Alexander's death record and where he may be buried? I also cannot find any information on John's death or where he is buried? I know he married Ellen Spencer and had two sons, John and Alexander and that she remarried David Alexander Smith and had several more children.
Tina Brewer
Q18-5593 McGRATH: I am looking for anyone that may have information on the descendants of George McGrath (McGraw) of Tracadie NB, (Northumberland County)?
Paul McGraw
Q18-5594 McNAIR:  I would like to know about him James Joseph McNair he travelled to Missouri to marry To Elizabeth Glasgow (born in Kentucky) in Pettis co., Missouri.  all we know over fifty years whereabout him after his wife died in Missouri and left perhaps only child name Elizabeth McNair born in Pettis co, Missouri. lived with boarder. then she married to Elywn Price. As far we know he born in New Brunswick 1814-ish. When does he married first wife? had children?   Who are his parents? what country Scotland?  wonder what he travelled to Missouri?  where did he go after his wife died? I am from Colorado, deaf old lady, enjoy research family history and tree.  pretty much from both of my parents all of my ancestry being 1600's and 1700s
Karen smith perez
Q18-5595 MUSTER ROLLS: I appeal to anyone knowing the location of Muster Rolls for the 84th Regiment, 2nd Battalion for the period 1 Jan 1779 to 24 June 1782. - (British, Loyalist).  It is extremely important to locate these Musters. Many of the usual and most likely repositories have been checked with negative results. Copies of the documents cannot, as yet, be found! The 2nd Battalion served during the Revolutionary War, (1775-1783), at various locations in Atlantic Canada, and during 1779-1782 five Companies served in NY and "the Carolinas" - Charleston, Wilmington, Monck's Corner, Eutaw Springs, etc. These five Companies were attached to other larger British Regiments or Units. I would greatly appreciate if you would review your records, sources and Contacts, (Historians/ Researchers/ Records Custodians, etc.). The finder of the missing Musters will certainly be "Mentioned in Dispatches" and will be a friend of mine forever! I will most willingly reciprocate data which I have accumulated regarding the 84th and Loyalist Settlers over the past 20 years.
There are many names, but some of the soldier's surnames of primary interest to me personally are: BLISS, CLARK, CONNOR, CONOLLY, CRAIG, GOSS, LEIGHTON, MacDONALD, MacLEOD, SMITH, & SUTHERLAND.
I earnestly appeal to you or anyone knowledgeable on the subject, to contact me if they have any clues or key information that will lead to positive results being achieved.
Calvin Lee CRAIG
Q18-5596 NEVERS:  I am researching my 2nd Great Grandmother and the 1851 Canadian Census lists her as "Native American" - if she is an Indian how can I find out what tribe? Elizabeth Jane Nevers b. 1830 St. Johns, New Brunswick.  Thank you for any help you can provide.
Elizabeth Ward
Q18-5596 NEVERS - answer:  The 1851 census of New Brunswick listed people by their nationality - Irish, English, Native, etc. Native simply meant "born in New Brunswick", ie, they were native to New Brunswick, as their parents were native to Ireland or the US or elsewhere. It has absolutely nothing to do with being Native American (Ancestry's indexers made that error) Native Americans were very unlikely to have been counted on the census and if they were, they would be listed as "Indian".
This is a common misconception made worse by Ancestry's transcribers.
Daphne Wetmore
Q18-5597 PANGBORN: I am looking for info on my husband’s great grandmother Susan T. Pangborn b.26 Nov.1842 in Saint John, NB and died 19July1901 in Saint John. Susan married Stephen Sears from Boston, Mass in Providence RI on 6Jul1864. The 1891 Census lists her as a widow with her sons Warren H. b.9Apr1878 and Frederick L. Sears b12Mar1880.  Also listed is her 65yo sister Sarah A. Whelpey. The East Boston 2Jun1870 Census lists Sears, Stephen age 54yo and Sears, Susan age 30yo and her sister Whelpley, Margaret A as 15yo.I would appreciate any info about Susan’s parents and siblings.
Diana Fowler
Q18-5598 PARSON:  I am doing research of my family heritage. I am trying to find more info on my great-grandparents. I am searching for Anthony Parson's family. Anthony Parson was born around 12-10-1837 in New Brunswick Canada. He died around 4-29-1903 in Patten Penobscot Maine USA. He married Mary Elizabeth (Hatt) and had a son named Obder Parson. I am trying to find more info on Anthony's parent, who they were (probably came from Scotland), when they were born and any other info you may possess.
Vicki Stewart
Q18-5599 PERKINS: George Perkins, born abt. 1835-1838, believed to be son of Eliakim Sherlock Perkins & Eleanor (Jones) Perkins, appears in the 1861 census of Greenwich, Kings County with a wife named Ann, aged 20.  In the 1871 census of Greenwich, his wife is named Sophia A., & is now 29.  According to a marriage record (1899) for Sherlock’s son, Samuel A., his mother’s maiden name was Sewell.  According to the marriage record for Sherlock’s daughter, Edith Alma, (1901), her mother’s maiden name was Small.  Cannot find a marriage record for George himself circa 1860 in Kings County records, nor in “Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers,” but he may have married Ann &/or Sophia in another county.  Cannot find George’s marriage on the PANB Federated Search either. Was George’s wife either Ann Sophia or Sophia Ann and was her surname Sewell or a Small?  Or did George marry twice?   Is his wife Sophia the one who is shown as the “wife of George Perkins” who died Feb. 3, 1881 and was buried in the Adams Family Cemetery, Evandale, Greenwich Parish, Kings County?  Who were the parents of George’s wife (wives?).  Need date & place of birth of George Perkins’ wife or wives, & date(s) & place(s) of George’s marriage(s).
Carol Norman
Q18-5600 ROSS:  My husband Brian Titus was born on Grand Manan in 1948. My grandmother was a Ross and I am working on tracing her Ross line.  Growing up I heard stories from her about our family coming from Canada and heard stories about how they settled Ross Island.  I feel I am related to Thomas Ross who drowned at sea 1804 and William Ross who was buried on Ross Island 1828.  Any information on either of these two men or family members would be so appreciated.  Or how I may obtain information would be appreciated.
Joan Titus
Q18-5601 SCOTT: My Great-great grandfather is Richard S. Scott 1855-1917. Supposed to be born to Aaron Scott (immigrated from Ireland) and Sarah Steeves (born in NB). I know from his death notice, that he was to have lived in Hammondvale, Kings County his whole life. He was married to Elizabeth A Brown Dec 24, 1880. My genealogy search is stalled here and I cannot obtain anything about Richard or Aaron Scott.
Tamarah Rundle
Q18-5602 WELSH PEOPLE: For Easter 2019, we are embarking on a project to celebrate the departure of 160 Welsh people from Cardigan on April 11 1819 and settled in New Brunswick province, many in and around what became Cardigan township. We willing 18 months planning it - a truly Welsh celebration of song / music / dance / religious services / an exhibition / tours around the are for any visitors / a website with which descendants can contact .... lots of ideas.  Can you advice us in any way - from your own records, from history societies / local libraries / schools. We really want your communities to share in person or in spirit with our celebrations. 
Kathleen Martin
Q18-5603 WHITE: I'm researching an ancestor name Jacob White. I'd like to know if you could help me find more information on him and his origins. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Here's what I know:
He was born in abt 1816
He married an Esther Dixon in about 1858.
They had at least 5 children: Fredrick, Jane "Jenny," Henry, Edmond "Edward," and Robert.
They lived in Sussex, NB - I've located their 1861, 1871, 1881, and 1891 census records.
He died on 30 Aug 1896 in Apohaqui, NB - I've located a few death notices as well as his death record. He's buried at Church of the Ascension Cemetery in Apohaqui.
His wife, Esther was born in 1828 (possibly Ireland) and died in 1906 in Kings County, NB.
Records for Jacob indicate a wide variety of origins, from France, USA, Germany, Ireland, and Holland. I believe the origin of his family was France. One census record had "Leblanc" written underneath the White surname that was listed for the family.
 Robert Fontana
Q18-5604 British Home Children: Thousands of British Home Children came to New Brunswick by ship through Halifax in the 19th century.  This migration started in November 1871 when the SS Nestorian arrived with 36 children in the charge of Miss Maria Rye, followed by 100 girls and 100 boys on the SS Caspian in July 1872.  Unfortunately, ships' manifests are not available for Halifax before 1881, and so secondary sources, such as Dr. Edwin Clay's Inspections Reports have to be relied upon.  The record of these children in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island do not appear to be complete.  For example, I have about 86/200 records for those who apparently arrived on the SS Caspian.
   Niagara-on-the-Lake is where Miss Rye had her Home for distribution of children in Ontario and environs - hence our interest.  I am the VP of our local 125-year-old historical society and museum, and have recently compiled on one spreadsheet about 5,500 children brought out from Britain from 1868 to 1898, administered through the Home here in NOTL.  Library and Archives Canada has asked me to publish the material asap on our Museum's website, so that they can establish a link to it.  Although other organizations also brought children to New Brunswick - hence the "thousands" referred to above - Miss Rye was the pioneer in this work.
   We are trying to establish whether any records exist in St. John or environs (by far the largest of the home bases for these children) and whether any researcher has done work on compilation of BHCs to St. John and New Brunswick which might be available for study.  Of course, at this stage we are only interested in personal details (child name, age, place sent to, name of host, address, etc.) and not a general history, which we already have.  If you have any suggestions for furtherance of this research for New Brunswick, I would be most interested and would consider a visit this summer.  I can provide what I have for NB, NS and PEI already - on an Excel spreadsheet - at the appropriate time.
   If this topic is not well covered by the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, perhaps you could offer some suggestions as to where I should go next. I would appreciate anything you or your readership could suggest in regard to this work.
David Hemmings
Q18-5558 BELL: Looking for info on Catherine Bell 1824-1846, 1st wife of: Aaron Hovey 1815-1885 of Ludlow, NB. Married: Dec 1, 1842 in Blissfield, NB by “Squire” Doak, of Doaktown, NB. They had 2 Children: Charles Alfred Hovey 1843-1908, Catherine Grace Hovey 1845-1924.  Aaron is buried in United Baptist Church Cemetery, Ludlow, NB and Catherine is buried in Old Burying Ground, Boiestown, NB. Looking for parents, where she came from and any other information you may know.
Robert L MacQuarrie
Q18-5559 BOYER: My husband's great grandmother Frances Amelia Boyer, born Nov. 22, 1847 and died Sept.  1915, came from a small town outside of Woodstock. We believe she lived in Florenceville until she married a Kimball from Maine and moved to Bridgewater, ME.  Apparently, she ran a Millinery shop in NB somewhere. We are looking for any information on her ancestors or descendants. 
Jennifer Sylvester
Q18-5559 BOYER - answer: which had been shared on the Facebook page of Carleton County Genealogy and Families.  A bit sloppy on my part but the intent, in a less formal Facebook posting, was to help put her on track to pursue her own original research. FYI, the book "History of Bridgewater Maine" by Annie E. Rideout was published in 1953 by Falmouth Publishing House of Manchester, Maine. It was a single edition and I was told several years ago that it was not likely to be reprinted. You might try putting out feelers for a used copy as it is extremely helpful and informative - covering early families up until 1900. As an example, I could not have helped in this Query without this as my first source.
Jim Beckett
Q18-5560 COLSON: Ebenezer Colson (58 years old), Issac Colson (22 years old) and Ebenezer Colson, Jr. (30 years old), are all listed as members of 1811 Campobello Militia per the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.  Were they native to Campobello or did they migrate from Maine? Searching for other records of these Colsons.
Elaine Fernald
Q18-5561 DAY: I'm hoping you can help.  I am looking for information on Louisa (Lois) Leighton, who married John Day and then Henry Whittier in Maine.  They came to New Brunswick approximately 1815 with her son John Francis Day and their children Merrill, Henry, Elizabeth and Louisa.  I need to confirm the connection between the Maine John Day and Louisa Leighton. I have the records from Merrill Whittier, but cannot locate the death of Louisa or Henry Whittier.
   John Day and Lois Leighton had a son, John Francis Day who married Anna McCloskey and they had a son John Henry Day who married Jane Phair. I have those records as well.  John Henry Day and Jane Phair were my great grandparents.
Arlene Pretty
Q18-5562 DEAN: I am doing an application for Daughters of the American Revolution on a Dean descendant. John Dean is listed, and the following Deans are listed next to John Dean: Gideon, Samuel, Henry. I know John Dean was a loyalist, Samuel married a Mabee whose father also was a loyalist. Gideon served in the Revolution from Rhode Island. Gideon Dean Sr moved to Deer Island right after the was with Henry and Samuel Dean. Gideon Dean Sr married a Mary Vickey.  Gideon Dean Jr married a McDonald and the first 3? of their children were born either in Eastport or Deer Island. I am looking for an Abigail Dean born 1823/1824, her obit says Eastport, but may be Deer Island. Parents are not listed on the obit. She moved to Maine and married Daniel Bugbee in Eastport. They made their home in Robbinson, Maine. Also living in Robbinson were Gideon Dean, Jr, and family. She may be the daughter of Henry or Samuel, not Gideon.
Nancy Legerski
Q18-5563 DOUGLAS: I'm looking for information on William Douglas, born around 1800 in Appleby, England.  His parents may have been John and Annis Douglas.  He moved to New Brunswick with his parents in 1809 when he was nine years old.  He married Isabella McFarland in New Brunswick when he was 24, which would have been around 1824.  By 1851 he and Isabella were living in Cayuga, Haldimand County in Canada West (present-day Ontario).
Debbie McCarthy
Q18-5564 HOLDING: My grandmother was Jean Main Holding and her father was Charles Christopher Holding who left the family and returned to England shortly after my mothers’ birth in 1895.  My mother had a brother, Harry Renrick Holding born in 1894.  Jean was a teacher in a boys school and my mother, Ethel Marguerite Holding lived with a man named "uncle Hazen" while growing up.  I don't know his relationship to Jeans family. I believe his home was in St John, N.B.  Marguerite eventually graduated from Stanstead and later from Columbia University in New York.
    At some point, mother or Jean was given a sewing box that, according to a card enclosed, said it was presented to Mrs. F.G. Andrews during a trip to Burma when she accompanied her husband who was the Captain of the sailing ship Tamandra in 1866.  The card says the Andrews were from St Andrews By the Sea.
    I don't recall hearing much about the Andrews while growing up and have not been successful in finding any information on the internet.  My only living relatives are cousins, Hudson Vipond of Montreal and his sister Susan and another cousin living in Vancouver who knows nothing about the family connection to the Andrews.
    Any information would be sincerely appreciated because the box and its many ivory sewing implements should be in a museum near the Andrews home or with any surviving family members.
Jean Salls
Q18-5565 HOYT: I am a descendant of the Simon HOYT line. I am looking for more information on the Hoyt family of NB, particularly our connection to the town of Hoyt. I am having a difficult time to get an in depth history on the town or which William HOYT it was named for.
Shelly Hoyt Bridger
Q18-5566 FOX: I am looking for the death information related to: Samuel Fox - born 1822 Southampton, York, NB and lived in that area until his death. He married Mary Jane Grant  28 Dec 1859 in Woodstock, Carleton, NB.
Dave Percifield
Q18-5567 LAVIGNE: I am looking for the wedding of Joseph Lavigne and Margaret or Marguerite Thibodeau wedding was July 22 1866 in Bathurst. Parents of Margaret would be Prospere Thibodeau and Lucie or Luce Lavigne
I am looking for parents of Joseph Lavigne
Ginette Racette
Q18-5568 LAWFORD:  Looking for information on family of John and Catherine (Graham) Lawford.  They show up in 1871 census in Fredericton, and we have documentation of land owned in St. Stephens in 1854 and other mention of having lived in Henrys Settlement.  We know they left Fredericton for USA in 1871 but don't know where they came from or when the family arrived in Canada.  Info on Grahams may also help. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Jack & Mary Ann Lawford
Q18-5569 LEVINGE:  I am looking for a picture of this man William Augustus Levinge born Oct 10 1846 Birmingham and died July 11 1925 from pneumonia at 185 Dominion st Moncton he was a school teacher here in Moncton I am trying to get a phone and what school he taught in anything about his life.
Chris Hart
Q18-5570 LEWISVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH: Would like to make contact with anyone with a long history of this church. Was there ever a published history of this church? Does anyone have photos or a list of past ministers?
Wendy Whelen
Q18-5571 MCDERMOTT: My ggg/m Ann McDermott age 16yrs from Leitrim Ireland arrived on vessel Triumph (though I never have found a passenger list for this ship) and was admitted to St John Almshouse 5/12/1847 discharged 20/12/1847.Patient number 30943
My question is what happened to these Irish girls after arrival??? Were there agencies to arrange employment or people just waiting to get servants, I cannot find any list on this matter.
I do know she married Sergeant Thomas Bishop in 1852 in Montreal and eventually came to Western Australia in 1863 after his retirement from the army.
Gloria Bell
Q18-5572 MORRELL: Seeking info on Daisy P Morrell, who was living in St. John, NB in 1908. Who were her parents? Anyone have a photo of her? Would like to know more about her and what became of her.
Wendy Whelen
Q18-5573 NASON: My name is Philip Nason, I am 77 retired in central California, USA. I was born & raised in the State of Maine. Recently I discovered that Mr Harold E Nason of Beaverfall, New Brunswick died. He was reportedly a great expert on the genealogy of The NASON family of Maine and New Brunswick. I am e-mailing to ask; does anyone know if he willed his genealogical papers about the Nason family?  If so to what location?  I am especially interested in the first 4 generations of the Nasons, especially the first to North America---Richard Nason of Kittery Maine.
Philip Nason
Q18-5574 NORTHCOTT: I am an American from Washington State.  My father's family lived in Bathurst, NB.  I am coming for a visit to this area in May, 2018 and I was hoping to visit with some of our relatives.  I've looked around on the genealogy sites a little bit but haven't found any success.  Is there someone who might be interested in taking what information I can provide and giving me a little help?  I would sure appreciate anyone who might have time to help me a bit, as I haven't been able to find anything on my own.
Lauralee Northcott
Q18-5575 SHEDIAC OLD METHODIST OR BAPTIST CEMETERY: Visited this cemetery in 2014 and noticed the old church was no longer there. Was informed the dental or medical building is actually the old church. Would anyone have photos of the old church or a history on it? The cemetery is beside “frenchys” in Shediac. At 149 Hanington Rd. Even and address for the medical building would be helpful. 
