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Land records are very useful in tracing your ancestors' paths through history, revealing where they lived at various stages of their lives.  Often this may be the only way to document their presence in a locale before periodic censuses were introduced.  In some cases, entire wills have been transcribed into the early records to document the inter-generational transfer of land.  These records, when they refer to spouses and children, are invaluable.
Land Resources for Everyone
The following links are to online land records:
  • Scans of New Brunswick County Deed Registry Books.  
  • You will need to set up a free account on FamilySearch to access these records.
Provincial Archives of NB 

Additional Resources for Members-only
Find instructions for using the resources at and explore to Generations articles relating to land records, visit: 
The instructions are based on a presentation given to Saint John Branch by Ruth McQuinn.
Links directly to the Generations articles are provided.
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