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Q22-5847-ALLBRIGHT-GRAHAM: I am looking for information regarding my 2nd great-grand aunt, Rebecca Eleanor (Albright) Graham. She was born about 1858 in the Newcastle area to Deacon Lewis Albright (1795-1869) and Caroline Eleanor (Ramsey) Albright (1818-1905). She married William Christopher Graham on 16 Dec 1880 at her home in Newcastle; shows up on the 1881 Census as married but living at home; and then falls off the map. She and William had a son named George Lewis Albright born on 10 Feb 1882 (per his marriage and death certificates). I am wondering if anyone knows about her life and death after the birth of George.
Thank you!
(rec’d 30 Nov 2022)
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Q22-5846-BREWSTER: I am researching my family. William R Brewster, born abt. 1775 in NB, possibly Albert Co.
My question is, has anyone done any research on the Brewster family? If so, I would like to be put in touch with that person. If not, is there anyone who might be able to direct me to someone who could assist me in my research.
Thank you.   
(rec’d 25 Nov 2022)
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Q22-5845- BRITISH HOME CHILDREN: I am looking for some guidance on where I can go to find out about the families to who the three girls below were sent.  I have done some extensive research on the three girls who came from a small village in Surrey, they and two older siblings were placed in the Guildford workhouse due to extreme poverty.  The two older siblings remained in the UK but these three girls were sent to Canada through the Middlemore Homes. The information below was taken from the History Books.  I would be grateful for any help you may be able to give.
Mary Ann Bushell Pages 875 and 876
English Taken Guildford Union aged 12 years Taken to Canada June 14th 1891
Canadian Reports (no text)
Canadian Settlements
1) c/o J.A. Howe, North Lake, New Brunswick June 1891
2) c/o Mrs Frank Haskell 44 Ellen Street, Waterville, Carleton Co: New Brunswick (from letter to Mrs Mansell Oct 31 1895).
Elizabeth Bushell Pages 877 and 878
English Taken from Guildford Union aged 9 years
Taken to Canada June 4th 1891
Canadian Reports (no text)
Canadian Settlements
1) c/o Mrs Seymour, McLeod's Hill, New Brunswick June 1891
Rose Bushell Pages 879 and 880
English taken from Guildford Union aged 7 years
Taken to Canada June 4th 1891
Canadian Reports (no text)
1) c/o Mrs Seymour, McLeod's Hill, New Brunswick June 1891
(rec’d 28 Nov 2022)
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Q22-5844-HUNTER: We want to find more about the original settler with a surname of Hunter said to be an immigrant from Ayrshire who built many of the Scotchtown settler pioneer homes.  Our particular address is 540 Scotchtown Road and it is a pioneer home that overlooks and has waterfrontage on Grand Lake. We appreciate anything of historical interest. I am the new owner of the original farmhouse.
Jeannette Hadden-Boden 
(rec’d 1 Nov 2022)
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Q22-5842-PHOTO: This photo was given to me to solve the mystery as to who they are.
It was given to me by Leota M. Jonah the daughter of my Great Aunt Edith Gayton from the  Albert Co. N.B. area.
There are Steeves, Jonahs, and Gaytons in the mix. These beautiful ladies need a name.
Thank you.
(rec'd 19 Oct 2022)
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Q22-5482-SEWELL:  Hello, for purposes of genealogy, I am looking for a birth record, census record, or other vital stat for my ancestor James Sewell, born in New Brunswick, 1 Jan 1820. His father first initial S. Sewell. I know this is not a lot to go on, I am not familiar with Canadian Records. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
(rec’d 19 Oct 2022)
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Q22-5481 – BEACH: Seeking information regarding the maiden name of the wife of Peter Beach. Her name was Margaret (maiden name unknown). She is the mother of James D. Beach who was born in November 1823. Information regarding Peter is conflicting showing birthdate between mid 1780's and mid 1790's. 
(rec’d 17 Oct 2022)
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Q22-5840-GRAHAM:  I am looking for any information regarding the birth family of my 2x great grandmother Margaret Graham (parents/ siblings/ where they originated from)
She was born in or around 1811 in Kent County New Brunswick. She had at least one brother William. This I know as I have a photo of him and is identified her brother. She was married in 1836 to John Moss Wathen. Rev R Williams performed the marriage ceremony. This wedding was announced in the The Gleaner and Northumberland Schediasma on Mar 15, 1836. It states that Margaret was from Richibucto. Her children are Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wathen born Feb 14, 1839 (married Joseph Bacon Williston), William T Wathen born Jan 10, 1844, Sylvester Trinder Wathen, born Jan 13, 1846, Abram (Abe) Wathen born on Oct 26, 1848 (married Carrie Evalin Brown), and James Neales Wathen born Aug 8, 1851 (married Alice Elizabeth McKechnie). She died on Sept 26, 1854 at the age of 42. She is buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Richibucto. I have been unable to find any information regarding Margaret's birth family (mother, father, other siblings besides William)