Wendy Whelen
Q18-5576 SPENCE/MCELMON: Seeking info on family of Robert Spence and Abby McElmon. Married Dec 5, 1870 West. Co, NB Both were from Moncton Parish at time of marriage. Where did they go? Did they have any Children? Who were their parents?
Wendy Whelen
Q18-5577 SUTHERLAND:  I'm a descendant of Catherine Sutherland, born 1826 in New Brunswick.  Married Fredrick VanPatten, Feb. 12, 1846 Dane Co. Wisconsin. Her name was noted on her daughter's death cert. as Katerin Saterland.  I've searched New Brunswick Sutherland families but haven't found any record of her.
Scott Hedberg
Q18-5578 TAYLOR: I seek the birthplace of my great,great,Grandfather, SAMUEL TAYLOR. He was born in Durham County, Yorkshire U.K. Understand the year was 1747 (I believe).
   I require the place he was born in. A community, a town, a village, or parish. (I suspect HOUGHTON Le SPRING). I do not know who his parents were. I do not know his religious denomination. I know he emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada in mid 1760`s. He settled in SACKVILLE, Westmoreland County, New Brunswick, Canada. Believe he was a teacher. Samuel Taylor, married a Lydia Ballou in 1798, had three children.
    Henry born 1799, died 1822, another son, Samuel born 1802, died 1875, A daughter Elizabeth Eliza, born1825, died 1871. Elizabeth married an Edwin McCallum, born 1809, died 1879.  Samuel Taylor died November 28,1825, in Sackville, N.B. at age 78.  Samuel Taylor was buried in Westcock cemetery, Westmorland County, New Brunswick. I must mention, a possible connection.  A MICHAEL TAYLOR born 1720 (I believe) in Durham County, Yorkshire U.K. He was from HOUGHTON LE SPRING, also emigrated to Canada in 1764, with wife Ann Dobson and two sons. George aged 24, and Michael aged 25.  They sailed on ship ALBION from HULL Yorkshire. landed in Cumberland (now Amherst, Nova Scotia)
    I do not know where Michael Taylor and family resided in Canada, Michael Taylor died in 1799 at 79 years of age. Now the part of this story that makes me contemplate Michael Taylor was ALSO BURIED in Westcock cemetery, Westmoreland County New Brunswick.  Is it possible that there may have been a mistake in records? With difference in ages. MICHAEL was 27 years OLDER than Samuel. Could Samuel have been one of Michael`s sons? I was not successful in obtaining an Obituary or burial record for Samuel Taylor. I have been trying for months to find information on Samuel Taylor, however, have traced my great, great, Grandmother Lydia Ballou back to 1500`s (her parents were from USA.)
     I have a record that shows my great Grandfather George Taylor born 1811 died 1878. I realize that Samuel Taylor an Michael Taylor could be from different families in Durham County Yorkshire, U.K.
Lawrence (Larry) Taylor
Q18-5579 WILSON: I have been researching my 3rd great grandparents, Hugh Hamilton Wilson (born abt 1828, came from Newtown-Limavady, Ireland, approximately 1851, died June 29 1874) and Mary McLaughlin (born abt 1828, came from Newtown-Limavady approx. 1851, died 1884).  They lived in Richibucto, and Hugh was a doctor.  They had 5 daughters.
    I have been trying to find any further information about Hugh and Mary’s life pre-Canada, but have found absolutely nothing.  I can’t find their entrance into Canada either, and they seem to just magically appear in the area, with no history.  According to the 1861 and 1871 census’, their oldest daughter, Mary Jane Wilson, was born in 1850/1851 in Kingston.  However, I can’t verify this either.   I have found information that puts Hugh in the Richibucto area as of 1853 (The New Brunswick Temperance Almanac – an advertisement in a local paper, as well as through the British North American Legislative Database).
    According to a document I read (his sister’s marriage announcement in a local paper), his parents were named John Wilson and Mary Gavin/Given – both deceased at the time of the marriage in November 1855.  No further information has been found on the parents (other than a “possible” 1841 census entry in Newtown-Limavady relating to his mother).  I have no information on who Mary McLaughlin’s parents were. I live in British Columbia, and have been doing all of my research online. Do you know of anywhere specific that I could be searching, whether online or via mail?  I have wondered about where he obtained his medical education, as well as possibly trying to look into his medical licensing.  Would there be local information hidden somewhere about this family – such as through a genealogical society for Kent/Richibucto?  Given he was a doctor/physical/coroner/justice of the peace, I would have hoped that there was more information available online. 
Jennetta Foley
Q18-5580 BOOK INFORMATION: I am looking for a book titled, Saint John County Marriages Vol. J 1880-1887 Vol. K 1887 compiled by Dorothy Wiggs December 2001. A person I was chatting with said she got a copy at a book sale your Saint John branch had. This book has some of my ancestor’s marriage records. 
Jennifer Dow
Q18-5540 ANDERSON: I live in Connecticut, but my great-grandmother came from Moncton/Coverdale, New Brunswick. I am trying to find more information about her family, but am having a hard time finding resources and am hoping you can help point me in the right direction.  Her maiden name was Grace Anderson and she was born in May 1896 to William and Martha Anderson. I can find them on a few census records and found William's death record. They were originally in Albert County and in later years moved into Moncton, which is Westmorland County.   I spent a lot of time with her when I was a child and she mentioned that there had been a fire and her original birth certificate was lost. Was there a fire that destroyed records in Albert County and that's why I'm having a hard time finding information from 1850-1920?
Amanda Keenan
Q18-5541 DICKINSON: I am a member of the Victorian Genealogical Society in Australia. I have traced a person I am seeking who was Frank DICKINSON of the 2nd Royal Canadian Regiment A company who I am given to believe may have came from Fredericton (based upon his army unit location).  Turning to the reason now for this email.  At the end of May 2017, a Boer War memorial was unveiled in Canberra by the Governor General. It featured four mounted troopers.  What stood out was one trooper amid the display of Victoria Cross recipients.  He was James ROGERS - an Australian Light Horse solder seconded to the South African Constabulary. Originally only military were entitled to be awarded the VC but there have been changes to that. He received that honour in rescuing Frank DICKINSON and two others under fire. DICKINSON I now find was actually a Canadian. So essentially a Victoria Cross was awarded to a 'policeman' for saving the life of another 'policeman'.  I am much aware of the military role style of the South African Constabulary and their role at the time. I do fully appreciate you may not be able to assist me directly.  I would like to find some more about DICKINSON before my article about these two men gets published in the International Police Association magazine. Ultimately it would be great to link up the grand daughter of James ROGERS with the descendants of Frank DICKINSON
Alan Hall
Q18-5542 DOYLE: Thomas and Catherine Doyle Magee who came to NB throw St John on  Lady Bagot on 17th of July 1847...on to Fredericton 1851 to 1901...John 18th July 1842 and mine James 6 January 1844. They were all born in Ireland...married in Adamstown Co Wexford 23 Rd October 1841...and babtised in Adamtown James and Mary Olive Landry Magee took in bothers who when to Normal School...lived on Queen St and have the address around legislative building. Not a rish   person...Robert a Paul @ Renee Menard M a Frank@ Lucie Leger M a James @ Marie Olive Landry M a Thomas @ Cathrine Doyle M....R It is Ireland that ins written in.
Robert Magee
Q18-5543 GREEN: I'm researching my family tree.  We have come to a dead end with: Daniel Green 1775-1852 born in New York, and died in New York.  His wife is from New Brunswick and they lived their together for many years, as several of their children are born there.  Daniel served in the British Navy and was a loyalist, we believe.  Abagail Baxter was from a prominent New Brunswick family.  He father was a loyalist, possibly a senator and or a military colonel.  Mr. Baxter was said to have received a large land grant in New Brunswick.  I have photos of Abagail Baxter Green and her live-in nurse.  
Stephanie Miller
Q18-5544 JOHNSTON:  I am trying to do some family history. I am looking for a birth record for Harry L Johnston born in 1878 in New Brunswick.  I would also like to try and locate immigration papers for harry he married in 1898 in Maine and was found on a 1910 Maine census in Somerset, Maine.
Nicole Johnston
Q18-5545 LAWFORD: Looking for any info on Lawford’s in Fredericton, or Cardigan. Known is 2 x Grandfather John Lawford in Fredericton census 1871 w/wife Catherine (Graham?), Also maybe William Lawford & wife Hannah (Morgan) buried in Old Fredericton Cemetery 1850. Would love to know of John’s siblings and where they came from when they came to Canada.
Mary Ann Lawford
Q18-5546 LOUNSBURY: I have been searching everywhere for a birth record or baptism record for my grandfather, Fred B Lounsbury who was born in Salisbury, Westmorland New Brunswick in 1880. Fred's parents were James and Ellen Lounsbury. I have a copy of the 1881 census which shows him and his family (spelled Lounsberry in the census). I contacted a person in New Brunswick that thought the local historical society might have a church record but could find nothing. I have also read that the Baptist Church did not typically keep records of birth (baptisms), marriage or deaths (burials) in that era. Any ideas how I might prove Fred Lounsbury's birth?
Alan Francis
Q18-5547 MAILLET: I see in many genealogies on line that Simon Maillet was born on 20 December 1798 in Richibucto Village.  I can’t seem to find the actual document where this information comes from.  Can anyone direct me as to where I can find the primary document with this information? Also, I am in need of his marriage record to Maruerite Hebert.
Donna Frisoli
Q18-5548 MALONSON: I am writing because my paternal Grandmother, Mathilda Malonson (quite possible Mary Mathilda) was born, 10 October 1888 to parents Philip Malonson (b. 1864) and Mary Collet (b. 1871) either in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick.  My late father has one record showing she was born in Amherst, NS, though when I was a boy, that she (Mathilda Malonson) was born in Nova Scotia, but not sure where AND, not really sure if it was Nova Scotia, at all, as someone recently wrote to tell me her name is really Mary Mathilda Malonson, from New Brunswick.
  I have been looking at 1871, 1891 census records, but the clues are misleading.  For example, I found a Philip and Marie at 54 years of age, but that would invalidate the birth dates I believe are correct.
    If you have any information, I would be most appreciative.  Any birth records, even better.  I do not know if they immigrated from France or were born there.
Robert Cassidy
Q18-5549 McDONALD: I am trying to find any relatives of Paul McDonald (1805) married to Araabella  Hifford McDonald. I am especially interested in a Charles Fraser McDonald or Fraser Charles from 1815. He married Mary Ann Pauley. Paul & Araabella were married in 1835 approx.
  I know Mary Ann Pauley’s mother is Charlotte Hifford Pauley (Micheal Pauley husband). Charlotte & Arabella are sisters I believe.
Ruth MacDonald Schmidt
Q18-5550 NASON:  My name is Philip Nason, I am 77 retired on SS on central California, USA.  I am a direct descendent of Richard Nason 1606-1693-and have information that Harold E Nason of New Brumswick is a expert on the Nason family
  I would like to establish contact to exchange information I might have about the first Nason to arrive in America.
Philip Nason
Q18-5551 TURNER: Thomas TURNER emigrated from Milton Ernest, near Bedford, Bedfordshire, in 1831 to St. Andrews, becoming a successful merchant. Bedfordshire Historical Records Society is preparing to publish the transcripts of a substantial correspondence from the 1830s-1840s from his family to Thomas at St. Andrews. He lost his goods, and then his wife, in successive shipwrecks, and the letters, as well as including local village news, provide a lot of information about his preparations to emigrate, shipping of goods, etc. We would be happy to e-mail you a copy of the transcripts if any of your members would find them of interest. In return, we wondered if you held any information on Thomas Turner and/or his sons. I look forward to hearing from you.
Bob Ricketts, on behalf of Bedfordshire Historical Records Society.
Q18-5552 VLIELAND: When visiting St Johns this month it reminded me of one of my ancestors George Heath Vlieland. He was a custom officer from England (although his father was Dutch) and he was buried in St John New Brunswick in 1872. He was a member of the free Masons Lodge
Q18-5553 WALKER:  I am looking for a Marriage record for a James Walker to a Sarah Brownlee. Married the 15th of April 1822 at St Andrews Church, St John, New Brunswick. James was a Scot serving in the British army, Sarah was Irish. They are my 3rd Great Grandparents and I am contacting you from England.
John Allison
Q18-5554 WILCOX: Hello, I am trying to track a friend's ancestors from New Brunswick.   Their marriage record (from Boston, MA) indicates that the groom, Herbert J. Wilcox (born in about 1853 in St. John NB) was the son of John & Jane Wilcox and the bride, Anna J. Smith (born in Bathurst in about 1853) was the daughter of John & Elizabeth Smith.   I believe I have exhausted on-line resources at this point. Is there a government department or other local resource that might be able to help get more information on these families? 
Maureen Wlodarczyk
Q18-5555 WRIGHT: My great, great, great grandfather was named William John Wright born in 1823 in Cork, Ireland and died in Lepreau 1895. He was married to a woman named Isabella (maiden name unknown) born in 1825 in Ireland, died June 18, 1876 and buried in Lepreau Cemetery. We have seen her grave stone, but not her husband's.
   William and Isabella had a son John Albert Wright born Sept 6, 1844 in Maces Bay, died May 1, 1906. John married Catherine (Cassie) Elizabeth Paul. (These are my great, great grandparents.)
   My uncle and I are looking for any information about these four individuals--William and Isabella and John and Cassie.
Michael Patrick Lapointe
Q18-5556 ST. DAVID PARISH: I am wondering if you have a list of loyalists in St. David Parish?  In the past I have referred to the Forest of Trees website, but was recently alerted to the possibility of information written by Bill Garcelon and Shirley O'Neil.  How do I access their information on loyalists?
Diane Malcolm
Q18-5557 BOOK THE PLANTERS: Is Esther Wright's book "The Planters" still available? If so, how much would a soft cover book cost?
Dorothy Bell


Q17-5529 ANDREWS: I am attempting to trace my family connection to captain and Mrs F G.Andrews. He was the Captain of the sailing ship Timandra. In 1860.
  My mother had a small sewing box complete with several carved ivory items inside for thread, needles etc.  the card with it says it was given to Mrs. F.G. Andrews during her visit to Burma in 1860.  Her husband was F.G.Andrews, Capt of the sailing ship Tamanda.  They would probably be connected to me through John Main, his daughter Isabel Renwick or her husband William Johnston Smith who are all from Rexton according to my information.   The Andrews were residents of St. Andrews By the Sea according to the card accompanying the box.   Information linking the Main/Smith families to the Andrews would be much appreciated.
Jean Salls
Q17-5530 DEAN: I am a descendant of Peter Dean 1800-1890 and his wife Bridget (Caulfield). Peter first settled in Wards Creek Kings County and moved to Saint John in about 1877. He died at his son Thomas's home in 1890.  Bridget died on Brussels Street in Saint John in 1879. (I have also seen her name as Elizabeth - so her headstone could say Elizabeth instead of Bridget) I’m looking for their graves. I believe they are buried in St John. I gave you the Brussel street address as perhaps they attended the RC church in that neighbourhood and would be buried near by. I have other details of their life if needed.
Colleen Murphy-Beresh
Q17-5531 IRVING: I am researching my family history but, like many people I have hit a road block. I'm stuck on my 4th great grandparents (George Irving and Agnes Irving (MCWhirr) who came over from Dumfriesshire Scotland in the early 1800's. They landed in Musquash St John; family legend goes that George was one of the lucky ones who were granted land by King George. I have more information on them after they arrived than before they left their home in the UK. I was told by a nice lady who was working one of the tents at the Moncton Highland Games this weekend that you may be able to help me. If you think you may be able to, I would be happy to send along more information about them and their children (they had 8 children in total. Two of the boys would become a ship's captain and a master mariner, a third son became a reverend in the Baltimore Baptist Church in Albert County NB) I would love to be abe to find a death certificate for George and Agnes so that I can finally get their parents names but any kind of help would be very much appreciated, no matter how insignificant it may seem.
Carrie Silliker
Q17-5531 Irving - answer: This was in the “Report on Obituaries” given at the Baptist Convention held in Fredericton in August of 1878 so I believe his year of death would be 1878 as such reports were apparently given at each annual convention.
   Please note that it is not an error; the article refers to him as “Irvine”, not “Irving”.  It is only because you mention the Baltimore Baptist Church that I am assuming it is the same one.  I also found him and his family in the 1871 census which you can see on the following two websites: - James and his wife, Eliza, at the bottom of page 15 - the names of their 9 children (at that time; may have had more later) at the top of page 16
And, yes, the name was written “Irving” in the census.
Bonny Pond
Q17-5532 KING: Joseph Frederick King was born in St John, New Brunswick on 10 October, 1877 to parents John Valentine King and Levinia Elizabeth Lair King. 
Josephs siblings were Hannah King, William Henry King, Bessie M. King, Elizabeth King, Mary Alice King, Sanford Emery King, and Emma May King.
Joseph moved to Bath, Maine, USA and was married in 1906 to Elizabeth Coffren. They had three sons, Truman King, Frederick King, and Robert William King. Joseph died in Bath, Maine 15 July, 1949.The descendants of Joseph Frederick King are interested in learning more about the family history and identifying any relatives and descendants of Joseph King and his siblings that live in the New Brunswick area. 
David King.
Q17-5533 LONDON:  My name is Dave and this a follow up to a previous query.  Apparently, there are no birth nor baptism records for my Great Grandfather Frank Harrison.  I gave found out that the 1881 census had him living with Catharine LONDON and her 2 children Sarah a servant and Alice.  Catharine was a Charwoman.  The 1871 census also had him living with those same 3 but he was listed as 3 months old.  I've found the 1861 census where Catharine was married to William London.  In not sure if Dr Dalton London Professor Emeritus is still living but I'd like to get in touch if he is.  Williams father is either John or Ralph London Loyalists who came to Canada in 1783!!  Any help would be appreciated.
Dave Harrison
Q17-5534 McINTYNE: My father always told me I had matis blood. I am curious about that and my family history there. My father was born Nov 17 /1957. Placid McIntyr, Grandmother Rosanna Martin Mcintyre Dob July 16/1916.And she married Placide Mcintyre in Baie St Anne in Jan 22/1935. Great grand-mother Mary Jane martin was married to Alex Martin.
