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What is the NBGS, Inc.?
The New Brunswick Genealogical Society Inc. (NBGS, Inc.) is a non-profit organization founded in 1978 to encourage and facilitate family historical research in New Brunswick, Canada. It is comprised of a provincial executive and five member branches.
Where is the NBGS, Inc. located?
The NBGS, Inc. is based in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. It is "headquartered" in Fredericton although its member Branches are located throughout the province.
Can I visit the NBGS, Inc. and its facilities?
No. The NBGS, Inc. does not maintain any office space.
How do I access the holdings of the NBGS, Inc.?
The NBGS, Inc.'s holdings are maintained at The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB) and can be accessed there during normal PANB hours of operation.
The NBGS, Inc. member branches may also maintain their own holdings. Please Contact the individual branches, or visit their respective Branch pages here on this site, for further information.
Becoming a member of the NBGS, Inc.:
How do I join the NBGS, Inc.?
Copies of our Membership Form, in both French and English, are provided on this site on the About Us and Public Download tabs. Simply print the form from your web browser, complete the applicable sections, and mail it to the appropriate Branch. Current members will find renewal forms in the Winter issue of Generations. Mailing addresses are provided both on the forms and on the Contact page of this website.
What if the online form won't print correctly?
Membership forms can be obtained by contacting the NBGS, Inc. or any of its member branches via the mailing addresses provided on the Contact page. A printed form will be mailed to you as soon as possible. The quickest method is to down load the form at the Public Download Tab on the web site.
How do I know which branch to join?
Typically, members join the Branch located within or closest to their main geographic area of research. For instance, if your research is concentrated in the City of Moncton you would join the Southeastern Branch. We strongly encourage you to join a branch closely related to the geographic area of your research as you will have the benefits of collaborating with researchers familiar with the familes in the area.
Members living within the province may elect to join the Branch nearest their home in order to attend meetings and become involved in branch activities.
Do I have to join an individual branch?
No. Members are under no obligation to join an individual branch. Details for joining the NBGS, Inc. directly, without making affiliations to a specific branch, are provided on the Membership Form.
Do I lose anything by not joining an individual branch?
Yes and no. As a member of the NBGS, Inc. you will continue to receive all the rights and privileges of NBGS, Inc. membership, including copies of the quarterly journal Generations. However, you will not receive branch newsletters and other correspondence, you may not be notified of branch activities and special events, and you will not be permitted to vote at the branch level.
I live in Miramichi but my research is based in Charlotte County - Which branch should I join?
This is a personal decision that we can't make for you. If you wish to become directly involved in branch activities, it would likely be more convenient to join the branch nearest your residence. This allows you to network with other genealogists and participate in their seminars and activities which makes you a better researcher. If you have no desire to become involved in local activities, then we would suggest joining the branch nearest the area of your main research interests. Doing so will put you in touch with information and other researchers concentrated on that same region of the province.
Some branches permit a "second" or "dual" membership at a reduced cost, facilitating those who wish to join two or more branches. Details are provided on the Membership Forms or can be obtained by contacting individual branches directly.
Contacting the NBGS, Inc.:
How do I contact the NBGS, Inc.?
For general inquiries, use the Contact tab on this website or, you may write to us via the mailing address provided near the top of the Contact page.
For branch-specific inquiries, a listing of the individual branches, their contacts (usually the Branch President) and their mailing addresses (snail mail) is provided on the Contact page as well as the individual Branch pages.
How do I submit corrections and updates for the website, or notify the webmaster of other site-related problems or concerns?
The NBGS Webmaster may be contacted using the web contact section of the web site. Please limit your correspondence to corrections, updates and other site-related problems. Matters of a general, genealogical, research, or society-related nature (memberships, queries, Generations, etc.) should be directed to the NBGS or its member branches via the contact information listed above under the heading "Contacting the NBGS, Inc.:"
Why have you not responded to my letter or email?
There may be several reasons for a delayed response:
  1. The NBGS and its member branches are staffed by volunteers. Please keep in mind that they conduct society-related business in their spare time: the commitments of work, family, etc., will most likely have priority over NBGS correspondence and other business. However, all attempts will be made to deal with your queries or concerns in a timely fashion.
