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Q24-5878-ESSENCY: I am looking for the birth certificate of my husband's half-aunt, Helen Marguerite Essency. She was supposedly born 29 Nov 1915 in Fredericton. Her mother was Lillian Kathleen Essency born 06 Oct 1897 in Fredericton.  Lillian was not married at that time. It was rumored that Helen's father was someone Lillian met when she was a nurse in Fredericton. Helen lived in a convent or an orphanage until she was 7 1/2, & then on 10 April 1923 she came to the US from Fredericton, via Vanceboro, Maine. At that time Helen was adopted by Lillian's then husband Ralph Webster Farris. They lived in Augusta, Maine. Around the time of Helen's birth, Lillian may have lived with a family named Riley. Not sure if this helps, Lillian was Catholic. The Essency name has also been spelled Essansa & Essensa.
Helen passed away in 1963 & never had any children, so there is no DNA to work with to figure out her father’s identity.  I’m hoping her birth certificate might help.
Thank you,
(rec’d 20 Feb 2024)
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Q24-5877-MOORE: Joseph Willliam Frederick Moore, Sr. 
DOB: 13 Nov 1837, DOD: 13 Dec 1876, at age 39, locations of both instances are Amherst, Cumberland, NS. He was a doctor. and a Mason. 
I have his burial details and citation (below, edited) in my tree, he died of drunkenness
(; cause of death=drunkenness.  Amherst. Cumberland County. Registration Year: 1876. Book 1805; Page132; number200. 1891)
I want to know:
1. Was he buried? Where was he buried? Is there a headstone or a plot?
2. Family lore, Doctor Joseph Moore, was providing medical assistance to the Mi'kmaq. Would like to know if true? 
Thank you for any information you might be able to provide.
(rec’d 28 Jan 2023)
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Q24-5876-CLARKE: Looking for parents of Elizabeth Ann Clarke b.1809 Gagetown, NB, d 23 Mar 1944 Queensbury, York Co, NB.
She married 3 Oct 1936 at Fredericton, NB, Daniel O’Leary b 1807 Ireland d 21 Jan 1893 Chipman NB.
(rec’d 28 Jan 2023)
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Q24-5875-WHITE: I am searching for the birthplace of my 4th Great Grandfather, Henry White. I know he was born around 1758 in the US, but could never find out where.  He served with the Maryland Loyalist and settle in St. Mary’s Parish NB around 1777. He married Elizabeth Rebecca Sewell and they had several children.  I am related through their son Nicholas.  Henry died 17 Nov 1834.  Lots of people on Ancestry have linked his father as being Alexander White and mother as Mary McMurtrie, but I have always been skeptical about this as there seems to be no real proof.  When I started tracing my family tree about 35 years ago, it was all done through census records and church records.  Seems nowadays everyone just attaches people without any proof.  I have just sent off my DNA so maybe that will help also.
I have lots of information after he arrived in NB, but nothing before beside for his military records.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
(rec’d 28 Jan 2024)
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Q24-5874-GREEN: Looking for information on Daniel Green who emigrated from Ireland around 1840 (+/- a couple years) with wife (Catherine Ellen?) and 2 sons. Son James Francis was born shortly after arrival. Settled in St. John. I am ggg-granddaughter.
(rec’d 28 Jan 2024)