Carl McIntyre
Q17-5535 MURRAY: I am trying to figure out how to get a birth record from Murray Corner in Westmorland.  I am looking for the birth of Mary Louise Murray.  She was the 10th child (or the 6th daughter) of James Murray and Mary Cartman Dobson, born on 15 August 1858 at Murray Road, Westmoreland.  James and Mary Cartman Murray are both buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Murray Corner.  Mary Louisa immigrated to the United States about 1879.
   The 1861 and 1871 censuses of Canada have her family living in Botsford (although the 1861 census has her last name spelled as Murry).  I then have located her in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census in San Diego California living with her older sister (Melissa) and older brother (David).  She then married Walter Eugene Williams.
   I have already done the web search on your website and on the New Brunswick website.  Can you help me locate a birth record for Mary Louisa please?
Rosalie Griffin
Q17-5536 PRICE: I am searching for a picture of my g-grandmother, Elizabeth Price. 
Elizabeth, b. abt. 1859 in Tabusintac, dau. of James Richard Price and Maria Robertson.  She married William Stewart in 1878 in Newcastle, and resided there until her death in 1894, age 36.  Elizabeth and William were parents of seven children, three of which died young in Newcastle and the remaining four moved to Maine.  Three of Elizabeth's siblings also lived in Newcastle, Phoebe Ann Price, m. Andrew Mather, Henry James Price, m. Emma Jane Sobey, and Louise Price, m. Peter Aharan. 
Gail Strang Stewart
Q17-5537 STEEVES: I was hoping maybe someone could help me. I'm looking for information on my old home located on 804 Hillsborough Road in Riverview. I was told it was built in 1875 and was an old Steeves home.  I'm looking for as much info as I can get.  Who were these families? We’re their deaths? Births? Strange events?
Natalie DesRoches
Q17-5538 TAYLOR: I seek a copy of an obituary, burial record, or any confirmation, that information I have, with regard to my great-geat grandfather, Samuel Taylor born in Durham County, Yorkshire, England 1747. Came to Canada in 1776, aboard the Ship ALBION. He settled in Sackville, New Brunswick. Believe he was a teacher, and first Taylor to settle in Sackville. Married a Lydia Ballou in 1798 in Sackville.  Samuel Taylor died November 28, 1825. He was buied in Westcock cemetery Westmorland County. Samuel Taylor`s Wife, Lydia Ballou born 1776 in Sackville N.B. died 1850.   I would like copy of any confirmation, that person buried in Westcock cemetery is that of my great,great,Grandfather Samuel Taylor. 
Lawrence E. Taylor
Q17-5539 WASSON:  I need a source for information about my 4th g-grandmother, MARY WASSON, daughter of John Wasson and Hannah Estey. Specifically, I am looking for documentation that would link Mary to her parents.
BIRTH 7 JAN 1791 • Sheffield, New Brunswick, Canada
DEATH 11 SEP 1871 • Daywood, Sydenham, New Brunswick, Canada
 I have searched numerous Internet sources and have come up dry on each.
Donna StClair
The following queries (Q5505 to Q5528) were posted to this website on 31 August 2017.
Q17-550 BANCROFT: I am looking for any information on my 3X Great Grandfather, Samuel Bancroft, along with his wife Margaret Samuel. He was a Baptist Minister in Saint John and died there in 1876.
Barbara Musgrave
Q17-5505 BANCROFT: Answer: PANB web-site has a Rev Samuel Bancroft (Baptist Minister) listed in 1867-68 Hutchison Directory as being in Butternut Ridge, Kings County on Canaan Road.
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
PANB also has a land petition dated 1814 for land in Carleton County and a land grant dated 1816 for Wakefield, York County (it is now Carleton County) for a Samuel Bancroft ( I think the petition and the grant are for the same land. There were two other Bancrofts in these transactions as well as several Paysons including Jonathan Payson who was the father of Sophia Payson who was my 3 x gr grandmother married to Edward Snow. Edward and two of his brothers and the Paysons lived in Granville Ferry, Annapolis County, N.S. (across the Annapolis River from Annapolis Royal). In 1814 they petitioned for land in Wakefield Parish in then York County, now Carleton County, N.B. and moved there in 1815. It would appear that the Samuel Bancroft in the land petition and the grant was also from Nova Scotia. You can get copies of the original land petition and land grant from PANB for a fee.
Another 3 x gr grandmother of mine was Matilda Bancroft ( b 1791 in Windsor, N.S. and d 1870 in Salmon River, Yarmouth County, N.S.) She was the daughter of Samuel Bancroft (1770-1826) and Phoebe Durkee (1771-1856) in Yarmouth, N.S., married in 1786 in Yarmouth. I believe that this Samuel Bancroft was also a Baptist Minister. He may well have had a son Samuel who could be yours (the time frame appears correct), but I have no info other than circumstantial that it could be.
    The Archives at Acadia University are the depository for Baptist records and may have some info about your Rev Samuel Bancroft.
    The wife of Samuel Bancroft -Phoebe Durkee was descended from Pilgrim Francis Cooke. I can't yet prove the link to me as I have a brick wall between Matilda Bancroft, her husband Rufus Kinney and their daughter Mary DeWolfe Kinney. I think the links from Matilda back to Francis Cooke are well established. In the event you find a link between your Samuel Bancroft and my Samuel Bancroft, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.
John Noble UE
Q17-5506 CONNOLLY: I am looking for information on an Ancestry born, married and had passed in New Brunswick. His name is Leo Augustine Connolly. Born in 1885 in Bathurst, New Brunswick, I am looking for a birth certificate, he was married around 1913 in New Brunswick. I don't know where. He passed away on 1950.
Justin Swift
Q17-5506 CONNOLLY: Answer: I found a baptism record in Bathurst NB (bapt 26 Jul 1885 - born 24 June 1885) with his marriage info added to that record (m. Lillian O’Leary 22 Jan 1913 in Chipman). The birth of several of his children are recorded at the Provincial Archives of NB - Vital statistics from government records. There is a Ferguson family tree on with the children of Edward and Ann Connolly. That tree has Leo's place of death as Minto, NB
Richard MacDougall
Q17-5507 CONNORS: I am looking to research more information on my grandmother's side of my mother's family. My Grandmother's Mom in particular, I believe she may have been Irish as her name was Mary Ann Connors, from Millerton New Brunswick and Mother's name was Mary Jane Connors. Is there an area I can search Irish names and perhaps families that came to NB from Ireland?
Melissa Labrador
Q17-5508 DURAND: I am researching the 18th century American artist, John Durand. 
   In 1768, Durand travelled to New Haven, CT, and spent the summer there in the home of Captain Abiathar Camp, Sr. He advertised in newspapers that, while there, he was accepting commissions to paint portraits. At least 2 of them survived John and Mary Lothrop and are in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.
   Under the assumption that Durand also painted portraits of his hosts (or landlords), I am looking for paintings of the Camp family. They were loyalists, and after our Revolution, moved to Queens County in New Brunswick. 
    I am writing to ask if you have ever seen any portraits similar in style to the Lothrops. The paintings should be 25 by 30 inches and signed on the backs of the canvas.
Elana Messner
Q17-5509 DRAKE: I am looking for birth records for Peter DRAKE born in 1801 or 1802 in Saint John. Married to Sarah J. (unknown year).  His son John G. DRAKE was born in July 1842 also in Saint John.
John Drake
Q17-5510 EXELL: I am looking for the passage to Canada from England of Walter Exell. He married Eliza Thomas on June 11th 1894. It says on this certificate he is 29 years old.
   I have found a Walter Exell, born in Dursley U.K. In 1867, mothers name Ann (which ties in with the marriage certificate in Canada) and also a passage to Canada on 13th March 1890 with the correct age of the Walter Exell born in Dursley U.K. However, the age is about 3 years out to the Walter Exell that marries Eliza Thomas in 1894.   Also, when Walter and Eliza have children, their son (my great grand dad) Walter Harry/Harry Walter spells his surname Axtell on any documents I've found and that's how the name continues to be used by our family. Would they have done that, just changed the spelling of their name?  My grand dad Walter James Axtell returned to Canada to visit his Sister Mary Thompkins in 1980 in Saint John, New Brunswick. He hadn't been back home to Canada for 30+ years since he left for war. He settled in England after the war. When he returned in that visit to Saint John the local paper ran a story on him and his sister being reunited. I cannot find a trace of that but I'd really love to and also get the photo in the article. Can you offer me any advice that might help my search for it please?
Michelle Cain
Q17-5511 GIBBS: I am looking for a British Home Child. Daisy is my 1st cousin 2x removed. She came to New Brunswick in 1901 with the Bristol Emigration Society. In August 18 1902 Daisy Gibbs is 11 years old and Staying with a Mrs. Trott, Welsford, Queens New Brunswick.
Wayne Gibbs
Q17-5512 GIBB: I'm researching my family history and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I am looking for info on my great-great-great-great grandfather William Gibb who drowned at Miramichi 22nd May 1840 aged 57. That information is on a memorial in Troon, Scotland. It was erected by his son Willim.
David Berry
Q17-5513 HOGAN: Requesting any arrival information on Walsingham Hogan. 1851 Census of Canada, New Brunswick, Kings County, Greenwich indicates Irish origin, age 45 and arrival in June 1816, inferring his arrival in Canada at Approx. 10 years of age.
Thomas V Hogan
Q17-5514 LORDLY:  My Grandfather is Kenneth Lyman Ayling Lordly and he was born in Saint John, NB in 1897. My Great-Grandfather is Oliver Ayling Lordly and he was born in 1862 in England.
    I understand Oliver parents are Alfred Lordly and Maria Ann Dodge.  I am guessing that Oliver was adopted by Alfred and Maria?? I am trying to find the connection.  Could Oliver’s last name be Ayling??
    I am aware that Alfred Lordly is the son of Joseph and Susannah Fillis.
Cheryl Winter
Q17-5515 MASON: I am wanting to find out if the Court papers on Patrick Mason who was in the 36th Regiment in Fredericton in June 1840 are still available.  Patrick Arthur Mason born about 1819 in Cashel/Cahir in Ireland, the son of John Mason and Johanna Quigley. He had about five siblings. Two of his brothers being John Mason jnr. and Oliver Mason who had migrated with their parents John Mason senior and Johanna Quigley arriving in Sydney Australia on 20th December, 1839 on the ship China.  Patrick Mason had already left home by this time as he had joined the 36th Regiment which sailed to Fredericton, New Brunswick arriving in about January 1839. 25 June 1840 he was arrested in Fredericton, New Brunswick, for being AWOL for 2 days and 3 nights. He was Court Martialed on 25 June, 1840 and was sent to Portsmouth, England.  He was then sent to Van Diemens Land (New Zealand) on the ship Asia leaving from Portsmouth England on 12 April 1841.   May I ask if you could assist me with any information or assist me in finding his court Marshall Papers if they still exist.
Robyn Mason
Q17-5516 McDONALD: I am looking for information on Piper Alexander McDonald of the 42nd Royal Highlanders, born on Islay and who settled on the Nashwaak sometime around 1784.
   I know him and his son or him and his father are McDonald Snr and Jnr, but know nothing else. So can't identify him on Muster rolls
Alistair Duthie
Q17-5517 MURPHY:  Request information on James MURPHY (b. ca. 1815) and wife Agnes BRYDON (also likely b. ca. 1815).   Both likely born in Nova Scotia but married at Woodstock Parish September 21, 1836 by the Reverend Samuel D. Lee Street. Both listed as being “of this parish”. Witnesses to the marriage were Anthony BLACKIE and Ralph D. BEARDSLEY. Anthony BLACKIE was born at Pictou, NS mother was Jane BRYDEN. I have NO documentation for James MURPHY or Agnes BRYDON in NB or NS beyond the 1836 Woodstock wedding entry.  Couple had two sons, both likely born in Woodstock: John B. MURPHY (ca. 1838) and my GG Grandfather Jeremiah MURPHY (1840-1922)
Lyle Swart
Q17-5518 O’BRIEN: I am looking for information for the birth of Jeremiah O'Brien. The information that I have from family hand written notes and from his obituary and headstone is that he was born 14 Aug 1837 (I have also seen this year as 1836). He was born to Jeremiah O'Brien and Julia O'Carroll (or Julia O. Carroll) in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. The family notes say that this family lived in New Brunswick until Jeremiah was 6 or 7 years old and then returned to Ireland. I have no information on the reason for returning or if any family members stayed.
Debbie Graybill
Q17-5519 OUELLET: I am trying to do a family genealogy on my father’s side leading to some metis status for myself and three children. My grandfather was Adelard Ouellet and grandmother was Celestina Gauvin. My father is Joseph Alfred Norman Ouellette who was born and raised in Moncton NB.  If you could help me with information or contact leads it would be greatly appreciated.
Bob Ouellette
Q17-5520 PEARSON:  I am a descendant of Solomon Pearson and his second wife, Mary Harris. I am searching for parents of both wives, and dates for his first wife, Eunice Hunt. He married her 7 Feb. 1833. He married Mary 6 June 1843. When did Eunice die? And when did Mary die? Mary was born in Ireland but do not know anything more about her. Her daughter, Elizabeth Pearson, is my great grandmother.
Gretchen Rohland
Q17-5521 PEDOLIN: In my search for information on the Pedolin family on the Internet I ended up on your site. On your site the names of John Pedolin and his son Peter are mentioned. I'm looking for more information on this Canadian branch of the Pedolin family that settled in New Brunswick. I've done genealogical research with regard to this family, before they seemingly (partially) left the Netherlands for America.
Jeffrey P. Lieuwen
Q17-5522 ROGERS: I'm doing some research on a relative John Rogers who was born in Salisbury New Brunswick. I've already contacted the Aroostook County Genealogical Society and they gave me the following information.
   John Rogers was born in Salisbury New Brunswick to Lemuel Rogers and Jamina Taylor on the 19th of July 1853.  I believe he also married Elizabeth Mills in Salisbury as she was born there on September 18th 1857 the daughter of Jeremiah Mills.  John and Elizabeth do eventually move to Caribou ME, I guess sometime around 1880. They had 2 kids in Salisbury, Estella/Lorena and Hughy. And 3 more in Caribou. His father Lemuel was born in PEI and lived in Salisbury.
    If you could help me learn a bit more about Lemuel Rogers and Jamina Taylor. And also Elizabeth Mills' family.
Sawyer Rogers
Q17-5523 SAVOY: Clement Savoy (Savoie) b 8 Feb1830 Bouctouche NB, d 11Sep 1907 Bouctouche and Elizabeth Hubbard b 8 Mar 1837 Ireland, d 7 Apr 1909 Gardner, Worcester, Mass. were married in Sarnia, ON, Our Lady of Mercy RC Ch. on 28 Sept1857 as per their records. Sophia was born in 1858 in Sarnia Ontario Lambton Co. I am looking for more information on Sophia.
Richard Prout
Q17-5524 TAYLOR: I am enquiring about my 5 times great grandfather Samuel Taylor who came over from England on the ship the Albion in 1776 he might also be known as Michael Taylor he was one of the fist Taylor's to land in Sackville New Brunswick and was married to Lydia Ballou, I did find his headstone in the Westcock Cemetery just outside of Sackville New Brunswick but that is all the info I have on him. My maiden name was Taylor my mother's name was Doris Taylor and my grandmother's name was Viola (Stone) (Taylor) Smith her husband was Lewis Carvil Taylor b. Nov 12 1873 died Oct 21 1950 they are both buried in Oxford nova Scotia Lewis's father's name was Jacob Samuel TAYLOR (1848-1911) married to Lucy Nancy Waugh(1845-1895) Jacob's Father was George Taylor (1811-1878)  I would like to find more about Samuel if you can help it would be much appreciated I feel like I have come to a dead end.
Susan Cole
Q17-5525 WILLIS:  I am researching my family tree and trying to find any information I can about my paternal grandfather Ernest Archibald WILLIS.  He married Ola Webber and lived at 96 Coronation Drive, Westmorland, Moncton NB at the time of his death 30 October 1961.  He may have owned a donut shop at one point and did own Real Estate Company (Ernie Willis Realty) at the time of his death, according to the death certificate that I have.  I believe Ernest is buried in Moncton and is also of the belief that his wife Ola is in a local nursing home.  Any help with my research that you can offer would be much appreciated
Robert Willis
Q17-5526 WORRALL: I am looking for any information on the “Worrall” (or Worrell) Family. My Great Great Grandmother was Mary Jane Worrall Born 1824 in St John. She married Arthur Daniel in St John in 1849 and she died there in 1894. I am looking for information on her father George, A merchant, who I know almost nothing about. As well her mother Elizabeth, of whom all we know, is her first name.
Barbara Musgrave
Q17-5527 YOUNGCLAUS: I am looking for records for my Great Grandfather, Walter Youngclaus. His daughter Dorothy’s birth certificate indicates Walter was born in New Brunswick, Canada. He was married to Nelle Bryan and was a minister in the United States.
Kevin Strange
Q17-5528 WEST INDIA COMPANY: Looking for information on this company. My great great Grandfather Captain James Baker sailed for them out of St. John in the 1840’s.
Barbara Musgrave
Q17-5486 BAMFORD: Understand that Louise Bamford of Doaktown, NB authored a book about her ancestors based on her research. I would like to buy a copy of the book but need the title.
Bob Gulvin
Q17-5487 BREMNER: I looking for any Bremner family members still living in NB who might have a connection to a James C F Bremner 1777 - 1825? Originally born in Banff, Scotland he emigrated to Saint John/Fredericton some time before 1808, in which year he was married to an Elizabeth Younghusband (daughter of George Younghusband, a loyalist and original grantee of Saint John. James C F Bremner was part-owner in the first steamboat to operate on the Saint John river up to Fredericton in 1816 and was also Saint John's Postmaster and Coroner.
I am wishing to exchange information if a link exists and possibly find photographs of James C F Bremner.
Clive D Bremner
Q17-5488 HACHEY: I was wondering if you could help me find info on one of my ancestors, Michael Hachey.  From what I have been told by family, he was one of the first 22 families to arrive in Acadia in and around 1650 from France. Any help would be appreciated.  I'm living in Ontario but most of my Hachey family are still in the Saint John areas.  
Joann Hachey-Laflamme
Q17-5489 HARRISON: I've been trying to locate birth records for my Great Grandfather Francis Harrison to no avail!  He was supposedly born in St. John NB 1871/72 to Mary London.  He later immigrated to Boston, married and died here in 1922.  The only record I can find him on is and not totally sure it's him but the 1881 NB Census show's a Frank Harrison aged 10 as a boarder living with Catharine London aged 48, Sarah London 28 and Alice London aged 18.  I at first thought he may have been a British Home Child but as i've found out that is not the case.  Would you have any suggestions of where to search for him?
