New Brunswick Genealogical Society
ABOUT US - Saint John Branch
Saint John Branch is a volunteer heritage organization whose purposes are to:
  • Promote and develop the study, research, and preservation of genealogy and family history.
  • Promote the collection, preservation and accessibility of New Brunswick cultural and heritage records.
  • Assist anyone researching their New Brunswick heritage and New Brunswick residents researching their ancestral heritage anywhere.
  • Be the collective voice of genealogy and family history in Saint John and Kings Counties.

On March 4, 1981 a group of interested persons held an organizational meeting to discuss forming a Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society with Peter Gilchrist acting as Chairman.  In the minutes of that meeting, we read that Mr. Gilchrist explained the chain of events that led to this particular meeting.
A group of would-be genealogists became interested in the possible formation of a Saint John Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society after they had attended a UNBSJ extension course on genealogy, which was given by Mr. Dan Johnson.  Several informal meetings were held, followed by a seminar on 21 January 1981.  It was then determined that there was sufficient interest to proceed with a Branch in Saint John.
The first official meeting of the Saint John Branch was held in the King George VI Room of the New Brunswick Museum on Wednesday, April 1, 1981 and the following slate of officers was elected:
President:   Peter Gilchrist
Vice-President: L. W. Bagnell
Treasurer: Daniel Johnson
Secretary: H.M. Heckbert
Helen Brown
Catherine Somerville
Janice Dexter
Graeme Somerville
Lois Scott
On "Charter Night", April 1, 1981, the fledgling branch had 45 paid-up members:
Akerly, Betty Hayes, Jean McNeill, Shirley
Bagnell, L.W. Heckbert, H.M. Nelson, Ngaire A.
Beesley, Mrs. Norman Jennings, Prudence O'Brien, Mrs. J. B.
Bell, Florence Johnson, Daniel Oulton, Mrs. G. A.
Boyer, Helen Keirstead, R. D. Pearce, Joan
Briggs, Margaret Keirstead, Thursa Quigley, Mrs. Patrick
Brown, Helen Keith, James Ryan, Catherine
Burnham, Muriel Kirkpatrick, Ethel Ryan, Kay
Chapman, Marie Lisson, Suzanne Scott, Lois G.
Corey, Judson Martin, Margaret Somerville, Catherine
Corkery, Marie Moore, Nora Somerville, Graeme
Dexter, Janice Murphy, Peter D. Votour, Basil
Gardner, Roberta MacKenzie, Evelyn H. Weiseneder, Emma May
Garey, Dr. D. N. MacKenzie, John B. Wilson, Walter M.
Gilchrist, Peter McKenzie, Jim Wright, Vivian M.

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