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Q24-5873-DRISCOLL: I have hit a brick wall in my search for the parents of (James) Dennis Driscoll of Kingsclear, NB (b. around 1830, d Oct 18, 1906 at Hanwell, NB), presumably born in 1830 in County Cork, Ireland. I believe Dennis migrated to Canada with his mother and father and suspect that the father's name might be Michael (and mother, Mary) but have no validating information on that. (That information appears to be from the 1861 Canada Census for York County). I have information on Dennis, his wife Lydia Ann Dunlap, and their families, but can go no further back on Dennis' branch of the family tree. 
Any help regarding where to look next would be greatly appreciated. I have already searched Ancestry, Family Search, church records and census records for New Brunswick.
Name: Dennis Driscoll
DOB: c.1830
M: Lydia Ann Dunlap -10 Nov 1876, St. Dunstan Parish, Fredericton, NB
D: 18 Oct 1906, Hanwell, NB
Thank you,
(rec’d 28 Jan 2024)
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Q24-5872-ELLIOT: I have been helping a friend look for some information on a relative and we have hit a brick wall with her.
Eliza Bell Elliot 1843 – 1895, born In Maine
Married: James Alexander Stewart 
                    17 Sept 1861 in Black River NB
Her ID number on FamilySearch is LCFS-H6V
They have been looking for her parents for years, to no avail.
Thank you
(rec'd 27 Jan 2024)
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Q24-5871-GREENLAW: I am looking for any facts concerning Ann Nancy Greenlaw, the second wife of Marvin Lord on Deer Island. She supposedly was born in Deer Isle Maine, but maybe it was Deer Island NB. 
Her father was Elijah D. Greenlaw. Her mother is believed to be “Sarah Smith.” Any info on that?
Elijah D. Greenlaw lived in Deer Isle Maine but removed to St. Andrews in the late 1700s. I would love to identify where he was buried. He died on 12 Aug 1852 in St. George, NB.
Thank you for any information or even theories.
Mary Offutt
(rec’d 26 Jan 2024)
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Q24-5870-MacNEILL: I have hit a brick wall with my MacNeill family research. I am trying to trace the MacNeill family back to Scotland. William MacNeill is the earliest of my MacNeill’s I can find. I am not sure if he and Elizabeth Roxborough met here in Canada, or in Ireland or Scotland and Immigrated together. I was hoping to find any record of them prior to 1850 when I believe they had their first child in Saint John, N.B.  
What I know about William MacNeill:
  • Born between 1825-1831 in Ireland but is Scottish
  • According to 1871 Census, has a son Daniel MacNeill born about 1850 in Milford, N.B. 
  • 1866 was working as a Millman on Spurr’s Cove Road
  • 1881 was living in Lancaster, Saint John N.B.
  • 1883 Listed as a Millman living in Milford in Saint John N.B.
  • I believe he died 24 July 1898, buried in Fernhill Cemetery. 
What I know about Elizabeth Roxborough: 
  • Born about 1828-1831.
  • May have died 23 Dec 1887 in Milford, N.B. Unable to verify and can’t find obituary or death certificate.
Members from believe Elizabeth’s father is William Roxborough, born 1802 from Aghadowey, Coleraine, Derry Co. Ireland.  Died 11 July 1865 Spurr’s Cove, Saint John Co. N.B. 
Members from believe Elizabeth’s mother is Mary Lyons, 31 Dec 1797 from West Ballylease, Derry Co, Ireland and Died 20 Dec 1885 Saint John, N.B. 
I have not been able to verify any of this information.
(rec’d 13 Jan 2024)
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Q24-5869-CORAM: I am researching my mother’s ancestry. Her 2x-great grandparents were George Fredrick Coram and his wife Ann Bond. They were married in 1845. Ann came to New Brunswick from Scotland and I am trying to find out if she came alone or did her parents also immigrate with her. I believe her father was James Bond and his wife was Margaret. I've been going thru the publicly available material on the NBGS site and found the Corams on the First Family list but there is no other information about them. 