Dave Harrison
Q17-5490 JAMIESON: I've been searching for over 20 years for a picture of my great-grandmother (Clara Elizabeth "Bessie" Jamieson) She gave my grandmother up at birth in Saint John, NB in 1917.
(The father was Dr. Hugh Alan Farris, from White's Cove, NB.) Bessie was born in Dalhousie to James Jamieson and Matilda McLean. She became a nurse, graduating from a nursing school in Saint John.
She married a pharmacist, Walter Gordon Belyea in 1920 and had a son, Ralph soon afterwards.  (She may have started going by Clara at this point.) Contact has been made with the Belyea family over the years, only to continually be turned away.  Even with a birth certificate they refused to admit my grandmother's relationship to them. (My grandmother passed away in 1999.)
Beth Hatfield
Q17-5491 JOHNSTON: I'm 72 years old and have only recently discovered that I was adopted, a very long story. After exhaustive research I have learnt that my great, great grandfather was a Robert James Johnston, of New Brunswick Canada. According to official records he emigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1880, the records show no actual date or vessel name. They do show a James Diamond as the Nominee, not sure what that means. Records show he married a Martha Hughes of Chiltern England. I would be most grateful if you could provide any further detail as to this person. I would also be interested in knowing of current direct family members, subject of course to your privacy laws.
Bill Gregory
Q17-5492 KELLY: My Great Grandfather, Walter Michael Kelly, immigrated to North America in the mid-1800's.  Earliest reference to him is in the Kent County Census of 1861 in which he is shown as a resident of Weldford (Richibucto area).
1) One of his daughters lists "Morilac River, NB" as her birthplace on her Bangor, ME wedding certificate.  Does anyone know where her birthplace is located or its modern name?  Folks in Richibucto I've spoken with do not recognize the location name.  We were in Richibucto less than 10 years ago and found several Walter Kelly references in church records which have been very helpful.
2) Was it common for Irish immigrants to sail directly to Richibucto?  That is, might Walter have sailed to St John's for example and then made his way to Richibucto overland or along the coast?  Is there any best place to find ship passenger manifests?
Jim Kelley
Q17-5493 LeBOUTHILLIER: My mother was a Le Bouthillier from Gaspé. Her origins are apparently linked to Joseph Le Bouthillier from Caraquet (1715-1761). It was easy to figure out this link with Joseph Le Bouthillier since it is well documented. However, I am trying to go back to the European origins of Joseph Le Bouthillier and this is more difficult. Do you have any information or is there a site that I should visit to figure this out.
Diane Fleury,
Q17-5494 MacLELLAN: Seeking Information on James MACLELLAN who worked in the Engineers Shop of the North British American Manufacturing Company, Ballast Wharf – St John, New Brunswick in August 1866 two weeks after leaving Glasgow.  Born 24 Feb 1839 in Glasgow, married Margaret GIBSON on 25 Dec 1862.  Son John born Leicester UK 21 Dec 1863. James deserted his family and provided no support, writing only 4 letters to his wife the last on 23 Dec 1869.  He may also have worked in New York. Margaret and John emigrated to Australia in 1882. We are seeking information on his life including his date of death and place of internment.
Sue Maclellan
Q17-5495 MARTIN: I am searching for the birth and/or marriage record of Fern Martin who was 21 years old in Oct 1959 so she was born around 1938 or 1937. She was born in New Brunswick – that’s all I know. I would appreciate any information you have about her and her family.
Karen Gray
Q17-5496 MATRILINEAL: I have been doing some research on my family tree (matrilineal), in the hopes I may find some information regarding any Indigenous ancestors. This was something that was gently discussed in the generations before me, but no one really has an answer for me who is still alive. My family names include Nevers, Belyea, Hayward, Rideout, Wasson, and Barton, (etc.), and they mostly resided in Sunbury, Kings, and Carlton counties. 
My question is if there were interracial marriages happening, how would they have been documented? Where do I look for more information? Was interracial marriage between the Maliseet and Europeans common? Is there someone who may know more I could reach out to?
Erin Clarke
Q17-5497 McEVOY: Looking for information on the date of birth or parents of my great great grandfather Dennis McEvoy.  Died in Newcastle 2 February 1901.  He was married to Anne Wheeler and is buried in the St. Mary's old cemetery.  Also, looking for any notation on his tombstone.
Elizabeth Ruderman
Q17-5498 McKENNEY: I recently came across my grandfather’s immigration records, and would like to know if you have any pictures or information on the family he worked for when he came to Canada. My grandfather was William McKenney. The juvenille record for Immigration Canada lists his work/ home as the Stephenson farm in Maugerville, assigned there as part of   Cossar agency.   He arrived in Canada from Scotland in January 1927. on the Transylvania.  I am unaware of how he eventually ended up in Hamilton Ontario, where he married my grandmother in 1932. He lived in the Hamilton area for most of his life.  My grandfather was orphaned just before his first birthday. He had three sisters and a brother. His brother went to a work home, his sisters went to Quarriers, and he was placed with an aunt.  He found out when emigrating that his name was McKenney, and that he was orphaned when obtaining his birth certificate.  
Andrea McKenney-Baillie
Q17-5499 ROBINSON: Looking for information on Joseph Dennis Robinson who migrated to Tasmania on the William Jardine 11 around the 1850s?  Also, Mary Ann Crine/Crien who was also on the same ship. They met on board and were married in Hobartin 1874.
David Robinson
Q17-5500 SMITH: I am attempting to determine if George Henry SMITH is the son of Henry SMITH.  I have the following information that I believe is accurate:  Henry SMITH was born in Scotland and lived in the Shetland Islands before arriving in Canada prior to `1881 where he lived in Lancaster, Saint John, New Brunswick.  The census record of 1881 is partially missing and a more specific location cannot be determined. He had a son George SMITH. George Henry Smith of Saint John, N.B. worked in Westmoreland County where he became entangled in the equipment of the mill where he worked and was killed instantly on February 14, 1887.  His remains were shipped back to Saint John where his funeral took place at the home of his late father, Henry SMITH at Pleasant Point, Saint John, New Brunswick.  He was my great grandfather. My search suggests that Pleasant Point was adjoining or part of Lancaster prior to it becoming West Saint John. I would very much like to establish a family relationship between these SMITHS.  Can a connection be established between Lancaster and Pleasant Point that increases the likelihood of the residence being one and the same for both men?   
Q17-5501 SHAW: Looked in your surname list for Shaw, did not see anything related. Looking for Captain Edward James Shaw and wife Hannah DeWolfe. Believe he lived in Cornwallis? He was lost at sea around 1878 along with brother H H Shaw and three sons, among12 crew. Believe ship was the Easton. Hannah came from Liverpool England. They had six or seven children, three surviving father. Believe family left for US around 1881. One big problem is identifying names of three sons on ship with Edward. As well more info on family as a whole while living in NB. Edward was one of 12 siblings. Supposedly, family came to NB in 1600's from US as part of the "planters" from Rhode Island. Any help would be appreciated
Art Shaw
Q17-5502 WHALEN: I am trying to find out information about my family. My 2nd uncle was Paul Shape who did a lot of work with the society. I am trying to find out about my mothers’ side of the family. is no help. My grandfather Edward Douglas Whalen (1922-1991) my great great grandfater was Peter Whalen (1882-1949 -born in St. Ignace, NB) and I was able to find a marriage certificate of Peter and wife that states his fathers name was Edward J. Whalen and the certificate states he was born in Ireland, but i cannot find any records about him. has contradicting details saying that Peter's father was Edward McGrath Whelan born in NS. 
Craig Stevens
Q17-5503 WHEATON: I am looking for information on my ancestor Eleazor Hibbard Wheaton and his descendants.  He was the son of William Wheaton and Hannah Hilton Hibbard.  Eleazor married Adelia Ring.
Q17-5504 WILLIS: I am searching for any information regarding my paternal Grandfather Ernest Archibald WILLIS.  I believe he was married and living in Moncton, New Brunswick and may be buried there. 
Robert Willis
Q17-5468 BROWN: I am trying to find information on James Brown born in 1772. James married Lydia Chase in 1805 and lived in the area of Wichham, Queens County. Cannot find any information on where James was born or his parents.
Daryl Sargent
Q17-5469 COGGER: I am looking to find where my great-great-great grandfather Michael Cogger may be buried in NB Canada. He immigrated to Canada in 1847 from County Mayo, Ireland along with his wife Hanora McHale and son Patrick.
Q17-5470 DONOVAN: I’m doing the family tree of James DONOVAN, born on October 7 or 14, 1847 in Ireland, son of Michael DONOVAN and Elle BUTLER.  He married Mary Margaret McCormack on September 13, 1882 at Renous Bridge, NB. I think he died on March 14th, 1923 at St-Bridget Parish, Renous Bridge, NB. The couple had 10 children.
    One of them is Melvin DONOVAN, born on September 26, 1898, at Renous River, NB. He seemed to be married to Ethyl McNeil, daughter of Robert McNeil and Frances Hackett. The problem is that I can’t find their Marriage registration. The couple seemed to have 6 children. Again, I have problems finding their Birth registration. I was able to identify the children by their Marriage registration.
    I’m a member of and I searched of the National Archives of New Brunswick, but no trace of Melvin DONOVAN. Even on your site when I look up the DONOVAN under the section of Family surnames, there is no Melvin DONOVAN. I don’t understand, because each Marriage registration of every children, the place of birth for each of the children is Renous, Northumberland.
    I’m just wandering why I cannot find anything for this generation. As the church burn and the registration book has been lost.
Canada Suzanne Chalifoux
Q17-5471 ENGLISH: I have a fair amount of information about my great grandfather, James English, when he lived in San Francisco, California from approximately 1880 to his death in 1912 at age 68.
   His death certificate says he was born in St. Johns New Brunswick. I know he had a sister named Margaret who was born in 1837 who was also born in St. Johns.
   He was married in1875 to Jennie McNamee who was also from Canada.
   I am not sure how they traveled to San Francisco or any information about their lives before arriving here in California.
   I am looking for direction or information on his early history, their marriage date and location, etc.
Gene Gallagher
Q17-5472 FARRELL:  Looking for any information on Mary Farrell born PEI married to Thomas Rice living in Salisbury then Hillsbourgh, Albert county between 1861 and 1891. There children were Thomas, Mary Ann, Lawrence, Catherine and Margret. Any information, even a minor detail would be appreciated.
Barry Farrell
Q17-5473 FERGUSON: I am seeking information on the Ferguson Family. I am specifically interested in Jennie Ferguson (my 2nd g-grandmother) born in the area near Weldford or Richibucto, Kent, NB likely about 1858, records place her birth between 1856 and 1864.
     Jennie's marriage record in 1882 to William John Haines (born Richibucto, son of John Haines and Alice Edith Childs) in Chelsea, Massachusetts, names her parents as Elizabeth and John William Ferguson
Birth: 1785 in Dumfries-shire, Scotland, Baptism: 21 Aug 1786 in Applegarth, Dumfries-shire, Scotland
Death: 19 Apr 1844 in Galloway, Kent County, New Brunswick. 
Married: Elizabeth "Betsy" Potts (may have first married a Graham as a John Graham is listed as her child in a census). Marriage: Dec 1830 in Chatham, Northumberland, New Brunswick.
      I believe Jennie was born out of wedlock. Elizabeth Ferguson is named in her father's will and is likely Jennie's mother.   Elizabeth later married James Childs, son of Joseph Childs and Jannet Dunn (who are also the grandparents of Jennie's husband John William Haines).  Elizabeth and James had sons James and William.  Elizabeth died in 1913; James remarried Elizabeth Mitchell and had four children: Janet Bertha, William, Sarah Jean and Hattie.
      Jennie named her first son John Galatis Haines (there is no name Galatis in the Haines line), thus I believe it could be name on her side of the family.  All records list Jennie's maiden name as Ferguson, except one daughter's death certificate names her as Jennie Garfield (maybe a clue or maybe an error by the informant). 
       I am hoping to find a primary source that names Jennie's parents. Anything on the Ferguson, Potts, Childs or Graham family would be appreciated.
       My blog post offers further detail:
Linda Hall Little
Q17-5474 JAMIESON: I've been searching for over 20 years for a picture of my great-grandmother Clara Elizabeth “Bessie” Jamieson. She gave my grandmother up at birth in Saint John, NB in 1917. (The father was Dr. Hugh Alan Farris, from White's Cove, NB.)
Bessie was born in Dalhousie to James Jamieson and Matilda McLean. She became a nurse, graduating from a nursing school in Saint John. She married a pharmacist, Walter Gordon Belyea in 1920 and had a son, Ralph soon afterwards.  (She may have started going by Clara at this point.) Contact has been made with the Belyea family over the years, only to continually be turned away.  Even with a birth certificate they refused to admit my grandmother's relationship to them.  (My grandmother passed away in 1999.)
Beth Hatfield Barton
Q17-5475 KING:  I am wanting to get the history of my grandfather Edward Dennis King born Dec 8, 1892 in New Brunswick, his mother's name was Messaline King. Any info would be greatly appreciated, there are native relatives in our family and I would like to trace his ancestors to verify. I am told our family name was once Roy and changed to King, my ancestors may have tried to hide the fact of being native.
Dan O'Connell
Q17-5476 LAVOIE:  I am trying to search my paternal side. I had chatted with my Bio mom and she said she thinks the guy she dated was Claude Lavoie, Claude could very well be Jean-Claude as most french names are like that. His family came from New Brunswick. He was said to be french. Though she said she can’t be sure. I would like to be able to post some questions under the name Lavoie for those interested in family tree’s to be able to consider this. I have tested with family tree DNA, Ancestry and 23&Me. though this is proving to be a challenge it is said that none of my paternal relations have tested DNA with those companies or they would have come up! I get 2nd to distant cousins so far with many french names. My mother was born in 1940 or 1941 Nova Scotia.
 John Mac
Q17-5477 MASKELL: I am searching for the parents of my 2x great-grandfather, Roland Maskell, who was born in Kent, Carlton County, New Brunswick in 1856. In 2 census documents, he lists that his father was born in Scotland. He also identifies his "race or tribe" as "Scotch" and had a brother named Frederick. The only individual of approximately the right age to be their father with that surname is a Joshua Maskill, but he and his father were both born in New Brunswick. I am a member of and have exhausted every database that I have been able to find. Is there anyone who can shed any light on this?
Dianna Wuagneux
Q17-5478 MAXWELL: My Grandfather was William Henry Maxwell, I have a picture of Henry Maxwell of New Brunswick.  He was in the lumber business. I believe my great? Grandfather left New Brunswick on a ship and ended up in San Francisco, where my Grandfather was born in 1897 (within a year or two). His birth certificate was burned 1906 earthquake.  If you have any more information, I'd appreciate it.   I think there is a house that he built there called Maxwell house.
Margaret Maxwell Harris
Q17-5479 OLSVOLD: My grandmother, Anna Eugenia Olsvold born 1893 arrived Quebec, Que from Liverpool, UK in Aug 1912 and lived the better part of 1913 in St. Andrew's, NB. What she did in St. Andrew's is not known. Anybody living in NB who can shed light on the lady's stay in St. Andrew’s?  
Svein Cheweraal Flagtvedt
Q17-5480 PASCHAL:  I am looking for information about Bridget Paschal (Paskel) - born about 1801 - probably in Ireland. She married John Walsh Oct 21 1820 at Fredericton, NB. They had a son, John Walsh, baptized Sep 14 1828 at Fredericton.  Both the marriage and the baptism were in the Catholic Church.    The 1851 census for Blackville, Northumberland, NB shows John and Bridget Walsh, and 3 children, the eldest being John (b. abt 1829) and shows that they arrived in the colony in 1818.  I believe there were other Paschal families in the area of Petersville and also in Saint John. I am trying to find out if she is related to any other Paschals in New Brunswick or where she came from in Ireland.
Donna Griffin-Smith
Q17-5481 PELLETIER:   I am trying to find anything on Thomas Martin and his wife Flevis Caouette or George Pelletier and Adele Jandreau.  I have searched your website and several New Brunswick sites plus and haven't found anything.  Any help would be appreciated.  I know that George Pelletier's son was Arthur and was born 24 March 1920.  
Thank you in advance for your help.
Peggy Duncan
Q17-5482 QUIRK: I am commencing to research my Father’s family. I went to genealogy office at Pier 21 in Halifax and was advised that I should contact the Sussex New Brunswick genealogy office to find further information. The information I have is the marriage information from Ancestry, Acadia, Canada, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection) 1757-1946, of James Quirk to Abbigal Geraon.
Event Information: 1832-1837
Religion: Catholic City: St. Jean Bureau de Sante Place or Church name: St. Jean Bureau de Sante Province: Acadie (Nova Scotia & New Brunswick). I also have the 1861 census of Canada stating James Quirk was born in 1796 and Abitha Quirk was born in 1801. Home in 1861 was Sussex New
    I would greatly appreciate assistance in finding out more information about my family. I was told at Pier 21 that Abitha and her children were listed as native.
Clare Ann Quirk
Q17-5483 CALGARY HIGHLAND REGIMENT: My name is Niko Van Kerckhoven and I am a member of the Heemkring (local History Society) 'De Kaeck' of Wommelgem, near Antwerp, Belgium.
       We would very much like to write an article about them, so I asked the CWGC if they could find a list of names of the soldiers initially buried at Wommelgem, and they sent it to me. See enclosed list.
born - Saint John, NB
born - Victoria County, NB
Two of the soldiers from the Calgary Highland Regiment are from the New Brunswick area. They were killed during the crossing of the Albert Canal near the locks at Wijnegem, only a short distance from here. They were initially buried at Wommelgem, Belgium and are now buried at Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian Cemetery, the Netherlands. The people of Wommelgem flowered their graves and there was a short ceremony on November 11, 1944.
     I was wondering if your society can help me a little further in my research, I am especially interested in a picture of the soldiers and some small background information about them.
