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Take some time to check out what we have to offer. The website is updated frequently so come back often.
A feature our members appreciate is the ability to add and edit information on the surnames they are researching. In the past we have limited the number of surnames that members could submit so we could handle the associated workload. Members may now add as many surnames as they wish and can edit this information themselves and post it immediately.
We love feedback so, if there's anything we should add or improve, let us know using the
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9 June 2017 - The Summer 2017 issue of Generaations is now available to members.  Click here to go to the Directory of Issues.
21 May 2017 - Some of the reports to be presented at the Annual General Meeting on 28 May have been posted to this website.  More will be added as they become available.  Click here to view.
29 April 2017 - A new batch of queries (Q5486 to Q5504) was posted to this website.  Click here to view.
11 April 2017 - The Society's financial statements for 2015 and 2016 are now available on this website.  Click here to view.
22 Mar 2017 - The Spring 2017 issue of Generations is now available to members on this website.  Click here to go to the Directory of Issues.
21 Feb 2017 - A new section, called "Video Resources", was introduced along with our first instructional video - a guided tour of the NBGS website. Click here to view.
1 Feb 2017 - Queries Q5444 to Q5467 appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of Generations and were posted to this website, somewhat belatedly, on this date.
31 Jan 2017 - The "Home" page was re-organised to streamline the text and to include the "What's New" section.
31 Jan 2017 - Recent queries (Q5468 to Q5485) were posted to this website.  All queries will remain on the website for 12 months and then will be moved to an archive.