I would appreciate any help or assistance you could provide to me and am happy to follow whatever is required to get this information.
(rec’d 27 Nov 2023)
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Q23-5868-SUTHERLAND: Searching for siblings/family of Hugh SUTHERLAND, born 1814 Scotland, not in Midlothian County.  Was an Edinburgh policeman 1837 - ?1848.  In 1839 married at Canongate, Edinburgh, Isabella MCCULLOCH, who was born in Lanark, Glasgow.   They had 3 children:  Jane 1840 - 1857; Andrew 1843 - 1848; James 1845 - 1919 (USA).  All christenings at Canongate.  Hugh SUTHERLAND died in Edinburgh in 1850 and is buried with his son, Andrew.  A great-uncle, Hugh McKIE/McCRIE, was the informant for Jane's death record in 1857.
(rec'd 20 Sep 2023)
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Q23-5867-LEGER: I'm seeking information about my Acadian ancestors. The earliest one I've found is Jacques Leger who lived in Port Royal, Acadie (Nova Scotia) in a 1693 census, until he later moved to the Shediac, New Brunswick area.

I'd love to find out more information about him, particularly where in France he came from.  I am told he was a soldier and later married and took up farming in Port Royal.  Is your organization a good source of information given that background?   Do you have other sources you might recommend?
Any information you can send me will be greatly appreciated.
Richard Leger 
(rec’d 14 Sep 2023)
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Q23-5866-BELL: The 33rd Regiment of Foot was garrisoned in New Brunswick from 1844-1848. Sgt. John Bell married Emily Christiana Wiley (Wyley) on 22 October 1844 probably as a military wedding conducted in Fredericton or Saint John city. Looking for documentation of this event but cannot locate the appropriate military records. 
(rec'd 2 Sep 2023)
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Q23-5865-ROY: I am trying to ascertain the parentage of Anselme Roy born in 1835 in Richibucto, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada. He is my great grandfather confirmed by DNA. However, Amand and Celeste (Leblanc) Roy do not have a DNA match to me. I find no other Roy family members with a DNA match to me. He was baptized at St Antoine de Padua in Richibucto but I contacted them and they had no information to impart to me. He married Domitille Richard October 23, 1865.  They had a daughter Henriette Roy May 23, 1867. I would appreciate any information you may have. Thank you for your help. I have been trying for the better part of 5 years to find out anything about my great-great Grandparents.
(rec’d 22 Aug 2023)
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Q23-5864-GRANT: My husband may be descended from another poorly documented daughter from the reported 2nd marriage of Bathurst area Loyalist John Grant. Name Anne Grant m. Honore/Noah Rollins. I have found some records for at least 5 children from this Rollins/Grant union, starting in 1824 (first found is the baptismal record for my husband's 2nd gr gm Louiza Rollins). Trying to connect Anne Grant to family of origin and sort out Noah Rollins reported to be born New Hampshire.
I found the county registration of marriage for Noah Rowling/Rollings and Nancy Grant, both of Parish of Beresford, married by banns, 14 Aug 1822. I really want to locate the actual church record, hoping parents are listed. The Bathurst West registry seems to have a gap from May 1822 to Nov 1822, but maybe these dates are covered elsewhere.
(rec’d 16 Jul 2023)
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Q23-5863-BROWN: I know this is a shot in the dark due to how little I know, but I’m looking for information about the ancestors of David Brown, born 1 May 1811 in or near St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. I don’t know how long he lived there. He married a Nancy Peterson (or Pettingill, Wolbridge, or Waslbridge – I’ve seen all four names used) probably in Ontario sometime before the birth of their son Ira Brown on 14 June 1833.
Sometime between 1845 and 1847 they moved to New York state, and I have the trail down from there. David is my 3rd great grandfather.
That is all I know about David’s pre-US life. Any hints of tips are appreciated.
(rec'd 9 Jul 2023)
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Q23-5862-FAULKNER: My great grandfather William Hazen Faulkner was born in Wallace Nova Scotia in 1842. He subsequently lived in Baie Verte, Sackville and Moncton and was married to Eunice Maxwell. He had a haberdashery business in Moncton.  I believe that his father was Thomas Faulkner (born: 1820) and his mother was Lydia Goodwin (1817-1889).
I am curious about his middle name. Presumably the Hazen came through his maternal family. Do you have any records of connections between the Hazen family of Saint John and the Faulkners of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, probably through the Goodwin family tree?
Any insight would be appreciated. Many thanks, 
Stuart MacLeod
(rec’d 8 Jun 2023)
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Q23-5861-GLENCROSS: I am searching the emigration date for Andrew Glencross b. 1770 in Tynron, Scotland and travelled to NB with his young son Alexander Glencross b. 1815. 
Also, looking for a birth/baptism record for my 2x great grandmother Alice Glencross b. 1836-05-01 in Rexton, NB.
Beth Wilkinson
(rec’d 30 May 2023)
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Q23-5860-FRASER: I am looking for birth information (date of birth and name of parents) with respect to John Fraser (1825-1894).  He lived in Grand Falls NB from mid-1870s to his death in 1894.  1891 census data show that John’s parents were born in Scotland.  John’s death certificate indicates that John was born in East River, Pictou County, N. S. around 1822 (info provided by his wife). 

John married Josephine Aubin (1854-1930 and they had 6 children: John/Jack (1875-1948); Marie (1878-1929); Daniel/Dan (1880-1943); Annie or Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ann (1884-1947); Josephine Louise (1887-1915) (went by the name Louise), and Thomas (1889-1904).