Niko Van Kerckhoven
Q17-5484 CUSTOMS PAPERS: Col. Jos. Wanton Jr. was the largest and most powerful Loyalist merchant in Rhode Island and the son of Joseph Wanton Sr., 36th Colonial Governor of Rhode Island.  However, no trace has been found of his logs, records or correspondence. It is possible that his brother William, who was for many years the Collector of Customs in Saint John, may have kept them after Joseph Jr. died in 1782, as they were in business together.  Does anybody know if such papers exist and where they might be found? 
Peter Fay
Q17-5485 PHOTOS: Came across a number of photos from what appears to be around 1947 to 1950. The images include the picture of a grocery store "D.A. Alward Groceries and Meats", Two cemetery plots one being Alward and the other McPhee. One image has the picture of an older gent, perhaps Abner Alward next to the gravestone of his wife Annie. The correlation is Annie was sister to a Georgia McPhee who was married to a John Foster of Lancaster, Massachusetts. John had a son John (Jr) that was good friends with my Dad (Innes Donald Campbell) who went on frequent hunting trips to Moncton in the mid to late 40's. My grandmother's maiden name was Foster making them all related in one way or another. The hunting trips included John Foster and his first cousins Howard and Harold Foster and my Dad Innes Donald Campbell Jr. Any threads of information would be appreciated. I could send the photos to you if interested with the detail I have at this time.
Don Campbell

2016 and earlier

Q16-5444 ANDERSON: Zilpha Anderson born 15 Aug. 1823 Miramichi Northumberland, New Brunswick, Canada. Have not found any information to confirm this.   Mother’s maiden name may be Pottle. Any help/ direction is appreciated.
Sheila Gallagher
Q16-5445 BOWEN: John Thomas Bowen was born 23 Nov 1825 at St. John N.B. to James Bowen (of Vermont) and Sarah Vlhaman Bowen (of N.B.). I would be interested in a birth record that could shed any additional information on James & Sarah. They married 25 Oct 1825.  James Bowen was the owner of the Vessel ARIADNE.  NB census 1851 says Sarah was a widow at age 50.
Nick Bowen
Q16-5446 BROWN: Great Grandmother Margerate May Brown or Mary Brown gave birth to Walter Ernest Johnson April 11 1888.  I have traced him but cannot find her! She was Micmaq, and rumoured from Barnettville or Eel Ground, NB. If you have someone who will do this I will absolutely compensate! She needs to be found.
Swan Moore
Q16-5447 COFLIN: I am trying to locate information about my great-grandfather Samuel W. Coflin 1843-1905, born in St. John, New Brunswick. He was prominent in the Cincinnati area from 1866 until his death. He was president of Covington, KY city council and operated a boatyard involved in building several well-known riverboats.  All information I have prior to that period comes from the articles listed below.  Oral history says he abandoned an apprenticeship in Canada with 3 years to go.  I have searched all records I can find online & found nothing.  Every form I have found which should have parents’ names are blank.  He did not exist until he married in 1866.  I suspect he changed his name, maybe birth date. 
Don Baker
Q16-5448 DAY: I've been trying to draw this part of my family Tree. Their death certificates copies show they died in New Brunswick.
Mrs Violet DAY (maiden name CHILD) died on December 6th, 1927 in district of Victoria, in the city of Andover, buried on December 8th, but where? She was born in London, U.K (1878)
Her husband James Olve DAY died on January 24th, 193 1in Dalhousie and buried on January 25th, 1931, but where? He was born in Frederick town (1867).
James Olve DAY married twice. First with Alice JAMES and after in U.K with Violet, my direct relative.
Olivier Thomas
Q16-5449 FALLIS/FOLLIS: I've been doing my genealogy and we have some Fallis/Follis from the 1851 NB census. I would like to ask someone as to how I would go about locating a burial site. His name was George Follis, and he died in 1857 in Charlotte, he would of been about 74 years old and on the 1851 census he was listed as Parish Pauper or that is what we think it says. His son George, and his family moved over to Portland, ME and they appear in the 1860 U.S. census.
Any help with this matter is greatly appreciated.
Jeremy M. Fallis
Q16-5450 FRITCH: George Fritch's wife Mary has always eluded a surname even though there has been lots of digging. Recently I found a suggestion that that surname might be Gibson. Since they were married in 1797, it is slightly before any major record-keeping.
     They were loyalists- Since Mary was born May 26, 1780, she was probably a small child when the fleet came up to Parrtown. George came with his father John as a teenager in the spring fleet.
I have found a John Gibson-farmer- of Clover Hill that might fit as her father. 
The Fritches had land grants in the Norton, Kings area.
Any information you might add is greatly appreciated.
Tim Moore
Q16-5451 GILLIS: I'm looking for the wedding of James Gillis and Edith Leclerc (or Leclair). They had a daughter born on 02-16-1935 in Eel Crossing River. Do you have her baptism?
André Hébert
Q16-5452 GREY: I am trying to locate when my Great, Great grandfather William Grey, married to Jane Grey arrived in Canada and if possible, from where? I have tried the passenger lists but cannot find anything. I traced my father’s line to William Grey on the 1851 census. Can you help?
Joseph Gray
Q16-5453 LENEHAN: We are wondering if you would be able to help with some research, we are undertaking into the life of a Canadian aircraft pilot who lost his life during WW2 when the Hawker Hunter I fighter he was flying crashed near the village of Pelton, County Durham, England.
The information we have so far is as follows:
 Name: John Douglas Lenehan. Royal Canadian Air Force.
No. & Rank: R.73266 Sgt. Pilot.
Age:    26 years.
Death: 5th December, 1941.
Location of Death: Pelton, Chester-le-Street, County Durham.
Location of Grave: Hylton Cemetery, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear.
Parents: John R. Lenehan and Anne Lenehan.
Home Location: Woodstock, New Brunswick Canada.
Any information would be most welcome and if possible we would like to be able to make contact with any living relatives.
Alex Thompson.
Website Administrator.
Chester-le-Street Heritage Group.
Registered Charity No: 1120080.
Q16-5454 LINGLEY: I am searching for the family of Sara Jane Lingley (1816-1859). She is my wife's 2d great grandmother, married to George Drew of Machias, Maine, USA. Family lore has it she was born in England and arrived with her family in New Brunswick when a young girl. Her father, John, reputedly was a head gardener for King George III and, again reputedly, immigrated to New Brunswick after receiving a 1,000 acres land grant on the Saint John River from the king. According to Sara Jane Lingley's son's memoirs, he died in New Brunswick at the ripe age of 83. Also, according to these memoirs, John Lingley had 3 sons all of whom served in the Royal Navy. Is there anyway you may be able to shed light on this?
Jan S. Breemer
Q16-5455 LOVE: Good afternoon, I am looking for information on William Love and his wife Anne Porter of Magundy, NB, both buried in Magundy Cemetery. I know basic information; however, I am looking. For more information about the church he helped build in Magundy, the barn (if it's still around) where the church services were held prior to church construction, and where they are both from. There is going to be a Love family reunion in the Summer of 2017. Is there already genealogical information for the Love family? I am unable to be in NB as I live in Alberta, thank you so much for your help. 
Laura Love
Q16-5456 MacKINZE: I am looking for any information regarding a Pamela Frazer MacKenzie (alternate spelling McKenzie) born approximately 1856 in St John NB - father's name William.
The MacKenzies emigrated to the US approx 1866 and Pamela married Enos (alternate spelling Eneas) Gray. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Leah Gray Patton
Q16-5457 McALISTER: We are the great great grand-daughters of Donald. We live in Alaska but are a day's drive away from Campbellton, NB. I was wondering if there are any descendants in the area?
We are from Juneau Alaska. Our grandmother married James Kerr McAlister in Skagway AK around 1917/1918.
James K was one of 6 McAlister boys from Vancouver -the son of Peter, grandson of Donald.
Q16-5458 McDONALD: My great great grandfather, James McDonald, died in New Brunswick (Shediac) circa 1875.  He last appeared on the 1871 census.  His wife Fanny (Kenny) McDonald died sometime after 1901 and last appeared in the 1901 census as living in Moncton. I can find no mention of their passing in any source and am wondering if there were special arrangements for indigent persons or if certificates of death were not issued in all cases. Any help you can give me in this matter would be greatly appreciated. 
Chris Blamberg
Q16-5459 McMULKIN:  I am seeking information about my McMulkin / Keenan ancestors who had been settled in Sunbury, NB in the early 1800’s.  My first know ancestor is Edward McMulkin and to the best of our knowledge, he married Bridget Keenan.  Their son John Edward McMulkin move and settled in Lewis Country of New York where he raised a family that included my grandmother Violetta McMulkin.  If you can provide any details of Edward and Bridget’s birth and death dates and or their parents’ names and places of birth, that would be most helpful to my family as we build our family tree.
John Carey
Q16-5460 MUNCEY: Looking for information on the Samuel Muncey family who lived in St. Stephen, New Brunswick in the 1860s.Samuel Muncy born 1809 in Maine died 1881 in Minnesota wife was Permilia Lambert from Lambert lake Maine.
Russ Zellma
Q16-5461 NESBITT: My wife Deborah is trying to trace an ancestor from UK who settled in St John, New Brunswick in the late 19th or early 20th Century. 
Her Christian name was Alma and she married a Charles Nesbitt. 
Any information you could provide would be most appreciated.
Nigel Greenberg
Q16-5462 POLLY: Looking for information for relatives or a NB connection to Caleb Polly. He was born in NB and moved to PEI. In the 1881 PEI   census he was listed at age 60. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Mike Gaudet
Q16-5463 QUINN: I live in Quincy, Massachusetts and am researching my family tree. I have a great grandfather who was supposedly married in New Brunswick.
     Legend has him arriving in New Brunswick from Ireland, marrying and having 3 children in NB before sailing in a small boat to the Magdalene Islands.
     I have documented everything in the Islands (more children etc.) and I also have exact birth dates for the NB children from records up there. (1845, 1847, 1849)
     There is no mention of where in NB.  He supposedly married Hanna Grant.  I am trying to find the marriage record to see if it tells me where in Ireland he came from. And maybe it will show his parents names.
     I have not been able to find his arrival in NB. I do have a possibility of a John Quinn (13) arriving in 1833 (Microfilm F9798). Based on the 1861 Quebec census, a John Quinn was 39 yrs. which would have a birth year of 1822. My grandmother, Katherine Caroline Quinn, was born in 1860 in the Islands.
Carolyn Marks
Q16-5464 RATIGAN: I belong to a Genealogy Forum called "rootschat" and there has been an inquiry about Canadian WW2 RCAF, buried in the Leicestershire, (Ibstock Cemetery) There are two, one being John Edward Ratigan of McAdam, New Brunswick. I did research him and found his birth certificate, but I was hoping to find a photo or newspaper reports to add to this inquiry. Any help that you could provide would be wonderful to add to his commemoration.
Debbie Breeze
(contact editor)
Q16-5465 VAUGHAN: I am a descendent of a Marlin VAUGH(A)N born about 1803 in Vermont.  Through a y chromosome test it appears our line descends from John VAUGHAN, many of whose descendants were Loyalists.  I notice many VAUGHANS in your surname listings but could not find anything further about VAUGHAN or VAUGHN families in New Brunswick. Would appreciate any information.
Randall Vaughn
Q16-5466 WALL:  I'm looking for assistance in finding the parentage of Maurice Wall.  I cannot find birth records for him, but census information indicates his date of birth was June 10, 1841 in New Brunswick.
I have been working on this for a number of years, and not found anything yet.  Any help is appreciated. 
Virginia Ridley
Q16-5467 PHOTO STUDIO: I am trying to date a photo to determine who the people are.  The photo frame is from Macdonald & Palmer, Sussex, N.B. I googled them but nothing came up.  Are you able to provide me with any information on them?
What years they were in business during?
     I had family living in Plum wee sweep, N.B. for a period of time during the 1940's, returning to Ontario in the late 1940's but the photo appears to have been from a time period earlier than that. Thank you,
Amanda McCabe
Q16-5426 FILLMORE: Answer: I read in the most recent edition (Fall 2016) of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society's "GENERATIONS” your inquiry about the FILLMORE name.  I am the great-great-great-granddaughter of Michael Butler and Sarah Fillmore.  According to information recorded by my father, Frederick Butler, Michael and a brother left Tipperary, Ireland approximately 1820-22.  Apparently, the brother came as far as Newfoundland while Michael lived first at Fort Lawrence and later at Sackville, NB.  He then got a grant of land at Malden on the Immigrant Road (Westmoreland county).  He married Mary Sarah Fillmore approximately 1822.  My father told me that according to family "lore" Sarah was "Holland Dutch" and came from the Mohawk Valley in New York State.  Whether this is fact or fiction, I don't know.
I had no information on Sarah's ancestors until I read the info in your query; however, your query provided me with the names of Michael Butler's parents, which we did not have - we are not even certain if he actually came from Tipperary.  I wonder if you have other information on Michael's ancestors, and where they lived in Ireland. I have a Descendancy Chart on Michael Butler's family and if you would like to have it, I will email it to you.
Rachel Butler
Q16-5419 BELDING: I am trying to finding birth, baptism or marriage information for my great grandmother Mabel Ann BELDING.  She was born October 14, 1867 in St. John.  I believe her parents may have been William Henry BELDING and Eliza Ann MURRAY who lived in the Queens Ward in 1871. According to the 1871 and 1881 Canada Census they had two daughters Fannie M. and Nella M.  I have researched both of these girls and have ruled them out as my great grandmother.
     Mabel married my great grandfather William John RAWLINSON around 1885..  Mabel was confined to a wheel chair in adulthood.  Maybe this could be a clue?
Gary Kmosko
Q16-5420 BLACK: I have been doing some family research on an ancestor whom I was told was buried in the cemetery which is located very close to the Dorchester Penitentiary.  I have been unable to find proof of his burial in Dorchester and wondered if you would be able to confirm where he is buried or if you could direct me elsewhere to find this out.  His name was William Black and he was born in Paisley, Scotland in 1727 and emigrated to Nova Scotia in 1775 with his family.   Later in life he purchased a large estate in Dorchester where he eventually died in 1820.  Any information you can give me about his burial would be very much appreciated and I will look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.      
Judi MacDonald
Q16-5421 BLACK: I am looking for information on the following person who might have arrived in St John, New Brunswick, and then went to Maine.
     Mary A Black, b. Ireland, c. 1831 daughter of Isabelle McCurdy, b. Ireland, c. 1814 Cornelius [Neal] McCurdy, b. Ireland, c. 181.
Patty Dimetres
Q16-5422 BLAINE: Have been hoping to locate the following and also obituary of Arbuthnot Blaine, if at all possible.   Have been able to research his descendants but have been unable to locate immigration (1842) when arrived at appx age 13 with parents from County Donegal.  Have reached a dead end and am trying to match him to the USA Arbuthnot Blaine who were in the US Congress.
Valerie Brideau
Q16-5423 CALLAGHAN: I have been doing research on my grandmother's line of descent.  She was a Callaghan by birth.  I have recently been in touch with Mr. Don Kellaway whose wife descends from the same Callaghan line.  He told me he found information from your Historical Society that a John Callaghan born 1812 in Cork, Ireland (my great great grandfather) and his wife Mary Anne Kieff Callaghan and their son Jeremiah Callaghan immigrated to St. John's in New Brunswick around 1835.  Around 1837, they moved to Belleville where the rest of their children were born including my great grandfather Michael Callaghan.
      I have been unsuccessful in finding this immigration information and would appreciate any assistance you could give me on how I would be able to obtain these records on line.
Judith Sullivan
Q16-5424 DOUCET: Christina Doucet was born in Tracadie, NB in about 1824.  The birth year is calculated from her death certificate, which states her age as 66 at the time of her death in May 1890 - in Coldbrook, St John Co, NB.  I also found the register in which her death is recorded. Her obituary identifies her as the widow of Archie Taylor. No one in the family has any further information about Christina. None of the documentation found includes any information whatsoever about her parent’s names, siblings or relations. 
     There was some question as to which Tracadie (NB, NS, or PEI) was Christina's birthplace.  Her death certificate states NB, but her son's states NS.  I have confirmed that it was not NS.  
     I also checked your site for Christina Doucet, but there's no Christina listed.  One Doucet researcher suggested I search for Scholastique Doucet as Scholastique is the equivalent of Christina.  I have never heard of this, but did search for a Scholastique with no success.  I checked all the Maries for a Marie Christine, etc.
   Did any of the Doucets on the list come from Tracadie?
   I am contacting you in hopes of your providing information or suggestions/advice on how to proceed with my research.
Kathleen Taylor Scott
Q16-5425 DUPLESSIS: Sarah Ann Duplessis b. 6 Aug 1832 Miramichi, Northumberland, N.B., christened 5 Sept 1838 St. Dunstans, Fredericton, NB
     Father William (Guillaume) Henry Duplessis b. 21 Sept 1808 in Oromocto River, Sunbury, N.B., Christened 8 aug 1813 St. Basile Madawaska, N.B.
     Mother Eliza Louise McIntire b. ca 1811-N.B. Looking for parents’ names, when & where born and more information on Sarah Ann Duplessis.
Mrs Mary Lou Drew
(contact editor)
Q16-5426 FILLMORE: I am the Arizona state Historian for the Mayflower Society and am helping an applicant prove his link to pilgrim Francis Cooke through some MA planter families in Westmorland Co. He has a copy of "Arrivals 99" by the St. John Branch of the NBGS, rev. 2000. Page 283 does show a woman we believe to be Gen. 6 descendant Tabitha French marrying Jonathan Ward, then having a daughter Hannah who married Reuben Fillmore, but with no places and dates for Tabitha & Hannah. Our bigger problem is that someone published a history of the Fillmore family in 1984 ("So Soon Forgotten: Three Thousand Fillmores) and it does pick up the trail with Reuben and his wife Hannah, but calls her the _granddaughter_ of Jonathan Ward (via his first wife). Are there any members who specialize in the Wards, Fillmores, and/or Butlers (the next generation being Mary Sarah Fillmore, who married Michael Butler of Ireland, son of John Butler and Mary Tobin) and are actively researching original records in Westmorland County?
Maura Mackowski
Q16-5427 HANFORD: I'm trying to find the birthplace of my grandmother's paternal progenitor Henry James Hanford born circa 1821. Henry James Hanford was the son of Captain Isaac Charles Hanford and Margaret Hanford (Pye).
      Captain Isaac Charles Hanford is said to have died at sea in August 1822. His mother Margaret Hanford née Pye died at Carlton-house, St. John, New Brunswick on January 1st 1839 or 1840, according to an article in the Liverpool Mercury, 3 April 1840:
      I'm not exactly sure whether "On the 1st of January last" means i.e., 1839 or 1840.
