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29 September 2018:  The page called Area Deaths has been renamed; it is now known as Obituaries.  We have also added a significant amount of new content - a massive PDF file containing obituaries from Charlotte County.  We thank Charlotte Branch for this contribution to the Provincial website.
21 September 2018: The fall 2018 edition of Generations is now available on the website.  A cornucopia of information is available to help your research.
2 August 2018:  New queries (Q5581 to Q5604) were added to the Queries section.  A correction to Q5370 and an answer to Q5531 were posted at the same time.
28 June 2018:  The summer 2018 edition of Generations is now available on the website.  Check out the wealth of interesting articles.
12 June 2018:  We just posted a 4-part series of videos - our recording of a presentation made by Larry Burden called Across The River.  His research focuses on Maritime men and women who served in the American Civil War.  Click here to go to the Video Resources page.
18 April 2018:  New queries (Q5558 to Q5580) were posted on 18 April 2018.  Answers to Q5505 and Q5506 were posted at the same time.  Click here to view.
8 February 2018:  A new batch of queries (Q5540 to Q5557) was posted to this website.  Click here to view.
4 February 2018:  The George Hayward Collection now features a combined index - a compilation of the indices in the various publications within the collection.  The combined index contains over 102,000 entries and is testament to the tremendous contribution made by Mr. Hayward.
18 December 2017:  Two new videos have been posted to the website.  They are from a presentation by Roger Nason to the Capital Branch NBGS on Nov 4, 2017. The presentation title is "Genealogical Research and Tracing Great War Veterans; Experiences from Fredericton Junction and Grand Manan".
8 December 2017:  The Winter 2017 issue of Generaations is now available to members along with the updated Table of Contents.  Click here to go to the Directory of Issues.
24 October 2017:  A new section, called "Ancestral Lines" has been added to the website.  This section contains a series of reports, in "register" format showing descendants of some early New Brunswick settlers.  Click here to view.
13 October 2017: The "Online Renew" functionality was just rolled out to members.  Full instructions have been sent to all members.
10 October 2017: A new batch of queries (Q5529 to Q5539) was posted to this website.  Click here to view.
29 September 2017 - The page called "Our Shop" has been renamed to "Marketplace".
23 September 2017 - We have just implemented the functionality to allow new members to join online and for existing members to renew online.  Click here to go to the Join - Online page
9 September 2017 - The 2018 membership application form is now available on this website.  Click here to view.
31 August 2017 - The Fall 2017 issue of Generaations is now available to members.  Click here to go to the Directory of Issues.