  2. In order to provide the best response to your query it may have been necessary for the original recipient to forward your correspondence to another individual or branch within the NBGS. Obviously, this will increase the time required for you to receive a response.
  3. Please ensure that your return email address is both current and correct. The NBGS has no means of following up on "bounced" messages.
  4. Please ensure that the "subject" lines of emails clearly identify the content. Also, please refrain from sending attachments without prior notification to or permission from the recipient. Given the large number of computer viruses and other nasties circulating through cyber-space, unidentifiable emails from unknown sources, especially those containing attachments, may have been deleted as a precautionary measure.
  5. It is possible that your letter was lost in the postal system, or your email was lost in cyber-space. If you feel there has been an undue delay in receiving a response, please try again. And, when composing your letter, please keep in mind that any delays may not have been the fault of the NBGS or its volunteers...
The NBGS, Inc. & Genealogical Research:
Does the NBGS offer a research service?
No, the NBGS does not conduct research. However, some of its members will perform research, either voluntarily or on a fee-for-service basis. A list of these individuals will be forwarded if requested.
A list of Certified Genealogists may be obtained from the Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes.
Some of the individual branches of the NBGS may offer their own research services. Please contact the branches directly for further information.
Does the NBGS offer research facilities?
Yes and no. The NBGS itself does not maintain any office or research space. However, they do have a number of holdings maintained by the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, located in Fredericton. These may be accessed at the Archives during their normal business hours.
Some of the individual branches also maintain holdings and/or research facilities. For instance, Southeastern Branch holdings are kept in the Heritage Room of the Moncton Public Library and may be accessed during normal library hours (although access to some holdings may require pre-arranged appointments with branch volunteers). Please contact the branches directly for further information.
The Surname Interest List:
What is the Surname Interest List?
The Surname Interest List is a listing of surnames being researched by members of the NBGS, Inc.
How is the Surname Interest List compiled?
The Surname Interest List is derived from the information supplied by individual members. Members can add or delete surnames on their own in the member ship section of the website and as such it is in constant change. The accuracy and completeness of the information contained therein rests with the contributor member.
Is the Surname Interest List complete?
No. Not all members choose to participate in this activity.
I am not a member of the NBGS. Can I still post my Surname Interests?
No. Only members in good standing may have their surnames posted to the Surname Interest List.
However, non-members may submit their research interests and other queries to the Generations query editor, Don Doherty, via the Query Submission Form, for publication in the quarterly journal.

The NBGS, Inc. Website:
What is the purpose of this site?
The purpose of this site is to provide information on the Society, the NBGS quarterly journal Generations, the member branches, and the various meetings and other events they conduct throughout the year.
How do I navigate the site?
A navigation menu (Main Menu) appears on the top left-hand side of each page. Clicking any option will direct you to the page in question. In some cases, selecting a particular option will also expand the menu system and provide you with further options related to your initial choice
Can I have my family files posted to your website?
No. Again, this is outside the current mandate of the NBGS website. Its purpose is to disseminate information about the NBGS itself and not to provide a forum for individual researchers to post their family and other genealogy or history-related files.
But part of the NBGS mandate is to promote the collection, preservation and accessibility of New Brunswick genealogical and heritage records...?
Yes. But, at the present time, this is accomplished through the physical holdings of the NBGS (at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick) as well as the holdings of the various member branches.
Is there a way for me to submit my research files to the NBGS so they will be preserved for posterity and made accessible to other researchers?
Yes. Please contact the NBGS via email or via the address shown on the Contact page. They will inform you how best to proceed with your submittal. Generally, submissions should be made in hard copy (printed form) - differences in available software may make some file formats inaccessible. Also, rapid changes in technology may make some file formats obsolete and, therefore, inaccessible to future researchers.
Our quarterly journal, Generations will also accept short family histories and other files or articles of a genealogical or historical nature for publication. Please contact David Fraser, the Generations editor, for further details.