Thank you,
(rec'd 17 Sep 2022)
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Q22-5839-RYDER-HERRINGTON: 1786 land petition of Joseph Herrington says he has moved to lot 37 Greenwich of his late father-in-law Ebenezer Rider to take charge of the children and is now petitioning for land nearby. He has received land elsewhere along with 28 other petitioners but this is not to his liking. He would appear to be married to Mercey Rider. Joseph Herrington probate record for 1827 grants administration to Daniel Herrington among others.
Does someone know if Joseph Herrington’s son Daniel is the one married to Elizabeth Bunnel (m. 1805)? I am trying to find evidence of the parents of Daniel G Herrington, old settler. Baptist, farmed in Salisbury, born 1822 birthplace listed on his daughter’s birth certificate as Long Reach who married Mary Matilda Phillips. Was Daniel G Herrington the son of Daniel Herrington and Elizabeth Bunnell?
(rec'd 17 Sep 2022)
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I’m trying to determine where William MacKay (ca 1780-1861) came from in Scotland. He died in PEI May 1, 1861 and is buried in Georgetown PEI. The gravestone is quite damaged, and the information about where he came from in Scotland is indecipherable. (It could be Tourbgbeotell or Toubegmoudell Strathnaver). His death notice in a newspaper said he came from Sutherlandshire.

The stone says it was erected by his son William MacKay of St John.  William, the son, was County Treasurer of Saint John and died in 1875. His stone in Fernhill states he was a native of Glasgow. He married Sarah Jane Campbell, d/o William of Cornwallis NS in 1830. They didn’t have children but brought up two nieces Marian and Sarah Jane Edgar. Sarah Jane Edgar married Henry Dunlop in 1861 and they may have lived in NB.

Is there anyone researching these families who might have information where William MacKay Sr. came from?

David Fraser
(rec’d 26 Aug 2022)
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Q22-5837-DANFORTH: I am looking to find some documents on Benjamin Manley Danforth (born about 1822). He married Susanna Craft Lamoreaux. Unfortunately, my research has come to a bit of a dead end as the Canadian census records show that 1851 and 1861 did not survive for Carleton, Saint John. I am trying to track down where Benjamin was born/ where his family originated from. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
(rec’d 16 Aug 2022)
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Q22-5836-GIBSON: James Alexander Gibson (1864-1918) and Ella Charlotte (Gough) Gibson (1868-1915) are my great grandparents. (I am named after him.) They lived at Northampton in Carleton County.
Ella is said to have died on 2 January 1915 at age 46 but I have been unable to find a death notice, death certificate, obituary or cause of death.
James Alexander died of an accident on 13 July 1918 at age 54. The local Carleton Sentinal newspaper of 19 July 1918 has a short article about his death (containing a few errors), but again I have been unable to find a death notice, death certificate, or proper obituary. Also, I do not know where, or even whether, these great grandparents are interred, as I have found no records and I have found no grave stones. I will be very grateful if anyone can supply information about these mysteries.
Alexander (Sandy) Briggs
(rec’d 19 Jul 2022)