I can’t find John in any censuses before 1881.  He owned a grist mill for a while.  I have seen some family trees on that has some info about possible parent names but I have not found any info to support the info on  Thank you.
(rec’d 14 May 2023) 
Answer - Q23-5860-Fraser - Regarding your query, I would suggest you contact the Pictou County Roots Society. There are knowledgeable folks there who may be able to help identify your ancestor, in spite of his very common name.  Good Luck! 
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Q23-5859-GALLAGHER:   I am searching for a death or burial record for my great-grandmother. Her birth name was Mary Gallagher. She was born in Ireland in 1830. Her husband was Pierre St. Pierre (or in English, Peter St. Peter). Because Pierre was French, Mary could have gone by the name Marie St. Pierre or even Mrs. Marie St. Pierre or Mrs. Peter St. Peter or Mary St. Peter.
Mary, Pierre, and their children arrived in Victoria County, NB in 1878 and settled in North Tilley. They would have attended Ste Anne’s Mission at Tobique until 1894. After that they would have been parishioners at the Saint Joseph Mission (Church), which was opened at Medford, NB in 1894. That community today is called Tilley.
In my effort to discover a death or burial record for Mary, I have searched all publicly available microfilm records at the New Brunswick Archives for Ste Anne’s Church, Saint Joseph Church, St. Michaels in Drummond, and Assumption Church in Grand Falls. Those searches have been unsuccessful.
Here is what I know about the possible period of Mary’s death. She was alive on May 10th, 1902 when she was a midwife for the birth of a grandson, Thomas LaFrance of North Tilley. When her son, Pierre St. Pierre Jr. (or Peter St. Peter Jr.) died on October 14, 1907, a newspaper story of his death stated that he was survived by 3 brothers and 2 sisters. The story implied, but did not explicitly say, that Mary had predeceased her son.
If a search of your records for the period 1902 through 1907 does not yield results, the search should continue through 1915. There are unverified stories that Mary may have still been living in 1915.
Microfilm number F15763 holds a note stating that original copies of death records for 1870-1925 are held at the Diocesan Centre in Edmundston, NB. A request for their assistance has been made.
Pierre St. Pierre’s death was listed at St. Michael’s Catholic Church of Drummond, and it stated that he was buried at Saint Joseph’s Cemetery in Medford (Tilley). I suspect that his wife, Mary, must be buried at Saint Joseph too, but have no proof.
My intention is to erect a gravestone in Pierre and Mary’s memory at Saint Joseph Cemetery this summer, and wish to place Mary’s correct death date on that stone.
I appreciate anything you, or your associates, can do to find a death or burial record for Mary Gallagher.
(rec’d 2 May 2023)
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Q23-5858-CAMPBELL:  I am searching for the parents of a Matilda Campbell. Apparently born in Ireland in 1808, she married a William Watters in 1828. She had 7 children all born in Carleton Co. In the years 1833 - 1841.

Any info would be a help.
Ann Olivia Ellis
(rec’d 1 May 2023) 

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Q23-5857-BOUCHARD, MAZEROLLE, LEJEUNE, DAIGLE – Looking for documents to connect the following pairs of people.
1. Joseph Bouchard (1905-1955) to his father Raymond Bouchard  
2. Marie Anne Mazerolle (1845-1925) to her father Frederick Mazerolle  
3. Frederick Mazerolle (1809-1898) to his mother Marie Lejeune  
4. Marie Lejeune (1767?-1866) to her mother Marguerite Anne Daigle-Marquis  
5. Marguerite Anne Daigle (1757-1838) to her father Jean-Baptiste Daigle  
(rec’d 20 Apr 2023) 
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Q23-5856-SUTHERLAND: I am looking for the parents of James Sutherland (abt. 1787-abt. 1860) He married Abigail Stuart born about 1787. They lived in Nashwaak, York County and moved to Maine in the 1850's. Their children were Walter, Isaac, William and Miriam.
Thank you,
(rec’d 6 Mar 2023)