    On his Death Notice, Henry James Hanford listed his place of birth as "America". Presumably he meant British North America.
      I would love to be able to say, with certainty, that Henry James Hanford was born in St. John, New Brunswick.
     I'm also interested in a maritime vessel the "John Campbell" as this was a vessel I know Henry James Hanford had a connection with.
Drummond Corrie
Q16-5428 HUDSON: I am researching the family lines of Hudson, Graham, McDonald, and Stewart and understand they all lived, married, and died in the Rexton and Richibucto area. If you can recommend contacts or resources, I would be very grateful.
Charlotte Gorley
Q16-5429 KING: I am looking for anyone who may be working on the King line.  Samuel King b.  1813, his wife Amanda King B. 1813 in Charlotte county NB Canada. Some of their children are Eliza King b 1838, Charles King b 1840 and Henry King born 1841.  Information from the 1851 census of Canada East, Canada West, NB and NS. 
Ginger Smith
Q16-5430 KING: We are searching for information about our grandfather Joseph Frederick King.  We believe he was born in 1877 to John and Elizabeth (white) king.
He came to the US. at about the age of 13 with a man that bought horses in Canada and he never returned to Canada. 
He settled in Bath Maine where he died in 1949.  Thank you for any help you can give us.
Dave King Sr
Q16-5431 LENEHAN: We are wondering if you would be able to help with some research, we are undertaking into the life of a Canadian aircraft pilot who lost his life during WW2 when the Hawker Hunter I fighter he was flying crashed near the village of Pelton, County Durham, England.
The information we have so far is as follows:
Name: John Douglas Lenehan. Royal Canadian Air Force.
No. & Rank: R.73266 Sgt. Pilot.
Age:    26 years.
Death: 5th December, 1941.
Location of Death: Pelton, Chester-le-Street, County Durham.
Location of Grave: Hylton Cemetery, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear.
Parents: John R. Lenehan and Anne Lenehan.
Home Location: Woodstock, New Brunswick Canada.
      Any information would be most welcome and if possible we would like to be able to make contact with any living relatives.
Alex Thompson
Q16-5432 McDONALD: I am looking for any information on James McDonald (or MacDonald), living in Shediac in 1882.  His wife was Fanny, children were James, Eliza, William, Mary, Peter, and George.  Any information on births, marriages or deaths of any of the above would be appreciated.  
Chris Blamberg
Q16-5433 McCAFFREY: I am following a "cell" of Jas/James McCaffrey and his two sons John and William James McCaffrey.  I believe that Jas/James McCaffrey was married to Catherine Mullaly on August 7, 1867 witnessed by Mary Ann McCaffrey.  of Jas/James, John was the first born, with William James as the second and then two daughters-- Florence and Katherine. 
      William James McCaffrey was born in 1870, and I am trying to find out if I am accurate with his parents being Jas and Catherine Mullaly.  The census from 1891 demonstrates this, however I want to get more information if it is available.  I believe I found the line of his brother John (son John Nairn McCaffrey), and his death record indicates his father was James McCaffrey and Kathy Mullaly. 
      I found a "cell" also in the JJ Cooke Ships Passengers from Londonderry to St. John in 1849.  This cell has John McCaffrey, his wife and thier sons James, Denis, John, Mary Anne, and Margaret.  As Jas/James McCaffrey on this list is 8 years old, his date does match the James McCaffrey born in 1841, father of William.  Also, the Mary Anne McCaffrey from this manifest may be the same sister that was witness to James' wedding to Catherine Mulllaly in 1867.
    What I am trying to connect, is the line of Jas/James McCaffrey and his son William James McCaffrey with a birth record from 1870.  Also, I would like to know if there is anyplace to check to see if John McCaffrey in 1849 manifest could be the same family that will settle here, as his children Mary Anne and James appear in the later records (assuming it is not the other McCaffrey lines). 
Matthew Larcinese
Q16-5434 McFARLANE: Murray McFarlane - born Aug. 22, 1882 in Dover, New Brunswick - Died Nov. 13, 1945 in Nova Scotia - He was the only child I could find
     Martha McFarlane - born 1854 in New Brunswick - died 1947 in Nova Scotia - This was Murray's mother
     I need information regarding Martha's husband (who passed away sometime before 1900), the name is either James or Robert McFarlane. Also, any information on Murray and Martha, and if Murray had any siblings.
Jeff MacFarlane
Q16-5435 McPHEE: I'm searching for information on Donald Arthur McPhee (or MacPhee) who married an Elizabeth Dowcet (I've tried variations of Doucet / Doucette, etc).
    He was born abt. 1840. The records and census forms I have seen list various birth places for him, NS, NB, and PEI have all been recorded at various times. I believe he passed between 1901 and 1911 as he appears on census data in 1901, but not 1911.Elizabeth was born in, I believe, 1854 in Albert county New Brunswick. I believe she passed in 1918 in Nova Scotia.
    They spent a good chunk of their lives, and had their children in Nova Scotia (Springhill/Amherst area)
    I am looking for the exact birth place for them both, as well as their parent’s names. I'm really hoping to find a copy of their marriage record, which should list their parent’s names and places of birth.
James Legere
Q16-5436 PEARSON: In his 1971 book the Parkins of New Brunswick, on pages 71-72, Leon Parkin Steeves refers to the 1861 census as showing Solomon Mann PEARSON with his wife Eliza PARKIN PEARSON and children, Gabriella age 19, Sarah 15, Horace 7, Laura 3, Mary Elizabeth 2. I cannot find this family in the 1861 census. Can anyone help please?
Jane Fraser
Q16-5437 QUINN: I am curious to learn more about my father's family heritage dating back to the 1780's when I believe the Ellegood family (grandmother) arrived in Canada from Virginia and early 1800's when the Quinn family (Francis) arrives at Bocabec, Canada.  
     My father is Reg Quinn who was born in 1921, his father was Harry who was born in 1889, and his father was Francis II who I believe as born in 1846.  All were born in NB.  
     My grandmother was Amelia Elllegood born in 1890 according to burial stone in Lowell, MA.  
    Please advise best way to research both Quinn and Ellegood family history.  I am connecting with some of the Quinn side (9 siblings in the 1st and 2nd generations so various cousins to find.  I'm looking for places they lived, what they may have done, interesting facts, cemeteries, etc.  
John C. Quinn
Q16-5438 REID: I am hoping someone can assist me in finding a birth certificate for my grandfather, George Harvey Reid. He was born in New Brunswick on February 9 1876. We think his dad's name was James Reid and his Mother was Cecelia Reed. He died on October 23 1942. I would appreciate any  help I can get, thank you. 
Janet Fair
Q16-5439 SHEARER: My name is Ray Allen. I am a member of the Cairns Family History Society, North Queensland, Australia. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to find a location shown on the 1864 Street Directory for your area. The road was called Shore Road n [near?] Simonds. This may have been an actual named road during that period, or a generic name for the coastal road?
    Also, could someone please give me some guidance on where I might be able to locate birth records for the period c1860 to c1866 for the Saint John area; if they exist? I cannot find any records showing a particular religion; so, I don’t know what church records to pursue.
    The person shown in the directory, Andrew Shearer, left Pennsylvania about 1860 with his wife, Isabella, and new born child Elizabeth.
    The death records for three other children –William and Thomas [possibly twins] and Charles Shearer - state that they were born in Saint John. I believe the family returned to Philadelphia around c1867.
     If this family travelled by land, what do you think would have been the likely route followed during this period? If they travelled by sea, can you suggest any shipping records for Philadelphia/New York to Saint John?
Ray Allen
Q16-5440 STORM: Researching a John Storm, who was a shipbuilder in Saint John from 1847-58.  I do not have very much on this Storm family, but it is written that a Samuel Storm came to Saint John around 1783. He was said to have been born in New York in 1770 and his family were Loyalists.
    Samuel Storm was born in New York in 1770. He married a Frances Hilyard in Saint John and died in Saint John on 15th December 1850. Samuel was a blacksmith and may have carried on a merchant business with a brother and a person named Poole, trading to the West Indies?
    John Storm was born in 1816. In 1838 he was a caulker and in 1847 he built his first ship, the SEA at Straight Shore, Portland, Saint John, NB. He died 17th April 1858 and is buried in Fernhill Cemetery, Saint John."
    I have looked on the NB Vital Statistics sit and cannot find the birth of John Storm or the deaths of either Samuel or John Storm.  Can anyone help re John and Samuel Storm?
Elizabeth Crouch
Q16-5441 TAYLOR: Family stories state the Taylor family's origin lies in the Black Hills of Scotland, where they belonged to the Cameron clan.  The Taylors then lived in Ireland for some unknown period of time.  The date of the family's emigration from Ireland to Canada is unknown. However, Archie and Christina had a son circa 1848, so that is the latest date the Taylors emigrated to Canada. I have not found any info about Archie's death.  I do not know where Archie was born, where the family lived, nor when and where Archie died.
      When searching your site for Archie, it pointed to a Donald Taylor.  When I searched for William Taylor, it also pointed to - among others - a Donald Taylor.  While I have never heard of a Donald Taylor in the family, Donald is a common name within the past two generations of our Taylor family, often as a middle name. William is also a common name in the family.  My father was William Donald.  Would it be possible to obtain the information you have on file for Donald Taylor and family?  (Past two generations are William and Mary's children and grandchildren.  My grandfather was one of their children and my father one of their grandchildren.)
      Archie and Christina's son William was born circa 1848 (calculated from death cert.) and died in Coldbrook, St John Co., NB, in 1893.  William was a farmer, but did not own land. William married Mary Kelly in June 1878 at Immaculate Conception Church, St John Co.  Both William and Mary were from Portland.  William and Mary had several children before William died.
      I don't know if Archie and Christina had any children other than William.  I have found references to an Adele Taylor as godmother to one of William's children, but I haven't been able to locate an Adele Taylor either - or at least one I can connect back to this family.  
      William died of consumption, from which he suffered for over a year before his death.  William died 3 years after his mother's death.  With both his parents dead and no siblings, there was little support for Mary Kelly Taylor during William's illness and after his death.  Mary placed some of children in the orphanage prior to their father's death. They remained in the orphanage until Mary could take care of them.   
Kathleen Taylor Scott
Q16-5442 WATERBURY:  I have John Cable WATERBURY being born Dec 24 1790 in St John, with a father David & mother Jane.  He married Rachel WILLIAMS (B May 1794) on Oct 11 1813 having 8 children then Abigail Mary McMACKIN 1 son John Thomas (my relation).  He died Feb. 9 1837 in St John & buried in the Loyalist Cemetery.  I'd like to confirm this & obtain source information if not too expensive.
RACHEL WILLIAMS, I have no parents for her or the names & birth dates of the 8 children she bore
JOHN THOMAS WATERBURY. I have him being born in 1837 to John Cable & Abigail Mary.  His father died when he was an infant & his mother when he was 11.  What I'd like to know about him is what happened to him from 11 till when he left Canada to immigrate to New Zealand (c. 1860's) I have confirmation that he left NZ to come to Australia in 1868. Any help on this family would be great.
Desley Hamilton
Q16-5443 WILSON: I am looking for any information to confirm that my Grandmothers' Paternal Grandfather was one of the first families in Sackville, NB. Perhaps you can help?
His name was: "John Haper Wilson".  My grandmother told me that he was married to Lydia Bannister. They had a son named: Lester Victor Wilson, who was the town Blacksmith in Sussex, NB and was my Great Grandfather. He was married to Maude Blanche Nickerson.
Shawna Bell
Q16-539 BARTER: I'm researching my two-times great grandfather, Thomas F. (or G.) Barter. Thomas Barter says in US Census records that he was born in Saint John, NB, on March 19, 1843.He also indicates in US Census records that he came to the US in 1848. He may have lived in New York state, and did live in Louisiana and Mississippi, where he married Christian McMillan (Reynolds?), and they had two sons - Duncan (1879) and Daniel (1882 - my great grandfather.) Thomas died in Mississippi on March 17, 1915.
James Barter,
Q16-5393 BELYEA: I am seeking documentation connecting my grandfather Eldon LeClair BELYEA to his father James Alexander Belyea. Eldon Born Jan 28, 1882 died Feb 12, 1951. James A born about 1845 in NB, died in Boston MA Feb 14, 1918, buried in Bangor, ME. James A's wife was Sarah Cecilia Watson. Both men ere always Canadian citizens as far as I know even though Eldon was born in Bangor, ME.
Ellen Osborn
Q16-5394 BOWEN: I am looking for any information on a James BOWEN (thought to be born in Vermont around 1800) and Sarah UHLMAN (thought to be born in NB around the same time). They may have had ten children between 1823 and 1844, in St. John, NB. We had solid evidence of three of these children: John Thomas BOWEN (b. 23 Nov 1825, St John, NB), William BOWEN (b. 26 Nov 1837, St John, NB) and Charles Frederick BOWEN (b. about 1839, St. John, N.B.). These three sons all were in the Boston area by 1850.
Nick Bowen
Q16-5395 BRENNAN: Herbert John Brennan was born on 4 February 1876 in Blackville. His social security application listed his father as John Brennan. So, I'm assuming that Herbert was born out of wedlock. Upon further review of Catherine's life, it appears that she married a James Carroll in 1877, while John married an Annie Agnes Murdock in 1887.
When I was looking through census records, it appears that Herbert lived with his father in Blackville, as no matches were associated with Catherine. Herbert's surnames in the census records are never "Brennan," however, but always a different name. For Herbert's first marriage, he didn't list his parents' names.
Are there any custody papers associated with the guardianship of Herbert, and is there an obituary for John Brennan, who died in Blackville on 28 February 1922? I found his death certificate, but maybe an obituary might be able to tie in him with Herbert.
Matt Herzog
Q16-5396 BRUCE: My name is Cheryl Clarke and I live in Lancashire, England. I am helping a friend to research his family tree and we are trying to trace relatives who travelled to NB in the early 1950's. We know some of the family moved back to the UK but can't find some of the siblings so we are wondering if they stayed in Canada.
Please could you advise where I may find marriage / birth or death records for 1950 onwards? I have been searching the internet but can't seem to find anything for this time frame.
The family we are looking for is the Bruce family and they moved to Canada from Barrow-In Furness, England. There were 4 children (Doris Edwina, John Geoffrey, Edward and Anne Y) and their mother Emily. Emily and John Geoffrey both died in the UK but we are searching for the other siblings and for Doris Edwina in particular.
Cheryl Clarke
Q16-5397 COCHRAN: We have recently learnt through family documents that our 3-x great grandfather Denis Cochran came to Miramichi in the 1820's. He was married to Isabella and they had two or three children, who may have been born in Miramichi. Isabella went back to Ireland; we think after the fire and then returned a year later. On the return journey it is rumoured that she may have died.
Denis, we believed applied for a land grant of 200 acres but after the loss of his wife he left and came to New Zealand (circ 1830).
Where would you suggest we try and find any information of Denis and Isabella's time in NB?
Carolyn & David Denton
Q16-5398 DEMPSTER: I am looking to discover my roots in NB. My grandfather was a Mr. John Carson Dempster who married one Mary Deroche (maybe DeRoehs) on November 13, 1937.
Philip Wilkin
Q16-5399 GIBSON: I am looking for information on John Gibson, b. 1850 in NB. He married Catherine Cain, daughter of Dennis and Catherine Cain, in 1879. They had three children - Anne, Thomas, and John Frederick. They left Canada in the 1880s and lived and died in Montana. I've found John and Catherine in the 1881 census. He said in Montana census records that his parents were both born in Ireland, but I don't know who they were. Any information that could be found on John would be fantastic.
Brandt Gibson
Q16-5400 HAYES: I am trying to find out information about my maternal great-grandfather, Thomas Hayes. I know little of him, and as he died while my grandmother was still an infant there is no oral history. My grandmother was born in 1889 in Winn, ME and her mother, who had been widowed, remarried there in 1892. What I know of him comes from my grandmother's marriage's license and the U.S. 1870 census. He was 18 in 1870 and lived in Old Town, ME. He was born in Saint John, NB in 1852. He died circa 1890. I don't know if he kept in touch with relatives in NB, although a cousin told me that one of his sons used to visit there.
Charles Bihun
Q16-5401 KIDDER: Looking for any information on Calvin KIDDER, b1765 NH, who arrived in St. Stephen ~1784. He didn't marry until 1798 and married Miss or Mrs. Mercy GREENLAW. They had a child in Jan. 1799, but Calvin was killed in a boating accident one week later.
Their son, Joseph "Calvin" KIDDER, only known as Calvin, grew up in St. Stephen. His mother remarried to Ambrose BATES and had more children. Calvin (1799-1891) and his mother moved over to Calais ~1830. Calvin married Mary WILKINS from Amity, ME. They lived in Calais and had 6, surviving children. Looking for all descendants of this couple.
Only 3 of their sons lived long enough to provide grandchildren, John lived in Calais, then Joseph and J. Calvin, lived in Princeton, ME. One daughter died young; the other daughter married but had no children.
Betty Fredericks
Q16-5402 LEWIS: Thomas LEWIS Born about 1740 in Dutchess County, NY; married at least twice: first time to Rachel (Van Benschoten?) and the second time to Esther Lilly. Second marriage said to have occurred in NB. First wife was said to have travelled with him when they were relocated from New York to NB in 1783/4.
Thomas' son, also Thomas LEWIS, married a woman named (Elizabeth?) SECORD, who is said to have been the daughter of Elias SECORD. I am aware that her father may have been a Loyalist too.
Michael Lewis
Q16-5403  MacKINTOSH: Seeking information about the parents and siblings of Capt. Donald Bain Mackintosh (1840-1910). Parents, Alexander McIntosh/Mackintosh and Marjory/Margary McDonald, arrived in NB from Scotland in 1836 per 1851 census. The ship may have been the Royal Adelaide sailing out of Greenock, Scotland and arriving in Saint John, NB in October 1836. Alexander and Marjory married 1 Jan 1839, witnessed by Donald McDonald and Donald Hossack. Children were Donald 1840, Elizabeth 1842, Janet 1847, Susan 1849, Margary/Marjory 1851 and Maggie (Margaret?) 1854.
Alexander died about 1856. Marjory may have died around 1868, possibly in Eastport, ME.