I refer to your query concerning your great grandparents, James and Ella Gibson, in the Fall 2022 Edition of Generations.   
Unfortunately, I was unable to find a Death Certificate for Ella Gibson.  However, I was able to find the following information on your great grandparents and their children from the "New Brunswick Archives-Vital Statistics from Government Records RS141".  
I found a Marriage Certificate for James A. Gibson and Ella C. Gough.  They were married on September 21, 1892, in Carleton County, NB.  James was born in Northampton and was 27 when he was married.  James's parents were Robert B. and Celia J. Gibson.  Ella was born in Lower Woodstock and was 24 when she was married.  Ella's parents were William and Susan Gough. 
I also found a Death Certificate for James A. Gibson who died on July 13, 1918, at the age of 54.  The cause of death was "Accidental".
There are also Certificates of Registration of Birth for James and Ella's children: George Ralph Gibson (October 16, 1894), David Kenneth Gibson (February 4, 1896), James Irvine Gibson (September 22,1898), Arnold Gibson (July 1, 1900) and Jennie Ella Gibson (December 4, 1908).
Trusting the above information is helpful. 
Brian R. Dixson
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Q22-5835-BRIGGS: This is a comment on Paul Hill’s short piece on Ebenezer Briggs’ grave [in Babbitt Cemetery] at Lower Burton. [Generations Summer 2022 page 36]. I have visited Ebenezer’s grave which, though very near the pavement is nevertheless in a pretty obscure spot. Ebenezer is the brother of my 3x great grandfather Abiel Briggs (1760-1844). 
Brothers Abiel and Ebenezer Briggs married sisters Elizabeth and Diadema Chase respectively.

The parents of these women, James Percy Chase and Elizabeth (Betty) Douglas Chase are interred in a very obscure copse near Swan Creek in Lower Burton. This ancient stone is in a wooded plot off Route 102. The coordinates are: Lat: 45.858016; Lon: -66.266355. These are needed because it would never be found without directions.
What would be interesting to find is reliable and documented information about the parents of Abiel and Ebenezer Briggs, as various sources have, over the years, attributed to them at least three or four different sets of parents.

Alexander (Sandy) Briggs
(rec’d 19 Jul 2022)
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Q22-5834-NEVERS: I took a DNA test a few years ago in the hope of solving who my great grandfather's (GGF) mystery father might be. My 2xgrt grandmother was 18 when she had him - her only child and she didn't ever marry. I have over 30 matches to a branch which I assume must be this side of my tree because this is the only branch I haven't "solved" and traced yet. These matches, to my surprise, hail from NB. All my other heritage comes from Scotland or England (Yorkshire). I worked up a number of these and they go back to surname Nevers.
Based on the amount of DNA shared and DoB of my GGF (1869), I have worked up that it is most likely a son of Alexander Carleton Peters Nevers (born 1820) who is the mystery man (using “What Are the Odds” on DNA painter). I am then set to thinking that the eldest son (Earl Ezra Nevers b1847) was in the military...
Does anyone know if Canadian soldiers went to the UK in 1868 (particularly York, as this is where my 2x got grandmother was based)? I'm almost certain my 2x got grandmother didn't go to Canada at that time.
Any help from anyone would be really useful in helping to solve this mystery, or if they have any more information on this particular family.
Kate Mitchell
(rec’d 4 Jul 2022)
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Q22-5833-McLEOD: I’m looking for information on Daniel McLeod b 1790 in NS he married Roberta Ann Taylor and they lived on Fredericton Rd near Second North River. I’m interested in information about his parents and his death/burial. I’m also interested in the date of death of his son John S McLeod. 
Heather Smith
(rec’d 28 Jun 2022)
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Q22-5832- GODWIN: I am looking for marriage records for my x2 grandfather Thomas Godwin (b: abt. 1828-England). After arriving in Canada, he married Eliza Russell between 1851 and 1862. Prior to the marriage, the 1851 census shows her living in Northumberland. They settled in Portland, Saint John. According to censuses he was Methodist. Hoping to get some info about his parents if recorded with the marriage. Have not been able to locate anything.
Thank you,
Tom Mason
(rec’d 12 May 2022)
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Q22-5831- CRAIG: I am a descendent of David Craig and Mary Steele from New Brunswick, Canada. I know the family came over from Scotland but I was hoping to figure out how to go back further into Scotland and follow the line from David and possibly Mary back. 