ANSWER to Q23-5856-SUTHERLAND: A good resource for your search would be Over the Portage, Early History of the Upper Miramichi by William R. McKinnon, Jr..  On page 83, the author lists a James Sutherland, born 1788, who married Abigail Stewart.  Quite a number of children are listed including Walter, Margaret, William and Miriam, along with others.  According to McKinnon, James was the son of George Sutherland Sr.. James and Abigail moved to Lakeville Plantation/Carroll, Maine, before 1851.
I hope this helps.
Linda Kelly
St. Paul, MN, USA
(rec’d 27 Jun 2023)
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Q23-5855-JAMIESON: Looking for John Jamieson and Harriet (Pine) Jamieson. John was born c.1784 in NB and Harriet was born c.1789 in NB. They lived in the Summerfield, NB area. I’m trying to find where in NB they were born and where they are buried. They are the parents of Robert and Samuel Jamieson.
Kevin Jamieson
(rec’d 17 Feb 2023)
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Q23-5854 – CARLOW: I am the descendant of Johann Jacob Carlow; of that I am certain.
However, what I am not certain of is whether he is of German or Irish descent. Born in 1725 he and his wife Elizabeth Kerley Laverocks (?) migrated to America in 1751 aboard the ship Priscilla under command of Captain Brown. My research indicates they were brought from the mouth of the Ruhr River to Rotterdam and then Cowes, Britain; about six families from Mont Belliard, France and 200 Palatines (50 families). While at sea Elizabeth gave birth to son John, on 17 October 1751. They arrived at Broad Bay Plantation (now Waldoboro, Maine) in 1752.  
The German Palatinate of the Holy Roman Empire was divided between two small territorial clusters: the Lower (or Rhenish), Palatinate and the Upper Palatinate.  Heidelberg was its capital. In 1705 approximately 7000 Palatines emigrated from Germany to England and subsequently America and Ireland (about 3000) while some remained in England or later returned to Germany. 
The current Irish Palatines are descendants of those original German refugees. Palatine town, Ireland, is a hamlet in county Carlow, and province of Leinster. It is said to derive its name from a colony of German refugees, who were driven from their native country of Germany and settled here. 
So, are my ancestors the Irish descendants of the 1705 Palatine exodus from Germany to Ireland or are we of direct German descent? 
The American revolution resulted in some of my Carlow relatives moving and remaining in NB: Charlotte County in particular. 
My DNA includes England, Northwestern Europe (including Germany) Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Any help in determining the birthplace of Johann Jacob Carlow would be most appreciated. 
(rec’d 16 Feb 2023)
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Q23-5853-EVANGELINE HOME: I wonder if you might be able to help me find out how I can access records from the Evangeline Home for Unwed Mothers, Princess Street, Saint John, NB?      
(rec’d 1 Feb 2023)

Q23-5853 – ANSWER – I can offer a little help ... it probably isn't enough to give you the information that you are looking for, but hopefully, it gives you some new leads:
Rachel Cave, 'Unsealed Adoption Records Lead Ontario Woman Back to Her Mother', [Saint John, N.B.: CBC New Brunswick, (August 15, 2019)].
Canada Census 1901 - Sydney Ward, Saint John, St. John County, New Brunswick (pages 36-38) lists the names of 41 'inmates' of Evangeline Rescue Home of the Salvation Army ... aged 1 month to 27 years
Source: Ruby M. Cusack, 'Counted In: Census records provide not only family information, but institution details as well.'
Directory of Community Based Residential Centres in Canada (1985-1986), 6th ed., [Ottawa : The Correctional Service of Canada / The Solicitor General Canada, (1986), NB-3. page 71/189 (NB-3) pdf
I hope this helps you in your search.
P.S. My mother was born at Evangeline Home.
(rec’d 18 Mar 2023)
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Q23-5852-BROWNELL: I have been trying to fine the birth record for Martha Jane Brownell born approx 20 March 1841, Jolicure, Westmorland, New Brunswick.   Her parents are question?  Edward B. Brownell and Margaret Adams.  As I am not sure who her parents are.
She married john Widden Thomas - 8 December 1861, Jolicure, Westmorland, New Brunswick.  
I believe her grandfather is Jeremiah Brownell and grandmother Sara Annie Copp.
This is all the information I have. I am at a dead end with this line. Can you help?  
Thank you
Ava Halpin 
(rec’d 17 Jan 2023)       
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Q23-5851-RIDEOUT: I’m seeking any information on my paternal great grandfather, Charles Bertram Rideout, born in Calais, Maine in 1884.  Charles or “Chas” emigrated to Canada in 1908 or 1909. I’m looking for information on his siblings or his parents - his wedding certificate listed them as William Alexander Rideout and Elizabeth Westland.

(rec’d 17 Jan 2023)
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Q23-5850-WESTLAND: I’m looking for any information on my paternal 2nd great grandmother, Elizabeth Westland.  She had a child with William Alexander Rideout in Calais, Maine in 1884.  Her surname may have been listed incorrectly and may be Wessell, Wessel, Wessells or some variation.

(rec’d 17 Jan 2023)
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Q23-5849-PHILLIPS: I'm seeking any information on my paternal 3rd Great Grandmother, Phoebe (or possibly Phebe) Phillips born New Brunswick 1805. She married Lewis O’Dell. In particular I am searching for her parents’ names.
Thank You,
Dove Clancy
(rec’d 12 Jan 2023)
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Q23-5848-KELLY: I am searching to flesh out information on a family that landed in Saint John in 1842. Their name is William Kelly and 5 family members on the parish poor house record. They came from Liverpool. The last child was born in Aug of 1842, in Maybole Scotland. The family is from County Down, Northern Ireland. Can you help?
Diane Runyon
(rec’d 9 Jan 2023)
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