Donald received his Master's Certificate from the British Board of Trade in Liverpool, England in 1865. He also held a 1st Class Certificate from the American Shipmaster's Assoc., obtained in 1863.
Donald married Amelia Clark, daughter of Daniel Wetmore Clark in 1870. Daniel Clark was a ship owner and wharf builder in Saint John. Children were Ella Marjory 1872, Daniel Thomas Alexander 1873, and Willeam Aeneas 1875 who died young in 1878 and is buried in the Clark area of the Greenwood Cemetery in Saint John, NB.
Maggie is believed to have moved to Massachusetts and married Martin G. Wright. We have no information on any other siblings of Capt. Mackintosh.
Donald B. Mackintosh
Q16-5404 MATTHEWS: I am in search of the early life of my relatives, before they moved to Upper Canada know the Long Point Settlement Area? The Revolutionary War U.S. was a factor of the people arriving to NB.
1. Did James Matthews marry Margaret Force (Philip Force's daughter) in NB?
2. Did James Matthews & Margaret give birth to children in NB? (Living or Deceased-Buried)
3. When did each INDIVIDUAL come to an area or/to any area you would be able to find?
4. Did they come by boat and or land? Was there a manifest or list of name per ship? The James & Margaret Matthews are my 4th great grandparents. Philip Force my 5th great grandfather.
Barbara A. Seitz
Q16-5405 MALLORY: Requesting assistance verifying birth/marriage/death (with name of parents) for the following: Harriet Mallory b. 21 Feb 1831, Wakefield Parish, Carleton, NB, married 28 Jan 1852 Thomas Endicott (Everitt/Everett) in Wakefield, Carleton NB. She died 25 Aug 1904 Jacksontown, NB. 
Parents: Jane Snow b. 4 Sep 1801, Granville, N S 
William N. Mallory b. 11 Jul 1795, Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Married: 12 Nov 1818, Wakefield Parish, Carleton, NB.
Am searching for documentation of Harriet's birth with her parents’ name on birth/christening certificate. This documentation will verify that Harriet is the daughter of the above, and information will be sent with my paperwork for consideration of the Mayflower Society.
Kathleen Fisher
Q16-5406 MARSHALL: Catherine Marshall, born 1826 in Annapolis Royal, parents Levi and Catherine (White) Marshall; she married James P. Pierce, born 1826 in NB.
The parents of James P. were William and Mary M. Pierce, residence in 1852 Kent, Carleton,.NB. In 1864, Minotte n, Albert, Carleton, St. John.
James and Catherine moved to the US with their son William C. Pierce, born Aug 7, 1866, in Annapolis (among other children).
William Cromwell Pierce is my great grandfather. Looking for information on this family
Pierce W. Hance
Q16-5407 McCORMICK: Looking for genealogy search prior to Bernard McCormick born 1863 Married Christena born 1871 son of Hugh McCormick (1835) and Elizabeth Brophy (1836) who are my great-great grandparents. Wondering if you can you assist with earlier ancestry or any information on my family. Appreciate any leads or information that can be provided
Cathie Dempsey
Q16-5408 McKIM: I have found that my family lived in Johnville NB in the latter half of the 1800's. Our family name is McKim (McKimm). My ancestor Bridget McKimm (1866 - 1941 and wife of Daniel McKimm) is buried in Johnville Cemetery New Section. In August 2015 I submitted a photo request to have this grave photographed, but to this date I have not had a response. I am hoping that you may know of someone who could take this photograph for me.
Keith Rice
Q16-5409 McKNIGHT: I'm looking for some information on my great-grandmother using the following information: McKnight – Harris: Mary Agnes McKnight married Irvine (also spelled Irvin, Ervin, Ervine,) George Harris of Boom Road, NB on 5 Jul 1902. I am interested in the names of her siblings and parents. Her info is: Birthdate: 28 Feb 1885, Death date: 12 Jul 1962, Buried: Boom Road Pentecostal Cemetery.
Todd Horton
Q16-5410 McLEAN/THOMPSON: Looking for the families of my great(x3)-grandparents John McLean and Esther Thompson of Bathurst, NB. John McLean was born about 1823 in PEI and married Esther Thompson about 1844 probably in NB. Esther Thompson was born about 1819 in Bathurst.
In 1851, John & Esther McLean were living in Colborne, Restigouche County, NB. There were other Thompsons living near them in the census: Stephen Thompson/Ann Druggan, Laurance Thompson/Mary Gullette, Oliver Thompson and James Thompson/Helen Smith. I’ve assumed that Esther is related to these Thompsons, but I have not discovered how. The Thompsons are listed as Irish but all born in NB and John McLean Scottish but born in Canada.
In the 1861 Census, John & Hester McLean were in Bathurst, Gloucester, NB with children Margaret, John, Allen, William and Alexander.
In the 1881 Census, John & Esther were living in Bathurst with children Allen, William, Alex, Teresa and a second son also by the name of John. John McLean was a carpenter/shipwright.
I descend from daughter Margaret McLean who married James Strachan in Bathurst on 29 Dec 1864. They later moved to the US in the early 1880s, first to Wisconsin and eventually to Los Angeles. James was also a shipwright/carpenter.
Matthew Bowdish
Q16-5411 MILLER: I am doing some research for a friend and so far I have traced her family to John Miller b. 1755 in New York, USA and d. 12 March 1819 in Cumberland Bay NB. He married Hannah Allen (1756-1820) and had children Martha, Lydia, Hannah, Conrad and Sarah. I am trying to find the relatives from the U.S. as well as any documents of when he arrived and where he might have lived in New York.
Cindy Timmons
Q16-5412 NEVERS: My family is submitting Mayflower descendant information, and have been told that Lucy Nevers 1766, daughter of Samuel Nevers and Anna Burrill, was no longer accepted without more proof. Are there any birth records of the family born in Maugerville, NB. I have found a will of Samuel Nevers, (listing his daughters names, along with wife Anna) and that may be enough. But I am checking to find any information linking Lucy Nevers to the Mayflower families.
Bonnie Bartlett
Q16-5413 O’BRIEN: I am looking for any information on Mary Anna O’Brien. A Captain O'Brien was known to travel from Saint John, NB to Minudie. Perhaps there is a connection.
1871 Census, Minudie-River Hebert NS: Phillipe LeBlanc stonecutter 30 yrs) Anna 28, Irish b. NB, children Mary Lavina LeBlanc and James Albert LeBlanc.
1881 Census Moncton Parish district #30: Phillipe LeBlanc h 42 b. NS Anna F 39 b. NB Vina 13 b. NB James 11 b. NB
Mrs. Philip White was buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, June 14, 1889. The son, James Albert LeBlanc of Moncton, used the surname of White.
1891 Census Moncton parish 263-1: Philip White 46 b. NS Vina 39 b. NB Vina 7/12 b. NB James M 21 b. NB
We know that Phillipe LeBlanc married twice, first to Mary Anna O'Brien and next to Josephine Gauvin likely in 1889.
Betsy W Innes
Q16-5414 POKEMOUCHE NB: I am working on my family genealogy and I have hit a bit of a roadblock. Do you know where I would be able to locate birth/family information for families living in Pokemouche during the late 1800's? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Heather Reed
Q16-5415 STUART: Looking for relatives of Charles STUART (1806 Scotland - 1878 GlenelgChatham-Lower Napan area, Northumberland) and Helen/Ellen LOGGIE (1820 probably Loggieville, Northumberland - 1881 Chatham) (m. 1837 St. Andrew's Church, Chatham) who might be able to provide information on this couple, especially the STUART Scottish connection. Their married children were: Margaret (1839-1881) m. James Morrison; Mary or May (1840-1868) m. James Bremner; Elizabeth Bremner Stuart (1848-1915) m. William G. Dickson; and Charles Jr. (1852-1944) m. Mary Anna Walton. Would love to connect with living relatives in NB, Maine or elsewhere.
Susan Cox
Q16-5416 STRACHAN: Looking for information on the parentage of my great(x2)-grandfather James Strachan. James was born about 1842-1845 in Bathurst, NB. James’ mother may have been Jane Strachan listed as a widow in the 1861 Census in Bathurst, NB. Jane may have been born in 1783 in Scotland. I would love information on parents, vital dates, emigration dates, etc.
James married Margaret McLean on 29 Dec 1864 in Bathurst. They later moved to the US in the 1880s, first to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and eventually to Los Angeles, California. James died in Los Angeles in 1917. He was a shipwright/carpenter and he and Margaret ran a boarding house.
Matthew Bowdish
Q16-5417 WILCOX: My great grandfather was Charles Verner Wilcox, who began Wilcox´s clothing store, which is now the Mercantile Building at the corner of Prince William and King Street, Saint John, NB. He was a Sea Captain at an early age, and I was told by my Grandmother, Mary Kathleen Wilcox, that there were five previous generations of sea captains.
Charles Verner Wilcox was born in Nova Scotia, and his mother was Sarah Peach.
There is confusion on Charles Verner Wilcox´s wife - Margaret Connelly and Margaret O´ Neil. I am not sure if one died, and he married again. Just not able to find enough records.
Another interesting part of my history is my grandmother; Mary Kathleen Wilkins was married to someone, and then had it annulled. She had a son; Charles Donald Wilcox (my father), and remarried to John Burton Wilkins, which shows as a record, I believe in 1947. I cannot find who she was previously married to.
On my mother´s side - Violet Mae Shaw, and her father was Harold Shaw, and mother was Myrtle Melvin. Apparently, George Bernard Shaw (the poet) is related, and at one time was in contact with Harold.
John Wilcox
Q16-5418 Free Will Baptist Church Records I am wondering if you can tell me where I might find information about the Minister of the Free Will Baptist Church in Saint John in 1892? I am trying to sort out a marriage certificate with the Minister’s name stated as J. Wesley Clarke. I want to know whether he was located in Saint John or in Lepreau, Charlotte County.
Heather Brenneman
Q16-5347 BROWN: Looking for information on the parents of Abraham Brown who arrived with his family in Maugerville NB in 1787 (aged 17 according to a Land Petition.)
Abraham married Ruth Estey (d/o Zebulon Estey) in 1793. Rev. Clarke performed the ceremony in Maugerville (Clarke's records were lost in a fire.) His stone in the Andover/Perth cemetery says he was b. 1770 and d. 1853.
His son was named Jonathan - perhaps he was named after Abraham's father? The Estey and Brown families lived in Exeter Co. in the Massachusetts Bay colony and also Westchester NY which had to be evacuated when the Revolutionary War ended.
The N.B. Land Petition records include a land petition for Zebulon Estey and Abraham Brown. This Abraham Brown could be Abraham's father but we could not find if he was granted any land for his service.
Robert Brown,
Q16-5348 BUSTARD: Looking for birth certificates for Susan Bustard (ca. 1858 NB) and Mary Bustard (b. 29 June 1860 NB according to her death certificate form Amsterdam NY). Susan and Mary are the daughters of John Bustard and Margaret (O'Hara) Bustard.
Cheryl Harding
Q16-5349 BUSTARD/O'HARA: Looking for the marriage banns/certificate for John Bustard and Margaret O'Hara some time before 1858. 
Cheryl Harding,
Q16-5350 CAISSY/CAISSE: Looking for information on Caissy/Caisse (and possibly Sasey/Sacy/Sacey) migrations from New Brunswick to the Boston area,1800 to 1855. Trying to determine if the Sasey family was an offshoot of the Caisse name, possibly from the name Kuessy.
Jim Wilman
Q16-5351 CAMERON: Looking for information on Peter Cameron immigrated 1783 lived in Queensbury Canada in 1851 Census. Listed as Irish & wife as British American. His father may have died at sea & judging by arrival date, they may have been loyalists.
Q16-5352 CAMPBELL: Searching for parents of and other information about Cathern Ellen Campbell from Upper Blackville area married William Allen Harris (c. 1841 - 1922) Doaktown, NB.
Bert Harris
Q16-5353 CHURCHILL/GRANT/FOX: Looking for information - especially a death record - on Mary Jane Churchill born 1827 in Washburn. She married John Grant 21 Oct 1852 in Fredericton, NB and Sam Fox 28 Dec 1859 in Woodstock, NB.
Dave Percifield
Q16-5354 CLARKE: Looking for any info and pictures of the Old Carleton Burial Ground, Saint John West. My 7th great grandfather, a Revolutionary War British officer, William Clarke was buried there in 1804. Looking for more information on him. Also interested in land grants maps for Carleton (Saint John) ca. 1783.
Stenner Mason
Q16-5355 DAVIDSON: Looking for information on my ancestor, George Davidson, who married Margaret Harris. They were married in 1847 and my great grandfather, Harris Davidson, was born in 1862 in Bathurst, Gloucester County.
Looking to see if they are connected to William Davidson and Sarah Nevers. I found a George Davidson born in 1814 and another one born in 1819 in Oak Point, and it looks like they are both born to the same parents, James Davidson and Gertrude Savoie. Also looking for the parents of James.
Cheryl Cavanaugh
Q16-5356 DICKINSON: Looking for birth, christening, marriage, death, burial information for the following: 1. William Dickinson (Woodstock 1805 - after 1871 Canterbury?) Rosanah Dow (Jefferson, ME 1808 - c.1852 Canterbury), son 2. Edward L Dickinson (Woodstock or Canterbury 1840 - after 1911 Canterbury or Woodstock), 3. grandaughter Angeline Dickinson (Canterbury 1868, 1931, Canterbury, Marne Cemetery), 4. great-grandaughter Martha L. Oliver (Canterbury 1889-1973 North Bay).
Are there Anglican parish record available in either Canterbury or Dumfries Parish, York Co. or possible in Woodstock that may have this information?
Marcus Millet
Q16-5357 FAIRLAMB: I am researching my ancestor, Samuel Fairlamb. He was part of the first group of Loyalist settlers in Beaver Harbour, NB, in the Spring of 1783. Looking for information on him and his family.
Mary (Fairlamb) Grunden
Q16-5358 FISH: Looking for parents and place of birth of John Fish (1794-1877) - born ___ buried Mount Chase Cemetery, Mount Chase, Penobscot, ME married into loyalist family, Elizabeth Pratt (1798-1876) born St. George, Charlotte County, NB. Elizabeth daughter of John Pratt. (1763-1848) (New Jersey Volunteers drummer). A John Fish testifies for Samuel Tarbell at Loyalist Commission 01/20/1788. A John Fish identifies positions of Samuel Tarbell to local authorities. A John Fish is foreman on Samuel Tarbell's farm, 1777. A John Fish is at Bunker Hill, A John Fish tavern keeper Bloomingboro ME 1781. Are these all the same John Fish or connected somehow?
John & Elizabeth had eight children all born at NB. Family with exception of David (1816) and John (1819) removed to Mount Chase ME about 1835.
Donald Fish,
Q16-5359 FOSDICK: Looking for locations that may contain marriage and birth/baptism records in Kings and St John Counties of NB. My search is for the time period of 1783 to 1799 and the Nathanial & Rachel (Morrell) Fosdick family. I need primary sources for this information, which excludes books on family histories.
Lawrence Hoyt
Q16-5360 GERRY: George Elbridge Gerry immigrated to Canada in/around 1828. According to his gravestone, he was related to Elbridge Gerry - Vice President under James Madison.
George Elbridge Gerry was born 1806 in Baltimore/ Norfolk, Virginia, and died January 21, 1880 in Andover, NB, buried at United Baptist Church Cemetery in Andover. He married Phoebe Sloat on January 03, 1835 in Carleton County, NB, daughter of Abraham Sloat and unknown. Looking for information on his parents and any other information that would establish his lineage.
Janis Carpenter
Q16-5361 GIBBS: Researching the Gibbs family of mine that supposedly was in New Brunswick in the 1760s. My ancestor Jesse Gibbs was supposedly born in 1760s NB, but don't know the town or county.
Freeman Bartek
Q16-5362 HALL: Cornelius Hall was born in New Brunswick 1804. My great-grandmother Hester Hall was his daughter or granddaughter. Looking for information on any UEL connection he may have. He was married to Jane Webb Brown daughter of William Chandler Brown.
Wendy Clapp
Q16-5363 HANSON: Looking for information on my great grandmother Nettie M. Hanson I believe was born in Charlotte or Carleton County 1875 but I have been unable to find and information on her birth or her coming to the United States. Her parents were Elias Hanson and Lydia Johnson. Siblings: Albert Edward (born May 9 1878), John Joseph (b. May 24 1880) and Catherine Amelise (b. Dec 18,1884). I was hoping you would be able to tell me where to find information or anything that could help me in my research.
Megan Piorek
Q16-5364 JONES: I am looking for birth record of Sara Ann Jones, I have listed 4 May 1826 in Moncton, She was the daughter of Henry Jones who was born Sept 1800 also in Moncton. Henry came to the USA in abt 1832, the rest I have.
BabRhetta Maxwell
Q16-5365 KENYON: Stephen Andrew KENYON, age 18, drowned Jan 1972 at Burton Landing, per article in January 25 1972 of the Oromocto Monitor. He was stepson of WO MacDonald and lived at with mother and two half sisters at married quarters in CFB Oromocto. Looking for information on his burial place, probably in Fredericton.
Heather Ford
Q16-5366 KIRKPATRICK/PATTERSON: I am trying to find the name of the ship my GGrandmother arrived on into St. John in 1831 from Donegal Ireland. Her married name was Kirkpatrick, maiden name Patterson. I did find where she arrived in 1831 with her 6 sons, but not the name of the ship. She settled in the Patterson settlement of New Brunswick along with 3 of her brothers who had come earlier.
Dell Finerty
Q16-5367 LEGGETT: I am researching the life and work of the New Brunswick poet William Martin Leggett, who came to New South Wales in 1848. After his death (1878) his sons described him as "Captain" and "Army Captain". I cannot find any record of him holding an officer’s commission in England or here, and I am wondering if he may have served as an officer with the New Brunswick militia pre-1845. Looking for any information on his earlier life including any military service in NB.
Chris Vening
Q16-5368 MacDONALD/HUDSON: I am searching for information on Sarah JANE McDonald born June 23 1853 in South Branch, NB & died Dec. 17 1895 in South Branch, NB. Her parents were probably Charles McDonald (1822-1895) and Ellen Dunn (1830-1898). I think she had 9 siblings. Looking for verification of Sarah Jane's parents.