David Craig, son of James and Agnes Craig, born October 1749 near Edinburgh, Scotland. He died November 25, 1836 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. He was married to Mary Steele before 1779. Mary Steele was born May 1758/1759 in Beith, Scotland. She died August 20,1832 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. 
(rec'd 8 May 2022)
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Q22-5830-LAWSON: This photo was taken perhaps around 1915-1925. The fellow on the right in the front row holding the cigarette is Melvin LeRoy "Roy" Lawson (1897-1967) of Bull Lake, Southampton Parish, York County. Can anyone identify either of the other two fellows? 
(rec'd 7 May 2022)
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Q22-5829-PRICE: Seeking death date and location of my great great grandfather James Price Mills Sr., born about 1830, resided in Kingsclear, York Co. New Brunswick. Commonly went by his name "Price". Married to Margaret Goodine, sometimes known as Gooden and possibly Godin.

Answer to Q22-5829: I refer to your query concerning your great-great-grandfather, James Price Mills, in the Summer 2022 Edition of Generations, the journal of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society.
Thanks to Daniel F. Johnson's Newspapers Vital Statistics, I was able to locate a death notice/obituary for Price Mills in the New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser dated Wednesday, July 29, 1896.
The obituary reads as follows:  "Death at Kingsclear (York Co,) - Price MILLS, a well-known resident of French Village, died Sunday from cancer of the throat.  Deceased was 66 years of age and leaves a widow, two sons and four daughters.  The remains were interred yesterday.  Undertaker John G. Adams had charge of the arrangements."
On the basis of the above, it would appear that your great-great-grandfather died in Kingsclear, NB on Sunday, July 26, 1896 and was buried on Tuesday, July 28, 1896.  I was not able to find where Price Mills was buried.
I found a death certificate for a Margaret Mills, possibly your great-great-grandmother (New Brunswick Archives-Vital Statistics from Government Records RS141).  Margaret Mills died on May 23, 1916 at the age of 78 at her home in Central Kingsclear.  I was not able to find where Margaret Mills was buried.
I also found a death certificate for James Price Mills, son of Price Mills and Margaret Goodine (New Brunswick Archives-Vital Statistics from Government Records RS141).   James Price Mills was born in Kingsclear on December 27, 1865 and died on July 31, 1947.  James and his wife Ina are buried in St. Anne's Cemetery, Kingsclear (Find a Grave).
I also found a death certificate for George Tyler Mills, son of Price Mills and Margaret Goodine (New Brunswick Archives-Vital Statistic from Government Records RS141).  George was born in Kingsclear, on April 3, 1861 and died on February 16, 1950.  George and his wife Harriett are buried in St. Anne's Cemetery, Kingsclear (Find a Grave).
It is possible that Price and Margaret Mills are buried in an unmarked grave in St. Anne's Cemetery, Kingsclear as St. Anne's appears to be where many of the Mills family are buried. 
Trusting the above is helpful.
Brian R. Dixson
(rec'd 21 Jul 2022)
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Q22-5828-CAMMACK: I learned about an incident recently that caught my interest.  My grandparents and their ancestors on my mother’s side all came from Carleton County areas so have become anxious to learn more about Mr. Cammack.  I had never heard any family members from Carleton County talk about this story.

As the story goes, Mr. Cammack, (first name may have been Fred) was the last to hang in Woodstock for murdering several people from Woodstock (family members perhaps?) in 1905.  The person who told me about this knew very little himself but said a Cammack grandson became a member of Bangor Police Department and another grandson was a member of Bangor Fire Department. 

Do you recall if a story ever appeared in any Generations magazines?  I have read most of them since initial issues in 1978 but could have missed any stories of him before I had no interest.

I would appreciate your thoughts and if you know of any stories that ever appeared in Woodstock newspapers.
Thanks so much.  
Art Collier  

Answer to Q22-5828- There were 3 hangings at the Woodstock jail. Thomas CAMMACK in 1905 was the 2nd one. The third, and final, hanging was in 1922 of 22 year old Benny SWIM.
There is a lot of info on-line for these events:
George GEE, 1904,

Thomas CAMMACK, 1905,
from Carleton Sentinel newspaper:

