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Generations is published quarterly by the New Brunswick Genealogical Society and is distributed to all members. Generations is made up almost entirely of articles contributed by members and NBGS encourages submissions that deal with genealogy and family history.
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Back issues of the journal are posted here for your reference and research. These articles are protected by copyright held by the authors or by NBGS, Inc. They should not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission of the copyright holder. You may use the information contained in the journals to document your personal research as long as credit is given to NBGS and the author of the article. When citing information from Generations please follow the format from these source citation examples:
Source List Entry
Hayward, George, “Charles Boyer, Loyalist”, Article, New Brunswick Genealogical Society/ Société Généalogique du Nouveau-Brunswick, Generations, , __(date accessed)__.
First Reference Note
Hayward, George, “Charles Boyer, Loyalist”, Article, New Brunswick Genealogical Society/ Société Généalogique du Nouveau-Brunswick, Generations,  , __(date accessed)__, Vol. 02-1, issue 4, p. 1.
Subsequent Reference Note
     1.   Hayward, “Charles Boyer, Loyalist”, Vol. 02-1, issue 4, p. 1

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