Charlotte Gorley
Q16-5369 MADDEN/McALLISTER: Looking for information on Anna Madden who is said to be born in Ireland in 1827, her parents are said to be born in Ireland. Looking for birth date, date of arrival, which ship she came to NB on, and her connection to my John S. Madden ancestor. She married a twin named Duncan McAllister, born in 1825, in Hammond, Kings County, their daughter Sarah (b. 1852) was a servant on my John S. Madden (1832-1912) Great Grandfathers farm Madden Flats in 1860, (it was called Seeley Mills and today it's known as Waterford) while his wife Bridget (nee Gallagher 1838-1912) had her first daughter in 1860. Ann McAllister died in 1900- 1910 in Liberty, Iowa. I haven't been able to find a birth certificate, or a ship's list, on this Mystery lady. I do have the ship list when my GGrandfather was 10 and landed @ the Portland Ward in Saint John NB, in 1843 from County Galway, there were 3 boys and one only girl. Also, the family can be found in the 1852 NB Census (Studholm parish.)
P. Madden,,
Q16-5370 MALCOLM: Looking for information on the ancestors of a Capt. Malcolm and wife Jane. According to "Pikes Notes" they arrived in New Brunswick about 1786-87.  Capt. Malcolm died shortly after arrival leaving wife, Jane and son Robert.  Jane married William Vance in 1800.  Robert took the surname Malkson/Malkason after 1817 but before 1821.  He married Susan Ann Buzzell.  They had several children including, William Vance, Melinda, Jane Parker, Rufus, Robert, Lydia, and Rebecca.  Land records indicate a possible, George, and Daniel also.  William married Marjorie Ragen and their family moved to Topsfield, ME about 1848. Rufus married 1st, Belinda Woodcock, 2nd Phoebe Schools and moved to Waite, ME.  Robert and wife Sarah Coulter remained in St. David, NB.
Diane Malcolm,
Q16-5370 MALCOLM corrected: Looking for information on the ancestors of Robert Malkson/Malcolm who is in the 1851 census in St. David Parish in
Charlotte County. It is believed that his father was also a Robert Malcolm and his mother was Jane Parker. According to "Pikes Notes” they arrived in New Brunswick about 1786-88 but Robert died shortly after their arrival. Jane then married William Vance. I am trying to find out where Robert and Jane came from and who is his father. I suspect he may be the son of William and Elizabeth Malcolm of Georgetown/Phippsburg, ME. I am hoping to be able to verify this hunch. Diane Malcolm    jdmalcolm@wildblue. I would like this posting to be changed to the following. Looking for information on the ancestors of a Capt. Malcolm and wife Jane. According to "Pikes Notes" they arrived in New Brunswick about 1786-87.  Capt. Malcolm died shortly after arrival leaving wife, Jane and son Robert.  Jane married William Vance in 1800.  Robert took the surname Malkson/Malkason after 1817 but before 1821.  He married Susan Ann Buzzell.  They had several children including, William Vance,
Melinda, Jane Parker, Rufus, Robert, Lydia, and Rebecca.  Land records indicate a possible, George, and Daniel also.  William married
Marjorie Ragen and their family moved to Topsfield, ME about 1848.  Rufus married 1st, Belinda Woodcock, 2nd Phoebe Schools and moved to Waite, ME. Robert and wife Sarah Coulter remained in St. David, NB.
Diane Malcolm
Q16-5371 McALLISTER/ WORTMAN/ WORKMAN: Looking for information on my 2nd great grandparents, Daniel and Ann McAllister. I am their 2nd great granddaughter twice, once thru their son James and once thru Deborah their daughter. I'm wondering if Ann Wortman is related to George Wortman and who she is descended from?
Shawn McAllister Landreth
Q16-5372 McLEAN: Researching William McLean (1817 - 1901) and Margaret Campbell (1819 - 1888) and their children and adopted grandson of Chatham NB: Jane (1844 - 1890), Margaret (1846 - 1943), William (Jr.) (1849 -), Elizabeth (1851-1894), Mary (1853 - 1940), Agnes (1855-1929), Archibald (1877 - 1932), John (1859 -), Annie (1863 - 1944), Francis (Frank) Albert (1872 -) adopted grandson.
Particularly looking for information on
1. William McLean (Jr.) who disappeared sometime after the 1871 census.
2. John McLean who disappeared after the 1871 census
3. Adopted grandson Francis (Frank) Albert McLean. Need his actual parents and death information. He emigrated to Rumford ME about 1902.
Glenn McLain
Q16-5373 McCULLOUGH/STORER: My 2nd great grandmother Ann (McCullough) Storer and her family were from Saint John. I can't find a record of them except in the 1861 Canadian census. All her children were born there (possibly 10) of which only 4 survived and emigrated to the U.S. (Maine, the birthplace of her husband, Aaron Storer). According to the census, she was native to Saint John and a Baptist. Her name may have been McCully, McCauley, McCullum, MacCullough, McCullo. Her parent’s names may have been James and Gurce.
Holly Holman
Q16-5374 MORRIS: Looking for information on my Gr-Grandfather Thomas Jarvis Morris' (ca. 1830 -) family. He and wife Mary Ann Kirkland (ca. 1840 - 1922) had several children including the 3 oldest Francis Elizabeth (ca. 1862 -), Leavina Jane (ca. 1875 - 1912), and Ella Nora (ca. 1877 - 1948), plus younger children Alice Mae, Isabella Clarissa, Minnie Dora, James Henry, Lillie Maude. They settled for many years in Carleton County in the Woodstock area. I have found baptism records for the younger children in a minister/parish book that was microfilmed. I am trying to find records on the 3 oldest children who may have been born in Chatham. Looking to find school records that may list these children. The school records would need to be anytime between 1870 and 1896. The family may have been members of St Paul's Church in Chatham as the father's death and youngest daughter's death were recorded by the Minister of that church. The family emigrated to Lynn, Mass. area between 1895 and 1920's.
Debra Morris
Q16-5375 MULLIN: Looking for information on David W. Mullin, born in the Sheffield area, Sunbury Co., NB in March of 1834 - married Letitia (nee Niles) daughter of Samuel Niles and Eunice Bell. David and Letitia's son, Sidney is my gr-great grandfather. I would like to know if it is possible to find out who David's parents were (their names and dates of birth if possible), if David had any siblings and if David's parents were also born in NB.
Jillian Nason
Q16-5376 MURPHY/QUIGLEY: Looking for information on John Murphy (ca 1796 - 1857) & Mary Quigley (- 1896) of North West Branch, Miramichi, and their parents/families. In their marriage record, Mary was of Newcastle Parish. In a published letter from a granddaughter of John and Mary, Mary tells her granddaughter that at first she was shocked by age of the man her brothers had brought her over from Ireland to marry. In another separate statement it mentions the Murphy brothers came over in company with some Quigley brothers. The Murphy's arrived c1817. In W. D. Hamilton in his book, Old North Esk., the earliest Quigley was named Richard and already married to Mary McInnis. Any information is appreciated.
Dennis Murphy
Q16-5377 NELSON/BOND: David Nelson (1806-1881) married Sarah Bond (1819-1896) in Restigouche on 05 May 1835. They raised their family at The Kempt Road. David and Sarah are buried in the Broadlands Kempt Road Cemetery. Looking for help to determine their origins, and any information about their ancestors, siblings and descendants. Photos of this family would also be appreciated.
Sandra Tramer
Q16-5378 NICHOLAS DENYS (village)/SIROIS: I’m trying to gather information about a small town in New Brunswick named Nicholas Denys. It is in the Beresford area, I believe. During the 60’s, there was a priest named Yvon Sirois I believe. He worked intimately with the community, helping it through a difficult time, when the government was trying to eradicate the area.
If anyone in NBGS has information about this time, this place, or the people involved, I would be very grateful. If there are any suggestions as to where I should search, I will receive them gladly. 
Holly Deveaux, 
(contact editor)
Q16-5379 NICHOLLS/FOSTER: My grandmother, Ada Nicholls, born in Aston, Warwickshire. England, came to Gaspe with my grandfather Jeremy Sinnett, at end of the First World War.
She had a brother, Albert Alfred Nicholls (aged 26), who arrived in Halifax in 1924 on the SS Minnedosa, with his wife Elsie Foster & daughter Beatrice Ada Nicholls (aged 2). Albert Nichol died in a car accident, Oct. 12,1932. He is buried in McLeods Siding Cemetery.
I am looking for what happened to his wife & daughter after his death. I believe they lived in Campbellton.
The information that I have on his arrival, death & place of death was received from PANB; including a newspaper clipping from The Dalhousie News (dated Oct 19, 1932) about his accident.
Diane Sinnett
Q16-5380 O'NEILL: Looking for information on the Arthur J. O' Neill and Beatrice Cloe (nee McLeod) family of Fredericton. They had a daughter Pauline Nora who was my grandmother. According to Arthur's marriage record, his parents were George and Emily (Steward) O' Neill. 
Karen Boyle 
Q16-5381 PAYNE: Looking to connect with anyone researching John Baptist Payne (1769 Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland - 1852 Sunbury County, Fredericton, York Co., New Brunswick). He was my 4x great-grandfather.
Wendy Brewer
Q16-5382 PERKINS: Looking for the parents of John Buckley Perkins who settled amongst the (Azariah and sons) Perkins farms in Springfield Parish, Kings, NB. John was born abt 1787 and died Nov. 1 1876, buried at the Lyon Cemetery, Gagetown, Queens, NB. He married Sarah Lyon in 1810. I believe he is the brother of Sarah Ann Perkins who married Alexander Clark in 1814 in Kingston, NB. But neither John nor Sarah Perkins appear to have any records showing their parents names. I thought maybe Azariah Perkins (loyalist), but neither John nor Sarah are mentioned in his will (1825) while the rest of his children are. I looked at some of the Buckley family but don't see a connection, at least not yet. I've heard claims of a possible DNA connection to Isaac Perkins (loyalist) but even so, hard documentation is still missing to back it.
Dan Clark
Q16-5383 SANDERSON: Looking for local information on George Sanderson who immigrated to Canada between 1873-5 from Scotland. He married Elizabeth Matthews (from Nfld.) in Montreal. He was employed in several capacities with the Bank of Nova Scotia in NB (in Moncton, Saint John, and Woodstock) between 1880-1890 and it is any local information on himself and family which would be of great interest. Four children were born in NB during this period, Beatrice, Kathleen, Stanley and Bessie. Another daughter, Lilias was born in Montreal, previous to NB residence. During his residence in NB, George was very involved in breeding Skye Terriers. My research is based upon positioning George in the history of the foundation of purebred dogs in the region which is my area of focus.
Valerie Brideau,
Q16-5384 SMITH: I am searching for the parents of Aaron Smith, born circa 1793 on Grand Manan when it was a US possession.
He married in Douglas Parish, York, NB, ca. 1829, Mary ___ (maiden name unknown), a woman of Welsh birth. It was actually probably Cardigan Settlement, as that is where he got a 300-acre land grant from the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Land Co.
Looking for information on his parent’s names, his date of birth; his wife's full name and their marriage date. Also, if you have records showing where the Smith family came from, perhaps Massachusetts or Rhode Island, I'd be interested in that also.
Merrylyn Sawyer
Q16-5385 SMITH: Looking for information on a Smith family of Miramichi or Fredericton. I don't know if these people were from the US and migrated to Canada after or during the American Revolution or how they got to New Brunswick.
Milford M. Smith was born 3 Sept. 1875 at Dorn Ridge, York, NB, the son of Benjamin and Jemima Smith. Milford and his wife, Temperance Morehouse, moved to Presque Isle, Maine shortly after their marriage on 21 March 1901 Temperance was from Douglas, in York.
Benjamin was the son of Aaron and Annie Maria Smith. I assume all of Dorn Ridge, but I do not know for sure. Aaron may have been born in Massachusetts or elsewhere in colonial America. 
Merrylyn Sawyer
Q16-5386 STEWART/ABERNETHY: John Stewart, born in 1810 or 1811, married Margaret Abernethy on Aug. 25, 1835, in St. Mary's Parish, York County. Subsequent census records show John is 7 years older than Margaret. They moved to Hodgdon, Aroostook County, Maine around 1849. Looking for confirmation that Margaret Abernethy Stewart is the daughter of William V. Abernethy and Mary Young. Some records show this, but her name and birth date never show up in the list of the children. Looking for information on where her father, William Abernethy, 42nd Regiment soldier, was buried or when he died? He died in Taymouth, NB. Also, would like to resolve another discrepancy about the Abernethy family, William and Mary married in 1810, but their first daughter's (Jane or Jennie Abernethy) birth date is always listed as 1807/1808?
Tracy Stewart
Q16-5387-SWIM: Do you have any information on anyone who is researching the Swim family in the Fredericton area.
Cecil Swimm
Q16-5388-TRITES/WILBUR: Looking for any information in reference to an ancestor of mine. Her name was Rebecca Ann (Wilbur) Trites, born abt. 1798, Hopewell, Westmorland, NB Canada. Her father may have been David Wilbur of New Horton, NB.
Joe Mozzone
Q16-5389-WHEATON: I am in search of an ancestor James Wheaton, an UEL, that seems to have disappeared after he sold his 100-acre parcel of land that was granted to him in Prince William, York County NB, 1785, and sold in 1798. Death records reveal nothing in any province.
Could you help with how to research into these possibilities?
1) He may have returned to New York. Looking for a Ship's log/passenger list for that same year of 1798.
2) He may have been incarcerated/hospitalized and perished.
Frances Scott/Wheaton
Q16-5390 WHITE: I've been trying to research the father of one of my ancestors, Robert White, with little success. I have found a Robert White, came over on the Perseus in 1834, and lived in Fredericton, York, New Brunswick, Canada in 1861 with his wife, Sarah J, two boys, Charles and Robert, and one daughter, Charlotte. Robert is recorded as age 34 which doesn't really echo the passenger record on the Perseus. I have not been able to find any other records. 1861 census says Robert is a shoemaker. He may be the Robert in the 1902 death records for Kingston, at age 78. There are no other names tied in to assist me in confirming.
I would appreciate any assistance you can provide me. I have already been trying to utilize the Irish databases.
Victoria Vassar
Q16-5391-WIDBUR: Looking for information on J. Harry Widbur's ancestry. My mother's name is Elaine Robinson, she is the middle child of Gordon Leslie Widbur (d.19 May 1981) and Thelma Grace Widbur (née Munson d.07 Dec 2007). Gordon's father was J. Harry Widbur. Harry's grandmother was Hannah Matilda Marsters of King's or Hants Co. NS. She had several children: Harry's mother (name not given), Agnes, Carrie, Cassie, Shubael Dimock Marsters (named for his gr-grand father), Ella, Harvey, Amy Ellise, Charles Munroe and William Osborne. Carrie married Alex Watson and lived in Boston; Agnes married Thomas McNeil. J. Harry thought that Noah Webb was his gr-gr-gr-grandfather. Mom would like to know who she is, as this written history of J. Harry's is not consistent with what she was told. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Tania G. Robinson
Q16-E ALLEN: In 1861 Census, Westmorland, Botsford; lived my husbands’ ancestors (ALLEN [Benjamin 1835-1823] They had started maybe in the States then Botsford, down to Illinois and back to Botsford) George Allen was bn 1827-1912 mar 2x and had way too many children. But back to the question on page 1 of Botsford census George is listed in middle above his wife Ellis (Alice), he is age 34, race "native". 
Also, in family search when you check print out it lists Georg Allen as 46 bn abt 1815 Race-Native film #C-1006. So, my question is - Is native as it shows on the 1861 Census mean Native as in Race or Native as in living in Botsford? Wouldn't "Indian" have been used back in 1861?
In my mil immediate family on the Allen side there were many children, half were white and the other half were definitely Native in color.
Elizabeth Andrews
Q16-D HAYES: I am trying to find out information about my maternal great-grandfather, Thomas Hayes.  I know little of him, and as he died while my grandmother was still an infant there is no oral history.  My grandmother was born in 1889 in Winn, Maine and her mother, who had been widowed, remarried there in 1892.    What I know of him comes from my grandmother's marriage's license and the U.S. 1870 census.  He was 18 in 1870 and lived in Old Town, Maine.  He was born in Saint John, NB in 1852.  He died circa 1890.  I don't know if he kept in touch with relatives in New Brunswick, although a cousin told me that one of his sons used to visit there. 
Charles Bihun,
Q16-C KIDDER: Looking for any information on Calvin KIDDER, b1765 NH, who arrived in St. Stephen ~1784. He didn't marry until 1798 and married Miss or Mrs. Mercy GREENLAW. They had a child in Jan. 1799, but Calvin was killed in a boating accident one week later.
Their son, Joseph "Calvin" KIDDER, only known as Calvin, grew up in St. Stephen. His mother remarried to Ambrose BATES and had more children. Calvin (1799-1891) and his mother moved over to Calais ~1830. Calvin married Mary WILKINS from Amity, ME. They lived in Calais and had 6, surviving children.  Looking for all descendants of this couple.
Only 3 of their sons lived long enough to provide grandchildren, John lived in Calais, then Joseph and J. Calvin, lived in Princeton, ME. One daughter died young; the other daughter married but had no children.
Betty Fredericks
Q16-B MALLORY: Requesting assistance verifying birth/marriage/death (with name of parents) for the following: 
Harriet Mallory b. 21 Feb 1831, Wakefield Parish, Carleton, New Brunswick, married 28 Jan 1852 Thomas Endicott (Everitt/Everett) in Wakefield, Carleton NB. She died 25 Aug 1904 Jacksontown, NB
Parents: Jane Snow b. 4 Sep 1801, Granville, Nova Scotia
William N. Mallory b.  11 Jul 1795, Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Married:  12 Nov 1818, Wakefield Parish, Carleton, New Brunswick
Am searching for documentation of Harriet's birth with her parent’s names on birth/christening certificate.  This documentation will verify that Harriet is the daughter of the above, and information will be sent with my paperwork for consideration of the Mayflower Society. 
Kathleen Fisher
Q16-A MARSHALL: Catherine Marshall, born 1826 in Annapolis Royal, parents Levi and Catherine (White) Marshall; she married James P. Pierce, born 1826 in New Brunswick.
The parents of James P. were William and Mary M. Pierce, residence in 1852 Kent, Carleton, NB.  In 1864, Minotte n, Albert, Carleton, St. John.
James and Catherine moved to the US with their son William C. Pierce, born Aug 7, 1866, in Annapolis (among other children).  William Cromwell Pierce is my great grandfather. Looking for information on this family.
Pierce W. Hance
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