Benny SWIM, 1922, last hanging in Woodstock, needed to be hanged twice as the 1st time didn’t kill him,

from Public Archives of New Brunswick:
Index to New Brunswick Marriages
Name    CAMMACH, THOMAS                                           
Date    1895-04-08
Parish  ----
Number  1265
Code    B4/1895
Microfilm       F15576
(age 44, parents Samuel and Mary)
These should help your research. 
Norma Brown
(rec’d 22 Jul 2022)
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Q22-5827-TODD: I have a question for you regarding an old issue of Generations, (issue 23, March 1985).  There was an excellent story in there about my fifth great grandfather, a loyalist named Mix Todd.  It was written by Alan H. Hawkins, from South Portland, Maine.  He noted in his appendix that he was going to revisit Mix Todd in later issues to deal with his ancestry. Do you know if a subsequent issue of generations was ever written by him regarding Mix Todd? I have looked on our website but I’ve been unable to locate another issue relating to this subject.
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Q22-5826-HITCHINGS: Am searching for information on William Sidney Hitchings, born Dunbarton, New Brunswick July 28, 1849. I am great-grandson.

He later migrated as lad to USA, apparently after. before parents died.
Know there were two possible Hitchings’ migrations to NB after US Revolutionary War.
Are there records you can search – I could search for this information?
Bill Hitchings
(rec’d 17 Mar 2022)
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Q22-5825-JONAH's of HILLSBOROUGH BOOK: I am looking to purchase the three-volume work,
“The Jonah's of Hillsborough, Albert Co., New Brunswick: Descendants of Pierre Jaunne from the Principality of Montbeliard to Hillsborough Township 1700-2003”
Does anyone have the volumes for sale?
David Jonah 
(rec’d 13 Mar 2022)
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Q22-5824 - Moncton Police Force 1894-1895: I have an original copy of the attached photo identified as the Moncton Police Force 1894-1895. The photo hung with pride in my Great Grandparents, David and Annie Clark’s, home in Harcourt, and my father was told one of the men was a relative.  The Moncton Museum has a copy of the photo of the Police Force for 1894-1895 – identical to my original.  Through them I know the names of three of the officers.  I need help with the remaining two men.
Left to right: A.W. Belyea (sitting), unknown (standing), Chief Wadman (sitting), Nelson Rushton (standing), unknown (sitting)
I offer the following information in case it provides a clue or insight as to who the remaining men are:
Robert Clark (1818-1900), Mouswald, Dumfries, Scotland and Margaret (Scott) Clark (1819-1905) Galloway, Kent, New Brunswick, both died in New Brunswick (10 children)
David Wark Clark (1853-1944) born in Harcourt, died in North Sydney, Cape Breton, and Annie (Welsh/Walsh) Clark (1858-1823) born in Bass River, Kent, New Brunswick and died in Moncton, New Brunswick (6 children)
Frederick (Fred) Ellingham Clark(e)  and Ethel Gertrude (Moffatt) Clark, Upper North Sydney, Cape Breton.  Fred was born in Harcourt and died in Woodside, Halifax County, NS. (1 son died at 6 weeks, and my father)
Their son, Lloyd Morley Clarke (1913-1991) who was born in Upper North Sydney and died in Halifax, NS.
Ethel Clarke
(22 Feb 2022)
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Q22-5823-GARGARO: I am looking for more information about my grandfather, Antonio Gargaro.
He was incarcerated at the Westmorland Penitentiary in 1921. (1921 census) I am just inquiring if you have any further information about how long he resided in New Brunswick.
I found, in some preliminary research, that his sponsor was his brother-in-law John Macdonald and that he was a miner in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia but we are not sure how he got from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick.
My grandfather was married and had a child but we are not sure what happened to his first wife or the child.
Any information or guidance you could provide would be most appreciated.
(rec’d 6 Feb 2022)
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Q22-5822-JOHNSTON: Robert James Johnston was my great, great grandfather. He was born circa 1830 in Saint John, New Brunswick. His father, according to the death certificate was Caleb Johnston (Cotton Mill Manager) his wife was Amelia Johnston (maiden name unknown)
He arrived in Victoria Australia March 10 1853 aboard the vessel Nebraska which sailed from New York, he was 23.  The passenger list shows a Peter McKea age 21 also of Saint John listed as a Farmer. 

Robert J Johnston married Martha Hughes (Chiltern UK) May 16 1858. They had 7 or 8 children, of which 5 or 6 survived. He died April 17 1895. I managed to trace my birth mother, unfortunately we never met. She died in 2007. My birth father is unknown.

