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The following links to external websites are intended to help those interested in their New Brunswick ancestors to quickly find websites of interest. NBGS is not responsible for the material on these websites.
Many of the people who first settled in New Brunswick had family that left for other parts of North America and the world. As a consequence, you will find the links are not limited to New Brunswick alone. Many come from members who have found them to be helpful in their quest for their own ancestors. Your contributions are welcome – please submit them by email to
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Genealogy in Bathurst, New Brunswick
This site is devoted to the history of Lewis Fisher and Mary Barbara Till of Fredericton and their descendants.
The purpose of this site is to help preserve the memory and history of the people and places of Glassville and surrounding communities. discovers history and information from various sources including historians, heritage groups, and various historical internet sources.
In the 1830s a British land company initiated settlement of two New Brunswick communities north and south of Fredericton.
Syngeneia is a compilation of genealogical and historical information concerning eight families and their ancestors. Their family migration to the USA spans the years from the 1620's to the early 20th century. Some families in Westmorland Co are included.
Benjamin Birdsall came to New Brunswick in 1783. The Birdsall Family website has entries for a lot of the family, including back to the roots in Yorkshire England. Most of these entries are from the Birdsall Family book but there are also other stories.
The goal of this website is to provide insight into the Cassidys who established the homestead at Cassidy Lake in 1825 and their descendents. The Genealogy section has dates, notes and pictures for individual family members.
This web site has a lot of information pertaining to Charlotte County, Kings County and Queens County families and place histories.
The Sprague Project was inspired by Dr. W. V. Sprague's "Sprague Families in America" which was published in 1913. The scope of the project has been expanded to include variants such as Sprag, Sprage, Spragg, Spragge, Sprague, Spriggs and both male and female lines of descent.