I have documents to support this, which I’m willing to share.
Any history of the RJ Johnston’s family would be appreciated.
Bill Gregory
(rec’d 23 Jan 2022)
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Q22-5821-SMITH: Can you provide info on my 4x-great grandmother Elizabeth Scott b 1808 New Brunswick? She married Wm Bilonis Smith in New Brunswick, abt 1829. Other info l have is limited. A daughter Frances b 1834 in NB was found attending school there. Elizabeth’s husband Wm Bilonis Smith was attending protestant church in1829. Property records show Wm Smith coming from Washington, NH to NB. From that I traced Smith family back to John Smith from N Ireland. l got interested in Elizabeth Scott’s origins and seem to find no info. She died in Boston in 1851 or 1852, was buried there, then transferred to a cemetery in MA. No info in the cemetery other than other Scott people traced to Maine.
Maybe a Scott family expert could help?
Thank you,
T Smith
(rec’d 20 Jan 2022)
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Q22-5820-CARTIER: I have been looking for genealogical information for my great-great-grand-father, Paul Cartier. He would be Maliceet from Québec/New Brunswick.  He was born in New Brunswick. His name would go under Edward Cartier.  From the information we have, he was born in 1874.  All of our genealogical research and information leads to New Brunswick. Having the name, a copy of Edward's birth certificate or any information would be greatly appreciated. His family is very elusive, and seems to have changed their names.  We even have no proof of his marriage to his last wife Rose Bouchard.  We believe that Rose was his second wife. Paul's first wife would have passed away.  She would've been Edward’s real mother.

 It is amazing that Paul Cartier found his way to West Québec. We also would like to know why they Settled so far away.  Would they be running away from something? Why would he change his name?  So many questions. It is just weird that we can go further with his genealogy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would mean so much for my family to finally know. Paul's daughter Marie Cartier is my great grandmother.  
Thank you.
Sébastien Beaudoin
(rec’d 7 Jan 2022)
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Q22-5819-NEVERS: “Mrs Nevers” was buried at Maugerville on 17 July 1809. The officiant recorded in his journal that she was “aged 84”. Who was Mrs Nevers?
David Bell 
(rec’d 3 Jan 2022)
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Q22-5818-PHILLIPS and ODELL: I’m looking for information on Phebe Philips born 1805 in New Brunswick. Her husband was Lewis Odell, born about 1802 in Canada; died 30 Aug 1900 in Chester, Ottawa, Michigan, USA. I believe he was also from New Brunswick.
Thank You very much!
Dove Clancy
(rec’d 20 Dec 2021)
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Q22-5817-DALL and CRAIG: I am finding research on my ancestors, retired British army soldiers who owned land at various times after 1815 until the mid-1830's in Quebec and New Brunswick, to be beyond my capabilities due to working full time and not being familiar with Canadian geography.  I live near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the United States.  
I have a letter from the National Archives of Canada from 1992 that suggests microfilm with information that pertains to the two families.  They also suggested you could provide assistance with local resources.  
John Dall's widow Susannah (Hughes) Dall was buried in Quebec at Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec on January 19, 1865.  I have found a record of her living in Madawaska, Maine in 1830 along with her husband John, the Francis McDonald family and her son James Dall and his wife Bridget McDonald Dall. That is on the south shore of the St. John River across from St. Basile Church in New Brunswick, so it's possible she might have lived in New Brunswick either before or after 1830. The Canadian National Archives says they have a record of her husband John, a settler at Grand River, New Brunswick asking for provisions in 1823 and list a volume, set of pages and reel. 
Margaret Craig is buried in St. Basile Cemetery in Edmundston, Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada with interment around November 1, 1835.  Since she was living in Madawaska, Maine in 1830, I'm not sure whether her family was on the American side of the St. John River or had moved across to New Brunswick subsequent to 1830.  Any help you could provide with establishing what happened to the McDonalds between 1830 and 1835 would be appreciated.  If there is a way to get in touch with the cemetery, that would be helpful, too.
My grandfather indicated the two old soldiers probably perished in Canada's first cholera epidemic when they went up to Quebec to collect their pensions.  That's why I have no burial site for them.
Malcolm W. Andrews
(rec’d 11 Dec 2021)
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